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  • Treason knows no bounds.   Would you abandon your child, let criminals sneak them to a foreign county to grow up in a refugee camp run by ACORN, where 2+2=5, Christianity is a crime, and there is no truth, heritage, or individuality?


    We have 12 to 30 million criminal TAX EVADING aliens plus children dumped off at the border!    Holder and Obama illegally aids, abets, subsidizes, and protects all criminal tax evading invaders from the Constitution and law!   


    April US employment was 18.9 million (11.5%) and total full time 40hr average joblessness was 38.9million (23.7%) using pre-Obama 66.511% workforce/population determinations.    Same basis data is relatively unchanged since Dec, 2012!   Obama falsely reported 6.3%!!  


    The labor force is bloated with tax evading aliens!   Demand and competitive wages for labor are further sacked by endless imported slave labor foreign consumption goods!    This invasion is designed to destroy free competition and throw citizens into jobless welfare that denies them free independence, productivity, and wealth!


    38.9 million full time jobs @ $24.21/hr (BLS April, 2014) is $2.6 trillion/yr LOST US WAGES AND TAX REVENUE!   Based on our economic disaster & debt, the USA should be working more than 40hrs/wk FOR THEMSELVES FIRST!


    Isn't it PAST time to make lawlessness very painful and restricting... such as jail time to hanging, depending on the crime??   Here we have 3 top level government officials who are oath/duty bound to the Constitution which includes Article 6 and their 2nd oath/duty to defend the Constitution against all enemies without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion... and faithful discharge of duties!

    Simply stated, Obama, Holder, and their weasel running homeland security are actively engaged in the highest degrees of sabotage and treason.   The word “TREASON” is, “any attempt to overthrow the government of a state to which one owes allegiance”, as defined by Webster!    Sabotage herein includes disrupting and destroying the economy.   Failure to prosecute is contempt of oath/duty & back to TREASON!

  • The Federal government job posting for escorts for ILLEGAL ALIEN Children dated January 29, 2014 shows the intent of the Federal government to subvert and bypass the Federal as aell as state immigration laws and allow "anchor children" illegal but protected entry into our country. 

    We MUST pressure for an Article V Convention of States to take back control of the United States government before the deFacto Dictatorship now active by the Obama Administration turns us into a full-fledged Union of Soviet Socialist States of America! We, the People MUST regain our lawful right to establish quotas and qualifications of newcomers who want to live in this "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave."

  • Thank you, Oren Long, for your comment: "I can think of no better argument for an Article V Convention of States.   We MUST take our country back from the feds!" It bears repeating! Over and over again!

    You are also totally right that "Yet, Congress will do NOTHING, at least for now!" I keep getting "Surveys" from Speaker Boehner and other Republican leadership entities asking for money to assure election of republican candidates, but when solid constitutional conservative candidates become elected members of congress, they are relegated to committees where they cannot sabotage the deFacto Obama Dictatorship.

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