All of those around the table also “took pleasure in Indyk’s public bashing of Israel in his speech,” according to the source. “Whatever supposed even-handedness there was in public … was absolutely gone in private.”


Middle East envoy Martin Indyk was overheard at an upscale Washington, D.C., bar bashing Israel and fully blaming it for the recent failure of peace talks with the Palestinians, according to an individual who overheard the conversation and described it as a surprising and “nasty” 30-minute-long tirade against the Jewish state.

Indyk—who has been identified by the Washington Free Beacon as the source of a recent series of anonymous quotes in the press condemning Israel—was caught openly lashing out at Israel over drinks with several members of his staff and wife, Gahl Burt.

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The conversation took place in the hotel bar at the Ritz-Carlton on Thursday night, shortly after Indyk finished delivering remarks at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s (WINEP) annual gala.

While Indyk was critical of Israel in his public remarks, he and his staff are said to have let loose on the Jewish state over drinks before Indyk was scheduled to meet with former Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

“The tone was nasty,” according to the source who overheard the conversation.

Indyk and his staff “openly blamed” conservative Israeli politician Naftali Bennett and others for “sabotaging the [peace] negotiations” by issuing permits for new Israeli housing blocks in Jerusalem.

“In the 30 minute conversation, no one at the table mentioned a single wrong thing the Palestinians had done,” according to the source who overheard the conversation. “There was no self-criticism whatsoever.”

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  • Indyk was anti ISRAEL back when he was serving as USA ambassador to JERUSALEM. An Australian Emigre to the USA....pity he didn't remain put with his father's Kangaroo.
  • if that was me i would have talped it and then given it to the isreally  that was going to have a meeting with this jerk,  i be that would have been a lot of lumps in the throat and back peddling

  • Arron and Carol, you are correct but do we not see something else in all of this? Why is America suddenly come against our most true friend? Is it not who Americans elected and put in office? Why? We see it is because our children are not raised to have honor by Liberal parents or in our Liberal schools. We see this lack of honor in many elected Liberals who will blame anyone or an object to escape from taking the blame for what they do.

    Overseas in another Democratic Republic I got to know 22 children of my neighbors. They all were raised to have honor and honor others. The parents even came to me and said, "If our children act up you have our permission to spank them!" I never had to as they were all wonderful and very intelligent. A 10 year old there knows more about English and speaking it as most adults in America! There language is Tagalog, but only 65% speak it. 85% speak English. They do not allow Marxists to be elected! The Army hunts Marxist down! The country with one of the best school systems in the world and who have followed our policies until we went Marxist and Islamic with this President and with Clinton is the Philippines. An amazing people and they know more facts about American Politics than any brainwashed Liberal and what Liberal is not?

  • Arron, AMEN!

  • Again I ask, if the Palasteinian people are so noble and loveable, Why does the muzzie world not give them their own homeland rather than guns and bombs. The reason is because it is not about a homeland but about the destruction of Israel. They will never defeat the One True God, "the Great I AM."

  • And then they wonder why they can't broker a peace deal, there will be no peace until Jesus touches down on the mt. of olives, and these ignorant idiots are called to account for there actions.

  • How come we can't reply to anyone anymore?

  • Democrats have been racists and anti-Semites for over a century. Sadly, the majority of non-orthodox self identifying Jews in U.S. are also Democrat and would sell out Israel in a heartbeat. This is no different than the majority of American Catholics who are also Democrat and support abortion, homosexuality and  same sex marriage even though it is a mortal sin as taught in Catechism. Are they true followers of their faith or apathetic left wing Dem appeasers?

  • We all know that since his interview with Stephanopolis when he mentioned his Muslim faith before he was corrected to say Christian faith that he has been on the side of the Arabs and the Palisitinians even suggesting Israel should return to its original 1948 borders. Obama has plainly told Israel to do what he says or America will help the Palisitinians gain their Idependent state. The only thing stopping him is that this country has a lot of Christians who back Israel and will fight him if he betrays our alliance with Israel.


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