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Hopefully, some of you already know about the recent book by Mark Levin, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.  Some might have watched Levin's interview on "Hannity" on Fox News. I watched, and I had that "Eureka"! moment when I realized that it might still be possible to save our Constitution and America from being swallowed by the "One World Government" intended by the UN and publicized in its book or DVD "Agenda 21." I've been a Conservative activist for more than six years, and I didn't know that true Americans might have a chance to prevent the current corrupt Washington politicians from destroying all of what has made us "the shining city on the hill."

Please read the following blog that was on Tea Party, and if you will, go to that conservative website and look for the blog: "Mark Levin might have something here." There is a 30 min. video of Levin discussing this possibility, and we need every state to join this States' Convention to do its part to save our freedoms and prevent this Islamist or Communist takeover. The last time I checked 26 States had already joined the battle, and we only need 2/3 of the States to call for a Constitutional Convention, and 3/4 (or 40) of the States to approve of any of the proposed Amendments for them to be added to our Constitution. The Founding Fathers gave the States this power in Article V of the Constitution, and there is nothing that the Federal government can do to stop it. Some of the most important Amendments would be to:  (1) create Term Limits of two or three terms in office for every politician and judge in the country--from local townships to the Federal government (including all Supreme Courts), with no more than six months of pensions or insurance or golden parachutes (ending the reign of all career politicians); (2) a replacement of the IRS with the Flat tax or Fair tax, whichever one gives politicians the fewest politicians with the least control; (3) returning election of all Senators back to the States' control instead of Washington, DC control, to remind them that they report to the people, just as the House of Representatives do; (4) getting rid of the many corrupt alphabet Agencies and Departments, such as the EPA, the NSA, the FCC, the Federal Depts. of Education and Energy, the Clean Water agency and many more. And first on the list should be the repeal of ObamaCare and a new start on affordable health insurance that includes investigations of every party involved, as well as portable health insurance between states and jobs, Tort Reform, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and a cap on profits for all new drugs as well as current treatments.


The solutions will not come from the Federal Government and most likely not the Courts. The solution will come from WE THE PEOPLE through our State Legislatures. Virginia is now in the R column, which I think is now number 33, and we need 38 to get the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments revoked, thus restoring the Original Constitutional Republic; and the Federal government would be placed back under the Article I section 8 enumerated powers. 

Now, as to the importance of the removal of Obama with any candidate and to regain the Senate is as follows: The congress can be pressured to start a process of restoring the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION by defining what the words meant and what the Founders  actually wrote. The usurpers have attacked the true meaning by changing the definitions of words and by modernizing the Constitution to serve the new demands of the Progressive movement. 

Yes, they have used the court to alter the actual meaning of the Constitution, as the Founders made clear could not be done without using the methods they created to allow adjustments--as required over the decades and centuries. The Founders wrote the Constitution in very simple straightforward language, using everyday words that all people of the times could read and understand. They then gave us the Article V amendment process so we could make changes if necessary and we have used it 17 times since the bill of rights [first ten amendments] and one of those was to revoke a previous mistaken amendment.

So, clearly the Amendment process was set in place to protect the PEOPLE and allow them to make corrections to limit the usurping of a oppressive tyrannical central government. This gave us the State convention option in the Article V method to permit the States to take action when the Congress refuses to make amendments to correct usurpation and to send them to the many States for ratifying. The States can directly make amendments and force them on the Central Federal government without debate by having 38 States [3/4] create an amendment that revokes the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments - then present it to Congress to send out for ratification by the 38 States [3/4] - Congress cannot refuse and if they do, then the State  38 LEGISLATURES CAN RATIFY THE AMENDMENT[S] and present the ratified amendment to Congress as law of the land. The Congress and the Courts have no ability to refuse or even consider, for it is done. This option is clearly in article V and there is no prohibiting language, as the Founders intended this to be the last option before rebellion.

The Republic can be kept and we can do our duty as Franklin would have instructed.


I am spending every available moment working to get my state of Nevada to pressure the State Legislature to join this project. Instead of talking to the choir as most of us are doing here, Google your State government website, make a list of all members of your legislature along with their phone nos., emails, and addresses and contact them personally--either by phone or by making an appointment for a personal visit. Most of the websites will have a script available for you to discuss the Convention of States and to persuade each member to talk to the others and join the project. Don't just sit and complain!! Stand up for our freedoms and those of our children and grandchildren.



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