There was a time in this country (say from about 1885 to 1917) when the communist party and the unions were just about the only ones who gave a damn about the working man in factories, mines, and other dangerous places where a dollar a day was big pay . . . a time when the unions, in particular did a lot of good. And then the unions became politicized, growing large war-chests to influence elections and the once noble, selfless unions became the corrupted mess they are today; making it impossible for American business to compete with China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. Today the largest labor union in the country and the single-most influential union of all is the National Education Association (the teacher's union) because, of course, they're the ones influencing the thinking of our children. The NEA has been guilty of revisionist history for almost four decades now. They will almost never let on that anything undesirable could be associated with unions or socialism or even marxist-communism.

Once upon a time there was a Marxist young fellow who wrote a lot of songs, some of them very good, others not so great. His name was Lennon and he thought there was a lot of wisdom to be found in the words of a political-minded fellow from a few wars earlier and he attributed a lot of karmaic strength to the fact that the guy from the early 20th Century had a name almost exactly like his but spelled “Lenin” instead of “Lennon.”

The young song writer liked to put all sorts of strange stuff in his body and some of it seemed to affect his mind and he began to constantly imagine a Utopian society based upon the words the earlier Lenin had proselytized about this classless, borderless, possessionless, Ideal World where all people lived in harmony, happily ever after. Indeed one of the last of his famous songs was named “Imagine” . . . some of the words were:

. . . . Imagine no possesions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world . . . .

In the song, he was, of course, referring to the famous communistic ideal “to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities.” Unfortunately, all his pot-smoking and LSD use, etc., had blinded him to simple facts like the twenty-five million killed by one Joseph Stalin just to keep his little Soviet Communist Utopia humming along – over twice as many civilian deaths as the Nazis and Hitler brought about . . . and this figure is not including the Ukranian Holocaust called “Holodomor”** in which the grain grown by the “rebellious” Ukrainians was all removed and a carefully orchestrated mass killing by hunger took place. The Soviets deny it happened, the Ukrainians say seven million were starved to death purposely, but for the sake of argument, we’ll take Stalin’s word for it and say those seven million deaths never happened. Apparently, the rest of the Soviet State as personified by Stalin had a greater need for the Ukrainian foodstuffs than the Ukrainians did . . . so spiritually, you can understand that, can’t you, that those deaths just shouldn’t be counted? Well, no one said Utopia was perfect . . . . what’s thirty-two million deaths in a perfect world anyway?

A far greater hero to those socialist sympathizers of John Lennon’s ilk and to today’s Obama administration is Red Communist Chairman Mao Tse Dong. While a great deal of the deaths orchestrated by Stalin did take place during the days before, during and after World War II, the sixty-five million Chinese civilians that died under Mao were all peacetime victims. Almost twenty million peasants died during one “Great Leap Forward” span of fifteen years (three consecutive five-year plans) when Mao refused to believe that his economic policies could possibly be causing starvation on such a mass scale. Ah, well, a few sacrifices for the perfection of mankind in the long run easily worth it when we look back from Utopia, eh?

Che Guevara, of several decades of perpetual t-shirt fame, reportedly was a sadist who personally killed some one-hundred eighty plus people and oversaw the deaths of hundreds more. The rock bands who’ve expressed adoration of Che are countless . . . one problem: Che punished ownership of Rock ‘n Roll records, lyrics and posters with death. Of course he was hard on ownership of forbidden books too. So the only question about Barak Obama’s noble experiment in ridding the United States of capitalism is how much misery will his misguided dreams cost us? And what chance do we have that the teacher's union will help our children see the truth instead of union propaganda bracing up Barak, the annointed?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



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  • Nicely said, Phil. The supreme Court had a chance to rule on Obama's unilateral decision to take the money owed to the auto stockholders had coming and giving it flat out to his union pals . . . and they declined. His totally unprecedented involvement (orchestrating the whole bankruptcy for both Chrysler and GM) is totally unconstitutional and yet . . . the Supreme Court did us in.
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