Open message for Alexander and Corker.   Tennessee is still a place where your “word” is still important – a place where God, Country, and Constitution still matter, be it democrat or republican.

I recall a very nice straight talking man in a plaid shirt stumping from county to county in areas where you had to hunt hard to find a republican.    I remember a wife gathering people together to hear this man speak, and later with many others to elect a republican.   No one believed it would happen!  These are many of the same old people who founded the Tea Party that your current senate leader Reed regularly slanders.  The plaid shirt symbolized opportunity and freedom with as little government tax and intrusion as possible.   Those are old Tennessee traits common to democrats and republicans alike, years ago and today..   Well the plaid shirt is gone; and freedom, wealth, morality, and hope disappeared with it.

Then Corker came along with the same messages, and we elected him, and many others with the same message.   We now find both of you and your republican establishment in control and on a mission of destroying The US… a war on God, country, and Constitution!   I’m sure both of you are aware that Tennessee has had its share of corruption, and equally aware that unlike Chicago we aggressively prosecute and jail corrupt politicians, be it governors, legislators, judges, or anyone with sticky fingers and lying ways.  They’re people you knew at one time or another.     Spending money without a budget, without AICPA levels of internal control with checks and balances is a crime in Tennessee that regularly results in heavy fines and jail, as can be verified by many who didn’t believe it.    Both of you have approved near unlimited executive spending without budget or semblance of internal control.   Effects on this country over the past five years are catastrophic!

Now, you’re maligning and mocking the few patriots willing to say no to more of the same and worse corruption.   We have more acts of treason being condoned and backpedaled than any time in history!    You say you are against the most corrupt and cost killing bill ever conceived, yet you will act to fund it, as you vote to approve another perhaps trillion dollars of zero controlled executive spending that openly funds weapons of war for terrorists that are avowed enemies of the state (TREASON).   Who do you owe your allegiance to?    It certainly isn’t the citizens of Tennessee or the USA.

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