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        "Unafraid, Bi-Partisan, Uphold U.S. and Freedom" By Jiri and Leni Friedman Valenta

Donald, some of us who support you are not sycophants. Your tendency to dwell on a case like the Mexican-American judge and the stupid star war, are killing your candidacy! You must put the social media under strict control and review. There should be no tweets sent that can be exploited by Hillary’s crowd.

Now it's time to counterpunch  Like Obama, Hillary is no friend of Israel despite her protestations. She long supported the Palestinian cause. As Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and New York Times Magazine editor Ed Klein explained, in The Truth About Hillary, during her 2000 senate campaign in New York:

“... when it was revealed that she had attended secret fund-raisers sponsored by Muslim groups, some of which were dedicated to the destruction of Israel, Hillary realized she had painted herself into a corner… That Hillary was courting radical Muslim groups did not remain a secret for long. And when she showed up to march in the annual Israel Day Parade, the crowds roundly booed her.”

The star war affair was poorly handled by your staff. It required an immediate response with a properly forged tweet and left alone! We know you are no anti-Semite. It is outrageous your opponents make such a claim. You opened your golf clubs to Jews and Blacks before almost anyone else in Florida. To deal promptly with this issue, you have the best possible spokesperson and you didn’t use her – your daughter, Ivanka, married to an Orthodox Jew, should have explained your friendly relationship with American Jewry and Israel over the weekend.

Unfortunately, people you have sent to the TV medias were well meant but not as Impressive and well-spoken as Ivanka. Turn her and her husband into major spokespersons on issues related to Jewry. If you don’t, Hillary, who is mistrusted much more than you by most of Americans, will win the election

Jiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta

Follow us on LInkedin and Twitter @JiriLeniValenta. We also blog at the Council on Foreign Relations, N.Y. Member Wall. (Jiri is a member) and at the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), Moscow.

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I've been receiving invites to help support Gov. Scott Walker in his presidential bid

I'm sorry I can NOT. Here is my previous post:

I am not happy with Scott Walkers choice to run for President. He has a Job to Do Here in Wisconsin and a much better chance of accomplishing what he NEEDS to do here in Wisconsin than he does as a Presidential Candidate. Even if he was able to get elected I believe his time would be better spent as the Gov. that introduced ACT 10 here in Wisconsin and then proceeded to do what he promised to do right here! Unless he's just trying to cash out.. I've already written that I am concerned that our beloved Gov. Walker is more concerned with political expediency as his priority over political conviction.

I used to end this by saying TELL SCOTT WALKER TO NOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND GET IT RIGHT HERE IN WISCONSIN FIRST Now that it's too late for this I am now asking Gov Walker.  Why are you not Actively Opposing Common Core?, What is your Official Position on amnesty?  What is Your Official Position on Right To Work?  Please give us Voters a Clear and Honest Answer?

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Benghazi coverup continues

This morning when I left for work i heard about the newly released emails on the Benghazi terror attacks. I thought maybe the press would really wake up and get to the bottom of this and find out if there was a coverup and we Americans would know the truth.  Benghazi has been very important to me.  The loss of life and the lack of response (No One Came) touched me deeply.  So much that I wrote a song to keep this tragedy alive in peoples minds

Unfortunately, by the time I got home from work the coverup was on again.  Carney and the White House are once again spinning what we the American people know.  Failure of our current administration to serve and protect.

I guess "someone's" ( and hopefully you remember who said it!) words are continuing to ring true....'at this point, what difference does it make' .  In an early interview with a mother of one of the victims there was a promise to get to the bottom of the attacks.  I think it does make a difference and the truth needs to be revealed.

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Autism Speaks Med Guide; I grade AS  C!

Sandra Adcock


*****Link below is the link to Autism Speaks Medication Guide -----Which I give a C in my books. 

Page on

First, let's start with the name, "Autism and Medication: Safe and Careful use."  The guide gets away from "Medication Use," and into when medication should be used.  This is a parent decision. It may belong in a PDF Titled, "Medication to use or not to use!"  The decicion to use has nothing to do with a PDF titled "Safe and Careful use."

Second, after the decision to use medication has been made; it is not Autism Speaks duty to caution once again that medication should be a last ditch effort.  I agree medication are for me the last choice but have used them at a time in my son's life when it was appropriate.  That is more of a decision left between doctor and parent.  I do not want to imply that because I think usually medication in autism should be considere last; that a parent that chooses otherwise is wrong. Autism speaks should not imply this either.  

Third, the list of medications is not exaustive enough.  I will list Low Dose Naltrexeone Therapy. Here are two things you can read about it.  I am not advocating it or saying not to choose it.  I simply present it here as one choice that is unlisted in the PDF of Autism Speaks.

*****Page on

*****Low Dose Naltrexone for Autism

Fourth, there is no interview with a pharmacist as a specialist.  Why is this?  It says talk to your doctor or nurse.  Check with pharmacist for more information.  Why not talk to one when putting together this information?

Fifth,  Autism Speaks talks about teaching the child to swallow and how to reward the child/kid for doing so.  What is wrong with them?  Have they never heard of sensory issues?  Some places change the flavors for these reasons.   When is it better to ask for a chewable tablet that can be put in a specific medium?  Ever heard of plugging a capsule?  It would mask the taste and make it easer to swallow.

I wish I had time to go into all the reasons and what "plugging a capsule," is.   My point is this PDF as a tool kit is biased.  Doesn't take into consideration autistics personal sensory issues and more. It is lacking in basic autism reasoning.  Futhermore, there needs to be more information on various drugs covered.

This information is not intended to be about replacing or telling you what to do.  As with all medical decesions, check with your providers before doing anything. I am not responsible for your lack of research in treating your son/daughter.  I only wish to inform you if you use this tool it is one sided and you need more information.

You are not a bad person if you choose drugs before other therapies. You do not have to agree with Autism Speaks or me personally.  Your child may have servere behavior that drugs can mediate that would be life saving.  Do not feel put down when you have been advised of a choice by a provider that is qualified and choose a different path.  Not every one knows your story.

I plan to go into detail in my book about sensory issues and the world of pharmacy.  Also, I want to cover more drugs and possible uses in pharmacy. I will give you this.  I read recently that many drugs are used in the pediatric population off label. Why?  This make sense.  Few drugs are tested for the pediatric population. Drug use is a risk anytime.  I would say just be informed not scared.  

If another mother/father looks at you in horror because you didn't do all the Autism Speaks PDF told you to do, then look at them and say,"Thank you we can read too!" 

Autism Speaks, next time consider getting with a pharmacist when writing a medication guide.  Do not make it look like ever parent must look at medication is a last resort.  Some behaviors such as head banging warrent drugs before behavior intervention or right alongside it.  

INformation is what parents need not a how to must path on when meds are okay to use.
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Person thinks she is Queen on Linkedin Group Wants to Control Internet

Project Search, Transition, Employment for Disabled Youth

Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Project Search Part II
My thoughts are because of the cost juggling the expense of “Project Search(see ,” and following mandates; there are other effective ways to provide jobs for young adults and youth in Oklahoma. I c...
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

I doubt they take this comment serious. I have no idea what political clout you have. But put your education where your mouth is. And educated person with doctorate degree wouldn't provide facts and examples.

You act like the very children on the playground that call names and bully. Calling names because they have no emotional maturity. Why should we believe this because you say it is so.

Again what makes you the Queen of the world? I welcome civil discourse that brings about innovative change. I do not welcome people that state things without backing them up. If you could have you should have.
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.
How come as an administrator you allow name calling without substantiation?
I am highly disappointed. She calls me unprofessional but only name calls and such
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Tell me how it is inaccurate then. How is it unprofessional. Misleading. State the facts
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Because you say so doesn't mean it. I have a son that I care about. You say something but without stating where or what is unprofessional. Leads me to believe you can't back what you say. Which is at the crux of what people are doing all along the way. If you can prove it is wrong then do so. I am calling you on the carpet so to speak.
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.
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Jacqueline Ward, EdD
Jacqueline Ward, EdD
Educational Compliance Manager

Some of us have careers and are not on this site every day. I offered you the specifics when I closed your hate speech in the other forum.

Your comments in my personal inbox show that your is an opinion that is fueled by hate. Your blog is riddled with nothing but attack for anyone who opposes your views.

My knowledge of Project SEARCH is deep as I ram a site in St Louis, there is no cost sharing; only opportunities for students to convert to intern status in their final year of high school as they are immersed in opportunities to benefit from being full time in the business site rehearsing the soft skills that most often impede young adults with autism or other IDEA addressed issues from being successful in the workplace. The partnerships with local community resources, the families and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation are instrumental in preparing kids for life after IEPs.

I now ask you to cease and desist and i see any further comments such as these attacking me on this forum, or any other, including your blog, or any other format, I will report to the authorities and cite your for Cyber bullying as it will not be tolerated.
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Americans used to roar like lions for liberty; now we
            bleat like sheep for security.
                 - Norman Vincent Peale

                 Anthony Weiner's Wife

 I've especially wondered about a Muslim marrying a Jew.
                That's just not normal.


 Have you given any thought lately as to why Huma Abedin is standing by
 her man -- Anthony Weiner. Yes, the politician who exposed himself to
 numerous women and was forced to resign from the House of
 Representatives. Yes, the same pervert who is now running for Mayor of
 New York.  (He lost-getting only 5% of the vote)
 Here's the real story: Huma worked for a journal which promotes Islamic
 supremacist ideology which was founded by al-Quaida financer, Abdullah
 Omar Nasseef. During this same time, about seven years, she also worked
 for Hillary Clinton. Naseef also headed up the Muslim World League, a
 leading Muslim Brotherhood organization. The name of the publication,
 the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, was first edited by Huma's
 father, Syed Abedin, and now by her mother, Saleha Abedin. Saleha is a
 member of the Muslim Sisterhood and also directs an organization, The
 International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child, that comes under
 the umbrella of the Union for Good, a U. S.- designated terrorist
 organization. The Union for Good is led by Sheik Yusef al-Qaradawi, the
 notorious Muslim Brotherhood jurist who has issued fatwas calling for
 the killing of American military and support personnel in Iraq as well
 as suicide bombings in Israel.

 One wonders how Huma Abedin with her family associations was able to
 receive security clearance to work with the Secretary of State. One
 wonders, too, what influence she had over U. S. policy-making while in
 this position, Deputy Chief of Staff.

 What do you want me to believe? That it was just a coincidence that she
 married an up and coming Jew to Congress? That she really was in love
 with him?

 Isn't it also interesting that her family never denounced her for
 marrying a Jew? Is it coincidence that she forgave him just like her
 boss, Hillary, forgave Bill for his transgressions? We know that
 Hillary did it because of her own political ambitions and the heady
 taste of power. Is it power that Huma wants? Or, is it because she is a
 Muslim Brotherhood plant and has been ordered to do what THEY want her
 to do?

           Look who's new in the white house!

 Arif Alikhan - Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U. S. Department of Homeland Security

Mohammed Elibiary - Homeland Security Adviser

 Rashad Hussain - Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

 Salam al-Marayati - Obama Adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council
and is its current executive director

 Imam Mohamed Magid - Obama's Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America

 Eboo Patel - Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

  This is flat-out scary!!!

 The foxes are now officially living in the hen house...

         Now ask me why I am very concerned!!!

             Do you feel OK with this???

    How can this happen, and when will we wake up???

  We are quiet while our Country is being drastically changed!!!

    (or are you one of those who voted for CHANGE?)

 If you're not CONCERNED, DELETE this. Go to bed tonight. sleep well!

Otherwise-get the word out!

  We've got to have some relief starting with the 2014 Elections!

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A letter to my senators

Here is a letter I have sent everyday for about 3weeks now. Do you think they get my point? Nope never happenThey won't even send a reply. Sorry about the colorful language.Senator,  I am setting down and tuning my defense weapons.  I don't know what else to do.   Obama wants a Muslim country and YOU don't care or you want it too.   Do you think Muslims will want you around?   Aren't you a white Christian?  Will you give up what few if any defensive weapons you have?   When are you demoncrats going to wake up and smell the stench  wafting from the Whitehouse.  The whole left side is rotten to the core and the rot is spreading.   What do I have to do to stop the criminal abuse of power by Obama, holder, and the rest.  STOP Obama NOW!NO amnesty  no change until border is secure.NO GUN LAWS.   How will I fight this oppression with no defense weapons?    SECOND AMENDMENT anyone?NO MORE IRS     Defund it   Kill it   Go to flat tax.NO MORE HOLDER.    Fire and charge this liar with lying,  treason, and illeagle survailance.NO MORE OBAMA    Impeach his ass for lying treason destroying the country   Lies every time he speaks.NO OBAMA CARE.   I have good insurance  don't fuck it up   This program is nothing short of chaos and will never work. Ever heard of KISS?   Means keep it simple stupid.   How can any one group learn and keep up with such a huge bill and keep it working.Hirev16000 new agents.   What a fucking mess this is, do YOU really think it will work.It's a good thing I am not in charge, every single politico whose resume shows anything but conservatism would be fired and banned from holding any other office.NO EXECUTIVE ORDERS    Who does Obama think he is?  He never involves Congress until he wants diversion while he does something else under the table and underhanded.NO MORE BAILING OUT!   The more Obama bails out business the more come under obamacontrol.  Is he taking congress out of the government and making it into a conglomerate holding company running  businessesYou two fellowes need to wake up and see what your beloved president is doing to us.   I can't wait for Muslim hunting season when it's declared.  That's if we white people live that long.......Who ever reads this and decides to send a form letter back and trashes this mail,  think twice and make sure the senator reads this.I will save it and mail it everyday  many many times each day until the Senator gets it.Oh and I want to thank all you demoncrats for letting this great country go to the brink of failure and civil war.   Enjoy your demise.You don't think Obama will keep you on the payroll do you?You two may want to think of jumping that democratic sinking ship you are on.  The Tea Party is looking for recruits,  I'll show you the conservative way.  Big government and entitlements are not the way.   OF THE PEOPLE! BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLEThe very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference!   George WashingtonHas Obama got every police and military in his pocket?  What's going to happen when a million of WE THE PEOPLE march on Washington with guns drawn??   Think about it Senator,  things keep going this way it will happen.    Michael GustiAttitude is Everything Sent from my iPad
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  4063639590?profile=originalWill House Speaker Boehner purge  of Tea Party membership on key House Committees backfire

While Washington D.C. political leaders battle on Capitol Hill and in the White House over the approaching ominous fiscal cliff, it appears House Speaker John Boehner has shoved conservative House Tea Party members over another type of cliff. In the military it is called “relieved of duty”, and that is exactly what Boehner has done in the 2012 post-election “House” cleaning.

The same conservative Tea Party House member that brought the GOP the largest surge of new members since the 1930’s, has resulted in several key leaders being quietly shown the committee exit door by Boehner. What is truly mystifying to many conservatives across the nation is why now?

With the House republicans retaining the majority and therefore holding onto the speaker’s gavel for Boehner, why not reinforce conservative leadership at a time when an overzealous president is making every attempt to neuter the GOP brand. Obama wants to force Boehner and House Republican eat their “No-tax hike” pledge in the fiscal cliff negotiations!

Deep within the bowels of the White House political office, there has to be plenty back slapping being shared, as they along with Obama watch the House Republicans take their unwanted political cheese bait. While the nation did reelect the president with bait and switch political tactics and epic character assassination methods, the House Republicans were still elected with a majority as well.

This conservative majority of Americans who came to the polls in November, could not imagine that Boehner would weaken his conservative hand, by shedding noted House Tea Party leaders like, Kansas’ Rep. Tim Huelskamp ( R-Kansas), who gained a well-respected reputation for standing up against Planned Parenthood, banning gay marriage and other conservative causes while a state senator. As it turned out, Boehner demonstrated his gratitude by booted him ...

This may be backroom and insider Capitol Hill politics, but was not changing the status quo of congressional GOP moderation the reason that the over whelming conservative swell of new congressmen and women were to be about after 2010 elections?

Apparently not the case according to congressman, Huelskamp, who stressed to his fellow conservative house caucus members, Tuesday, December 4th, “It confirms, in my mind, Americans’ deepest suspicions about Washington. It’s petty, it’s vindictive, and if you have any conservative principles, you will be punished for it.”

Yes, the punishment was swift and it cut deep into the heart of Tea Party conservative congressional members. Michigan’s own, Tea Party favorite Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), was dispossessed of his Budget committee seat. The purge continued with Arizona Rep. David Schweikert, being relieved of his seat on the powerful on Financial Services Committee. There were many others.

According to Slate, congressman Amash asserted this was this was a plain and simple congressional backroom “purge!”

( Click to read more )

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Oh No He Di'int, Yup Romney 'Messed With Texas'

Romney has visited Texas several times during the primary. Not to sell his vision for the country, but more as an ATM stop. Legal experts we contacted agreed this could be considered 'messin with Texas' in a court of law. Most are aware of the risks you run when messin with Sasquatch. So why do people continue to insist on 'messin with Texas'? And more to the point, why do politicians even entertain the thought. Ok he 'messed with Texas', big deal? Well it is a big deal, you can't 'mess with Texas' without messin with Louisiana.


Once you've messed with Louisiana you've messed with Mississippi and Alabama. Within the hour the the 'good-ol-boy' parts of Florida as well as Georgia, South Carolina and Arkansas, are fully aware of the messin. Now with Twitter and Facebook, by the end of the day even their cousins in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Oklahoma all know about the Texas Messin. Everyone below the Mason-Dixon line feels like they've been messed with, and that's not good, cause this is the 'base' of the Republican party.


More than the 'base' you might even call the South 'home freekin plate' of the republican party. The Vatican for Santoriums, Mecca for you Jihadis, and I can guarantee you, Reagan never referred to the South as 'an away game'. Ask James Carville, he'll tell you straight up, people in the South actually believe this 'conservative crap'. You can't just used-car-salesman your way through the South, the 'good-ol-boys' are watching your every step. If Romney tries to etch-a-sketch his way farther and farther to the left, it ain't gonna go over to well in the South.


Romney's going to have to find a way to better feign sincerity when dealing with the South. Now to his credit he's taking steps to do just that. Rumor has it that he has discreetly hired a key adviser for just this purpose. This cannot be independently confirmed, but an inside source, on the condition of anonymity, told an outside source about a conversation that went something like this:


Mitt: “How how long afterwards do you usually have to stay and cuddle, cause these conservatives are really starting to get on my nerves?”

Bill: “Did you tell them you love them?”

Mitt: “Well not exactly but I did call myself a 'severe conservative'”

Bill: “Wow, that's pretty good, try biting your bottom lip while waving your finger”

Mitt: “Got it, thanks, I'll call you back”


But many believe even these steps won't be enough. You can't just show up and say: “hey baby” and move on. Bill can, you can't. If you're playing defense with your own base your opponent is playing offense, and that's a losing hand.


Some of us are wondering why we're even playing this game. Why are we forcing ourselves to play defense on our own territory in states like Florida, North Carolina and Virginia? What's so damn important about Mitt Romney anyway? Some of my very close friends have even gone so far as to say: “screw the unwritten rule that the next one in line has to be the nominee.”


When your mom tried to force-feed your little brother Gerber's Lima Bean Jubilee, it didn't really work, did it? He just spit it out and then started turning his head from side-to-side, like a windshield wiper on high speed, kinda like keep away with his mouth. Well the 'good-ol-boys' ain't chockin down the Jubilee either, so stop trying to force it down all of our throats.

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Obama Makes Free Speech a FELONY

The Freedom of speech that we are entitled to in the First Amendment has been DELETED by this president in secret and signed into LAW.  HR347 gives secret service agents (hand picked by the president) sweeping powers to decide where we can and can't protest his policies.  They are able to determine NO FREE SPEECH ZONES!!  

For 230 years we have had the right to debate policies by any political figure.  This freedom of speech has been abridged.  Very little public debate in Congress.   Speech violations, the right to petition the government for a redress of your grievances, association violations will all fall into this category.  It gives unbridled power to the Secret Service members hired by Obama to decide where we can speak up against him - and since Obama is able to assign Secret Service protection to whomever he chooses - then they can decide that we are not entitled to protest those designated by the president as part of his team (David Axelrod, for example).  We need to be outraged and protest Congress on this one!  Destruction of our basic liberties happening live!

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Flap over Rolling Stone Article Highlights

Obama Leadership Lack

Wow, the mainstream media waxed orgasmic. Calling Barack Obama “BRILLIANT” so often today, you'd be forgiven for thinking Obama was Wellington defeating Napoleon. Obama repeatedly received these unrestrained accolades for the firing of top Afghan War General Stanley Mc Chrystal for Stanley Mc’s absured lack of good judgment shown by a) letting a Leftist hatchet** artist journalist embed with the top command in Afghanistan and B) for Mc Chrystal and his top aides flapping their mouths disrespectfully when referring to civilian leadership and c) doing so in front of that Leftist journalist Michael Hastings and d) for blaming the civilian leadership for their own lack of results on the ground.

Let’s be clear here: Mc Chrystal acted like a malcontent recruit not like the genius military leader he was reputed to be. Obama’s move was the only even semi-logical thing he could do . . . the fully logical things would have been to have given the war effort the full 40,000 surge troops request, to give them back in August when requested and to have never been so stupid as to give out a firm “withdrawal date” in advance. That last move is known by those who understand strategic issues as “aiding and comforting the enemy.”

Let us go further, the Obama administration besides second-guessing the surge request and dithering for five months before giving only part of what was asked for . . . besides all that, the Obama administration lacks a real strategy to fight terror either at home or around the globe. In fact, except for extreme good luck so far as seen in the case of the underwear bomber and the boob trying to bomb Times Square . . . there have been virtually NO successes on the terror front since Obama became president. LUCK is definitely NOT a solid strategy for keeping our people safe at home and for winning the War in Afghanistan. WE ARE AT WAR and have been demonstrably so since Osama Bin Laden openly and defiantly and proudly declared war against us in 1992 . . . and officially so since 9/11/2001.

Today, however, we are told we are NOT at war. There is no terror or terrorism, just “man-caused disasters.” NO, Mr. Obama, the Titanic is a man-caused disaster. And, of course, the contortionism required to eliminate accurate and necessary words like Islam, Muslim, radicals, Jihadists, etc. and to avoid the appearance of any GASP, conspiracy with Al Queda in Yemen at its root . . . any old-time vaudevillest would be super proud of the administration's tap dance around the full disclosure of the truth.

House Minority Leader, Boehner’s commented a while back, "The Obama administration has spoon-fed the American people bland reassurances, saying this was a 'one-off' and a 'lone wolf.' This is the rhetoric of an administration that continues to operate without a real, comprehensive plan to confront and defeat the terrorist threat." Of course, the always “out-to-lunch” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the obvious truth that luck was the reason for the Times Square plot’s failure. "Oh please, please," she said. "The harder we work the luckier we get, and I think that's sort of the point” as she implied vigilant citizens are one part of the administration's “comprehensive strategy” to combat terrorism, which goes hand in hand with law enforcement.

Really? What public-service messages have gone out educating citizens what to do? how to do it? who to contact? what kind of vigil would be most helpful? and most importantly how to get lucky? President Lincoln’s body-guard relied on luck, too, Nancy-dear. John Wilkes Booth drilled a tiny spyhole in the back of the presidential box in Ford's theater so he could reconnoiter the situation accurately and he had an effective plan that worked even though he did his dastardly deed without trying to hide his identity and while using totally unnecessary flair (jumping upon stage and yelling, “Sic semper, tyrannis!”) . . . for the sake of our people's well-being, let’s give our present enemies at least as much credit.

Mr. Obama is instead currently also relying upon luck to hopefully keep a bloodbath from occurring inside Arizona and other border states, not to mention Islamic radical terror plots. Just as the blood on the hands of the Islamic terrorist who perpetrated the Ft. Hood massacre is also on Barack Obama’s hands, so too is the blood that’s sure to flow inside our border states. Yes, we need a brilliant president who is “decisive, firm and bold,” but Barack Obama fails on all four counts . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery, (we wish you exceptionally well General Petraeus!)

** the same fellow once travelled around with Bill O'Reilly for about a week and rather than giving an accurate portrayal, carefully picked his partial-quotes and anecdotes taken out of context to make O'Reilly sound like he was baised and unintelligent.
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