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Republican Congress Stops The IRS

cluster62327757?itok=fYE9hvi6&profile=RESIZE_400xRepublican Congress accidently did the right thing! Somehow they were able to limit the spontaneous IRS raids on helpless American citizen’s homes and businesses. Instead of the usual Republican circular firing squad they voted to de-weaponize the IR

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FBI Blackmailing Biden Family?

bitcoin-blackmail-scam.jpg?fit=max&w=1000&q=70&profile=RESIZE_400xWhat has happened to America when the very core we trust has rotted and disintegrated into nothing more than a vile soviet mass of corruption!

There have been secret claims of the FBI having a significant number of informants within the Biden family,

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Backstabbing The Republic

12263472471?profile=RESIZE_400xUnder the strong leadership of President Trump, the United States experienced unparalleled global admiration, benefiting from affordable energy, steady prices and interest rates, and a firm approach to combating crime.

However, these achievements wer

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Government Must Obey, But Will It?

thumbownnothingklaus.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xHave the citizens of America been tainted by the misguided belief we must unquestioningly submit to the authority of the government? We the People have entrusted our representatives with the responsibility to conduct our affairs, including establishi

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6 Billion Dollar Deal With the Devil

alexandre-look-family.jpeg?profile=RESIZE_400xA deal with the devil has come home to bite Dems in the A$$. When Biden release over 6,000,000,000.00 to Iran he ignited ruthless genocide against innocent men, women, and children in Israel. The weak and innocent were killed, savagely raped, torture

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Distorted Lens Of Lamestream Media

226382.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xWho appointed the lamestream media to be the god of labels? Who gives the media the right to engage in the insidious practice of indoctrinating the audience with preconceived labels deliberately crafted through their distorted lens warping the truth,

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Woke - A Poison For Democracy

031023-lewis-woke-hero_j9h2rv?profile=RESIZE_400xThe insidious and pernicious threat of Woke ideology is infiltrating every corner of our great nation, aided, and abetted by a complicit and misguided media, while our elected leaders fail to grasp its true nature. Make no mistake, this insidious for

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Unraveling Of America

web-Sonya-Clark-Studio-010-1024x681.jpg?profile=RESIZE_584xStrand by strand the fabric of America is slowly unraveling through an ongoing transformation which is currently unfolding is not limited to mere political shifts, but rather encompasses a comprehensive and far-reaching scope.

This current situation

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You Are A Terrorist, Just Ask Biden

marco-fotos-plateado-negro-cuadro-real.jpgBiden’s DHS has been authorized to pour tens of millions of taxpayer dollars into identifying "Extremists" based on online speech! What could go wrong? 

Have you ever dared to share your unfiltered thoughts on:

  • COVID-19, vaccinations,
  • Sanctity of

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America's Downfall Eminent

1*RaAzAycwaD6lXBMqZ_c6YA.jpeg?profile=RESIZE_400x🔥 Rome is burning…so is America! 🔥 Like the fall of Rome the United States has witnessed a concerning decline  bears striking resemblance to the downfall of the mighty Roman Empire.

"Are we, as a society, paralleling the decline of the mighty Roman E

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