Tally of Obama's indiscretionary spending.

In the past 3 years of Obama's presidency he has managed to increase our national debt more than all the past presidents combined. He even continues to lie in his campaign ads claiming to be working to pay off our debt and balance the budget.  In this time we have heard of the horror stories of the spending binge he has gone on in times that we cannot afford increase spending without cutting other spending first.  It is obvious he is not trying to make a sustainable economic system but rather is trying to sink our economy and leave us desperate to buy into some new global economic deal.  It is not easy to spend an extra trillions of dollars on top of the tax money the American people have already been forking out.

There has been so many wasteful big spender programs from cash for clunkers and the American Restoration and Recovery Act to the across the board bonus' for all the government employees I heard of a while back. This is a time our leaders need to inspire people to cut back and give more for less to try and save our country.  There has been so much spending on unneeded and can't afford programs that we can't even remember them all because another spending ploy comes along that we just have to do or little babies will die.  You never hear of our leaders digging up fraud and wasteful uses of our money, just how we need to make more programs.

This blog is to recap all of the wasteful spending that has been instituted in the last 3 years. We want to gather facts and numbers in a complete list here so we can post it up for the people to see.  Facts we want, and if someone posts up a rumor that is incorrect, someone can post a reply to shed light on that one.

So, lets hear it. Where has all these trillions gone?

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  • Well a good start would be to get our troops home.We've accomplished the goals.Sadam and bin laden are gone so why are we still there.Russia was in Afghanistan 10 years and didn't accomplish a thing. We spend thirty billion a month over there and for what? they have shown time and time again of the cases of waste,fraud,and abuse that go on over there.Look at what's happened at the GSA,TSA,DHS,IRS.All of this under Fidels watch.There is no accountability.And for this liar n chief to say they through his policies there will be a 4 trillion reduction in the deficit.Now remember he said in 2008 that he would cut the deficit in half and go through the budget line by line and eliminate wasteful programs.This man couldn't manage a daycare's budget.And he expects us to believe that his policies are gonna reduce.NO OBAMA YOU ARE GONNA RAISE THE DEFICIT TO 20 TRILLION.Sorry for the frustrated rant.God Bless America and the TEA PARTY!

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