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Whether TEA means "Taxed Enough Already" or "Taken Enough Abuse," Old Rajjpuut, has been encouraged by the Tea Party phenomenon beyond that of any other occurrence in political-activism since at least the days of Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi. Patriotic opposition and even a bit of civil disobedience against corrupt government and corrupt politicians is certainly long overdue in this country. The TEA Party, one hopes, will continue to be a vibrant fiscal-conservative backlash against the abuses of both major parties and the federal government and a strong PRO-voice

supporting the U.S. Constitution. Not a cut and dried "litmus test" but rather an intelligent range of views that define patriotism.

Just as the original Sons of Liberty which conducted the Boston Tea Party became the Whig Party; and the original abolitionists became outraged at the impotence of their Whig Party and gave birth to the Republican Party in 1854, let’s hope this new movement leads us back to our conservative, freedom-loving roots once again. Fiscal conservativism and social moderation and tolerance are worthy goals. To those ends here is a Suggested Unity Platform for the Tea Party:

Guiding Principles:

I. We hold the Declaration of Independence's truths to be self-evident that all men are created politically equal and own the unalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. We believe in equality of opportunity, not forced equality by government theft and re-distribution. Each human life is potentially of great worth and dignity. Diversity of opinion and diversity of support are vital. Patriotism comes in many wonderful packages. We are a party of inclusion not exclusion. We welcome patriotic dissent as well as patriotic agreement. We expect “discussion” to be civil and search for win-win resolutions at all times, but we totally deny the idea of political correctness.

II. We believe that political correctness is gutless and dishonest. In its place we search for political integrity and the best possible results for the American people as a whole. We do not support or agree with notions of affirmative action. The family is sacrosanct, but after childhoold, each person stands on his own within the bounds of reason and compassion.

III. Because the original Tea Party consisted of radicals whose attack on the establishment on December 16, 1773 (flinging taxed tea crates into Boston Harbor) was a defiant act of civil disobedience, we embrace peaceful but intelligent and provocative defiance toward the present political establishment. We are the people and they govern at our pleasure, they work for us, we do not work for them. We loathe their current attempts at "Taxation without Representation" and consider our pocketbooks and our persons equally sacrosanct. The methods of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Thoreau, our own founding fathers and Ronald Reagan provide a guideline for constructive, intelligent and effective actions.

IV. Patriotism means first of all respect for the U.S. Constitution and the men and women who’ve fought, died and struggled to make this country great.

Be it resolved that we hold this type of federal government to be self-evidently preferible to all others.

A. A Republic featuring Democratically-elected representatives

B. A federal government in line with the principles of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution particularly the 10th Amendment.

C. The smallest possible federal government possible that can protect the people from aggressions foreign and domestic

D. The federal government which taxes the least, interferes in daily life the least and keeps it monetary affairs in good order

E. The federal government that honors the principles of complete separation and balance of executive, legislative and judicial powers and in honoring the 10th Amendment honors the balance of central government powers with state and local governments and with the individual.

F. A federal government that will not invoke nor allow ex post facto laws or ex post facto voting or scheduling of voting to fill vacant seats

G. A federal government which practices a balanced budget except in wartime or real emergency

H. A federal government that does NOT feature a central bank nor (except in wartime) allow national debt

I. A federal government that supports a strong currency

J. A federal government that honors and enforces separation of Church and State and favors no religion

K. A federal government which except as necessary (in keeping with the bill of rights) respects and does not interfere with or subvert the state government or the rights of individuals

Be it further resolved that the twenty-one principled behaviors and attitudes listed below outline the attributes of a true American statesman or stateswoman. We believe that candidates that adopt at least eighteen of them are worthy of our votes. We resolve to revisit and revise this list not less than once every eighteen months to keep it current, relevant and intelligent . . . .

The Twenty-One Statements

A statesman/stateswoman of integrity that patriotically represents the American people . . .

•1. Supports strong national defense

•2. Supports responsible capitalism and minimal government interference with honest and responsible captitalist endeavor

•3. Supports minimal taxation

•4. Supports smaller, more efficient, more effective and less onerous and interfering government

•5. Opposes socialism, Marxism, communism and social-progressivism in all forms and strives for repeal of Obamacare and all socialized medicine

•6. Supports reduction of and elimination of the national debt

•7. Opposes the existence of the federal reserve bank

•8. Opposes deficits and unbalanced budgets

Supports market-based health care reform

•10. Supports full exploration and use of America’s present energy storehouse and potential by the free market, including but not limited to nuclear power; oil-shale development; offshore drilling; drilling in the country itself, especially in the newly discovered huge Baaken Reserve Fields. Supports green-tech with minimal research funds and leaves development of those sources of energy to private businesses and individuals.

•11. Opposes mandatory unionization and card check; and supports secret balloting everywhere in America including in the jury room and work place

•12. Opposes cap and trade or other such energy legislation and is willing to revoke any such measures should they pass. Expects "global warming" to either become a real and proven science or disappear based upon its scientific merits or lack thereof, not on political power grabs and falsified data

•13. Opposes illegal immigration in all its forms

•14. Supports victory in Iraq and withdrawal within four years

•15. Supports victory in Afghanistan and re-building that nation’s infrastructure, especially schools and insisting that nation educate its women before eventual withdrawal. Opposes all terroristic activity.

•16. Opposes “marriage” by same-sex individuals; but supports civil unions without the right of adoption. for such people.

•17. Opposes public funding of elective health care options such as abortion and unnecessary plastic surgery

•18. Supports second amendment freedoms; opposes all irresponsible use of weapons of any sort; opposes violent felons ever getting the right to bear arms; opposes fully-automatic military assault type weapons in the hands of civilians; supports a strong National Guard and other military reserve INDEPENDENT of the federal government except in emergency or wartime necessity

•19. Opposes the irrational and violent governments of North Korea and Iran and supports all measures to stop their nuclear proliferation

•20. Supports all just laws. Supports abortion as the PRESENT law of the land but opposes federal or state funding of abortions. Respects the right of non-violent opposition to abortion and the right to seek a constitutional amendment limiting late-term abortions. Respects the right of peaceful protest and demonstration against all unjust laws and all unjust local, state and federal actions and laws.

•21. Opposes all government jobs creation. Outside of its legitimate limited functions, governments cannot create jobs that benefit the greater public; they can only tax and waste our money. Specifically opposes the present green jobs program of President Obama which will, in order to create the desired five million green-tech jobs, cost the country over eleven million^^^ real jobs. Additionally, the jobs created will be temporary in 91% of the instances; be low-paying in 94% of instances and be a sham. To create jobs and especially green tech jobs the Federal government needs to stand aside, lower taxes and enourage research, period. Supports private sector jobs growth by lowering taxes on business and individuals.

Resolved: candidates whose “track record” demonstrates substantial compliance with both the spirit and the letter of these "Twenty-One Statements" is considered a “friend of the Tea Party” and worthy of our full respect and support. Candidates whose “litmus test” results are very close to the seventeen agreement threshhold may also be supported on a lesser of two-evils basis. Candidates who substantially differ from these standards will be opposed by all legitimate means at our disposal.

Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,


^^^ According to a Spanish study of the results of a similar experiment in their country leading to 18.7% unemployment, each government-created job cost the permanent loss of 2.2 real jobs from the wider economy. Some government created jobs were of extremely short duration, only roughly 9% were permanent and not many paid well.

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