CCC** Gone, Replaced by the University Rowing Team?
For years now, it’s been common-place for the conservative students on college campuses to be assaulted from each and every angle by students, profs and books belittling decent behavior, the nation’s traditions, the U.S. Constitution, our history, and our religious foundations. Believe it or not, things may have just gone from Carlsbad to Carlsworse for Christian conservatives attending schools of higher education in particular . . . .        You know all those left-wing professors who’ve taken over America’s colleges and universities and begun organizing students into shouting down visiting speakers who express any agenda but Marxism and environmental ecotage? Well they have apparently succeeded in spreading the atheistic message of Mr. Marx really well according to the latest news on the college front . . . at least according to a surprising announcement first heard today . . . .
The well-known sixty-year old national Christian movement CCC (a.k.a. Campus Crusade for Christ) has decided it’s time to divorce Christ, figuratively speaking. The ubiquitous and venerable multi-faceted para-religious organization has stated their fear that the word “Crusade” might be “considered  offensive” to some while also dropping the name “Christ” from their moniker altogether.  Instead from now on the organization will be known as “CRU.” So they’re now running the college rowing team? “Stroke, Stroke, Stroke!” Or are they flaunting the first three letters of the word “Crucify?” 
Apparently the name Christ is the most offensive thing they discovered about their organizational title since they still kept the first syllable of "CRUsade" but kicked "Christ" out completely . . . let’s see if we’ve got this right? Here’s CRU’s new "missionary" approach: “Say, there’s a guy who came down here to earth and did some absolutely great things for mankind including you, my friend, uh . . . ahem, but, er, we’d rather not talk about it because it’s just not politically correct . . .????  Sounds like they’ve taken more than Christ’s name out of CCC, they also removed another important C: “courage!”
“Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Stroke!”
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**CCC says they sifted out over 1,600 names before deciding on CRU.  They also say that a lot of their followers for many generations have been referring to CCC as "Cru."  Rajjpuut doesn't doubt either statement.  However, the recent trends within the Christian community to even remove "Christ" from the names of Churches and this move all smack of the most gutless of political correctness . . . after all, the name "Christ" and the word "Christian" in your faith's name and that cross you removed from your steeple might have been extremely off-putting to terrorists, eh?   Now with the advent of Mr. Obama there's been a sudden meteoric jump in the number of "faith" churches and "hope" churches -- with many of them now preaching radical environmentalism as Christ's message.  One wonders what Jesus would say about banning DDT in 1972 and roughly 77 million^^ people dying of malaria and over 100 million deaths from all sorts of tropical mosquito-borne diseases on the basis of science fiction NOT science fact . . . is that the Christian, er, CRU thing to do?
^^ before Rachel Carson's pseudo-pscience book "Silent Spring" claimed that DDT hurt the environment, made eggshells too thin and even gave humans cancer (none of this proven; and almost certainly all 100% lies) the worldwide malaria death toll dropped to 42,000+ in 1972.  It's been closer to 2.1 million deaths ever since the U.S. and the U.N. banned the substance that G.I.s in World War II sprayed directly upon their bodies, clothes and tents; and which Africans used to spray inside their homes 3-4 times yearly.  Was Rachel her brothers' keeper?
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