There is an old saying, “Fish or cut bait.”  The problem is there are still a lot of folks in the boat doing neither. This is fine until the fishers and baiters realize you are taking up space for nothing. They will get tired of the lethargy and procrastination and throw those lazy butts overboard. Well, the damn boat is sinking and it’s time to start tossing…. Don’t bother bailing against the wash of debt and problems. Until the gunwales are above sea level, it won’t help. You have to lessen the load in the boat so it can rise above the flood..

I am interested in the news today. It never ceases to amaze me how hard the Republicans try to analyze the recent election. They just can’t seem to put a finger on the reasons for their rather spectacular loss to Obama and his ilk. There is talk of returning to the values, whatever the hell that is. There is talk of reaching out to out constituents. Good luck with that. Yall apparently don’t know who the constituents are and what they want from a political party. Considering the trouncing you just got, you don’t have a clue how to attract them either. As long as you keep putting people like our esteemed Speaker of the House in positions of authority, and offering the likes of Romney as president, you aren’t likely to find out anytime soon.  So where does that leave the millions of Americans who know what we should be doing but can’t seem to find a party to champion those standards of conduct in government? You know these folks, the ones who stayed home last election out of disgust. Well, enter the much maligned third party.

You no doubt hear all the horror stories surrounding the possibility of an effective third party. The Democrats are joyous over the prospect of a third party. It will dilute the Republican base. Umm, maybe, but is that necessarily bad?  YES say the Republicans. It will harm the only alternative to the bad old Democrats. The Republicans are the only thing between a fate worse than death and the citizenry. Oh, they have a great line of BS about how they are going to return sanity to the federal government. They are going to get the monster debt under control. They are going to do something serious about immigration. They are going to walk on water. And so on ad nauseum. What they ARE going to do is maintain the status quo until they can figure out how to get the reins of power from the Democrats. If that means “compromising” they will do it. If that means rolling over for Obama and his minions, they will do that too. Bi-partisan compromise is nothing short of surrendering ones principles in the interest of minimizing the damage to one’s party. It has absolutely nothing to do with good government. Anytime a politician comments on what he or she stands for or is going to do, we must ask ourselves “Qui Bono?”  Qui Bono … WHO Benefits? It certainly won’t be the average American who is falling deeper and deeper into debt and who see their way of life being eroded into that of a third world country. Well Yeah, say the pundits .. but a third party can’t be the only solution.  I would ask, why not?

In a three party race, all it takes is for a candidate to garner 33.3 percent of the vote. If two are able to get 33.3 percent, or more,  you have a runoff election. Keep in mind that we are one of a very few nations to have ONLY two political parties actually participating in running the country. Most western countries have three, four or a gob of political parties. They form coalition governments where no one party has a lock on policy... or power. The president or premiere must appeal to this coalition if he or she wants to get anything done. And there is no such thing as Executive Orders. Executive Orders are nothing less than the executive branch usurping the will and authority of Congress. When they become onerous, they are nothing short of treason. They are the fabric of tyranny. They must be stopped. So too, must we stop the president and a sycophant Senate from ratifying UN treaties that step on our Constitutional sovereignty. We cannot and must not allow a group of third world demagogues to run our country. We must let the UN know in unequivocal terms that they will not now nor ever have a say in how we run our country.

So, what party is out there to save us from ourselves? Well, I know that party, but I will keep it quiet for a while. No use guessing, I won’t give you an out that easily. You are going to have to wake up and work for the enlightenment.

Is it the Libertarians?  Nope. There was a time when I had Libertarian tendencies, but I realized that while they had some good ideas, they would not be able to govern in today’s world environment. They basically want little or no government (not necessarily a bad thing), but they fail to realize just how necessary a strong national defense and diplomacy is in today’s world. When this country was founded, we were tired of war and strife. The government the founders gave us was a constitutional republic with strong libertarian undertones. That exact form of government probably wouldn’t fly today. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% into a return to Constitutional government along the lines of the founders wishes, but in my opinion, it probably wouldn’t be able to keep us out of trouble, both domestically and internationally.

Ah, the Green Party. Please! Give me a break.

The Socialist Party?  Don’t look now, but they are already in charge and getting stronger every day. They call themselves "progressives", but they are socialists or outright communists. Does wolf in sheep's clothing have any meaning here? If we don’t step on the roaches pretty soon, they will take over the house for sure.

Most people I know are sick and tired of being told it is their fault. Well, as aggravating and tiring as that may be, it is still the truth. We get what we ask for, or, by our lack of interest, what we allow to take over. Obama could not have prevailed if enough real Americans had made it to the polls. I fully realize that Mr. Romney was not a real choice but he was far better than what we got. It would have slowed the quick-time march to Socialism we are being forced into. This kind of reminds me of the Bataan Death March in some ways. Sadly, most Americans don’t have a clue what I refer to. They simply don’t know or care. In other respects we are like the pack of Lemmings that march inexorably to their death in blissful ignorance, neither seeing or caring that their extinction is near at hand. Sadly, it is far too late to try and turn around when you are at the brink. You have no choice but to “go with the flow”.

And so on. So who is left to champion the cause? Well folks, there really is a party founded on the principles of good, sound government. It closely resembles the government our founders wanted us to have. But it has the necessary flexibility and stability to actually govern in today’s world conditions.  I will answer questions about that semi-mythical party to your satisfaction on my next post. Until then, enjoy what our apathy has wrought. It can and will get worse.

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