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Kenya's Answer Again, "Butt out, Barack!"

For the second time in five years, Barack Obama has sought to influence the future of Kenya. For the second time in five years, Kenyans have said, “Butt out, Barack!” But, of course, Barack still continues along the path of evil . . . alas, alas.

Your tax dollars from Uncle Sam have recently been proposed by one BHO, Jr. for the august purpose of bringing abortion to Kenya despite the fact that Kenyans, men and women, are virulently opposed. $23 million American dollars have been spent on the “Kenya Constitution Vote.” In Nairobi, the country’s capital, the constitution referendum, requiring among other things the legalization of abortion in the country, has received funds from the U.S. taxpayer for this constitutional election while promising much more money IF the referendum passes . . . in effect this is an effort to bribe Kenya to pass a new constitution whose main change is the inclusion of abortion.

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey cited a U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, report estimating over $23 million in U.S. funds have been spent on the referendum, and overtly support the abortion law. The problem? Two American laws have been violated.

1) It’s against U.S. law for taxpayer funds in any fashion to be used to influence foreign elections.
“Under no circumstances should the U.S. government take sides,” said Smith at a news conference earlier. “But, that is precisely what the Obama administration has done.” Smith and other lawmakers accuse the Obama administration of offering incentives to Kenya to approve the controversial new constitution, promising that passage would “allow money to flow” into the nation's coffers.

2) Another federal law known as the Siljander Amendment makes it spefically illegal for the U.S. government to lobby on abortion in other countries. While the U.S. clearly should not be interfering and definitely NOT backing either the ‘yea’ or the ‘nay’ factions; and (by the Siljander Amendment) clearly never should be backing abortion in Kenya or any other country . . . the Obama administration has taken to openly backing the pro-abortionists.

Obama, in 2007, went to Kenya to back communist Raila Odinga’s failed attempt to become president. Odinga, educated in East Berlin well before the fall of the Berlin Wall, is not only a communist but was supported primarily by Muslims and more importantly by Muslim terrorists. Odinga promised Muslims in a secret document that Shariah Law would be imposed upon the country (Islam would become the official Kenyan religion and rules akin to those brought to Afghanistan by the Taliban would be imposed on all its citizens) despite the fact that Christianity (47%) is the single largest religious belief in Kenya and Islam only covers about 11% of the populace. While Odinga's chances of election were always slim, they dropped precipitously when the secret Muslim accord document was made public. Odinga then signed another accord with the Muslims with watered-down provisions while claiming that the first document had never occurred and was fraudulent.

Mr. Obama, while campaigning about ten days for Odinga, is supposed to have spoken twice to purely Muslim crowds and at least one picture of the president in Muslim attire while in Kenya has been circulating the internet for almost three years. Much controversy arose including supposedly valid e-mails discovered immediately after the election purportedly from Obama to Odinga advising that if he lost the election to claim voting fraud and then to resort to violence and extort a position in the government . . . which is precisely what happened. Muslim rioters attacked Christians and Christian churches inflicting arson, murder, rape and maiming upon the Christian populace and eventually the re-elected President offered Odinga the newly created “prime minister” position which Odinga now holds.

The “dreams” implicit in Mr. Obama’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father” can perhaps be represented best by:

in which “scientific socialism” a.k.a. “communism” for Kenya is discussed as well as such enlightening concepts such as “100% taxation,” confiscation of private lands and private businesses, confiscation of foreign businesses, redistribution of wealth now in Kenyan White and Asian hands into Black ones, etc., etc. Apparently, our president not only wants to bring us communism, he aims to do it to Kenya also.

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