THERE ARE REASONS "The Affordable Health Care Act" is the most destructive and unaffordable piece of legislation ever passed by US executive-legislative-judicial officers! It begins with fraud, theft, and extreme malice.

The bill was written in unending volumes of entangled complexities by "appointed" progressives and communists who openly hate and live to destroy our heritage, Constitution, wealth, and the patriotic citizens who made it work. The bill was withheld until the last minute before vote, then passed by lemmings who neither read nor understood the content of law... solely on Obama, Reed, and Pelosi assurances that the uninformed would have to pass the bill to find out what it contained!    That bill was designed to destroy America!

Instead of cradle to grave utopian health care, it begins with massive prenatal abortion and ends at the hemlock clinic for those not worth saving. Unmistakably, costs were grossly understated to the point where existing MEDICARE for retirees had to be looted and individual insurance premiums skyrocketed. The spoof includes eliminating full time work for citizens.

When resultant costs are up so high you'll lose everything while real income and purchasing power plummets, it's called "upside down" - in the toilet. The stench is unbearable.   It's past time to flush!    Call in a new plumber if the old one is too worthless to do what they're paid to do!

My plumbers (Corker & Alexander) along with the other progressives are telling us to open the windows & let the flies clean it up. They're too busy driving wages down to meet global Chinese communist competition by flooding the workforce with aliens!   Send the progressives a wake up message wherever and whenever you can!    Our legislators are there to protect the Constitution, , and it's citizens, not throw them to the wolves.

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