Obama Brings UN’s Gun-Grabbing Resolution to Limelight



This is very serious.  Please do not take lightly the resolve from the United Nations and our own left to eventually turn us into England where don't have gun rights.


We absolutely must stand against this and any other crap they drive down our throats about being "reasonable".


Gun control is not about guns--it is about controlling you.  Gun control has never worked, anywhere.  Our safest cities and states are those with the least restrictive gun laws.  These are undisputed facts rather than the lies you will hear from Obama and the media.


Go to JPFO.org if you want to begin fact checking.  Link to the FBI Crime Staistics reports, Google what happened in England or Australia.  There are several YouTube videos of Brits and Aussies bemoaning how they were taken in by "reasonable" gun control that morphed into total confiscation. Rest assured that your ideological enemies fully understand their limits as long as America retains it 2nd Amendment rights.


The election is over.  I'm not happy with the outcome, but I cannot change it.  I don't care to argue about who you voted for or why.  I am warning you of some of the consequences.  This is not some "chicken little" the sky is falling or a "boy crying wolf".  This is a very real agenda that we can never give an inch.  Once you give an inch, it's like letting the camel get his nose under the tent; you'll soon have the whole camel to deal with.


The NRA, JPFO, and a number of other organizations are fighting for our rights.  We have to join them, support them, write/call congress and tell them where we stand.  We must be unrelenting or you, your children, and subsequent generations will never know liberty.

PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.  Do your own research.  Hillsdale College offers a free on-line course on the Constitution--EXCELLENT!  JPFO has a number of FREE educational videos regarding our constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment as well as what have been the historic reasons and results of gun control.



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