4063787526?profile=original   Black Professor uses Racist Rants against White Students – Photo Credit You Tube screen shot

Sometimes wading through the new America according to Obama where everything is about race and nothing is about uniting as Americans is as difficult as it is tiring. So one can only imagine the utter frustration and even anger that White students had to feel sitting through class after class where a Black Professor made them the convenient targets of her inner demons.

This seemed to be the common practice of English Professor Shannon Gibney who turned her class at Minneapolis Community and Technical College into a frequent diatribe about alleged White privilege, according to the Daily Caller. Is it racism in reverse or is it the actions of an out of control teacher who is searching for fake racial victimization?

Imagine the reality of having a target painted on your back in an English class which has precious little to do with racism or racial issues. The class was turned on its head and used as a personal crusade against non-minorities: i.e. White people. Even if oppression occurred in the nation’s past, the reality that this professor and many of the civil rights pimps of today who continue to cling to divisive racist instigation is disturbing yet acceptable by leaders like Barack Obama. Remember who he inserted himself into the criminal trial of George Zimmerman by asserting that if he had a son, “He would look like Trayvon Martin”?

Professor Gibney is clearly caught in a time warp where her comfort zone is not complete unless she can raise the shadows of past racial injustices and create a whole new imagined racism stew today in modern Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One truly has to wonder did the English Department or the college even scrutinize her teaching credentials to see if she is really certified, because something is surely amiss here. She claims according to the Daily Caller that she was not, “talking about all white people, or you white people in general.” Professor Gibney instead suggested that, “We are talking about whiteness as a system of oppression.”

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  • Doc....Can't argue about any of that!!

  • They are called useful idiots ! I think !

  • Thomas Hohenstein

    Exact and succinct.  Bravo.

    Have to confess I've never read him (USC's on the other end of CA from Stanford), but now I see it's a must read.  Thanks.


  • John L Sprague

    You're right about hard work.  So why do you suppose our enemies would encourage the geometric multiplication of a segment of society who's only occupation is taking from the taxpayers (whether employed by the millions in government or on welfare lines--also by the millions).  Because literally speaking these people are not do-nothings, they are in fact violent and of low intelligence, to wit:

    -They are convinced that we owe them--not because of any actual harm done them at any time by any one but because they were sold on the idea of getting something for nothing and idea that they should receive reparation (one, we now see, has no upper limit to it on the amount owed) from us for a completely imaginary wrong done to their imaginary relatives (past OR resent).
    - These same do-nothings will riot at the drop of a hat (and be excused for it because they have been down-trodden), supposedly, by us.
    - These same people are so simple minded that one I arrested (it seems centuries ago now) actually believed--like a great many of them do--we owe them to such an extent that if we put something (a car, a gun, our lives) where they can take it it’s because we WANT them to take it.

    Conclusion.  These do-nothings have been a very effective army (an actual armed force) that their masters--the one's they are too stupid to even realize they have, like Bill and Hillary--have used effectively to cause fear and chaos among most Americans to such an extent that we are virtually frozen, we do nothing for fear of reprisal from the left and their unofficial and very violent army (one that never heard of the rules of war, the Geneva Convention or even the quality of mercy).

    We are frozen in fear at what they will do to us... and get away with.  The idea of entitlement and reparation has been around so long now (well over 50 years) that it is now generally accepted by us, even most of us here, as a real thing we do not even question the validity of the basic (and completely fictitious) premise.  When was the last time you heard any open criticism, I mean in the "regular" media about Berry being completely unfit for the job, or anyone even hint that part of the problem we all have with him is related to the fact he fit's the stereotype lazy black man so well, i.e., will not work for a living, always falls back on his "blackness" when ever personally criticized, and is simply, for a great many reasons, too dumb for the job.

    So, actually, these literal do-nothings actually serve a very real and essential purpose to their bosses which is keeping us in fear of their retribution, of their "righteous anger," and their ability to do harm to us and get away with it.


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  • Doc...I would suggest that the states to Texas's west will go first. Our political power is dramatically greater in Texas than it has been west of there in years. 

    To your point....consider this: What made America great was hard working Americans, at all levels, including politicians and the government in DC ... State, County and City. 

    What is killing us now is is the anti-American, do nothing for us, groups....so many different kinds, too many to list here, that have control in DC....R D and I's....and in D controlled states and local communities. This is a new enemy...it is from within...we're doing it to ourselves.   Khrushchev told us it would happen in the early 60's. Exactly what he said they would do. What a plan...hey??!! It is definitely working and we AMERICANS,  are enabling it. For the last 5 years, not on the merits of their plan versus ours.....it is a fear of being called a racist.....not being politically correct. Change that....we win on the merits.  We are such "squishes" in protecting ourselves, and they know it, they are convinced they can win using us in the process. The thinky they don't realize and/or care about, is that when push comes to shove.....and it is coming if we don't get the Senate in 14 to make the resolution non-violent....lots of Americans AND non, hyphenated Americans are going to die in the fight that will follow.  Arab spring......turned to winter....gonna see it right here in the good ole (gone) US of A

  • Virgil Earl Koon

    Absolutely correct.  And it's worked very well for them (well over 70 years), i.e., Joe Stalin had the plans for the A-Bomb Two DAYS after we finished building it, it caused us to back out of Korea, it caused us to back out of Viet Nam, was one of the things that caused us to lose the drug wars and IS causing us our Republic via an illegal alien behaving illegally not to mention our boarder war with Mexico (if I didn't know better I swear that Berry is trying to give Texas back to them.

    And despite all this we STILL refuse to do what it takes to defend ourselves and to protect our rapdily deteriorating way of life--it's a sickening sight to behold.


  • Maybe she watched too much Al Sharpton as he does have his own show and is fully a racist. Brainwashing has been a fairly constant thing in our public schools for many years now. All they get is support for Socialism and how wonderful it is! Look at Obama and his apology to Mexico? Where did he get his American History from, the Kremlin?

  • She needs to be fired ..... oh wait (I was once a union steward, not for long) she can't be fired for incompetence because she is in a union !

  • The students that feel that she's in the wrong need to band together and file a grievance with the Dean of Students and if that doesn't work file a suit that charges her with defamation of character and creating a hostel environment. Attending a place of higher learning is hard enough already you don't need someone like her causing more strife. 

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam, '68-'69; 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.)

    May the Great Spirit watch over all of us and guide our steps through eternity.

  • she needs counseling and psychiatric help. it is amazing that the president and others at the school are not aware of her short-comings! she was probably raised in anti-white environment and it made a big impression on her mind taking it on personally as her own experience.
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