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By Oscar Y. Harward

The National Republican Committee (RNC) leaders and the GOP Capitol Hill leaders have led the GOP into disarray; promising certain changes; then failing to respond at the occasion. 

We expect the Democrat Party to support Socialist and/or Communist issues.  Do Democrat Party voters really know the damage as the Democrat Party is destroying our Constitution and our USA?  

How much deficit spending is too much?  Will it end?  When and how much?  Is there any number to stop the spending?  

Today, and with much disgrace, these same GOP leaders demand their continued leaderships and guidance; similar to the Democrat Party, and even after major failures.  As President Obama asks for, our Capitol Hill majority Republican Party leaders pass legislation to approve and pay for it. 

2016 Republican Party Presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) often refers to the GOP leadership on Capitol Hill as a Washington ‘cartel’; and his portrayal is fitting.  

Fiscally speaking, no one, other than the majority GOP Capitol Hill leaders, can blame anyone other than themselves for an exploding out-of-control deficit spending; now exceeding more than $18 Trillion dollars.   

Socially speaking, (y)our majority GOP House leaders refuse to protect our nation on social issues as clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence.  

For example, on September 30, 2015, GOP House leaders led 91 Republican Party Capitol Hill House Representatives to support legislation that included funding Planned Parenthood.  

On October 7, GOP Senate leaders led 49 Republican Party Senators to support legislation that included funding Planned Parenthood.  2016 Republican Party Presidential candidates, Sen. Ted Cru (R-TX) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) voted ‘NAY’ to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) did not vote.  

On National Security, our US Military are in multiple wars against numerous terrorist nations and groups in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  As President Obama asks, a GOP majority on Capitol Hill delivers; even funding terrorist groups who are at war with our US Military.  

During the political season 2014, two of the top political issues in the Republican Party and all across America for Conservatives has been to stop an American invasion of ‘illegal’ immigrants and to defeat ObamaCare, a job-killing Socialistic or Communistic program fully supported by the Democrat Party. 

During these months prior to the November 2014 General Election, Republican leaders in the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Capitol Hill Leaders including Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his team leaders, and Speaker of the House, John Boehner and his team leaders collaborated with the US Chamber of Commerce to provide millions of 2014 political money to Republican Party candidates in return of support for more ‘illegal’ immigration and other left-wing issues.  

In June 2014, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who was one of those who pushed more ‘illegal’ immigration, was defeated at the Virginia State Convention for his Congressional reelection.  Most Conservative thought this would be an awakening to the GOP leadership from ‘WE the People’.  Even today, the RINO Republican leaders push on and refuse to listen to the majority of Conservative Republicans.  

Almost all Conservative Republican Party candidates promised to stop the ‘invasion’ of illegal immigrants and defeat all legislation associated with ObamaCare as crammed down Americans’ throats by the then Democrat Party in 2009.  The American electorate responded by electing huge majorities of Republicans on Capitol Hill and in many states’ General Assemblies.  

With these big Republican Party wins, Capitol Hill leaders and their teams ‘betrayed’ the American voters and the promises by the Republican Party candidates; by again, rebuking ‘We the People’.  

On a Sunday, October 11, 2015 national TV news, Carl Rove spoke of how speaker Boehner had worked so hard with the GOP leadership; in spending more than 200 days on the road raising money for the Republican Party.  

Karl Rove and many other RINO Republicans fail to report to the American donors today is that a large percentage of the requested and donated GOP money given by contributors to various Washington based GOP leaders and/or their Political Action Committees (PACs) is being dispersed to other RINO Republican Party candidates and for the ‘defeat’ of highly qualified and great Conservative leaders in GOP ‘Primaries’ within the Republican Party.  

Never before, has the leadership of the Republican Party sought for and received so much money for the Republican Party to disperse these dollars to Moderate to Liberal Republican in an effort to defeat Conservative Republican Party candidates.  

Yes, our Capitol Hill GOP leaders continue to betray ‘We the People’.  Only Republicans can reverse the GOP issues back to a more Conservative Republican Party.

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Memories Sweet Memories.

     The state of our great country has brought back some fond memories from my past and new insights into the present.
     We had a partying womanizing liar as Commander in Chief caught in an adulterous affair with one Monica Lewdinsky. To take the American peoples mind off his impeachment “Slick Willie” started a WAR against Christians on the other side of the pond.
     Luckily, now, we have a radical left wing anti American doing the same type stuff. In an effort to hide the attacks and deaths of Americans in Lybia, inaction by another Clinton aiding in this fiasco, Obummer has caused a FAKE Fiscal Fiasco, and trying to cause as much harm and Fear in These Great United States as possible by disgracing and disrespecting Real Americans that either Served this country or love it very much.
     By trying to force socialism on us all, this community organizer and Coward (having never served  this country in any real fashion) is trying to break our (real Americans) hearts, minds, souls spirits, and Banks, all to cover up his failure as a leader in any sense of the meaning.
       Whatever did happen in Benghazi and when will this madness ever end?
     Impeach and Defund now. You Guys Know what I mean, I’m sure.
                                                 May God Have Mercy on us all.

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WHEN DID THE conversation become all about money?  It didn’t start out that way. Sure, we wanted to evoke the Founding Fathers and the American Revolutionary spirit, so we thought of the Boston Tea Party, and the Taxed Enough, Already, movement got started.

But it wasn’t really about money. It was about Good and Evil.

When the discussion was about Good and Evil, we knew who we were. We were the good guys. Our rallies were famous for lawn chairs, portable barbecues, funny hats and relaxed attitudes.

When the speakers were finished, they would more than likely pull up a chair under somebody’s sun shade and share a hamburger. In the midst of almost total governmental darkness, we laughed and joked and shook hands all the way to a House majority and a filibusterable Senate.

Then it got grim.

 Somehow, it always gets grim. Conservatives are distinguished for being decent people, and far too often this leads us into talking about what the other guy wants to talk about. The result is that the other guy gets to dominate the conversation.

 The other guy, this time around (and pretty much always), is mammon.

 “Mammon,” too-often translated simply, “money,” is more than money: it is the secular world system of money-driven power. It is the system that regards, “it makes money,” as a moral statement, and thereby subordinates morality to the profit motive. It is the system that opposes God, because God tends to get in our way.

 God tells us we cannot serve both Him and mammon (Matthew 6:24). The reason for that is that, if we serve God, everything—including the profit motive—is subordinated to morality. And  not just any old morality, not a morality that we make up for ourselves, but Godly morality: the sort that holds the integrity of the family—every family—sacred, and sees human beings—all human beings—as living icons of Christ, however scarred those icons might be. Godly morality proclaims the dignity and the intended Divine destiny of  man, and hence the inestimable value of every life.

 If we reduce all of that to “fiscal responsibility,” we find ourselves, albeit inadvertently, playing the opposition’s game, on the opposition’s field, with the opposition’s borrowed equipment.

 So, how’s that working for us?

 Where is that easy-going good nature the TEA Party movement started with? Where is that ebullient confidence we all had, that came from being part of something not just logical and sensible, but Right—not as in Right and Left, but as in Right and Wrong. When did our determined optimism turn to angry defensiveness?

 When did we start losing?

 I think it was when we began to redefine “patriotism,” away from preserving our Godly and moral culture and toward preserving our bankroll.

 The result is that we’re beginning to look just like the Left. “Our” media are all full of “scare-selling,” to try to get our attention (and sell us protection against The Inevitable Disaster), supermarket-tabloid scandal-mongering, (as if that were the only way to hold our interest) and nasty, even profane blather on our discussion groups.

 This isn’t how we started. This isn’t how we won. This is how we started losing.

 We need to get back to saying what we want to say, our way, in our words, without embarrassment and without letting the Left set the rules for the conversation.

Recently, a conservative conference was announced. Some didn’t want to have anything to do with the moral conversation, so it split into two “conservative”  conferences. I frankly hope no-one attends the “fiscal-only” conference, because we just don’t need any more selling-out to mammon.


America has never been an immoral nation. It has never been an amoral nation. It has never been an atheistic nation. It has been a Christian nation for its entire life, until the Left sucker-pinched us in the 60’s and began to dominate the cultural conversation. If we are truly conservative Americans, we will work to rebuild the country that became the greatest nation on earth, and we will stop caving in to the demands of the Left that we join them in tearing down the moral foundation upon which our every strength—including our fiscal strength—was built.


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Haven't written in a while and probably won't until Tax Season is Over but I think it is time to bring some normalcy into what the Tea Party stands for. After April 15th I plan to be an activist for change.

I just received an email from the Tea Party raising funds for OPERATION HELL, using a 3 pronged approach. the first prong is 1. Demand the Deportation of Piers Morgan!

As my title states we MUST stop this nonsense. Piers nationality has nothing to do with his thinking and deporting him will solve nothing, besides since when has the Tea party been against FREE SPEECH? What are we going to do next? Demand we deport fools like AL Gore and Michael Moore? Just because they have a different ideology doesn't mean we try and control speech. We are better than that. WE MUST WIN ON OUR IDEAS & IDEALS

We are already regarded negatively by the Press and this kind of statement does nothing to further our credibility. We must be seen as the party of sanity, demanding fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility. Our total focus should be on demanding the Republican Party nominate ELECTABLE Fiscally conservative candidates who will DEFEND the Constitution and we need to do everything in our power to make this happen. Once we have our fiscal house in order we can tackle other issues. We must educate the ill informed about why this is necessary. Bankrupt nations have no voice in the world but today the vast majority of the population thinks government is the solution and we have unlimited resources. They have no concept of what a balanced budget means and no concept of the fact that we cannot borrow our way out of bankruptcy, or the fact that we BORROW over 40 cents on EVERY dollar WE SPEND.

After April 15th, I will be more involved in making the party a success if I can figure out what or how I can contribute; this blog is just a response to our acting as stupidly as the people we criticize. I have even written a book about the changes we as a country need but I am not here to promote my book, so I won't even mention the title or how you can get it.
The leadership of the tea Party should not be promoting insanity and I for one think the forum for that kind of discussion is on the blogs and not a basis for raising funds because we don't like somebody else's free speech and thoughts. At the leadership level we need an easily understandable coherent goals and objectives statement. I challenge you to tell me what the Tea party stands for. We cannot be a voice for every issue or please everyone. We need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS

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By Gregg Houlden

I was thinking yesterday we hardly ever hear explanations as whats going wrong with our economy or Obama's fiscal policy in terms we can all understand. One of the great successes of the 2012 campaign for the DNC was Axelrod’s and his teams ability to get across the “Hope and still needs changing” theme to the great under informed voter at large. I might hate the guys politics but he managed a great team, developed strategies that delivered the message via every medium and totally glossed over the fact his boss was a liar and a cheat.  Frankly, I am impressed. Wish I could say the same thing about Rove and his stupid white boards!

However, back to Economics. So forget Keynes and FDR's “New Deal”, forget the Gold Standard they all have merit to the conversation but to be honest, have no meaning to the low information voter.  I thought I would try and explain in an analogy the basic concept behind the Obama's economic stimulus and recovery plan.

Analogy A (Aimed at Low Information women voters)  The recovery driven bet!

Ms A...look at your partner, yes the one drinking beer in front of the game. Imagine he is managing the family's finances. Right, its getting close to mortgage check posting time and you are wondering why he's so desperately focused on the game. Well what you don't know is your partner thinks he’s smarter than the rest of us therefore, decided that saving is for mugs. Instead he's got a system and is betting the mortgage money with a Vegas Bookie.  But don't worry as soon as The Cardinals beat the Giants by 20 points you can pay the mortgage and if Black 32 comes up, get a new car! Might happen right, so don't him?

You then check the mail, Oh from the Bank, you are in arrears and have a month to pay or lose your family home. Hey Bill what's going on why didn't you pay last months payment? “Its OK babe trust me I have a system..this month the cardinals are going to win!” Oh BTW I put the kids college fund on Black 32...just watch we are going to be rich!

OK a huge simplification but in reality a pretty close approximation as to Obama's fiscal plan. Obama is betting the US economy on a short term recovery, that recovery needs to be deep and deliver 34+% growth in tax revenues before 2015.  The last 4 years have shown stagnant flat growth and in fact a worsening of the disposable income each family has to live on.  Obama pitched the low information voter in 2012 on “it just needs a little more time to work”...In other words “I have a system, don’t worry as soon as Black 32 comes up and the Cardinals win the Super Bowl” America will be rich. Obama is like the Vegas gambler betting the rent money and running up $6bn on his credit card certain his numbers will come up on the next spin of the wheel.

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Promises Made - Promises Wept -01 - I will Cut Taxes

This is a revision of the original post.

There is a new graphic about Cabela's and more obama broken promises.......

I will cut taxes

I will cut taxes - cut taxes - for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.
Barack Obama



How about this…………Cabela's explicitly displays obamacare tax... ON EVERYBODY



Click here for details


Need more? How about this……

 = = = = =

If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost.
Barack Obama


hmmmmmmmm.... The People can't trust theit Government............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Or this …………………

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME.... FAILED LEADERSHIP! ......and he goes to sleep at night???/


Now we have the Fiscal Cliff debacle.

How Will the Fiscal Cliff Tax Deal Affect Your Paycheck?

The answer is ….  It REDUCES it…. It RAISES your taxes; how much depends……

It depends on your Marital Status, Deductions Claimed and Income.

Here are some examples



Income, $

Increase, %


















A family of 4 is hit harder than a single dude!

So….. how do you feel about

….. I will cut taxes - cut taxes - for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.


+ + + + + + +

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Obama and Lew the Perfect Fiscal Storm

By Gregg Houlden

Every Investment Banking professional including myself look upon Lew's nomination with little less than despair. Not really for our personal wealth, as we can as easily operate from London and Singapore as NY or LA, but for the average working American. Already the effects of Obama's amateur and ideology led economic management is beginning to bite. (4th Quarter GDP Estimate Reduced to .8% from 1.5%). 

What does the Lew appointment mean to the average American? In my professional opinion, two major problems. An almost certain further downgrade by S&P and Moody's probably in Q1 13 will deliver higher interest rates. That means every Credit Card, Mortgage or Loan will become more expensive. The second point is more direct and will hit the middle class with a double whammy, the long term effects on manufacturing and large scale employers of Obama Care and increased payroll tax will be felt. I expect certain initial indicators to flag deeper problems. Already, Amex has decided to shed 5,500 jobs. I expect other Finance Houses to follow suit as they outsource to London or other destinations with more corporate friendly administrations. Manufacturing already burdened by the Unions and Obama's leftist led FMCS will once again to look to globalization to reduce costs. Don't blame the company as will the Democrats and Obama, blame academic theory meeting objective reality. 

Basic concept; If company A with US Costs can make and sell a widget for $3.30 and company B (in India or China) without Obamacare and unionized costs makes and sells the same widget for $0.50 even the most patriotic organization will go with B.  

In November, Obama lied, cheated and enabled by a barely competent MSM deceived the electorate. I will only make the 2% pay more. Well we had already globalized our portfolios Mr President. Now we see the first hike on the middle class, a payroll tax increase of around $100-200 per pay check. As Obama ramps up his spending as he only sees ideological value rather than fiscal. Basic economics say, the revenue to fulfil his grand schemes cannot come from the 2% even at 100% tax. It has to come from the 47% of working Americans. Now with a sycophant like Lew as Treasury Secretary, Obama's stupidity, lack of empathy and downright narcissism will have no voice of reason. Spend, Spend, Spend will lead to a tank in the dollar. S&P analysts will have conniption fits over the worsening debt ratio and economic indicators. I project by Q1 2014, if Obama is not stopped by the GOP House, our S&P rating will be A+. (Good is AAA BTW, as we used to be) Our bonds and debt (TBonds) will have to yield anything up to the Spain and Portugalesque 6% which will knock on to a 6 -11% jump in your personal interest payments. 

What really becomes a problem at that point is what economists call “Confidence”. When confidence fails in an economy buying ceases, investment halts and people don't trust anything. Banks fail, corporations saddled with debt and increasing labor costs close or relocate and USA Inc goes bankrupt.

Obama is a rank amateur that's too stupid and too arrogant to know his own limitations and seek competent help to mitigate the deficiency. We need our GOP leadership to change and replace Speaker Boehner with a competent and strong leader who will resist and slow the Obama disaster.  In effect save America from Obama and his foolish and childlike policies.

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‎10 DAYS TO FISCAL CLIFF-No deal is better than a bad deal.  Here is what a good deal looks like with a straight line trajectory to 2020>Reduce Federal spending from current 24% of GDP down to 18% of GDP by 2020 which is more the norm in the US outside of a world war.  This means the Federal budget must decline by roughly 25% (6%/24%) which equates to .25 x $3.9 trillion current budget=$975 billion over 8 years.  This means the spending must be reduced by $975 billion/8 years = $122 billion additional each year to 2020.  To reach a balanced budget, that means $1.2 trillion deficit -$975 billion spending cuts = $225 billion of new taxes over 8 years or a phase in of $28 billion of additional taxes each year. 

For those of you who excelled in math the above will all fit together.  The one thing that also needs to be part of the deal is a Balanced Budget Amendment so the Nation can get off its spending binge since there is no single person (ie Federal CEO) managing the budget unlike every major corporation in the world.  It's just been a free for all in DC the last 4 years.  RZ UVA Econ (3.9 GPA) '76 High Honors

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  4063639590?profile=originalWill House Speaker Boehner purge  of Tea Party membership on key House Committees backfire

While Washington D.C. political leaders battle on Capitol Hill and in the White House over the approaching ominous fiscal cliff, it appears House Speaker John Boehner has shoved conservative House Tea Party members over another type of cliff. In the military it is called “relieved of duty”, and that is exactly what Boehner has done in the 2012 post-election “House” cleaning.

The same conservative Tea Party House member that brought the GOP the largest surge of new members since the 1930’s, has resulted in several key leaders being quietly shown the committee exit door by Boehner. What is truly mystifying to many conservatives across the nation is why now?

With the House republicans retaining the majority and therefore holding onto the speaker’s gavel for Boehner, why not reinforce conservative leadership at a time when an overzealous president is making every attempt to neuter the GOP brand. Obama wants to force Boehner and House Republican eat their “No-tax hike” pledge in the fiscal cliff negotiations!

Deep within the bowels of the White House political office, there has to be plenty back slapping being shared, as they along with Obama watch the House Republicans take their unwanted political cheese bait. While the nation did reelect the president with bait and switch political tactics and epic character assassination methods, the House Republicans were still elected with a majority as well.

This conservative majority of Americans who came to the polls in November, could not imagine that Boehner would weaken his conservative hand, by shedding noted House Tea Party leaders like, Kansas’ Rep. Tim Huelskamp ( R-Kansas), who gained a well-respected reputation for standing up against Planned Parenthood, banning gay marriage and other conservative causes while a state senator. As it turned out, Boehner demonstrated his gratitude by booted him ...

This may be backroom and insider Capitol Hill politics, but was not changing the status quo of congressional GOP moderation the reason that the over whelming conservative swell of new congressmen and women were to be about after 2010 elections?

Apparently not the case according to congressman, Huelskamp, who stressed to his fellow conservative house caucus members, Tuesday, December 4th, “It confirms, in my mind, Americans’ deepest suspicions about Washington. It’s petty, it’s vindictive, and if you have any conservative principles, you will be punished for it.”

Yes, the punishment was swift and it cut deep into the heart of Tea Party conservative congressional members. Michigan’s own, Tea Party favorite Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), was dispossessed of his Budget committee seat. The purge continued with Arizona Rep. David Schweikert, being relieved of his seat on the powerful on Financial Services Committee. There were many others.

According to Slate, congressman Amash asserted this was this was a plain and simple congressional backroom “purge!”

( Click to read more )

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Sun-Tzu made the famous observation “lose the battle win the war” yet when translated into fiscal policy it’s not desirable, yet our GOP leadership are going to roll hoping to come back later.  I recently made the move to the Tea Party as I cannot in good faith watch the GOP leadership horse trade with peoples lives. The fiscal cliff will be seen in the coming years as just one of many artificial dramas engineered by leaders on both sides as part of a process. That process is called “real politik” but it simply defends the status quo. 

What we need is a dramatic change in direction as a nation; education delivers generations into welfare slavery. We spend like a lotto winner in Vegas and the “Washington Crowd” simply posture while making no radical proposals. We are going broke yet we act like the irresponsible sub-prime borrower.  

I am a Venture Capitalist; I invest in innovation and entrepreneurship, the very driving forces which put this great nation at the top of the world. Yet I wonder, do any of our leaders understand it anymore? In the real world you must spend less than you receive and build strategic reserves so you can weather a harsh winter. Under the stewardship of our leaders we have become dependent on the benevolence of other nations.  We are on welfare!

So what's the solution?  Well as hard it will be, we need to cut benefits. We need to loosen the death grip the extremist environmental movement has on our energy pioneers. I could go on yet what we have to do as a matter of urgency is start with a joint understanding that the country cannot continue to borrow, whilst overseeing the destruction of our ability to produce wealth.  If you lose your job, its not a good idea to keep spending on Visa.


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The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a sprawling economic report, and it underscored how dire our looming economic forecast looks. If we can somehow avoid falling off the fiscal cliff and deflect Taxmageddon, thereby averting a wave of scheduled tax hikes as the "Bush Tax Rates" expire, we can hopefully stay stagnated as we are today. Keep in mind that this is an overly optimistic forecast and a best-case scenario for the U.S. economy next year. This means the BEST we can hope for if Americans give Barack Obama another four years is 8 percent unemployment, and economic growth of 1.7 percent--That is as good as it gets.

Whether one likes to admit it or not, the deficit has hovered near $1 trillion for each year of the Obama presidency, meaning that Obama did not satisfy his 2009 promise to halve the deficit by the end of his first term. Obama said this about his budget, "We built this budget around the idea that our country has always done best when everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules." The only rules the Obama administration are imposing are Marxist ones attempting to spread the wealth around. It is worth examining what the President’s budget proposes for the next four fiscal years.

Yes, the national debt will surpass $20 trillion by 2016.

  • Under the President’s budget policies, federal debt will increase to $25.4 trillion by the end of 2022, an increase of $10.6 trillion (72 percent).
  • Federal debt at the end of the current fiscal year will stand at $16.2 trillion—$6.2 trillion above where it was 4 years earlier.
  • In the last 4 years, the debt increased by more than it did in the previous 17 years.
  • The $1.8 trillion in tax hikes in the President’s budget finance $1.4 trillion in spending above projected growth, not deficit reduction.
  • Debt will remain permanently elevated above 100 percent of GDP — a level of debt that economists believe results in weaker growth and millions of lost jobs.

The CBO report goes on to summarize that if we continue or increase our current tax and spending policies our economic outlook would only improve in the short run but would boost deficits and debt significantly and would place the budget on a path that is ultimately unsustainable. The Senate has done nothing to remedy this situation. The president has done nothing. Remember, President Obama's budget was embarrassingly rejected by the Democrat controlled Senate 99-0 and in the House it failed to garnish one stinking vote where it failed 414-0. Watch Stu Burguiere explain what he calls “the deficit blame game” while he compares President Obama’s deficit to the total deficit of former President George W. Bush, who Obama routinely blames for all of his administration’s shortcomings. (Well, that and tsunami's, headwinds from Europe, ATM's, and even on-line travel sites)

Obama knows that his economic policies are conducive of neither liberty as traditionally conceived by Americans nor prosperity. He is many things, but he is not incompetent. His policy flows from his vast knowledge and exposure to both Keynesian economics and neo-Marxian philosophy. The problem is that most Americans did not realize what Barack Obama meant when he envisioned a "fundamental transformation" for our country. Obama's idea is unlike the image most Americans have acquired an affection for and even more unlike the America which our ancestors called  home. The philosopher Ronald Dworkin said and Obama would agree that "a more equal society" -- a society where the resources of which are equally "distributed" -- is better than the contrary, even if its citizens prefer inequality. What this means is nothing short of the death of America as it is currently constituted. While the president genuinely believes that his plans are what's best for the country, his policy prescriptions are indeed ultimately destructive. Barack Obama blames everyone but himself, DO NOT FORGET THAT THE DEMOCRATS CONTROLLED BOTH THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE FOR THE FIRST HALF OF HIS TERM, and Obama got passed every piece of legislation he desired. Under such leadership, American incomes declined more in the three-year expansion that started in June 2009 than during the longest recession since the Great Depression, according an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by Sentier Research LLC. The research firm’s Gordon Green, who previously directed work on the Census Bureau’s income and poverty statistics program, “Almost every group is worse off than it was three years ago, and some groups had very large declines in income, we’re in an unprecedented period of economic stagnation.”

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Tea Party Loses Way, Forgets King-making
Embraces Third-Party Status??
It’s beginning to look like many in the TEA Party have decided that acting in “its” perceived best interest and not in the nation’s best interest is the way to go . . . ho hum, ho hum just another political party that doesn’t understand the difference between winning and vainglory. Truly a sad state of affairs given the TEA (Taxed enough already) Party’s tremendous initial integrity and promise. Rajjpuut believes that thanks to the inclusion of the TEA Party in the affairs of the nation this November, the chances of the Democrats to maintain, or even advance their majorities in the House and Senate have dramatically increased. That is, the once great hope for America, for winning back the country, is proving to be just another short-sighted third party effort.
TEA Party candidates running in primaries, trying to get elected? Sounds like an enormous waste of time and money. Sounds like a sure way to become part of the corrupt system rather than to actually reform it. Rajjpuut would point all TEA Party folks toward the thoughtful example of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican statehood . . . no, no, we're NOT talking about Obama . . . .
The ultra-cynical Barack Obama would like to make Puerto Rico into the 51st State. If he succeeds, he will actually have created real jobs for flagmakers, wow, the very first success of his misguided regime. Mr. Obama, however, is clearly NOT thinking about jobs for flagmakers or for anyone else. He has embarked on a desperate gamble. He needs to add about fifteen million Hispanics to the voting rolls, keep them in a riled up “revolutionary fever-pitch” and use their votes (expecting to win a split of about 80-20 or 85-15 for the Democrats at the ballot boxes) to dominate the elections of 2012 and 2014 and enshrine the progressive-wing of the Democratic Party as the permanent holder of the White House and both chambers of Congress. If you thought he’d brought us hell on earth in 2009 and 2010 . . . consider the specter of “President-for-life” Barack Obama – doesn’t that just thrill you?
Mr. Obama, passing his desired Immigration “Reform” bill into law and once he becomes “el dictador” (the dictator) here could than impose statehood on Puerto Rico from outside if he chooses to, but that’s the only way Puerto Rico would be dragged into the USA. You see, Mr. Obama doesn’t understand PR politics and the model of PR politics is also the model the TEA Party leadership does NOT understand either. The survival of the TEA Party and the utter defeat of the Obama regime depends upon the TEA Party wising up . . . QUICKLY and adopting the PR model. Let Ol’ Rajjpuut make this perfectly clear in case you're not aware of what goes in Puerto Rico . . . .
The single-most burning issue in PR politics for the last sixty years has been American Statehood. Like Hamlet’s vacillation, it’s a major question of “To be or not to be . . . .” In 1952, the Puerto Rican people made a huge deal of demanding (and getting) PR recognized legally with commonwealth status (in Spanish “un estado libre associado” or 'a free but associated state'). Puerto Rico is by law thus a free territory associated with the United States. This single issue has so dominated political thinking for the last six decades that three separate political parties arguing this issue more than any other, have risen up to dominate PR politics. These three sides have been arguing this issue and controlling the country until recently when another seemingly-intelligent fourth side has emerged. We’ll ignore the arising fourth party, its influence is not yet clear, except to say they have chosen perhaps the wisest ground of all, they refuse to get involved in statehood at all which could prove to be a very popular stand and devote themselves to more mundane matters in island life . . . oh, by the way, to be fully accurate there are nineteen political parties in PR but up till now on the most important question of all and on other very important questions only three of these parties have mattered. Understanding that the situation is very fluid in PR and that influence from one party flows easily to other parties within their nineteen parties, here’s what’s going on:
A. The right-wing organization los “Estadistas” believes that the future of Puerto Rico should be aligned with the United State, better yet within the United States. They say that everything good now going on will be amplified a hundredfold and all miseries would be reduced tenfold if PR becomes the 51st state. Their strength from year to year varies from 30-37% with 33-34% of the people agreeing with them on statehood at a given vote. They're somewhat like our Republican Party.
B. There is a left-wing organzation los “Independentistas” that wants Puerto Rico to become a free nation. The most progressive among them actually hate the United States and paint the United States as an empire that dominates and exploits them. Think of them as our revolutionary-progressive Democrats here seeking to fundamentally transform their island. Depending upon economic conditions, their popularity oscillates between 32-38% with 35% of voters typically voting with them on the statehood issue.
C. The third major party when it comes to the big question of statehood is actually not so much a third party but a third way of thinking. They are officially the Commonwealth Party. Every time the issue of statehood comes up for a ballot (Puerto Ricans love voting on this issue far more than any other) their utterly INexpensive and utterly effective campaigning features a lot of volunteers parading around with a few signs emphasizing the beauty of “el estatus quo” or keeping things just the way they are. The Commonwealth Party membership varies from 27-34% with 30% being typical support on the issue of Statehood. While they are not always effective on other issues, the Commonwealth Party always wins the statehood vote because they stake out and dominate the middle ground and the other two positions are mutually exclusive. The common wealth party also does tend to enjoy a far greater domination in issues other than statehood despite their low numbers as they almost universally stake out the middle ground and later when a coalition government is formed, the commonwealth party is one of the few almost always invited to the table by the other parties. In so far as any nation with 19 parties can be dominated by one political party the Commonwealth Party dominates Puerto Rican politics . . . most importantly they exercise this domination by only winning on one issue: statehood.
Rajjpuut would suggest to TEA Party leadership that WINNING (and thus saving our nation) is far more important than just looking good. What does that mean?
For one possible example of the probable wrong course, Rand Paul, a nominal libertarian^^ just won a state primary over a heavily backed Republican candidate. Rand might win in November, but then again he might not. He’s not a Republican and will not have the fund-raising of the Republicans behind him -- NOR SHOULD HE, they've got their own troubles and their own candidates. Those in the know say it’s 50-50 Paul wins in November; Rajjpuut says its fairly unlikely he’ll win . . . votes follow money, unfortunately. While Rajjpuut would clearly prefer Rand Paul over 94% of Democrats and over 100% of progressive Republicans and/or progressive Democrats . . . politics is a profession built upon hard work and practicality which means "MONEY." And that is the dilemma of all third parties in America and all grass-roots movements everywhere: Piling up money and doing the hard work while never being tempted to make shortcuts to get that all-too-crucial monetary backing is essential but -- just as cleanliness is next to Godliness in politics, it's also next to impossible.
Why is the TEA Party even considering nominating candidates? Our early successes have gone to our heads. And the early successes have impressed Republicans and shocked and angered a few Democrats. The TEA Party integrity has also been a refreshing new addition to the American political scene – in fact, Rajjpuut would say the TEA Party integrity and winning . . . highlight the most favorable path ahead: like the Commonwealth Party in Puerto Rico let's be real conservatives on fiscal matters and the Constitution and possibly a few more associated matters (such as the TEA Party “Contract FROM America” perhaps the single-greatest political document since the Magana Carta and TEA Party leadership is letting it languish on the sidelines instead of relentlessly educating Americans (“This, this ‘Contract FROM America’ is what we are all about.”) Let’s say the TEA Party’s effectiveness in winning is right about 67-68%. That’s amazing for not having any money. But this figure needs to be tempted by reality and practicality: Scott Brown, of Massachusetts, for example, has done some minor good but sided with Obama on three critical issues so where does that leave us when Brown comes up for a vote? Rajjpuut suggests, it leaves us right where we should be . . . holding Brown's feet to the fire while comparing him to other candidates.
Imagine this lovely scenario: by staying a low-budget, deeply patriotic non-violent group who’s integrity comes to be admired by even the mainstream media (that's not appearing likely yet, eh?) that concentrates on conservative fiscal and constitutional matters (such as repealing Obamacare as a violation of the Constitution, especially the 10th Amendment; and amending the Constitution so that all bills must delineate why and where they are justified within the Constitution) say we set as a goal: expanding our power and influence so that the TEA Party supported candidates and issues win 75% . . . the TEA Party becomes the nation’s kingmakers here in America just as the Commonwealth Party dominates in Puerto Rico. That’s an easily achievable and far more noble goal than becoming** another political party.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
^^ Rajjpuut is a Libertarian and Rand Paul truly does NOT FULLY understand the political thinking of libertarianism as seen by his comments on the civil rights law -- where he argued about angels on the heads of pins rather than just being "Libertarian practical" and saying (to himself) "it's the law of the land and I agree with 99% of it, so I'll keep my mouth shut." For all practical purposes the Civil Rights Law of '64 is as perfect as its ever going to be, shut up and move on to Fiscal Conservativism and Constitutional Conservativism as the only subjects you talk to reporters about. See Rajjpuut's critique of this issue here:
similarly when abortion is brought up: "It's the law of the land" move on to talka about Fiscal Conservativism and Constitutional Conservativism, AMEN!
**This could change for the TEA Party in say, six or eight years as they gain America's esteem . . . and it might become desirable to become a vote-seeking party. But ask yourself this, if winning and advancing the two major conservative issues is all that matters (Rajjpuut says it is NOW and for the foreseeable future) than how much more effective can a political party be than 75%??? Not to mention that political parties and politicians tend to get corrupted. It’s more difficult at first, but after awhile they all lose their integrity. Isn’t it better to be the one holding feet to the fire, than being the one whose “vision slips”???? Better to strategically control the fray while staying apart from it and maintaining one's objectivity and integrity, NO?
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Libertarian Rajjpuut is Offended by

Rand Paul's Ignorance

It’s always nasty when a politician gets hoisted upon his own petard especially if corruption or ignorance is involved. Rand Paul, a Republican (he calls himself a Libertarian) candidate, who just earned the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky is now mired in serious controversy. Paul says that while he approves strongly of nine of the ten provisions in the 1964 Civil Rights Act . . . had he been around he would have tried to modify the 10th provision which concerns potential discrimination in private businesses. The other nine provisions affect discrimination in publicly-funded institutions and government and Paul states his agreement with them.

Rajjpuut, is a REAL Libertarian. Let’s be clear here, 100% clear: Bill Clintonesque word-parsing is NOT what Libertarianism is all about. Mr. Paul does have a teensy-tiny point in what he says . . . but then he ignores 99.999999% of the spirit of Libertarianism in making his foolish argument. Too bad Mr. Rand, son of the well-known Ron Paul, doesn’t actually understand the political philosophy he espouses. So, exactly how is Paul right in saying that the private business provision of the 1964 Civil Rights Act might have been improved? And how exactly did he miss the boat (the spirit of Libertarianism) with 99.999999% of his comment?

We’ve all seen those signs on business walls “The proprietor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.” That’s the teensy-tiny part that Rand Paul got correct. No business should be forced to ever serve all customers entering its establishment. There are customers who come in shirtless, shoeless, stinking, etc. There are would-be repeat customers that have previously been kicked out of an establishment for obnoxious behavior. Refusing this class of undesirable customers is definitely within business owners’ rights. So far, so good, Mr. Paul. However, Mr. Paul clearly abused and misstated Libertarianism in virtually all of his objection to the ’64 Civil Rights Act and in the process, showed himself an extreme light-weight in intellectual ability.

“Whites Only” signs in the windows of a few Missouri businesses and all over the segregated south . . . “No sailors or dogs allowed in city parks” . . . “Our business is offered to ‘restricted clientele’ only” . . . “Jewish business is NOT desired” . . . “Colored” bathrooms and drinking fountains . . . are we getting the picture? That is clearly the core issue here. Should a private business open to the public be allowed to ban people because of skin color? religion? national origin? or other extraneous issues? Extending the question, can a private business open to the public, refuse to hire people because they’re, for example, freckled? black? a naturalized rather than a native-born citizen? etc.? etc.? That Mr. Paul does NOT understand the differences between what’s being described in this paragraph and the one immediately preceding it is a dramatic indictment of his lightweight-thinker status.

Once again, people MAY be legally refused service from a business for CAUSE, and for cause only. Then, if they violate the owner’s prerogative to ban them for cause , they can be legally barred by restraining orders issued by our courts. Eventually repeated violations can result in arrest and imprisonment. Banning people for extraneous reasons such as skin color, religion, etc. is a violation of their civil rights. Do you get that now, Mr. Rand Paul? A wise general picks his battles carefully, but you decided to debate on how many angels can stand on a pinpoint . . . foolish.

As a side issue, Rajjpuut would like to advise any serious conservative candidate to respond to questions on abortion, civil rights, “don’t ask-don’t tell, and the like with the simple declarative, “It’s the law of the land.” Conservatives need to stick to the point: discussions of fiscal responsibility; border security; security against terrorism; balanced budgets; Pay-Go legislations; unending deficits; runaway National Debt; almost $109 TRillion in unfunded obligations to Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid -- unfunded obligations which are stealing our children’s and grandchildren’s future. Add in Obamacare, bailouts, stimulus packages, cap and trade, and lies about openness-transparency-and cleaning up Washington, D.C. and there are enough relevant issues that no sane statesman needs to get involved in legal hair-splitting . . . especially when he claims to be a Libertarian and hasn’t a clue about what Libertarianism is all about.

Politics is a strategic endeavor. In warfare, in business, in every strategic game you can think of . . . the road to victory always lies with creating a plan of attack making your own strong points into the crucial elements of the conflict and your weak points and your opposition’s strong points totally irrelevant. And, one more thing, holding the ball in the air and igniting a celebration on the ten-yard line is utterly stupid as well. Some conservatives are already cheering for their victory in November's elections . . . day-dreaming, in other words. Conservatives need to “do the frigging job” well and keep on doing the frigging job well and forget about headlines and applause and premature celebrations. The country is a center-right nation on the Constitution and on Taxes and Government spending and long has been a center-right nation. Irresponsible Conservatives today, Republicans and TEA Party folks who might feel that the country’s highest priorities are to repeal or weaken the civil rights laws; or the abortion laws or to institute creationism in public schools are misreading the sentiment of the voters even worse than Mr. Obama and his cronies are. Stick to business. Save America.

The country needs jobs. The country needs statesmen and stateswomen elected to Congress and then for them to clean up our financial messes and unchain the free markets and to initiate a new era of respect for the United States Constitution. Americans are almost completely offended by progressivism, particularly the economic results of that misconceived doctrine . . . perhaps wise conservatives need to learn to stick to the subject? Get real, if an issue does NOT advance the cause of fiscal conservativism and constitutional conservativism and help retake the country ignore it. ‘Nuff said.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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