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Climate Update


Distortions around which the energy and climate conversation is rigged

 -(Bad thinking method) Looking only at the negative side-effects of fossil fuels, while ignoring the massive and unique benefits of fossil fuels.

 -(Bad thinking method) Only look

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After Centuries

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“Equality is natural when it is limited to rights, unnatural when it attempts to level goods and power.”---Voltaire. 

“…he who seeks equality between unequals seeks an absurdity.”—Spinoza

The paradoxical truth is that the liberal regimes

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"There are subtle interrelations that exist between the seeming desperate parts of culture, and between the common places of daily life and the most highly developed works of the human mind."--Elliot Cohen


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Propaganda = Grooming the Public


The public has been continuously and completely groomed by subtle propaganda placed in our entertainment tv shows, educational institutions, movies, and other media, for over the last 95 years to bring about an ongoing paradigm chan

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“The very policy of living wholly in this world, of having no traffic with the other world, which cannot be soundly proved, turns one’s attention wholly to the temporary and so actually impairs ones

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