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Democrats fishing in a dry pond


By Oscar Y. Harward

Every day, Democrats are attacking President Donald Trump, and his nominees.

President Donald Trump and his administration are restoring Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian values. 

Democrats claim erroneous charges against Republicans, without supportive evidence. On these issues, Democrats are losing. 

The Democrat Party is deteriorating.  During President Obama’s term, Democrats suffered a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts; congressional and state legislative seats, governorships, and the presidency. 

The Democrat Party supports big government, more regulations, more taxes, and illegal immigration.  Democrats choose Socialism; provide everything to everyone, at any time. 

Democrats dislike President Trump.  History illustrates Americans are shifting their politics toward Republicans of smaller government, less regulation, less taxes, and legal immigration.  The National Debt must be reduced. 

During President Obama’s term in office, Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats did change America; absent from ‘ALL’ earlier Presidents combined. 

Democrats should join in.  Democrats are failing to find illegal activity, with supportive evidence, against Republicans. 

Democrats must clean up their own deceit before searching the GOP.  These GOP ponds are near dry and without corruption. 

Democrats should direct their politics joining President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’.

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 Few people know that there is currently a mass protest in Macedonia to get rid of Soros backed civil servants in Macedonia.  If there can be a similar movement here in the United States that would be awesome. It is called Stop Operation Soros, and they want the movement to spread worldwide. Google it. Maybe we can contact the lady with this petition, and renergize it. We need to go after the head of the snake....  We don't have to use this leftist platform, but we can create our own site and have a petition on it..or use this site the tea party site.

And this is a T-Shirt I created and am selling. 

Trump Supporters Should Be Wearing This Tee

Im a student who campaigned for Trump and decided to make this t-shirt to help me while I attend school. And to educate about the the international phenomenon of Donald Trump, Brexit  Putin and his Christian Faith, and the Protests  in Macedonia and how it relates to all the issues Donald Trump has raised during his campaign. 

I will be returning weekly to write short little snippets about current domestic and international events, and how it relates to this country. 

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By Oscar Y. Harward

The National Republican Committee (RNC) leaders and the GOP Capitol Hill leaders have led the GOP into disarray; promising certain changes; then failing to respond at the occasion. 

We expect the Democrat Party to support Socialist and/or Communist issues.  Do Democrat Party voters really know the damage as the Democrat Party is destroying our Constitution and our USA?  

How much deficit spending is too much?  Will it end?  When and how much?  Is there any number to stop the spending?  

Today, and with much disgrace, these same GOP leaders demand their continued leaderships and guidance; similar to the Democrat Party, and even after major failures.  As President Obama asks for, our Capitol Hill majority Republican Party leaders pass legislation to approve and pay for it. 

2016 Republican Party Presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) often refers to the GOP leadership on Capitol Hill as a Washington ‘cartel’; and his portrayal is fitting.  

Fiscally speaking, no one, other than the majority GOP Capitol Hill leaders, can blame anyone other than themselves for an exploding out-of-control deficit spending; now exceeding more than $18 Trillion dollars.   

Socially speaking, (y)our majority GOP House leaders refuse to protect our nation on social issues as clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence.  

For example, on September 30, 2015, GOP House leaders led 91 Republican Party Capitol Hill House Representatives to support legislation that included funding Planned Parenthood.  

On October 7, GOP Senate leaders led 49 Republican Party Senators to support legislation that included funding Planned Parenthood.  2016 Republican Party Presidential candidates, Sen. Ted Cru (R-TX) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) voted ‘NAY’ to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) did not vote.  

On National Security, our US Military are in multiple wars against numerous terrorist nations and groups in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  As President Obama asks, a GOP majority on Capitol Hill delivers; even funding terrorist groups who are at war with our US Military.  

During the political season 2014, two of the top political issues in the Republican Party and all across America for Conservatives has been to stop an American invasion of ‘illegal’ immigrants and to defeat ObamaCare, a job-killing Socialistic or Communistic program fully supported by the Democrat Party. 

During these months prior to the November 2014 General Election, Republican leaders in the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Capitol Hill Leaders including Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his team leaders, and Speaker of the House, John Boehner and his team leaders collaborated with the US Chamber of Commerce to provide millions of 2014 political money to Republican Party candidates in return of support for more ‘illegal’ immigration and other left-wing issues.  

In June 2014, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who was one of those who pushed more ‘illegal’ immigration, was defeated at the Virginia State Convention for his Congressional reelection.  Most Conservative thought this would be an awakening to the GOP leadership from ‘WE the People’.  Even today, the RINO Republican leaders push on and refuse to listen to the majority of Conservative Republicans.  

Almost all Conservative Republican Party candidates promised to stop the ‘invasion’ of illegal immigrants and defeat all legislation associated with ObamaCare as crammed down Americans’ throats by the then Democrat Party in 2009.  The American electorate responded by electing huge majorities of Republicans on Capitol Hill and in many states’ General Assemblies.  

With these big Republican Party wins, Capitol Hill leaders and their teams ‘betrayed’ the American voters and the promises by the Republican Party candidates; by again, rebuking ‘We the People’.  

On a Sunday, October 11, 2015 national TV news, Carl Rove spoke of how speaker Boehner had worked so hard with the GOP leadership; in spending more than 200 days on the road raising money for the Republican Party.  

Karl Rove and many other RINO Republicans fail to report to the American donors today is that a large percentage of the requested and donated GOP money given by contributors to various Washington based GOP leaders and/or their Political Action Committees (PACs) is being dispersed to other RINO Republican Party candidates and for the ‘defeat’ of highly qualified and great Conservative leaders in GOP ‘Primaries’ within the Republican Party.  

Never before, has the leadership of the Republican Party sought for and received so much money for the Republican Party to disperse these dollars to Moderate to Liberal Republican in an effort to defeat Conservative Republican Party candidates.  

Yes, our Capitol Hill GOP leaders continue to betray ‘We the People’.  Only Republicans can reverse the GOP issues back to a more Conservative Republican Party.

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Rather than allowing the registered Republicans to determine (y)our elected officials, Capitol Hill’s GOP leadership has left (y)our Republican Party Platform and joined in with President Obama’s Liberal Democrats to protect their own elected Moderate to Liberal GOP Representatives and Senators.


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Sen. John McCain, and other Republicans In Name Only (RINO) Republicans joined together with Mississippi’s most Liberal Democrats in support of Sen. Thad Cochran over a Conservative TEA Party Republican candidate.  These RINO Republicans raised and gave Millions of Dollars to defeat a TEA Party Republican Party candidate in Mississippi’s State Senator. Chris McDaniel.


The acronym TEA Party represents ‘Taxed Enough Already’ Party.  This certainly defines me.  How about you?


TEA Party members and supporters are Conservative and usually Republicans. TEA Party members and supporters are ordinary, middle working class Americans.  TEA Party members and supporters have a strong desire to work hard and work smart as a part in life to exceed while on their job(s) in providing their family’s necessities of shelter, food, other needs, and additional comforts in life.  In their progression of life, each understands the importance to pay reasonable and sensible taxes, rather than excessive and/or disproportionate taxes, for necessary government services.


Will the Republican Party return to the Grand Ole Party, or will they continue to turn left in joining with President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats?

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You may decide to stay home or just skip these Republicans In Name Only (RINO) Republicans on the ballots in the upcoming November 2014 General Election.


If RINO Republicans are joining up with Liberal Democrats to win primaries and to defeat Conservatives Republicans, why should you and I vote for these dirty, ruthless, and liberal Republicans?


The Republican National Committee is silent as the so-called main-stream Republicans across America attack their own base, the Conservative TEA Party Republicans in 2014 Republican Party primaries.


It was Republicans In Name Only (RINO) Republicans on Capitol Hill like Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Sen. John McCain, and many others who support Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) after Mississippi Republicans called on Mississippi Democrats to go out and vote for Thad Cochran.


“It was the Republicans in Washington and their allies in Mississippi who distributed fliers to Democrats in Mississippi calling conservatives racists, klansmen, Nazis, etc. It was a concerted effort by the GOP to beat their own base at any cost.”

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U.S. President Obama sits inside the Oval Office as he prepares for the State of the Union Address, while at the White House in WashingtonA group of 15 scientists and meteorologists have put forward a scathing rebuttal to the Obama administration’s recent climate report which said the U.S. is already being harmed by global warming.

Scientists skeptical that mankind is causing the Earth’s climate to change say that such claims are based on false theories and flawed models. The White House report is a “masterpiece of marketing” that is trying to scare people into action, scientists said.

“As independent scientists, we know that apparent evidence of ‘Climate Change,’ however scary, is not proof of anything,” wrote the 15 scientists and meteorologists,including Dr. Don Easterbrook of Western Washington University and Dr. George Wolff, who formerly chaired the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee.

“Science derives its objectivity from robust logic and honest evidence repeatedly tested by all knowledgeable scientists, not just those paid to support the administration’s version of ‘Global Warming,’ ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Climate Disruption,’ or whatever their marketing specialists call it today,” they continued.

The White House’s “National Climate Assessment” (NCA), released last week, claimed that the U.S. was already being affected by global warming though warmer temperatures and increasing extreme weather events.

But the 15 skeptical scientists said the White House is trying to lay the blame for global warming at the feet of the fossil fuels industry when there is little evidence to back up that claim. The Earth’s climate is very cyclical and has gone through many changes in the past, the scientists said, without humans emitting carbon dioxide.

“This NCA is so grossly flawed it should play no role in U.S. Energy Policy Analyses and CO2 regulatory processes,” the skeptics wrote. “As this rebuttal makes clear, the NCA provides no scientific basis whatsoever for regulating CO2 emissions.”

“We are asked to believe that humans are drastically changing the earth’s climate by burning fossil fuels,” they added. “The problem with their theory is very simple: It is NOT true.”

The NCA says the U.S. average temperature has risen between 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit to 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit since 1895, which is causing more extreme weather, like hurricanes and droughts, and harming fragile ecosystems around the country.

The NCA also warns that the U.S. average temperature could rise 4 degrees Fahrenheit in the coming decades if nothing is done to limit carbon dioxide emissions. The report suggests a slew of regulatory solutions from cap-and-trade to green energy subsidies to mitigate global warming.

“’Global Warming’ has not been global and has not set regional records where warming has occurred,” the skeptical scientists rebutted. “For example, over the last fifty years, while the Arctic has warmed, the tropical oceans had a flat trend and the Antarctic cooled slightly.”

Read more at TLR: Skeptical Scientists Debunk White House Global Warming Report | The Libertarian Republic 
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HR 2377 - The Enlist Act

More brilliance from the RINO population in the US Congress.  HR 2377, The Enlist Act, conveys on to ILLEGAL ALIENS, who join our military, US Citizenship.  Anyone see something wrong with this?  We are downsizing our military across the board, including personnel, and this RINO is encouraging ILLEGAL aliens to join our military to get citizenship...while our US Citizen soldiers are being FORCED OUT?!  What is it with these damn politicians that can't enforce the laws we already have?!    

The conversation over the past few years of the Obama Administration, is "would our military turn on US Citizens?"   The answer was 'No'.  However, Obama has removed over 250 command staff and replaced them with his minions. And with this proposed legislation, making up our military with Criminal illegal foreign nationals, there is no doubt in my mind our US military will in fact turn on US Citizens should this proposal go through. The insidiousness of Obama and his syndicate goes beyond abominable.  Our military, composed of criminal illegal aliens Commanded by Obama minions and they will be responsible for our national security? ...unbelievable stupidity.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


Senator ‘Chuck” Schumer (D-NY), Governor Andrew Cuomo, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, all essentially indicate that they, and ‘the people’ of New York, apparently have no desire to accept, support, and/or defend the Constitution of the United States, and more specifically, the Bill of Rights.  Sen. Schumer says the 1st Ten Amendments to the Constitution are being taken too literally.


Sen. Schumer is particularly referencing the First Amendment and the freedom of speech.  Are we to release these rights?  Will the voters of New York advocate that we surrender this and other ‘Bill of Rights’ to the Government?


Gov. Andrew Cuomo says pro-life activists along with anti-gay activists, and other supporters of the Second Amendment, are not welcomed in New York.  By my personal observation, this may have been Gov. Cuomo’s first exploratory remark as he chases a pursuit to become a 2016 Democrat Party Presidential nominee.


NY Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to be duplicating President Obama’s plan of ‘redistribution’ by proposing, “A tax on the wealthy to pay for free pre-school education for every four-year-old. He has already launched measures to expand paid sick leave to another half a million employees.  He has promised to work for 200,000 new affordable housing units, and to rebuild trust and confidence in the police.”


Does New Yorkers know and understand our US Constitution and/or New York’s History?  US Congress convened for the 1st time in New York City on March 4, 1789 in approving the Bill of Rights?


Do New Yorkers know, or have they forgotten the sacrifice of attaining ‘Independence’ from the Revolutionary War?  Have New Yorkers been taught or have they forgotten the Battle of Harlem Heights, Battle Hill, the Battle of Stony Point that later allowed Washington to cross the Hudson, other Revolutionary War, and additional war history?  Are these failures instrumental of your public education system as may be taught in public schools? 


Have Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorkers forgotten "9/11/01"?  Do you remember how our entire Nation rallied around New York during and after these terrorist attacks?  Have Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorkers forgotten the honor, the sacrifices, and the lives of New York’s and others’ police officers, firemen, and our soldiers in defense of our Constitution?  Have Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorker's forgotten our Founding Fathers’ precious freedoms in our Constitution with inserted Christian values?


Freedom is not free.  Constitutional freedoms are fought and won at a heavy cost; Americans’ blood.  More than 600,000 American soldiers have died in combat for protecting our Constitution, our Nation, and our American flag.


Why do Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorkers continue efforts to disassemble our Constitution?  How do New Yorkers fail to understand, and appreciate the price and values of ‘freedoms’?  Do New Yorkers fail to understand the loss of ‘freedoms’, and whom then elect, appoint, and/or direct officials in the State of New York as in other states?  Will Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and other New Yorkers awaken before we, they, and/or others lose these precious ‘freedoms’?


The Army's Oath of Enlistment states that “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; …”  Every American should proudly ‘pledge, honor, and obey’ this ‘Oath’.


Patriotic Americans must be asking, “What rights do New Yorkers have in dismantling our Constitution comprised to insure all Americans may remain free from an oppressive government?”


It is a duty for each voter to elect and/or re-elect ‘responsible’ representatives.  If the voters of New York fully support Constitutional values, Americans will discover that New Yorkers are ‘Patriotic’ to our USA.  Your representatives will ‘honor’ the sacrifices of over 600,000 American soldiers; including your ancestors who fought and died for these values embedded within (y)our Constitution.


Up front, and based on election results, it is logical to assume that Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, and NY Mayor de Blasio are speaking for the people of New York.  If so, many of us are saddened.  Most of us anticipate that may change.


Currently, if Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, and NY Mayor de Blasio are not domestic enemies to our Constitution, who is?  Each element in our Constitution today is just as relevant now as our Founding Fathers inscribed in the 18th Century.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


The Republican National Committee (RNC) sends out a ‘bait-and-switch’ poll asking for money.  This ‘deceitful’ poll includes several ‘very qualified and potential’ Conservative TEA Party Republican candidates for US President.


Why would the RNC spend any effort to ask or beg for money from Conservative TEA Party Republican supporters? 


I believe RNC Chairman, Reince Preibus; Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell; Republican speaker of the House, John Boehner; and US Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Thomas J. Donohue and others have agreed they will spend Republican National Committee (RNC) money to defeat Conservative TEA Party Republican candidates in GOP primaries.


Are these RINO Republicans now trying to ask, beg, and/or rob resources from conservatives, only to give this money and more to other RINO Republicans who will not even ‘enforce’ or ‘support’ the Republican Party Platform?


Whenever these GOP officials join in with Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue, that they will spend GOP resources to defeat Conservative TEA Party Republican candidates in GOP primaries, this must be defined as a ‘bait-and-switch’ poll; or maybe even further, in support of ignoring the ‘social’ issues while allowing more ‘deficit spending’ for President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats; more debt left for our children, their children, etc.


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"It's Redistribution, Stupid" Says OBAMA


Redistribution - Stealing From the Taxpayers

Obama’s “Promise Zones” – Election Year Wealth Redistribution Scheme

The big question for Americans – how do we stop the bloody spending by Obama, Democrats and Republicans?  Here’s a brief preview of the past five years and a glimpse of the future. 

So much for our daily dose of lies from Obama, his administration and the Liberal News media – as a Nation we the people deserve some respect, honesty and solutions for major problems.  While we sit here suffering the headlines today tout that half of Congressional Lawmakers are millionaires, some actually acquired their money legitimately via investments or personal businesses. 

There are many, in Congress who use their position merely to pad their pockets, enjoy the Government perks and live high on the hog off of taxpayer’s money and draw a sizeable lifetime retirement.  They’re not worth their salt and definitely are a detriment to Americans and America. I refer to them as “Leeches,” the ones who just go along for a free ride on taxpayer’s money.

Look at Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Liberals – they’re the perfect “Stereotypes of Socialism” for a Government gone bad.  They don’t give a “d---“about their Country – in fact they don’t give a “damn” about the poverty stricken, African Americans who are struggling or the Hispanics.  

They all have one and only one goal in mind – they want to dominate, control and dictate via “Big Government.”  They manipulate the news, prepare the canned speeches for the Liberal News Media and give us a dose of the poison tonic called Socialism every day since 2009. 

Here are a few examples of their devious techniques and lies that have harmed our children, grandchildren, adult children and all Americans.

  1. They stole 787 billion dollars from taxpayers and literally had a spending frenzy with this money while we were sleeping.
  2. They frivolously spent our money on parties, lavish vacations, secret meetings and personal celebrations like the IRS who gobbled up over 50 million plus for parties & conferences and videos from 2010 to 2012. 
  3. Obama with his blessing encouraged the IRS to attack the tea parties and lied about Benghazi to insure his re-election in 2012.
  4. Obama and his Administration have not only allowed guns to walk – they sneaked billions out the back door to fund the Muslim Brotherhood enhancing their Military capabilities. 
  5. Obama used millions of our stimulus money for the “Green Scams,” specifically created for his big bundlers. This had nothing to do with job creation as Obama would like you to believe.

*** This only highlights a few of Obama’s insidious behaviors. Below are a few statistics on some of his future plans.

Let’s look at Obama’s new budget presented in April of 2014 – it’s important to realize this budget is an attack on the middle class (the working class.) Although, the budget didn’t pass it gives you a bird’s eye view of Obama and his favorite pet “redistribution.”


He Lied, LIed & Lied Some More

Although he lied about his budget saying, more than $2 in spending cuts for every $1 of new revenue – what a crock. If passed it would have been a huge tax increase – it would increase the deficit a trillion dollars over 10 years. The majority of revenue in his budget would come from increasing the death tax, capping deductions and select exemptions from those making higher incomes along with capping retirement funds.

Although his budget didn’t pass formally it gives Americans an idea of what will happen in the next three years. This is “redistribution” folks any way you slice it. The minimum wage increase is already on the front burner and there’s more to come…

There’s much more, but just a thought about our Government cooking the books.  Our actual unemployment figure is between 11 to15 plus % - not even close to the 6.7% Obama and Democrats are crowing about today. 

There’s nothing real about the unemployment figures – yet millions of Americans believe it. This just gives a broken down President a trumped up talking point the he and his Democratic friends will beat to death.  It includes those who are only working part-time jobs, which happens to be close to 8 million – in fact according to Huff Post 75% of all jobs in 2013 were part time jobs. It doesn’t include those who’ve dropped off and no longer looking for employment.

So when you hear Obama and the Democrats raving over the unemployment figure – you know they lie through their teeth.  Figure for yourself only 74,000 new jobs in December meaning approximately 55,000 were part time and probably seasonal jobs also. Obama’s first term was nothing more than destruct, destroy and redistribute.

Take the unbridled spending by Obama since 2009, the stringent EPA regulations which closed businesses down and restricted job growth, the huge increase in the entitlement society, the illegals making themselves comfortable utilizing all of our resources, the hanky-panky with the Muslim Brotherhood (Which is costly) and the greatest leech of all Obamacare.

Obamacare, nothing is free – someone has to pay for it (taxpayers.)  It won’t save families 2500 a year in premium cost, some premiums have doubled or even tripled in cost along with higher co – payments and deductions.  Can’t keep your doctor, specialist or medical team and can’t keep your insurer. It’s a costly scam that will eliminate jobs and be devastating to consumers.

*** This is just a glimpse of 5 years of Redistribution increasing the National Deficit over 17 trillion dollars add another 3 years of Redistribution and in all likelihood our Nation will be on the verge of crumpling. Current predictions are by 2016 our National Debt will surpass 20 trillion dollars.  Republicans are in control of our money need I say more? 

As Always,

Little Tboca

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During the next three months the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, estimates that the US Treasury will be defrauded $14 to $16 billion by tax frauds.  Each tax season 30 million tax filers (not taxpayers) share in a $60 billion dollar money pie called Earned Income Tax Credit.  What started out in 1975 as an admirable idea and expanded by Ronald Reagan to assist low-income parents has morphed into a gigantic fraud that threatens the safety of ALL Americans courtesy of the incompetency within the walls of the Internal Revenue Service.

Sincere Apology to Military Families

Before beginning my discussion I want to apologize to military families, relatives and friends that have suffered losses in the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars.  My purpose isn’t to bring pain to those who have lost loved ones but rather to: Stop the Madness called the Internal Revenue Service.

How The IRS Is Defrauded

Jane Doe (mother of two) claims $14,420 income from an imaginary cleaning business on her tax return.  Since Jane doesn't have a business, she doesn’t need to purchase any brooms, dust pans, cleaning supplies or mops.  For Jane’s efforts, she qualifies for federal tax credits of $6,900. Before the US Treasury deposits a tax refund of $4,900 into her bank account, they make a deposit into Jane Doe’s social security retirement account for $2,000.  From start to finish, Jane can complete her phantom tax return using phantom income in 15 minutes

IRS Sent $46 Million in Tax Refunds to a Single Atlanta Address

Forrest Gump memorialized the line “I’m Not a Smart Man”.  I think it’s safe to say that even Forrest Gump would agree that issuing 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46 million to unauthorized alien workers  isn’t very smart.  Forrest wasn’t aware how accurate the phrase “Mama always said stupid is as stupid does” would apply when describing the IRS.

$5,000 Cash Refund or 10 IED’s

The IRS should consider offering EITC tax frauds the choice of receiving $5,000 cash or 10 IED's (improvised explosive devices).  Terrorists shouldn't have to be burdened (tongue-in-cheek) with going to the bank and having to negotiate the purchase of IED’s.  If terrorists are responsible for only ½ of 1% of the estimated 8 million fraudulent EITC tax returns, it represents tax fraud of $200 million.  The internet shows the average cost of an IED is $500.  Stated another way, the US Treasury may be responsible for annually funding 400,000 IED’s

Potential Terrorist Tax Refund Fraud

Est. Fraudulent Earned Income Tax Frauds


Est. American Terrorists for Every 100 Tax Frauds


Est. American Terrorist EITC Frauds


X Average EITC Cash Refund


Est. Cash Paid to Terrorists


60% of Iraq War Casualties Caused by IED’s

The Washington Post reported that 60% of US combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan were the result of improvised explosive devices.  That means that approximately 2,000 troops have been killed and another 20,000 wounded by IED’s.

US Citizens Indicted for Selling Approx. 20,000 Computers to Iran

The Department of Justice indicted two Dallas businessmen for selling $12 million in computers to Iran. (  In addition the DOJ charged a pair of California individuals for selling $5 million in computer equipment to Iran.

Leading al Qaeda Members Based in Iran

CNN reported the 9/11 Commission found that of the 19 hijackers, "8 to 10 of the 14 Saudi "muscle" operatives traveled into or out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001."  According to reporter Peter Bergen, Iran has been a safe haven to al Qaeda for over ten years.

Tax Fraud Technology Monitored by France and Germany

I issued a press release entitled "Tax Technology Would Save IRS $3.7 Billion in Next 60 Days".  The article had 881 readers.  This included 75 from the counties of France and Germany.  Why would those countries be so interested in learning about EITC tax fraud technology in the United States?

Why is the IRS Afraid to Use FREE Technology to Protect Troops?

The Supreme Court has said that if you willfully defraud the US government by filing false tax returns you can be deported. One year ago I offered to test 30 million EITC tax returns in 30 minutes…   for FREE.  The IRS said they couldn’t accept my offer unless I resubmitted my entire proposal.  Since tax season was commencing the following month, there wasn’t any chance that the IRS would have approved my “free offer” in order to save taxpayers $3.7 billion.

Tea Party Scandal is Small Potatoes Compared to Massive IRS Corruption

During the last year the IRS:  1) lied about conducting $3 billion tax fraud investigation, 2) broke business promises, 3) violated federal laws, 4) was caught in a sting operation that proved IRS was taking credit for conducting phantom investigations, 5) snubbed Congressional inquiries, 6) was guilty of conversion when government workers cashed paychecks for work never performed and 7) committed honest services fraud (federal felony) by failing to provide the public with the intangible right of honest service.  I asked the US Department of Justice Tax Division for help to investigate potential felonies committed by IRS employees. They responded eight months later and stated that the DOJ “lacks jurisdiction over the alleged offenses”.  As long as the fox is in charge of the hen house, the farmer will never find out the truth about his missing chickens or an explanation on why the fox has feathers coming out of his mouth.

Congress Needs to Connect the Dots to Terrorism

Back in 1980 when I filed my tax return it wasn’t unusual to wait 8 weeks for a refund in the mail.  Technological advancements allow folks to receive their refunds in 7 to 10 days.  I suspect a huge number of tax frauds need to pay off their Christmas charges.  Why does getting money in the pockets of Black Friday shoppers take precedence over American troops?  The IRS has morphed into the largest fraudulent legal entity in the United States.  I estimate that of the $250 billion paid in tax refunds during the next three months $50 billion will be placed in the hands of tax frauds, career criminals and world terrorist.   

Time for National Sales Tax to Protect Americans

I’m one of the few people in the US that can play the IRS fraud card and back it up.  My dealings with the IRS over the last three years can be summed up with 5 words: powerful, manipulative, dangerous, incompetent and unlawful.  I’ve been a CPA for over 30 years and I’m Certified in Financial Forensics.  I’ve accumulated irrefutable evidence that the IRS is committing felonies. The recent Congressional hearings haven’t accomplished anything.  The Tea Party needs to use its power and influence and demand Congress dismantle the IRS because their severe level of incompetency threatens the safety of American troops and safety of ALL US citizens.  Let’s get Congress working on a national sales tax that would take the place of filing a tax return for anyone earning less than $250,000/yr.  This would accomplish four things: 1) allow everyone to pay their fair share, 2) prevent US Treasury from being defrauded $50 billion, 3) reduce the IRS workforce from 100,000 to 10,000 and 4) allow military parents the peace of mind knowing that the IRS isn’t funding weapons that could be used to kill their children.

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The Serenity prayer… staple of alcoholics, addicts and troubled people everywhere. Edited for our group use, HE won’t mind… As a recovering alcoholic now in my twelfth year of sobriety, I have found special meaning in this prayer. As Edwin G Hose Pro Se, it has saved my soul and served as my guided path to arrive at where I am today. You surely have seen “Footprints”, in which God carries us in times of troubled insecurity. HE has carried me for 99% of my life. With His help and these words of meaning, I have am now better prepared to carry myself. I choose to walk among like minded people. While The Tea Party focuses on the major problems which plague our country today (illegal immigration is but one), I have enjoyed being granted permission and given grateful assistance in telling my true story from this AMERICAN platform. For most, mine is a matter to be dismissed and disregarded. For me it has been a matter of absolute necessity to tell. I am much more likely to maintain my sanity having done so. For those of you who have noticed my presence, I have come here to officially report the gang rape of my character, integrity and soul by Buca Inc(NASDAQ) and one ( or two, Mr. Owsiany) unscrupulous lawyer ( Lois Glanby ). In my Pro Se action(s) I had attempted to report the crime, but not being a lawyer I have failed to provide myself the sought after trial that had been stolen from me. This apparent failure however is not actually a failure. A specific purpose has been achieved. THE ILLEGALLY OBTAINED AND DECEPTIVELY FILED “AGREEMENT” IN HOSE V BUCA INC CASE 2:07-CV-00242 HAS BEEN SHREDDED AND DISPOSED OF. The “non disparagement” clause in this “generic” document has been the primary motivation, TRUTH IS NOT DISPARAGEMENT. I have posted 30+ documents from bygone years that tend to confirm my allegations. It was my intent to have a jury hear this. From a lie made by a general manager in an unemployment case, to the intentional devaluation and disappearance of stock issued by the corporation because of being caught in it, I have been in a living nightmare ever since. It is said that God has a sense of humor… I have seen it and laughed along with Him. LOL, of all the attorneys in Pittsburgh to choose from, I had to find THE WORST ( ask anyone in the Western District of Pa ). One who was perfectly willing to spit in the face of her clients, exhibit blatant misconduct and file a fraudulent document in court, sacrifice her “career”, and place herself in bankruptcy. This all done to protect the Buca name. I now repay in kind by spitting in the face of Buca Inc. former board members and the named attorney. I am sure Planet Hollywood International Inc PHWDQ.PK was very proud to have agreed to this MERGER. I wonder if they too have been duped, or were entirely complicit? Perhaps Robert Earl, the FBI or SEC will one day answer that for me. Until that day comes… I am free.    

          I am krill in the sea of life, first link in the food chain here wishing all of  you DESERVING AMERICANS a very MERRY *CHRIST*MAS       ,  and a HEALTHY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2014. May God bless America.       

                                  Edwin G Hose: Electronic Pro Se (Moosetraxx) 2008-2013


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The Tea Party is my haven of like minded thinkers. I have come here to tell my story to those of you who I know do care about illegal immigration and its effect on less fortunate Americans. Many of whom were born into poverty and are seeing foreigners invading their country and taking jobs that should be available to our citizens first... last... and always. Our children have had an enormous debt thrust upon them and still must have their daily bread. I am an angry 55 year old American peon that intends for the horror story of his last ten years of life become known to the citizens firsthand, to be judged by you. It begins here and now. I am applying for the position of poster child in this fight. The attached resume' is impressive. My experience will likely turn your stomach and serve as food for thought, if you mange to keep it down.. I have embarked on a grass roots campaign in an effort to have some sort of positive and thought inspiring impact on the problem of illegal immigration. I make a humble request that you visit my link to this campaign, view consider and share. NEMO PRASENS NISI INTELLIGAT or simply put; one who is present understands. I wish to extend to all members of The Tea Party along with happenstance viewers a safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS. " GOD: Grant me the SERENITY to ACCEPT the things I CANNOT CHANGE. The COURAGE to CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN, and the WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE" AMEN. God Bless the USA. Those who do not like these words or my actions can proceed straight to Hell. Thank You from someone who appreciates his roots in the land of the free and home of the brave.

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As I communicate with so many Americans across our great nation on a daily basis, Republicans on a local, state, and national basis are saying they ‘will not support’ Republicans in 2014 and/or 2016 on a broad basis.  These all across the region are saying they probably will vote, but not for these spenders; however, they may stay at home.  Many are saying that they are ‘done’ with this spending.


Our Capitol Hill Republican leaders and the RNC leadership are joining in with more additional deficit spending of our National debt; many Republicans are separating themselves from any additional support of GOP candidates who continue joining in with this insanity.


Many Republicans are going to become disappointed as many voters refuse to support many Republican candidates for re-election.  If you don’t believe it, just wait and watch it happen.


As different as it may seem, it appears many Capitol Hill ‘RINO’ Republicans are joining forces in support of the ‘fiscal’ policies of President Obama and Capitol Hill ‘Liberal’ Democrat Party of tax-and-spend.


While Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell may be suggesting their political decisions are a ‘strategy’, Americans continue to ‘scream’ as TEA Party Conservative Republicans are ‘demanding’ to ‘stop-the-spending’.


GOP leaders, your polling numbers and my polling results are with different numbers.

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(First submitted to Congress and President Obama in Early 2009)

American Consumer Credit Data Security and Outsourced Employment Repatriation Act of 2014

Recent events in India and Pakistan as well as North Africa and the Middle East have, collectively, shown that hostility toward Western civilians, Western Institutions, and Western Nations is on the increase, as demonstrated by a seemingly endless parade of terrorist activities.

In many nations, terrorists have carried out attacks against Western interests through, not only bombings, kidnappings, and other acts of violence, but by internet-based attacks, which often exploit personal information from servers in the United States. One reason for such exploitation is to be found in the increasing access that English-speaking nations have to U.S. banking, finance and collection institutions, which have, increasingly “outsourced” everything from routine account creation and maintenance activities to collection of debts of every kind and character. As such, the same United States corporate entities have served to create opportunities for internet-based terrorism, which now includes running sophisticated embezzlement and other “scam” operations against unsuspecting Americans. The scams, not-unlike dealing drugs or prostitutes, are, in-turn, used to finance any number of nefarious schemes.

While some “outsourcing” of work to markets where labor costs are less may make some business sense, even if this practices reduces American jobs, there seems to be a limit where, exceeding said limit would put profits ahead of National Security, even if one has no regard for privacy or other consumer rights for Americans.

In sum, I submit that the curtailment of these opportunities for Internet-based terrorism is in the highest National Security Interests. In many ways, this objective is completely in line with those very few otherwise Constitutionally-legal ideas expressed within the U.S.A. Patriot Act. It is perhaps most ironic that, while the Patriot Act was passed in the alleged name of National Security, with all its banking limitations on ordinary citizens, that U.S. Banks and other large corporations, engaged in debt collections and other financial services operations have been permitted to EXPORT PRIVATE U.S. CITIZEN BANKING, CREDIT, AND PERSONAL DATA TO COUNTRIES KNOWN TO BE HARBOURING AL QAEDA OPERATIONS.

Accordingly, the solution seems simple enough:

Make it illegal for any U.S. Banking, collection agency, or other financial services company; together with any U.S.-based telecommunications or Internet service company, to use ANY Non-USA person or other entity, whether or not said person or business entity is employed by or under contract to any USA person or other entity.

Enforcement should be easy enough. The FED and the Treasury Department have largely taken control of many of the US banks and should give them 60 days to cease and desist from all foreign operations involving servicing United States citizens, whether for credit, collections, any other financial service or product, telecommunications account(s) or Internet Service Provider (ISP) accounts, together with any other forms of remote technical support.

Suggested penalties for failure to comply might include, but should not be limited to, (1) revocation of the violator’s bank or other institutional charter and (2) imprisonment and fines against any such violator institutions President, CEO, Board Chairman, and all Board members.

There is little doubt that many in the business community will be against this idea, since they will claim it will affect their bottom line. However, the National Security implications of this issue are real enough. Further and finally, businesses that voluntarily take steps to comply with these new measure, if enacted, will be perceived as being both patriotic and as good corporate citizens, since they will almost certainly re-employ some of the many, many thousands of Americans who have been displaced by these “outsourcing” practices over the recent years in the banking, collection, financial services, telecommunications, and ISP service industries, together with firms offering all forms of remote technical support.

One good policy measure to encourage voluntary compliance might be to offer a one-time tax incentive to US businesses who comply with this measure in less than the 60 days I have suggested. I would make them show and certify that ALL foreign operations had been terminated (verified by the US Commercial Services branch of the Embassies of the countries involved) and that they had created, one-for-one a like job in the United States, replacing, one-for-one, the job formerly outsourced in some foreign country. I would offer a one-time corporate tax credit of $14,560.00 (One person, at $7.00 per hour, for one normal year of employment) per person, per job, returned in this manner to the United States from some foreign jurisdiction, if and only if, the foreign jurisdiction operation is closed altogether (certified as mentioned above) and a corresponding new job in the United States is created to replace the former“outsourced” job (to be verified by the U.S. Department of Labor and co-coordinated with the State Department on the foreign side, for one-to-one correspondence verifications).

To review, the job areas targeted for“re-patriation”:

1. All servicing of U.S. citizen (personal and/or corporate) banking and other financial services accounts for U.S. citizens;

2.   ALL servicing of U.S. citizen(personal and/or corporate)  collection activities carried out by any company or individual, whether or not organized, chartered or situated within the United States;

3.        ALL servicing of U.S. citizen (personal and/or corporate) telecommunications accounts;

4. ALL servicing of U.S. citizen (personal and/or corporate) Internet Service Provider (ISP) accounts and/or other forms of remote technical support.

It is my firm belief that these actions will increase the National Security Interests of the United States by denying opportunities for financing terror operations via various forms of internet and other identity fraud.

Further and finally, these measures will re-create U.S. jobs at a maximum cost to the American taxpayers of $14,560.00 per job. Under this plan, the entire 2.5 million new jobs targeted by the incoming Obama Administration could, theoretically, cost the taxpayers $36.4 Billion dollars, assuming there are 2.5 million outsourced service industry jobs that are covered by this proposal.


While the basis for this proposed legislation was the idea that increasing U.S. national data security could become the basis for repatriation of millions of American jobs lost to this type of activity over the past decade, it is worth noting that similar, parallel legislation should be considered for enactment which similarly bars outsourcing of employment in other areas not covered by this proposed legislation.

I speak, specifically, here about the United States automotive industry and any other industry that has come to the U.S. taxpayers for some kind of “bail-out”. Right now, it is just the banks and financial institutions. However, if the Detroit automakers are to receive money or other help of any kind from the American taxpayers, they should berequired to eliminate jobs created in Mexico or Canada, which have displaced U.S. employees, on a similar basis to that proposed for the banks and other outsourced services proposed and covered, by the above proposed legislation.

Such a requirement would not have the effect of altogether negating N.A.F.T.A., but is a permissible activity since the United States does not offer national health insurance like the Canadians do, or pay no regard to environmental protection measures required by international treaties, like the Mexicans do. We only propose tax incentives to create a more “level playing field” for American workers and American Industries.

I would propose that any such legislation use the same target number ($14,560.00 per job) as an appropriate tax credit to repatriate U.S. automotive and other manufacturing jobs back into the United States as part of a general job re-creation program. While it is not necessarily so that any new jobs would be created immediately, it is equally true that any jobs re-patriated under this type of measure are bound to have existed, once-upon-a-time, in the United States. This just brings them home.

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November 5, 2013


The lack of National Security in the United States - what this means.

Staffers - please forward directly to the Congressmen - urgent


The Honorable Congressman Stockman

The Honorable Congressman Issa

The Honorable Congressman Carter

The Honorable Congressman Huelskamp

The Honorable Congressman Lamalfa

The Honorable Congressman Chaffetz


Good morning Gentlemen!


A couple of you know who I am, to the rest I am at best, an unknown. I would like to rectify that this morning.


I am Sergeant First Class (SFC) Aubrey Lee Mason, US Army retired (May 2011), living in San Antonio, Texas. I served my Nation honorably twenty-six years of my life. None of what I accomplished in service to my country is of importance in our discussion.

What is of importance are experience and training - the experience and training of every Veteran of the Armed Forces, regardless if they are retired Military or simply a Veteran.

A very long time ago, I was trained to observe and report.... I do this again now.


We Veterans and retiree's have been writing our elected on a continual basis warning of government overreach and unconstitutional government acts that fit the dictionary definitions of tyranny and treason. We have been warning our elected of the big picture we see - the imminent takeover of our Nation. (no, I do not wear a tin-foil hat)


I am fairly certain your constituents have written you about this, I am not privy to the number of telephone calls, letters, faxes and emails you received, but I believe they must have been at minimum in the hundreds - perhaps in the thousands.... concerning the exorbitant ammunition purchases by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) this past year....


 I understand, you never did receive adequate answers from DHS and I understand you never did receive an invitation from DHS to inventory all of their ammunition storage.


I sincerely doubt you will discover the truth until Congress begins to arrest members of this administration.....


A couple of you questioned DHS if this was not a backdoor attempt by this administration to infringe on the 2nd Amendment by "consuming" all of the available ammunition on the market so that civilians were unable to purchase ammunition....

 I believe you received a denial from DHS this was the case - yet infringement has occurred and ammunition remains scarce. Moreover, the scarcity of ammunition is going to get worse very soon.


Gentlemen, I would like to pose a few questions for you to ask yourselves - and I do not require a response - action however, would be greatly appreciated by all.



You should first be aware of DHS document IA-0257-09 titled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment". This document can be found here;

Notable is the fact this document was created just four (4) months into Mr. Obama's first term and notable is the fact it paints every Military Veteran with the Timothy McVeigh paintbrush - Mr. McVeigh was an aberration in Military Veterans - and his crime happened back in 1995..... NOT 2009.

Notable is also the fact that the grounds claimed in this document did not in fact exist in 2009. Our Nation was in a recession - but times were not that hard, people were not happy with government - but the citizens of the Nation were not then (yet) abused by their government and Militia groups were not (yet) aggressively recruiting new members.....

While some members of Congress wrote letters to Ms. Napolitano about her verbiage and claims in this document - no demands to retract or revoke this document were made by anyone in Congress - and every Law Enforcement agency in the US was subsequently sent a copy.


Back in 2008 while campaigning for election, Mr. Obama stated he "called for the creation of a “civilian national security force” that is “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” as the U.S. military. Mr. Obama said the same thing in 2012 in the first Presidential debate. In that statement, Mr. Obama used the phrase "our objectives" as his reasoning for this "force" and later used the term "pre-crime" in describing how he wished to stop crime in our Nation..... (still not sure what the latter was supposed to mean but it either sounds ominous - or the visions of a very disturbed mind)


You are aware that within the Constitution, there is no verbiage that allows a president to raise an Army - nor is there any precedent in US Law. Congress as a body holds the only "right" to raise an Army. A State can raise a Militia.


If you start asking questions, you will quickly discover there are more than 100,000-armed federal officers - an Army - with US Military weapons and equipment at their immediate disposal. Since there has still not been a real inventory of what ammunition DHS actually has - no way to know just how much ammunition these 100,000-armed federal officers have at their disposal.

You should be advised, despite the fact there is no constitutional basis for the action - Mr. Obama has indeed "raised a civilian Army" - and apparently equipped them with hollow point ammunition, banned under the Geneva Convention.


You are already aware that DHS is in possession of 2,717 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Combat vehicles. Granted, some of these (17) went to the Border Patrol and an unknown number went to Police Departments nationwide. DHS still holds an unknown number of these Combat Vehicles that have absolutely NO PLACE on US soil for Federal Law Enforcement purposes other than the Border Patrol.

At least one Veteran, a retired Army Officer, has called for DHS to immediately return these MRAP's to the Department of Defense and in his letter stated essentially the same grounds I have stated - these Combat vehicles have no purpose in Civilian Law Enforcement hands and they belong on the Battlefield - not for domestic use against US Citizens. He sent his letter to a "republican" Texas Senator who essentially ignored him - yet this letter went viral on the net........


Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) successfully forced the last Lead Smelter in the US to close... Granted, the Lead recycling plants continue to operate - but eventually the EPA will get around to shutting them down as well.

The element Lead is not just used in the manufacturing of ammunition, it is used extensively in just about all manufacturing to one degree or another - some industries cannot create a product without it!


If you have been watching over the past year, you noticed that the cost of automotive lead-acid  batteries (car, truck, golf carts, etc.) has skyrocketed. This is a result of Lead Smelters systematically being shut down by the EPA and a lack of cheap material to manufacture batteries. Sources for raw materials became scarce - now due to EPA regulation, they no longer exist in the US.


The element lead is the primary component of Solder - and Solder is required to affix commercial electronics components to circuit boards to create anything from children's toys to avionics. The element lead is used due to its conductivity and relatively low melting point. Commercial grade electronics components are used in just about everything to include aircraft, automotive manufacturing, Military vehicle manufacturing, Locomotive manufacturing, traffic signal manufacturing, and computers - you name it and lead component solder is used. There is no substitution element for lead solder in commercial electronics. Silver can be used with Military grade electronics components - however, Military grade components cost 10-100 times more than a commercial alternative... and are not cost effective or profitable... as the manufacturers will have great difficulty selling their products under these circumstances..... they will be just too expensive.


The element lead is used in commercial ammunition manufacturing - but it is also used in Military ordinance manufacturing... from lead bullets to rockets - our Military depends on a cheap and plentiful source of lead. Without a cheap and plentiful source of lead in our Nation - our Military is powerless and disarmed.

At no time in our history have we ever considered importing Military ordinance for use in our Military - that would affect our National Security. Now, if this is allowed to stand - our Nation has no other recourse to supply our own Military.

And reiterating; DHS has an estimated 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, enough to fight a war twenty years long......................................................


Gentlemen, you have witnessed Mr. Obama lie to Congress, the American People and the world on countless occasions...

The latest big lie he has been caught in was the ACA where he told the world on at least twenty-three occasions caught on-camera, Americans would not lose their healthcare or insurance of they like it.

Now millions have had their insurance canceled - and the costs incurred by the citizen for health insurance have more than doubled.

I read today that Mr. Obama now claims he never said that and we all simply misunderstood him.... completely disregarding the fact we have twenty-three examples of this lie on-camera.


How much more lying are YOU willing to endure?



Bottom line:

In Congress, you have witnessed this administration;


Twist words into meanings other than what a person can find in a dictionary, to wit, that a Military Veteran, Christian, Anti-abortionist, prepper, people who believe in the Constitution, people who speak out against government - must be considered a terrorist.


In the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) testimony to Congress following the Boston Bombing - Congressional Leaders heard from the FBI that muslims were not the focus of their investigations and they did not see the Boston Bombers as a threat.

In the National Security Administration (NSA) testimony to Congress following the Boston Bombing - Congressional Leaders heard from the NSA that muslims and mosques were not among the targets for data interception.


That muslim terrorists are actually "freedom fighters" - and not al-Qaeda terrorists. (this "concept" was also discovered in the "common core" textbooks pushed on our Nation by this administration). This revisionist concept is also held by those in Congress who favor funding the Syrian "rebels" - the same "rebels" who self-identified on-camera as al-Qaeda.............................. At least two of these who favor this funding are allegedly "republicans".


And we have the 2nd in Command of DHS and his personal webpage - the same webpage with a prominent al-Qaeda hand symbol - and his recent public claim the United States was a "muslim nation with islamic compliant constitution". This act borders on treason - yet has anyone seen or heard of impending action against this man?

No, you have not........................... and I suspect under this corrupt administration you never will.


Military Generals and Navy Admirals removed from Command on (to Veterans) very suspicious circumstances and alleged improprieties... many of these men, beloved by the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen they commanded. Many Veterans know these men personally and seriously question the truth of these alleged "improprieties".


Federal government spending completely out of control, the US deficit higher under this man than all previous Presidents COMBINED. Federal spending at such levels people have commented that the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" is being used by this administration!

And it may very well be.



Gentlemen, there are far too many things that have occurred under this man that scream treason to Veterans. It does not matter if it was arming and funding the muslim brotherhood in Egypt or the Syrian "rebels". We have seen enough to know what comes next.


I submit to you that if Congress does not remove this man and his entire administration - our Nation is doomed. We are staring at a conspiracy unlike anything our Nation has experienced - and it continues because Congress has not yet acted to stop it.


We have National Security at risk, you are already aware Mr. Obama released details of the Osama Bin Laden raid - and Seal Team Six died. You are recently aware that Mr. Obama released the details of the Israeli airstrikes in Syria - and Israel is seriously pissed. There have been several serious National Security Breaches...

Every one of these National Security "breaches" originated from the White House.

US Allies around the world are publicly considering severing ties with the US, the entire middle-east is in turmoil and destabilized. Our Military posture is now shaky - as Military Ordinance manufacturing will cease as we know it today - and DHS has at least 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo........


Our National manufacturing capabilities have been seriously damaged by the EPA actions of forcing closure of the Lead smelters and thousands of jobs are going to be lost because manufacturing plants that use lead in any form are going to start manufacturing offshore...  because they no longer have choices here in the US.


Gentlemen, I write with the express purpose to attempt to open eyes and get people to see what Military Veterans see... and we do not see things working out so well if our Nation continues down this road.

What we all see on a daily basis is crisis after crisis - it seems like a lot of it created as theater to cause the viewer to forget the last crisis.... many of these "crisis's" do more than border on treason - they ARE treason!


Do you think it will stop? Do you honestly think our nation can survive another three years of this?


I believe I speak for all Veterans on this - We do not.

We want this usurper arrested, impeached and imprisoned. We want his agenda reversed and we want our Nation back. Each and every member of this administration who has lied to Congress, refused to answer Congress, refused to provide Congress what they demanded, has committed obvious felonies - needs to be arrested, impeached and imprisoned.

Congressional hearings have uncovered felonies - yet the perpetrators remain free men and women????


At no time in the history of our Nation have such atrocities been committed by an elected person or group of persons appointed to government positions - who were not impeached or arrested, charged and imprisoned. At no time in the history of our Nation have such crimes been committed of the magnitude or level we see today.


We want justice Congressmen. As a Nation of free men and women - regardless how much difficulty a Constitutional Crisis brings - we can work through that (I believe you will find you have more than sufficient Volunteers).

We, as a Nation, are not going to be able to work through what Veterans see coming down the road if Mr. Obama continues to be given free rein as he has been......  Ya'll are kind of isolated up there on the Hill - it's starting to look pretty ugly out here in the World......





SFC (USA retired) Aubrey L. Mason

San Antonio, Texas



Senator Rand Paul

Senator Ted Cruz

Tea Party Command Center

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By Oscar Y. Harward


It is a sad day in America for the Republican Party and its’ Capitol Hill Senate leadership.


As many Americans are struggling to maintain their jobs, their homes and their families, Republican Conservatives and others across our nation are standing firm to scream at President Obama and Capitol Hill legislators demanding that they must ‘stop-the-spending’, repeal or defund ‘ObamaCare’, restore our Constitutional freedoms, and rebuild our weakened economy.


Legislation, as included in ‘ObamaCare’, is and will continue to damage our already depleted economy.  America’s economy cannot support another drain on our nation and/or our working citizens.  Any unknowing person should be able to see, recognize, and fully understand our entire crisis.


The ‘problem’ is simple; ‘out-of-control’ DEFICIT spending is breaking our economy and destroying our Constitutional ‘individual’ freedoms. 


The ‘solution’ simple; stop the ‘out-of-control’ DEFICIT spending to save our economy and our Constitutional ‘individual’ freedoms.


On October 16, 2013, and on Senate Vote Number 219, H.R. 2775 (Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ‘led’ 26 fellow Senate Republicans to vote for ‘Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014’; another case of ‘kicking the can further down the road’ rather than forcing President Obama and Senate Democrats to stop the ‘out-of-control’ deficit spending,  and defunding or repealing ‘ObamaCare’.  Sen. McConnell showed no ‘Conservative’ support to his fellow Senate GOP Conservative Republicans or for the House GOP Conservatives.


Why?  For Sen. McConnell, had included a hidden $2 Billion payout of additional deficit spending for his own State of Kentucky included into H.R. 2775; all additionaldeficit spending’ at taxpayers’ expense.  Sen. McConnell, you sold the Republican Party, the GOP Platform Plan values, your own personal principles, and your own heart for a whole lot ($2 Billion) of taxpayers’ money?  Sen. Mitch McConnell, what ethics or principles are left in your political life?  That is political corruption.  That is totally unacceptable.  You must resign, and resign now!


We, as Conservatives, reject this political corruption in the Democrat and/or the Republican Party.  While Democrats seem to be wrapped up in this dishonesty, Conservative Republicans take action to fix the problem.


If Senate Republicans and/or the Republican National Committee fail to accept Mitch McConnell’s resignation, and/or remove Sen. Mitch McConnell as Senate Minority Leader, Republicans and Independents, will do so in the 2014 Primary or General Elections.  In lieu of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s removal, American voters will remove all, as applied!

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of the Tea Party of the United States of America

In the United States of America

October 18, 2013

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the Tea Party of the United States of America, appealing to Almighty God for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name, and by authority of the good people of these United States, solemnly publish and declare, that the Tea Party of the United States is, and of right ought to be a free and independent political party; that it is absolved from all allegiance to the Republican Party of the United States, and that all political connection between them and the Republican Party of the United States, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as a free and independent political party, we have full power to present candidates for national, state, and local government offices and elections,  petition the government for redress, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent political parties may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

National Tea Party Headquarters:

713 Cedar Drive Suite 19

Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Temporary email:

WE, the undersigned hereby affix our names to this document:

Mark R. Winkle, Founding member

To have your name added, email me at

Documents will be filed by the end of this year to establish the Tea Party as a separate political party.

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CORE is an approach used by foreign governments, dictated by the Federal government and supported by Gates and the companies that provide the tests. TCAP tests cost $8.00 per student and the CORE tests may run $29.00. Aside from the money and that NY and MA have had lower test scores after CORE, it is not right for the Feds to further control our local school curriculum. Specifically, having math that will consider partial  correct a answer to 4x3 = 11, if you explain your logic with pictures, boxes and statements. The actual math portion is wrong and would be corrected. Also, you can have the correct math answer . but fail to explain and demonstrate your logic via picture boxes and get marked wrong! Then there is the language section which drops some traditional stuff and adds cultural and other enrichment, which includes various life style options. These get more perverse as the KIDS get in the 11th and 12th grades.

The fact that 45 states have adopted this Federal approved and pushed program is enough reason to question it, but there are other serious reasons too.

Now, that Obama has gotten the States to fall in line he is seeking to set up a National School Board to ensure future compliance! Obama's  Secretary of Education was the Superintendent of Chicago schools, which are some of the worse schools in the nation. Arnie Duncan is from Chicago and I guess that trumps all issues when filling any federal appointed position. 

Obama Care and the IRS enforcement is being force feed onto America too. As Obama continues to reduce individual choice, States rights `and local control of our schools, I wonder what is the end objective? I know in history it has been said those that control the youth control the future and to control the school textbooks gives you control of the youths. I am sure that this is the final goal of Obama.

The roots of this approach rest in previous administrations, but its embrace is tremendous and force feed under Obama.

We need local control and simple block grants from the federal government and no Federal Department of Education. We did not have it for most of our history and did better before it was formed.


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