Voters Losing Faith in Dem Politicians



     According to a Rasmussen Reports survey . . . American voters, who have recently acknowledged more faith in Barack Obama than they’ve shown in several months, are now apparently rapidly losing faith in his fellow Democratic politicians and trust Republicans more on all ten of the nation’s top issues.  Looking at the top-10 issues as selected by those surveyed: Voters trust the G.O.P. on the Economy (their #1 issue) by a 9% margin; on health care (issue #2) by 14%. Only on education (#3) was the matter much in doubt. The voters trusted Republicans by only a 2% margin on education while the minimum trust edge for all the other issues was 8% on ethics; and Social Security; and Iraq. The national security (#9) edge given to the G.O.P. was a whopping 15%; and the edge on handling taxes (#10) afforded to Republicans was a phenomenal 19%.








 Health Care












 Social Security






 Government Ethics



 National Security








          As new House Speaker John Boehner and the G.O.P. take over the House of Representatives this month (the Dems still control the White House and Senate),  this marks the first time according to Rasmussen since August, 2009, that Republicans have been trusted more on all ten top issues. At this time two years ago, the soon to be inaugurated Obama and his Dems were trusted more than Republicans on almost every issue. Republicans have held double-digit or near double-digit leads on generic Congressional ballots over the last few months. Congress means both the House and Senate . . . so possible implications are that Democrats in the House and Congress need to respond to the people’s wishes for sweeping change in their handling of the nation’s business. The election results indicate that voters want that from both parties but perhaps are looking for even more marked change among Democrats.



            Meanwhile Barack Obama today meets with Red Chinese leader Hu Jintao. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has been even more INeffective on the world stage than he has been at creating jobs here at home.  Jintao's country has abused ours in trade agreement after trade agreement and now he's calling for the world to replace the dollar with their currency (the Yuan).  Mr. Hu Jintao is an enemy intent upon economic destruction of this nation and needs to be handled as such.  Of course, we've hurt ourselves much more than the Chinese have damaged us and it's about time Mr. Obama looks back in history to the last time a President actually made a difference in ending a serious financial downturn.

            Warren G. Harding in 1921 inherited a terrible recession from progressive President Woodrow Wilson, much worse than the one in 1929 Herbert Hoover caused for himself with his economic interference policies (raising tariffs in particular). Thanks to Harding’s decisive action the so-called “Invisible Depression was ended in fifteen months. What did Harding do? He cut taxes 49%; cut spending 48%; and reduced the national debt by 30%. He died in office before getting to see the country’s full rebound, but his Vice President Calvin Coolidge after being sworn in continued the policies and gave us the “Roaring Twenties” the decade in American History which showed us the most dramatic surge in prosperity the country’s ever known. How does Harding’s example relate to Obama’s visit with Hu Jintao? Rajjpuut would suggest seven steps for the country per se; and three more steps with regard to the Red Chinese:


A.    Internally


1. Reduce government spending by 40% and maintain it at that level for a period of 10-15 years depending upon progress in the economy; national debt and UNfunded liabilities.

2. Reduce taxes on individuals and businesses by 60% for a period of five years; by only 40% for years six-ten.

3. Pay down the national debt by 12% per year for the next dozen years.

4. Create a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. And an amendment requiring that each new Congress must in their first 90 days pass a budget.

5. Pass an amendment to the Constitution abolishing income tax for individuals and businesses and replacing it with an 8% Value-Added Tax (VAT) on all individual and business purchases; and a 12% VAT on all purchases of imported goods.

6. Eliminate all foreign aid.

7. Allow refineries to be built in the United States and drilling of oil inland and offshore to proceed and nuclear power plants to be built.



B.  Vis-a-vis China
      Until such a time as China agrees to 100% fair trade with this country in all aspects charge a 40% VAT on all Chinese goods entering the country, and . . .


1. Forbid all knowledge-sharing and technology-sharing with the Chinese.

2. Add a $1 million surtax upon any company doing business with the Chinese.

3. Forbid ownership or exchange of Chinese Yuans in this country.


Rajjpuut states unequivocally that the measures mentioned above will return this country to greatness and put us on the road to curing the worst 85% of our nation’s economic ills within a dozen years.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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  • The unfortunate thing about that, "Phoenix" ROSE from the flames.

    Yes, it is frightening.

  • lots of great ideas being passed around on the media....BUT is Obama listening...NO.

    He is going to be the new wave 'Phoenix"  frightening.

  • Very good, Douglas and Phil, I could not agree with either of you more..Oh, well....with one exception Phil....I just happen to know someone whom does have the guts and the balls to do this....and...the biggest reason he has the guts and the balls is because he has, in writing, the laws that forbid this activity.  If this same information were sold by an individual, they would be charged with espionage, spying and treason.  These same laws apply to the government as well.
  • Very good points. It would be nice if someone in Washington were to take them to heart.

    Maybe we should start looking for someone within our own, Tea Party, ranks who shares those ideas.

    One thing, though, that I think you may have overlooked. We are also experiencing an invasion of Foreign Citizens illegally entering our Nation. And, a group of Quislings in high places who welcome them.

    I feel these Undocumented Citizens of Foreign Nations are a large part of the driving force behind our Nations current employment crisis. Unemployment alone cost this Nation about $270 B last year. Aside from the non-stimulus, that accounts for almost half of the remaining deficit for that one year alone. And there is no real prospect of it getting any better until that is confronted by the same Washington crowd that needs to enact your suggestions.

    You listed "Immigration" as number 6, and you may think this is about that, but it is not. IMMIGRATION is a legal process. It is a time consuming and potentially onerous task that culminates with a successful applicant, an authorized person of Foreign Origin, being sworn in as a Naturalized U.S. Citizen.

    Immigration has no relationship to the sneaking into our Nation of unauthorized persons of Foreign Origin. That is nothing less than an invasion, passive though it may be, by Foreign Powers! Those who allow these Undocumented Aliens to refer to themselves, or to be referred to by others as, immigrants only allow them to claim a cloak of legitimacy that is not rightfully theirs.

    Last year alone more then $20 B was shipped out of our economy to Foreign lands and much of that was, supposedly, the work product of those same Foreign Nationals who are living here without authorization. How much, what percentage, of what they earned, under the table, do you think they kept? Half? More? Less? And they do not just do those jobs that "Americans Refuse to Do." Consider the case of the Nanny in California for an example. 

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