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The constant attacks from the satanic devildemocrats and their co-conspirators in the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda machine is blowing up in their faces according to reports from their own strategists as outlined in a report from online site Conservative Underground News (  As have most, if not all, MAGA people I welcome the devildemocommiecrat attacks because they only reinforce the idea that being an "ultra-MAGA" member scares them so much.  The satanic left knows that every day that passes with a strong MAGA movement makes their globalist dictatorship hopes fade.

The very corrupt, very mentally deficient joe biden continually derides President Trump as a "danger to American families" and makes totally false claims that supporters of President Trump are raising taxes on working class families.  The truth, truth well-known to devildemocommiecrats and anyone with a brain and willing to look at facts, is that the devildemocommiecrats are the party of high taxes, out of control spending, and destruction of the American Dream.  For any politician, bureaucrat, or Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandist to blame President Trump and his ULTRA MAGA followers for the current crop of problems is ludicrous at the least and TREASON at the most.  I lean more towards it being TREASON because their policies are most definitely designed to destroy the Constitutional Republic our founders established.

Nutty nancy pelosi says that the supreme court is a "threat to democracy" because with a pro-life majority it can reverse Roe vs. Wade and once again elevate the sanctity of life to the level it belongs in our society ( .  Their relentless attacks against life and liberty, despite the propaganda and political campaign, is not resonating with the majority of American citizens and that frightens and infuriates them because they know they are in the wrong.  The idea that liberty can prosper despite their constant attacks upsets them greatly and they are pulling out all the EVIL tactics they can think of to try to destroy the Christian faith movement in the nation. 

Nutty nan also attacked the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman, not the "anything goes" attitude she and her satanic friends demand.    Protests at the homes of supreme court justices and threats of violence against them is an attack on the Constitution, the document  that the satanic devildemocommiecrats hate, because it limits the "right to rule" concept that they lust for so much.  While saying that conservatives are "violent" and "hateful" it is actually and factually true that it is the satanic left that has spewed hatred and called for violence against Constitution supporting people in all phases of society.  It was devildemocommiecrats who called for, supported, and made excuses for violent riots throughout the nation, in cities run by devildemocommiecrats, and vilified police for doing their best to uphold law and order.  It is the devildemocommiecrats and their allies who are creating hate and violence in America.  Their common tactic of projecting their EVIL onto others is not working as they have hoped so they are doubling down on their attacks hoping something they fling against the wall will stick but so far nothing has stuck.

The amount of hatred and unrest being created by the satanic left is both distressing and disgusting but that is all they have to work with because the Constitution is against them.  The reason they hate the Constitution so much is that it gives power to We the People, the "great unwashed masses" that the left seeks to rule over.  Anyone that opposes a dictatorship comes under attack from the despotic left.  They can't succeed by following the Constitution so they denigrate it and anyone that stands up for it.  The constant attacks to undermine the Constitution, and to intimidate We the People into submission to tyranny, are the tactics the left is using in their attempt to impose dictatorship on We the People.  The left hates Christians because they know it is we who stand in the way of their evil plans.  There are people who call themselves Christians but are not because they talk one thing but walk an entirely different thing altogether. 

Nutty nan, in the imbedded article, tries to use her catholic denomination to justify her actions against true Christian beliefs.  If her contention, and from what I know of the catholic church I believe she states correctly in reference to denominational dogma, that abortion is a "right" and that homosexuals have a "right" to marry  is to survive then everything I believe about the Christian faith must be demolished by the left.  The catholic church has openly embraced homosexuality as "normal" and acceptable.  While not openly accepting abortion it is clear to me that the catholic church has no real opposition to the murder in the womb of an unborn child of God because multiple devildemocrats in congress and joe dementia himself who are catholics are very strong supporters of abortion and homosexuality as a normal, even preferrable, lifestyle the catholic church has done nothing to punish them for using their denominational status to promote abortion on demand, even demanding that We the People finance abortions world-wide through use of tax money confiscated without our consent.  If the catholic church was truly following the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth they would vehemently oppose both abortion and homosexuality.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

May 19, 2022

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Idea from Oren Long

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The more I think about it, the more I believe I am right AND the more I believe this is a well thought out plan that has been in the works for a long time.  I also believe it may be closer to completion than we realize.
Therefore, I am making major changes to my initial post and ask that you not forward the original post until I complete my rewrite.  It may take a day or two for me to organize my thoughts and put them into words.
                                                             THE PLAN:  Divide, Conquer, and Crush
The Democrat Party is not much different from the Communist Party of the old Soviet Union; it never has been.  It wants permanent, total control in perpetuity. In fact, that is the ultimate goal of ALL political parties, Left and Right.  It am NOT letting the GOP off the hook.  They, too, would love nothing better than to be in perpetual power.  The difference is that the GOP just doesn't have the guts or stamina to go after it.  The GOP has become a milk-toast party, happy to be the perpetual also-ran party as long as their "leaders" stay in Washington and are invited to all the Saturday night parties.  In contrast, the Democrats are vicious, vociferous, and relentless in their pursuit of power.  
George Washington, in his farewell address, warned strenuously against political parties.  He saw clearly, with great vision, what would happen if one or more political parties ever achieved total or near-total power.  We now see that vision fulfilled.    
So, how does the Democrat Party achieve the aforementioned total control?
The following is my interpretation of what is going on right in front of us.
Everyone knows that Biden is just a temporary placeholder for Commie Kamala.  Biden even said if he and Kamala ever had a serious policy disagreement, he would "develop a disease and step aside".  REALLY!  He said it!
Biden's job is to do the heavy lifting in the short-term, which is why he is signing as many EOs as possible while he can.  Biden will impose as many authoritarian, anti-American, anti-constitutional rules as he can get away with as long as he is president.
Then, he will step aside and let Commie Kamala assume power.  She will pretend to be a "moderate" while never reversing any of Biden's rules and quietly imposing more.
The media will focus our attention on the much-feared "Virus" to keep us distracted from what is really happening.  We will focus on sports.  Democrat mayors and governors will begin to relax their lockdowns now that the virus is officially on the wane.  Biden is telling us that we will soon be able to return to "normal" (but with just a few "necessary" rules) now that the evil Trump is gone.
In the meantime, the EOs will come fast and furious, all designed to destroy the American way of life and economy at the same time we are told, "All is well" and Biden is "Healing" America.  Really?!  From what; lower taxes, a secure border, a defeated ISIS, bad trade deals, Chinese influence, lower unemployment, rising wages, job growth, manufacturing returning to America?  I'll take those "diseases" any day.     
For example, on Day Two, Biden stopped construction on the border wall, ordered ICE to immediately release any and all illegals in its custody, and ordered the vetting for Covid of any and all Europeans while ignoring everyone from Central and South America.  Right!  That makes sense!
At the same time, Biden ordered the cessation of construction of the oil pipeline that would have brought in 840,000 barrels of oil PER DAY.  That, too, makes so much sense, right?  
But, this is just the public face of what the Left is doing, an all-out Socialist/Communist takeover of America.  It has been planned for a long time and is being implemented right in front of us.  
STEP ONE:  Attack Trump THROUGHOUT his presidency.  Create as much chaos, confusion, frenzy, and anger as possible.  Keep everyone on edge, anxious for a "return to normal" (the good old days when Washington supposedly got along and worked together).  Get as many Republican politicians as possible to distance themselves from Trump and, by extension, America and the voters.
STEP TWO:  Organize the "Swamp" into a state of resistance to anything and everything Trump tried to accomplish.  Install as many ;bureaucrats as possible into positions of authority where they can undermine any and all Trump orders.
STEP THREE:  Use the judiciary to undercut any and all Trump Executive Orders.  Get Leftist judges to issue restraining orders against every Trump EO (it happened for four long years), stopping Trump's attempts to drain the Swamp.  This has been very successful.  Once in power, corrupt the judiciary by adding additional Commie judges all across the spectrum, up to and including the Supreme Court.  This is in the works as I type.
STEP FOUR:  Get the media on board with the notion that Trump is a bad president who must be stopped at any cost.  Get them to fill the airwaves with anti-Trump stories 24-7-365 in an attempt to turn Trump supporters against him.  This was not hard to get the media (99% Leftist, anyway) to do, but fell short of turning Trump's supporters against him. 
STEP FIVE:  Get Big Tech and Social Media to eliminate all conservative thought from their sites.  Call it "bad" by citing "community standards" or a ban on "hate speech".  Whatever it takes.  EVERY Socialist/Communist government does this -- ALL OF THEM!  In Russia, China, Nazi Germany, Venezuela, North Korea (name one that isn't, I dare you) dissent, however gentle, it met with overwhelming force and repression.  Even asking a question, however well intentioned, often results in prison or death.  Only blind obedience is permitted.  
STEP SIX:  Set up a Chicago-style election system to steal the election if necessary.  Pre-print fake ballots to be used when needed.  Insist on mail-in voting that can easily be manipulated.  Install and use voting machines that can be programmed to favor Democrat candidates.  Install Democrat operatives in precincts to help steal the election.  And, anything else they can think of.        
STEP SEVEN:  Steal the election and impose complete control of government while insisting, "Nothing to see here; move along".  Get the judiciary to go along with the theft/takeover.  In the Soviet Union, Stalin consistently received well over 90% of the vote.  Really?!  As Stalin said, "It doesn't matter how people vote; it only matters who counts the vote".   
STEP EIGHT:  Using the aforementioned Big Tech and Social Media, eliminate all resistance and dissent.  Make it almost impossible for conservatives to even communicate effectively or present their side of the argument.  Keep conservatives and the voters in the dark.  Make sure voters know ONLY what you want them to know.  "If you control what a person knows, you control what he thinks". --  Stalin  It is just a matter of time before conservative talk radio is silenced.  Now that Democrats are in control of the FCC, how long do you think it will be before radio stations will be threatened with revocation of their licenses if they retain talk shows like Limbaugh?  Talk radio and all other conservative voices will be labelled as "radical" and/or "fomenting insurrection".  Count on it.  Don't think so?  Read George Orwell's "1984".  Anyone deviating from the approved group think was immediately silenced and reprogrammed.
STEP NINE:  Manufacture a "crisis" to justify the suppression of all resistance and dissent.  Claim that the "crisis" necessitates the silencing of anyone in opposition.  Label anyone who disagrees as a "terrorist", "insurrectionist", or "anti-science".  I give you Covid-19.  SPIN, SPIN, SPIN the truth until everyone believes the lie.  "If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth". -- Joseph Goebbels.  
STEP TEN:  Once in power, create another "crisis" or "emergency"  (the January 6th Capitol assault) to justify an all-out attack on conservative voices (think Trump and the Capitol assault), claiming they are fomenting violence and insurrection.  Use the media, the bureaucracy, and even RINOs to your advantage.  As General George S. Patton said, "Don't let them stop.  Don't let them rest.  Don't let them regroup.  Attack, attack, ATTACK!"  Even now that Trump is out, the attacks continue and are increasing if intensity.  Remember, the ultimate Democrat goal is total, complete, absolute, perpetual POWER!  All opposition must be crushed!  Use organizations like BLM and Antifa to your own ends.  Then, when they have outlived their usefulness, throw them under the bus (happening as I type).  Stalin called them and people like them "Useful idiots".  Oops!
STEP ELEVEN:  Cut off all financial support for Trump and any opposition by whatever means necessary, even if it entails coercion, bribery, threats, or whatever.  To date, major financial institutions have severed ties with Trump and other conservatives in an attempt to make it impossible to finance any future campaign(s) and destroy them personally and financially.
STEP TWELVE:  Using the aforementioned crises, crash the economy and disrupt the existing economic and social order.  The Covid-19 Scamdemic and January 6 incursion were designed for just this purpose.  This was no accident.  It was intentional.  It has accomplished what it was supposed to.  Saul Alinsky pointed out in his book, "Rules for Radicals", that before a new society can be built, the old one must be completely destroyed.  This has been true throughout history and remains true today.    
The only thing remaining for the Left is the disarming of America.  Before any authoritarian government can cement permanent control, the people MUST be disarmed.  Many say that it would be impossible to sufficiently disarm America.  Don't bet on it!  They will find a way.  Hey, they've successfully done everything else they have set out to do.  
As my brother says, "We're already two countries, so let's just get to it".  Think about that and take it to its logical conclusion.  The Left is pushing for "Red Flag" laws wherein friends, neighbors, family, co-workers can turn people in for being a "danger" and have their guns seized by the government until the accused can, at their own great expense, "prove" they are not a danger.  In other words, the accused has to prove a negative -- a legal impossibility.    
I believe that, at some point, the Left-Wing Democrats will claim that there is some mysteriously "unidentified" conservative plot for insurrection or rebellion requiring the suspension of the Bill of Rights (Lincoln did it in the Civil War) and the seizure of all firearms -- for our own good, of course.  Ammo is already becoming increasingly hard to get.  What good is a gun without ammo?  We will be forced to make hard decisions.  Do we hide weapons so well that we cannot get to them when needed?  Do we keep them handy and get killed when we refuse to surrender them?  Do we meekly comply and protest?  To whom?  The Democrats and their judicial/government minions?  
Every time I am tempted to say, "That can't happen here, this is America" I am proven wrong.  It all started with Social Security introduced by FDR.  Since when did the federal government get the ability to ORDER people to "plan" for retirement?  That can't happen here, this is America!  Then came Obamacare where the government can order people to buy a product they may not need, want, or be able to afford.  That can't happen here, this is America.  Now we are told we HAVE to wear a mask, regardless.  That can't happen here, this is America.  Plus, we are now told we can't say what we think on Social Media lest it "offend" someone.  That can't happen here, this is America.  You can't ban ammo, this is America.  You can't tell me I can only drive so far, this is America.  You can't tell me I can't leave my house, this is America.  You can't close my business because someone or some thing frightens someone else, this is America.  You can't seize my guns, this is America.  You can't tell me what I can or cannot say, this is America.    And on and on it goes.  I no longer say something cannot happen.  
Trust me, government WILL come for guns, REGARDLESS of the Constitution.  They have to.  It's the only way they can feel safe and cement their lust for power.  
Americans are hopelessly spoiled.  We have been free for so long that we ASSUME it will never end.  We forget what President Kennedy said, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". 
The game is afoot!  We are in the throes of a Communist Revolution, and HALF of America voted for it!   
Just my thoughts, 
Oren Long

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