Another Coincident?


Has anyone else noticed the "coincidence's" occurring???

Each and every time one of obama's appointee's receives negative attention - and the evidence mounts to the point where they are certain to be exposed.... they resign.

I'd have to say in each of these people who have resigned - the investigations need to continue, if not be stepped up - as there was a REASON why they resigned.......

Please share and let's get this heard by as many as possible.... at some point Congress HAS to listen to us.

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  • Obama's election and re-election is a man made disaster.   

  • Remember Obama knows nothing, sees nothing. Therefore others must be thrown under the bus and the media helps with the Zimmerman coverage or other non Obama and world news related coverage. Obama was in Rev, Wright's flock and supposedly baptized by the Reformed African Theology Minister, but tossed him under the bus when needed. New democratic voters, I mean illegals need to be made citizens, so Janet leaving might provide one less excuse for the Senate and House to approve the immigration, "DREAM Act".


    He is not aware or had nothing to do with the following actions. He is innocent and our great leader, NOT!   Fast n Furious, Benghazi, IRS, Leading from behind, Bowing and apologizing to Muslim countries, demoralizing and cutting the military, unilateral cessation of the war on terror while terrorist don't stop, EPA and others ignoring Congress and even declaring the CO2 out of mouths that plants need to make O2 pollution, Obama and the AG ignoring Black Panther criminal activity at the polls, Obama ignoring some Federal judicial orders, Use of Executive orders to ignore or go around the will of Congress, declaration of desired unilateral nuclear disarmament, forced Obama care and many lies about it, tripling of the deficit, false indignation of water boarding and then drone executions of Americans overseas, drone aerial spying on US citizens on US soil, naming patriots, US military members and Tea Party as potential terrorists, dropping the use of Islamic terrorist label, work place violence vs terrorist attack on a US military base that killed 13 and wounded many others while the terrorist yelled Allah Akbar and have been communicating with a known terrorist, pushed elimination of don't ask don't tell, refused to enforce DOMA , referred to the sequestration which was his idea as to why agencies and other urgent cuts must be made although the sequestration is a reduction in the increased federal budget and is not even an actual cut, eliminated fire works display on many US military bases and closed swimming pools citing sequestration, spent 100 million dollars on just his African trip and pledged SEVEN billion dollars for their energy development, continued to block the Keystone Pipeline which will bring 800,000 barrels a day of Canadian shale oil , slowing the development of US shale oil and natural gas. There are many more items to list, but Obama knows nothing about these and apparently neither do our Senators and Congressman.

    When oil, energy and food prices jump just ask yourself why the Senate and House have down nothing. We sit on more oil reserves that all of known reserves in the WORLD, we have hundreds of YEARS worth of coal and more of natural gas. The EPA rules are about to shut down 238 coal fired plants, which will affect where we get 45% of our energy. WE COULD BE ENERGY INDEPENDENT AND A NET EXPORTER.  Our Senate approved NINE billion dollars in 2013 alone for ethanol production which uses 45% of the WORLDS corn and about 1500 gallons of water to produce ONE gallon of ethanol.   


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