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Teacher unions and anti-gun radicals use kids as cannon fodder

Over the past few weeks, we’ve observed a disturbing scenario unfold nationally and in West Virginia.

Teacher unions in West Virginia and the anti-gun crowd nationally use a despicable tactic notoriously employed by terrorists. They march and hide behind children, symbolically shouting, don’t dare to attack us; an attack on us is an attack upon children. Their drumbeat is always, “We’re doing this for the children!”

These tactics of using unwitting minors as instruments to further their anti-gun or any other agenda are contemptible. Indoctrinating the young and naïve into believing the talking points of tyrants is the foremost undertaking of unprincipled, leftwing fascists.

When the anti-gun vultures swoop down to feast on their favorite disaster, we must ask what malevolence these people have in their heart.  Every thinking person knows positively that banning guns in schools attract unhinged maniacs determined to kill children. Therefore, we should conclude that their narrative must be; more victims - more powerful argument for disarming Americans.

The same liberal morons that demand we leave children undefended and defenseless are the ones screaming the loudest when the obvious and inevitable occurs.

The truly amazing thing is nearly all mass killings, gang killings, and drug violence occur in neighborhoods, cities, and states controlled and administrated by Democrats. Moreover, all are areas with the strongest, most oppressive gun control laws in the nation.  Disarming people obviously cause more killings of innocent Americans because killers know in advance where the softest targets exist.

The reason liberals hate the Second Amendment is obvious; nearly everyone in their Covey is a liberal, and they can’t imagine such birdbrains owning or having access to guns. It naturally follows they think conservatives are total idiots, thus, even more dangerous.

If the teacher demonstrations and anti-constitution marches tell us anything, it’s that extortion, intimidation, and bullying works. It especially works when teacher union members accost, demean, harass, and verbally assault state delegates and senators. The professionalism of teachers engaging in this vile conduct must be questioned and their actions condemned. West Virginia teachers received pay increases at the expense of education and by sullying teacher reputations.

Schools and teachers involved in these protests over gun ownership and illegal strikes over wages are usually radicalized union comrades and members of the Marxist Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is the biggest enemy of gun rights in our nation largely because they universally believe that American citizens have no right to self-defense or own guns. Passing anti-gun laws and nullifying the Second Amendment shows ignorance or contempt for the Bill of Rights.

Electing any Democrats to federal, state, or local offices increase the Party’s overall strength and can tip these controlling bodies to continue the fight to disarm Americans. Just one more Democrat in the House or Senate could make the difference between tyranny and liberty.

Even when a Democrat feigns support for gun rights, like Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, he adds power to the anti-gun Democrat Party and lobby groups. Manchin thinks the Second Amendment is all about hunting. Manchin is worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing; he’s a chameleon and a charlatan, able to change his appearance on issues based on the group he is regaling. He’s announced with great clarity when talking with liberals that the Second Amendment is on the table for discussion.

Placing signs at a school announcing hundreds of children are unprotected can result in nothing but temptation to a homicidal maniac. One would have to be devoid of any common sense to believe otherwise.  Would any of the lunatic-left post a sign in their yard or on their door announcing they are unprotected by guns?

Not long ago the anti-gun lobby went stark raving mad in a national crusade against hand guns. Now the point of their objection is assault weapons. The truth is that any weapon used to assault another person is an assault weapon. It can be a handgun, rifle, shotgun, knife, hammer, or an automobile. A defensive weapon is any weapon used in self-defense. It can be any of the same ones used as an assault weapon. A previous misguided ban on assault weapons was fruitless, except for the smug, self- righteous satisfaction liberal Democrats derived from the ban. 

Hanging on the cloud of liberal idealism makes progressives lose touch with reality. These disciples of disinformation and indoctrination are either blinded by the bright light of real solutions to violence or willing to allow higher death tolls to keep the gun-control issue alive and in the forefront of media and the leftwing establishment. Reality, even to these mental lightweights, tells them that gun control laws will not stop mass killings. Confiscation of firearms and elimination of the Second Amendment is their ultimate goal.

Do your part to protect gun rights. Join one of the following organizations or go to the list of gun rights organizations by Ron Paul.

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: The tactic is the same as the ones used by players on Big Brother TV Show where people build alliances to get father in the gameto back stab those not in the alliance and then betray the alliance totry to win a million dollars.

It is scary how Obama backed by Globalists is using the NAACP, and pretty much every month the Obama Administration is using racismto force his agenda against all Americans. Racism is a good way todivide and conquer and pit us off against each other.

According to a Resolution passed in the NAACP by those that are ignorantly supporting the Globalist Regime including Obama, the TeaParty Movement is declared a racist movement and that the NAACP seems tobegun it's war against the Tea Party Movement. Could the real reasonbe why is because the Tea Party may actually become another PoliticalParty which will knock off the Democrat Republican Monopoly which willset back the globalist plans for dissolving America and turning it into athird world cesspit. If this is all true will they rebuild up Americaagain as a communist regime where free speech is silenced and protestscause our Government to roll in the Big Tanks and crackdowns just likeduring the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest massacre.

The very reason Obama is using racism to divide us up is also to help build a huge alliance much like a gang that believes so many lies fromthe Pentagon that they will kill anybody that speaks against thePresident. That's also why Obama talked about having a private securityforce that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded. IfObama wants to become a dictator like Hitler and have his ownNazi-style forces, aka an Obamanation Alliance he has to spread outlies and racism to gather soldiers for his private security force toget ready to fight and kill the opposition. Already foreign troops are training on American soil to take on tea parties and confiscate guns. Also because of Obama's falling approval ratings a Top Clinton official stated that Obama needs a Terrorist attack to save his approval ratings.

So according to the NAACP's incorrect assumption that the Tea Parties are only dominated by one race and no other race can join in, and thatthey only dislike Obama's policies for only one reason, cause of hiscolor of skin. That's a total lie because I know for a fact that legalimmigrants have a problem with illegal immigrants are coming into ourcountry so it isn't racism like the movie Machete makes it out to be, Iknow for a fact that the Tea Parties actually have all of the humanrace and that they are not racist while the media lies and snips outcertain parts to make out like it's a racial cult to demonize the TeaParties.

The media always just like buzzards pick and choose what footage is left for the little people to salvage. They eat the footage where allpeople come together to fight corrupt Government no matter what gender,no matter what color, everybody comes together to say they had enoughof Big Government telling them what to do all the time, and instead themedia buzzards leave the footage to use against them and makes outlike the Tea Parties are racist in order to jumpstart the Presidentsfalling approval ratings.

In fact to further debunk the racism allegations by the NAACP we found that Lloyd Marcus a Tea Party spokesperson spoke against the NAACP Resolution that the entire Tea Party Political group was racist.


In fact Lloyd Marcus said this is his song "They try to call you racist, because you disagree! It's just another one of their dirtytricks to silence you and me"

I agree with him that the Obama Administration is using racism because they want to silence the American dream and disagree with theTea parties, just as the Bush Administration was using mainly Terrorismbecause he disagreed with the Constitutionalists.

So I welcome anybody that will stand up against propaganda by the Federal Government and the Pentagon.

Lloyd Marcus, Orly Taitz, Alex Jones, all good tea party members, Bill Randall, Dale Robertson, and many others are working hard to debunk the propaganda that thecurrent Administration aka the Obama Administration is bringing forthagainst the Opposition.

I have interviewed many and all thinks that the race card or demonization of the Tea party is simply to build a power base. Hitlerand the Nazis used propaganda to build their regime and the same will beplayed by Obama to build up America as a Police State for the NewWorld Order.

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