posted this article, below, found on the Wall Street Journal to point out the basic problem the American people have with Congress and it's ability to cut the deficit. This article, written by Steny Hoyer House Majority Leader, points out how difficult cutting the deficit will for Congress. Mandatory increases in entitlements are the main problem because they can't be cut. Thus, the only way to reduce the deficit is to raise taxes, but raising taxes on only the Americian's making over $250,000 per year isn't going to come close to solving the spending gap. The commission is going to recommend a huge tax increase on all American's.

Given the fact that there have been some extraordinary circumstances in the past few years, most American's are ready to swallow the bitter reality of smaller take home pay. What is most alarming about Mr. Hoyer's article and basic philosophy, which typifies the attitude in Congress, is the fact that he never discusses the idea of Congress living on a set budget. Why should he think that way? Congress is allowed to print as much money as they need to make up the deficit. They don't live in the real world of having a set amount of money to spend. Thus, they aren't put into a position of having to cut spending. The print and borrow more money on demand.

For example, the new Health Care laws, Mr. Hoyer sites in article, are predicted to cut the costs of The Health Care Entitlements Program. The cost setting measures in the bill are not based on a set budget. The costs savings are based on economic conditions that must happen in the future. If these predictions are wrong, the savings will not happen. Congress will be allowed to print more money to make up for getting bad info from their crystal ball.

On the other hand, when Congress raises taxes. The money is gone. This is an immediate here and now reality. American's don't get the money back if future economic conditions change. Congress asks the tax payer to make a difficult commitment to make less money, but Congress is not setting limits on what they can spend. The tax payer commits but congress doesn't. That's unfair!

This is what worries everyone in The United States. Citizens have to give up more of their paychecks, but Congress doesn't have to live on a set budget. If the new tax dollars don't reduce the deficits, they have the right to put the country into deeper debt by borrowing and printing more money. If that happens, Congress will be forced to come back to American public to ask again for more of their pay checks to cut the deficit.

Congress should be given a set amount of money to live on. It's called a budget. Make a law to do that first. Then come to the American Tax Payer to ask for more of their paycheck. Congress should show "us" they can live on a budget, and we will then give Congress more money. That's Fair!

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