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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Last month it was discovered a hacker had tinkered with a web bot for a smaller search engine to start downloading obscene amounts of data from the website using a flaw in one of the plugins used under a script that USWGO Alternative News was using. The web bot had been tinkered with to the point where it even ignored the robots.txt file causing the web hosting server to crash repeatedly. Since those hacker attacks the web host held USWGO liable for the attacks and suspended the site and refused to bring it back until I paid them more money since my site had become a financial liability to them and hurting other shared hosting users even though it wasn't my fault because I attempted to fix the problem several times even disabled the plugin but the web bot still downloaded mass chunks of data that may have not existed. After that even when I removed the vulnerable files the web host Arvixe told me they unsuspended the site but lied because the site was still suspended while they claim it wasn't. After that I lashed out at Arvixe staff telling them that free web hosts were better then them because they punished me by restricting my sites traffic movements even further then they got mad at me and my site was no more until I found a better web host, got the financing for a Dedicated Server or using my own server machine at a Data Center, or find another way to get my website back online.

I am now deciding to be careful which plugins I use and am trying to keep security tight at USWGO to prevent the new web host I have transferred the web site to from suspending my website. USWGO has planned CDN Accounts at free cpanel hosts and one of them is the USWGO Delta CDN and is planning Alpha and Tango codenamed CDN Servers to reduce some of the CPU load, and is even looking to use a very cheap and small Hard Disk VPS service just for the MySQL databases to keep the CPU usage at a minimum, even under traffic spikes and future hacker attacks. USWGO will not give up without a fight because everyone who worked on articles for USWGO had worked too hard to bring the truth out and will keep resisting tyranny by exposing it's slimy and evil grip it's gaining on the whole world.

USWGO will continue to resist tyranny no matter who stands in their way. I won't give up and USWGO won't give up either. We will fight and we will win against the New World Order with all our allies and comrades.

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: So far I it is either a really p'oed by Internet user or it was the Pentagon that brought down USWGO on Alternet

A major setback for not just Google Rank but political influence as USWGO's alternet News sector has been destroyed by hackers. Also ourcomputer has been attacked and hacked successfully by a radical hackerthat used my computer to shut down uswgos account on alternet.

USWGO's account is completely gone on alternet, as I am checking USWGO for any hacks and damage as well, all articles whether positive ornegative, whether offensive or unoffensive is all destroyed by aradical hacker that did not agree with any of USWGO's views so insteadof reporting the offensive ones this hacker has destroyed all mirroedarticles on USWGO's alternetpage.

Brian Hill created enemies whenever he spoke against the Unconstitutional Sharia Law because of the fact it's being forced downthe throats of American politics without the knowledge of the Americanpeople. He was being called a racist even though it wasn't true, plusthe founder said he was all for legal immigrant just not illegalimmigration but the radical (Possibly Pentagon) hacker deliberatelyattacked his most influential Syndication Center which is anotherknockout of the Anti New World Order Alternative News Site.

I gathered this screenshot to show everybody how I was hacked.



Also several of my facebook friends after the hack have attempted to contact me telling me I was in a video that I wasn't in an attempt tosend me to a fake facebook login page in order to steal my password andlogin information.

Also my USWGO Syndication Center was completely hacked, my passwords been changed, and I have lost all posting abilities.


I am investigating the hack and will also send a email to alternet politely demanding they find out the IP Address who hacked me and askthem if they could restore my posting data.

If this hack is deliberate then I will send a message to you all regarding whether high ups (Administrators) of alternet did this to meon purpose or whether I was hacked by a radical elite hacker.

If I was hacked by the Government/Pentagon and if I receive any kind of visit then I will also report back to you because this war againstmy website started today may not be over.

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There appear to be no French or American officials willing to confirm a rumor from 17tuupjjaR91$$ sources that an alleged 24 year old French hacker got into President Obama’s Twitter account by guessing his password was 71tcOdeR91 and officials in the Obama Administration are pretending the security breach never happened**. In any case, the Frenchman, known as “Hacker Croll” but said to be Francois Cousteix, showed his arrogance by taking bets about his ability to hack into celebrity websites on Twitter and elsewhere and besides Obama got into the accounts of famous folk like Brittney Spears and Lily Allen also allegedly just by guessing passwords. Since his arrest earlier in the week, Cousteix has allegedly admitted responsibility for hacking into dozens of Facebook and Twitter accounts and could spend up to two years in prison for each count of hacking if convicted.

French authorities reportedly took the lead on the investigation, but relied heavily upon the FBI to monitor Cousteix's online activities. The FBI also reportedly took part in the arrest of the hacker. Cousteix who allegedly has admitted to the hacking has reportedly said, "I'm a nice hacker ... It's a message I wanted to get out to users, to remind them that no system is invulnerable," according to comments he made on France 3 television on Thursday after being released from police questioning Wednesday. Cousteix allegedly also leaked internal Twitter documents to other web sites, in 2009. At that time, Google apps were said to be in danger from Hacker Croll. Twitter relies on Google for sharing notes, spreadsheets, ideas, financial details, and other things.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


$$ Ol' Rajjpuut is, after all permanently stuck on his 39th birthday

** There was no word on how long a typical hack takes for Monsieur Cousteix but 71tcOdeR91 would have taken Ol’ Rajjpuut at least five minutes to figure out. Still, it’s not 01learsIlliK02 or 01narIharruH02 : > )

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