4063598476?profile=originalIf a lie is said often enough, it will become the truth when left unchallenged. Affirmative action is the new slavery. It is the new second-tier of citizenship, Abigail Fisher, in Texas does not keep your child from excelling in school. So why are black supporters of Affirmative Action letting Affirmative Action and its discriminatory use block Abigail Fisher’s opportunity at the American Dream?

Black mothers and fathers should seriously consider this. When was the last time you saw a white person stand in front of your child in school to keep him from learning? When was the last time you saw a white person stand in front of your child and told him to commit a crime? When was the last time that you saw a white person stand in front of your child and told him not to study, not to get good grades, not to try harder, not to do better, not to be better and not to succeed?

Race based affirmative action may come to a screeching halt and finally put an end to decades of reverse discriminatory policies utilized in higher educational institutions.

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court took up arguments concerning a case brought by Abigail Fisher, a white applicant who was denied admission to the University of Texas (UT) at Austin in 2008. Fisher is challenging UT-Austin’s decision to use a race-conscious admission plan which considers race as a factor in admitting students to its incoming freshman class.

Instead of using a fairer race-neutral plan, which Texas law already guarantees the top 10 percent of high school students in their graduating class admission to the university, UT-Austin, went a step further. It used an unnecessary and highly unfair reverse discrimination practice of considering race as a factor for admittance, thus making the purpose for the race neutral Texas law meaningless.

The problem which Miss Fisher and any other high school applicant in Texas and in any other community in America has to consider, is will they be admitted based upon their academic ability, content of their character or any other measurable qualities? ( Read More )

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  • This kind of discrimination have been going on for years.  I was told when applying or graduate school in the 1980s, that this discrimination was standard practice so I should not get my hopes up.

  • Who know what the Supreme Court will do.  I don't get how it is that a simple majority decides a case.  It is called the Supreme Court for crying out loud.  At least it should be a super majority and I would argue it should be unanimous.  Either the case is constitutional or not.     

  • maybe they should have a national committee thats called...the national association for minorites to start getting their crap together....TNAFMTSGTCT.....or call it the national association for minorities to stop blaiming everybody else for your problems..NAFMTSBEEFYP.....or....the national association for minorities that are the majority now..TNAFMTATMN.....

  •                        With out affirmative action and " white Guilt " the conspiracy to put the communist Obamass in the White House would never have been possible .

  • GOD, I hope so.

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