Sun-Tzu made the famous observation “lose the battle win the war” yet when translated into fiscal policy it’s not desirable, yet our GOP leadership are going to roll hoping to come back later.  I recently made the move to the Tea Party as I cannot in good faith watch the GOP leadership horse trade with peoples lives. The fiscal cliff will be seen in the coming years as just one of many artificial dramas engineered by leaders on both sides as part of a process. That process is called “real politik” but it simply defends the status quo. 

What we need is a dramatic change in direction as a nation; education delivers generations into welfare slavery. We spend like a lotto winner in Vegas and the “Washington Crowd” simply posture while making no radical proposals. We are going broke yet we act like the irresponsible sub-prime borrower.  

I am a Venture Capitalist; I invest in innovation and entrepreneurship, the very driving forces which put this great nation at the top of the world. Yet I wonder, do any of our leaders understand it anymore? In the real world you must spend less than you receive and build strategic reserves so you can weather a harsh winter. Under the stewardship of our leaders we have become dependent on the benevolence of other nations.  We are on welfare!

So what's the solution?  Well as hard it will be, we need to cut benefits. We need to loosen the death grip the extremist environmental movement has on our energy pioneers. I could go on yet what we have to do as a matter of urgency is start with a joint understanding that the country cannot continue to borrow, whilst overseeing the destruction of our ability to produce wealth.  If you lose your job, its not a good idea to keep spending on Visa.


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  • Any way of refreshing this post and get new reaction?

  • Gregg.

    Right on.

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  • Hello My911,

    What needs to be done now, without hesitation is to begin- Investigations into Unamerican Activities.

    Everyone in government needs to be investigated.

  • I just wrote a blog about the Debt Canyon.

    It is in review and will be posted soon look for it!

    And PLEASE commit to the actions it asks for

  • Someone else made the suggestion, but I have to concur - -"refuse to pay your taxes"  - -that is everybody, every last "man jack" of US!  Then, "they" will have NO money to spend!

  • obama, and his minions in congress are holding their ground on raising taxes, but they do not want to cut their spending...they will cut budgets, like the military, but not their spending..why??? because they are not that concerned with the fiscal actuality, the democrats are using the fiscal cliff to raise our taxes....that is a ponzi scheme on us, when in reality, it is they who should be made to cut spending, and thats why you have not seen a budget from them in 4 years. so write you reps, and get the word out that we have figured out their game plan....obama has another 4 years, and he is going to spend like crazy, to get his socialist propaganda prgrams passed, but he wants us taxed, and him allowed to spend dont let them fool you..the issue is not is the presidents spending.

  • We're very definately flat broke, but since the country hasn't pulled the credit card yet, the spending spree goes on. Unfortunately this is the down side of fiat money. Once off the gold standard in 1971, under Nixon's rule, the government (Federal Reserve System) was free to spend all they wanted to AND not significantly raise the taxes. All they had to do is print more money. Unfortunately this monetary system is doomed to destruction as all others like it have in history. When money has NOTHING to back it, it's worth NOTHING! The more currency the Fed prints, the lower the value and the greater inflation of goods. People just do not learn a damn thing from history. Keep doing the same failed thing over and over again expecting better results. Sad.....

  • Robert, I have changed my mind about the current mess being "our" fault.  It's the politicians in this country. I never wrote a congressman or voted for one who said, "Let's take money out of the Social Security Program an spend it on welfare." I've worked over 40 years and paid into SS, raised a family, helped my neighbor and voted for what I thought were conservatives. Now the mess we are in is going to require sacrifices from all us - I get that, but I don't go along with national, generational guilt for the mess anymore.

  • Let's be clear: suggesting we cut medicare and SS, programs we have invested in with our own sweat and blood,  isn't 'cutting', but 'stealing'. In order to steal, one will have to become a thief.

    So what's it going to be: a thief or cutting spending that actually saves tax dollars.

    I wonder if anybody has a real handle on just how much oil we have underground on federal land?

    ex animo


  • All during Obama's first term, everyone was screaming & yelling at our elected officials including, the president.  All of which, turned a deaf ear to us.  What makes us think that things are going to be different now?  Anyone who can apply the reason of a 3rd grader, knows that you cannot cheat the math!.... What is being done to us is deliberate!  Both Republicans and Democrats are to blame... The real agenda is to dissolve this form of government and change us into a socialist state.   We need a new political party that is incorruptible, self-policing.   We can quote Scripture and the Constitution all day long, and nothing will change until we put legs to our words and confront these tyrants head on... Even if it means busting some heads along the way...  We are at war for our very existence, and no one is showing up for the fight! 

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