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The Tea Party-Real Hope for America!

Greetings Neighbors,

I have so much to say in this day, so I’ll just cut to the chase and lay it right out there, for you. I am a Bible Believing, Born Again, Evangelical, Christian and a Conservative, Constitutional and TEA Party, supporting, American. Whew!  For those of you whom are still with me, please, continue reading.

I'm writing, out of love, to and for my fellow countrymen and brothers and sisters, in Christ. I bring to you my deep concern, for which I hope you will receive with respectful consideration. This is one man’s plea, for awareness of what I have to share, as a possible and even plausible summary of our state of communal affairs. For the sake of our future freedom, as we've known it to be, I make my case. I believe that it has been in more serious jeopardy, since the turn of this century, than prior to that milestone and is increasing in intensity, with each passing day.

American soldiers, of old and many of the latter days, whom have given their lives and those who serve, have served and still enjoy the freedom that they helped to preserve, wouldn't stand for what we are experiencing, today. Arguably, it is an expedient erosion of our constitutional rights. The intruders clothe themselves with the fabric of evolutionary, nonsensical, political correctness and wear boots that march to the beat of a deceptive, utopian, drum that pounds out the agenda of the liberal mindset. Whether it’s metastasizing, like the societal cancer that it is, intentionally, or circumstantially, which is another topic for discussion, it doesn't negate the reality of the damage that it’s producing. Capitalism, exchanged for a proven failure known as "Socialism," seems to have a growing tendency toward the condolence of such, in our communities. Socialism, a term I use to describe it, because of the “If it walks and talks like a duck,” analogy that many of us use as a gauge for authenticity, is now being packaged and sold as “progressive-ism, liberalism, hope and change-ism,” or what ever “ism” you choose to tag it with. Regardless of the names that are used, for referring to this type of governing system, their campaign platforms, though re-branded, are nearly identical.

To those of you, who know me, I'm confident that you also know, that my actions do not, and my character does not, even slightly, reflect the liberal media's portrayal of TEA Party members. If you think that I'm mistaken, then I encourage you to pick your fruit from another tree and examine it carefully, before ingesting it. I attended the first TEA Party gathering, in the immediate area, where I reside. It looked and felt like I was at a family fair, on a sunny, Sunday, afternoon. I proudly witnessed a parade of average, respectful and concerned, citizens, displaying their love for our country and it's flag, in a legal and respectably cordial manor.

Taxed Enough Already (TEA) a grass roots movement, is a party that has, no kinship to the media's unjustifiable and viciously, slanderous, portrayal of them. That depiction of us, as practicing extreme radicalism, bigotry, hatred, racism and intolerance, is all offensive and outrageous, to me. It is a lie that stems from the pit of hell. Of course, there will always be exceptions in any organization, but those are rare to nonexistent occurrences, within the TEA Party, according to my knowledge and experiences, associated with them. I should have made a video recording of the peaceful, respectful and sincere behavior that I witnessed, at that first demonstration. I was unaware of the, soon to come, villainous accusations. Extreme-ism seems to be a very relative term, to some, but to me, it accurately describes the political left wing's agenda.

If you know me, you know that I am, also, an average American, trying to make an honest living and to preserve the integrity of the moral codes that have been established in our communities, through history. One nation, under God. I believe that's the key to our historical, world, super power, status and success. I've grown very fond of America’s founding principals. If only we would return to them, with the intended spirit intact, then the King of kings will heal our land and we will flourish, once again.  

The TEA Party is our brave, political, watchdog, soldiers and leaders, but have been and continue to be the victims of extreme, slanderous, assaults by the liberal media and by an elite establishment. I've read reports that claim the “establishment” controls all major media networks and the decisions made concerning the governing policies, in the USA and abroad. With the big media bosses, in the administration’s back pocket, I am very proud of the Tea Party’s dedication, in their uphill battle, to halt further abuses and try to reverse course. I thank the Lord for them. They are hero's and they are the only group willing to stand up against our deeply corrupted government. At this time, second to God, the Tea Party is our greatest hope to fight against Washington's bullies and their madness. These politicians, are either drunk on the fruit of their power, or extremely intimidated by the drunkards. It's probably both. It's time for rehabilitation, after we fire the whole rotten lot of them. Just to be clear, I'm suggesting it for both parties, Republican and Democratic, alike. Start with a clean slate. I want organizations and politicians to start representing the agenda of the people that support their mission as described by the people, with integrity and stop making your supporters look bad, by misrepresenting what the majority of us want for our country. There are a lot of peaceful people on both sides, I know it from experience. It just seems like they all reside apart from the politicians and many organizations. 

Folks, I don't believe we need to change to another system, especially one that has had a poor track record. On the contrary, we need only to honor the one that we have, without the mass corruption that we've endured for decades.

Corruption will ruin the best of societies, as is being witnessed by many Americans, in their own backyards. Most of their accounts go unreported by the, left-wing biased, news networks. I hope that we will all make a concerted effort to investigate other sources, for news, particularly when very important issues surface. Especially, when pertaining to methods that we choose to govern ourselves with, now and for future generations. To accomplish this, we must repent of the direction to where this nation is being relentlessly pulled and that direction is toward total Godlessness. The sign at the end of their journey, reads “WARNING! One Way -Entering Eternal Desolation- The Village of Proud Fools - REPENT, or REGRET!” 

By: Douglas K Clare (c) 2014

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4063598476?profile=originalIf a lie is said often enough, it will become the truth when left unchallenged. Affirmative action is the new slavery. It is the new second-tier of citizenship, Abigail Fisher, in Texas does not keep your child from excelling in school. So why are black supporters of Affirmative Action letting Affirmative Action and its discriminatory use block Abigail Fisher’s opportunity at the American Dream?

Black mothers and fathers should seriously consider this. When was the last time you saw a white person stand in front of your child in school to keep him from learning? When was the last time you saw a white person stand in front of your child and told him to commit a crime? When was the last time that you saw a white person stand in front of your child and told him not to study, not to get good grades, not to try harder, not to do better, not to be better and not to succeed?

Race based affirmative action may come to a screeching halt and finally put an end to decades of reverse discriminatory policies utilized in higher educational institutions.

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court took up arguments concerning a case brought by Abigail Fisher, a white applicant who was denied admission to the University of Texas (UT) at Austin in 2008. Fisher is challenging UT-Austin’s decision to use a race-conscious admission plan which considers race as a factor in admitting students to its incoming freshman class.

Instead of using a fairer race-neutral plan, which Texas law already guarantees the top 10 percent of high school students in their graduating class admission to the university, UT-Austin, went a step further. It used an unnecessary and highly unfair reverse discrimination practice of considering race as a factor for admittance, thus making the purpose for the race neutral Texas law meaningless.

The problem which Miss Fisher and any other high school applicant in Texas and in any other community in America has to consider, is will they be admitted based upon their academic ability, content of their character or any other measurable qualities? ( Read More )

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Obama Pigford II Case Fails the Smell Test

Pigford I Case Probably Valid;

Obama’s Pigford II Probably Fraudulent
Rajjpuut is predicting that thanks to the contributions of ACORN a whole lot of voting precincts in America this November will wind up with more votes cast than legally registered voters . . . and therein hangs a whole new tale about numbers just not adding up . . . .
The more one wades through the Obama Pigford v. Glickman II class action lawsuit the more one appears to be “stepping in something disgusting.” So as to avoid mincing of words, it seems highly probable that pre-presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama aligned himself against the taxpayers in a fraudulent class action suit aimed at benefitting NOMINAL BLACK FARMERS (remember that word “nominal”) who were supposedly discriminated against by the US Department of Agriculture. At stake, reopening a suit already ended which we’ll call “Pigford I” which addressed purported USDA discrimination from the beginning of 1983 to the end of 1997 a full fifteen year period . . . it seems the claimants were judged to have been right and their suit was settled. But wait, but wait . . . enter the magician . . . . Barack, the ACORN lawyer, Obama. Suddenly out of nowhere beginning as a senator in late 2006, Obama aligned himself with a purportedly whole new set of Pigford claimants (hence "Pigford II") in a discrimination case with a $1.25 Billion payout to redress the wrongs supposedly incurred by 88,000 Black Farmers . . . only one problem, Mr. Obama.

The most Black farmers documented at any one time in this country over the last 35 years is a bit over 39,000 (more on that later). Curious that so many of the Black farm claimants in your Pigford II case have lived their whole life in cities? Curiouser and curiouser yet, that so many of them are leading – “DOUBLE-LIVES or even 2.6 lives apiece??? What, Mr. President, is meant?
Let Ol' Rajjpuut explain.

It seems you’re saying Mr. President, that after all 13,348 of the original Pigford I class action (59% of the 22,505 claimants) payouts were made, that every single Black farmer in the United States still had legitimate beefs with the USDA for discrimination? But wait a minute, let’s be accurate here, don’t you remember, Barack, that the judge adjusted that first case so that a total of 16,000 Black farmers were paid $1 billion? So in effect, since 16,000 already were paid + 88,000 who hope to be paid in your new suit = 104,000 discriminated-against Black farmers. You’re claiming that the average Black farmer in the United states had 2.6 legitimate beefs against the USDA for loans not granted? Might we be so bold to suggest that this is just you and your ACORN background working the Wealth Redistribution angle on all those guilty White bastar-s for slavery which ended in 1865? And by the way, why and how did your friend Shirley Sherrod and her husband get a $13 million Pigford payday, the single largest payout of all? But, tut-tut, let's not speculate, let's just examine the numbers yet more carefully . . . .

Rajjpuut believes the original case was valid although it seems highly likely that not all the successful claimants were valid. But let's say 100% of them were. Good! Very good! However, Rajjpuut strongly suggests that Mr. Obama of 1996, the ACORN attorney (shaking-down and threatening lenders with all sorts of dire consequences including class action suits if they didn’t come up with specific loans for $300,000 homes to people without ID who claimed food stamps as their only source of income or even for illegal immigrants in accord with stage IV – before the Stage V Clinton Steroid version of mortgage-guarantee requirements passed in 1998) was still dormant in the 2006 flesh of Barack and emerged unbidden and then Mr. Obama got carried away and things spun out of control . . . so the only question now is, who Mr. Obama, . . . who are they that are not actually Black farmers that benefit from this new government largesse? The bigger question is this, what subset of Black farmers ever applied for loans in the period say 1975 (give them a few extra years) through 2000 . . . chances are that number might prove to be at most 40% of the whole group which gives us roughly 16,000 who might have been discriminated against if 100% of the loan applicants were actually indeed discriminated against . . . but chances are only about 12,000 of those (75%) might have legitimate claims . . . about 40% of white farmers who apply do get their loans so that seems fair. So if 12,000 were actually discriminated against, than each of them would have to own 8.5 legitimate complaints against the USDA to come up with the 104,000 . . . my, my the math does get out of hand.
Let’s look at another issue, fraudulent census reporting? Could it be that a lot of Black citizens might have developed a sudden need to call themselves Black farmers for the 2000 census?? Well, it is curious, Rajjpuut has investigated and discovered that the actual USDA census for 1987 the midpoint of the claim period we're suggesting (1975- 2000) actually shows there were fewer than 23,000 total Black farmers in the United States. What might explain the sudden jump to nearly double the 23,000 found in 1987 at later dates? Where did all these "nominal" Black farmers come from? And then there is this highly unusual jump to well beyond 80,000 Black farmers involved in this Pigford II law suit, dare one venture that . . . perhaps the very existence of the Pigford case inspired the dramatic increase in nominal Black farmers? When nothing adds up, Mr. Obama, things do actually add up to FRAUD. One wonders about how much ACORN assistance was required to trump up this little swindle?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Obama and NAACP Deliberately

Counter-Productive to Race Harmony?

Let’s get one thing straight, when it comes to Andrew Breitbart’s recently released video: Shirley Sherrod was never the story although a lot of people assumed she was. The real story was, and still is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Three things are very clear here . . . recently . . . .

A) The NAACP had just held a meeting in which a key speaker was allowed to praise a preacher and his thug friends who had just been arrested for beating up a Black entrepreneur selling “The audacity of DOPE” buttons. The man had made a fortune selling Obama buttons in 2008, but misjudged his audience when he began selling buttons showing Obama smoking a joint (marijuana cigarette, if you’ve been off the planet for half a century). The speaker was cheered loudly as he repeatedly called the victim “an Uncle Tom” and praised his assailants.

B) Without one iota of proof, the NAACP has once again

joined the Democrats and Obama for the umpteenth time in calling the TEA Party a “racist” group. The NAACP has made its career over the last half century calling Whites “racists devils” and this latest charge happened despite the fact that in the face of claims that the “N-word” was used by TEA Partiers “up to twenty-three times” against Black congressmen on the day that the Obamacare bill passed, it never happened. Breitbart has offered $100,000 to anyone who can show up with indisputable video proof that the N-word was used at all, even once that day. So far despite all the cameras and video devices on site, no one has come forward to prove the event happened. Of course, supposedly one Black congressman said he was “spat upon” but no video of that footage has occurred either, making critical minds think that spitting incident never happened either. Breitbart’s money is still in his bank account.

C) Now to the video itself, Sherrod herself was apparently a terrible victim in her youth when her father was, she said, killed by a White southern man and justice was never done. That was left out. Then later (in the 43-minute speech which the NAACP had recorded in its entirety) she talks about her epiphany that it “wasn’t about black and white at all” or at least not mainly about black and white but rather about helping the poor regardless of race. In other words her epiphany was that she learned how to do her job. Part of that was left out. What was actually left in the video segment? What was left in was while she was talking, the NAACP membership (which did NOT know where the speech and her story were going) was tittering and laughing and giving virtual “Hallelujah, Girl!” treatment to the speech as she was talking about a very uneasy interracial contact in her job with a White man who “thought he was superior to me.” That in a nutshell was the story, the NAACP reaction to the apparently racist story (early in her talk) was uniquely racist for an organization that claims to be seeking equal footing for all races. Notice the parallels between the NAACP reaction in paragraph A above and this paragraph. In the rest of the 43-minute speech, not revealed by Breitbart, were ten minutes of rants against Bush, Republicans and TEA Party members for racism without giving any evidence to back up her charges revealed Ms. Sherrod and her NAACP audience to be absolute reverse-racists.

The most clear and obvious statistics about racism in this country are that 1) Democrat Barack Obama received more White votes and a larger percentage of White votes in 2008 than John Kerry did in 2004 or Al Gore did in 2000, roughly 48%, meanwhile 2) John Mc Cain, the Republican nominee, received only around 4.4 % of Black votes. Those single facts more than any other propelled Barack Obama into office with a 7% edge in the popular vote. In other words, 3) Whites in 2008 were roughly eleven times more likely to cross racial lines in casting their votes then Blacks were.

Rajjpuut suggests that presumably 90-95% of the Whites who voted against Obama and 100% of the Blacks who voted for Mc Cain in 2008 did so for objective dislike of socialism, big spending and high taxes rather than for racial reasons. Today, 55% of Americans now label Obama a “socialist,” yet despite his miserable performance as president, 84% of Blacks still support Barack Obama. Without that support from Blacks, Obama’s overall positive job performance would stand around 36%. Who then are the racists?

To clear the air, here are some side-facts you might be interested in: Rajjpuut, a Libertarian, did NOT vote for Barack Obama because after reading “Dreams from My Father,” and listening to his speeches and going deep into research into his past voting; into the character of his mother Stanley Ann Dunham; grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham; and Barak (no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr. his Kenyan birth-father . . . after that research, Rajjpuut rightly decided that Obama was at least a highly-exuberant socialist but far more likely an abject communist.

The word “prejudice” refers to pre-judging a situation, person, etc. without having all the facts (without doing your homework or research). When that prejudice is along the lines of race or color then the word “racist” is applicable. When the so-called “prevailing direction” of race hatred is breached then “reverse-racism” occurs.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has today become what it says it fears: a group of racists, or more properly a group of reverse-racists. While some liberated Blacks talk about the NAACP as “becoming increasingly irrelevant,” the truth is that the NAACP has for several years now has become a monstrous impediment on the road to better race relations. The biggest impediment on that road, however, is Barack Obama. Our “post-racial” president is either personally a racist or impersonally (for political advantage) the most highly visible race-baiter in America’s history . . . or most likely both.

Emphasizing specifics, the NAACP is a racist organization because unlike the great Martin Luther King, Jr., the NAACP judges Whites on their skin color not by the content of their character; and Barack Obama who seems to be doing the same thing is most likely judging voters on their stance for him or against him and using that prejudice as motivation for calling them “racists” to weaken, he hopes, the strength of their political opposition to him and the will of others to unite against him.

While Rajjpuut throws brickbats around, Shirley Sherrod is also a huge impediment to better race relations . . . a politically-incorrect fact that no one seems to be mentioning since the public-hijinks the other day by Shirley’s former employer the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ms. Sherrod, is also, outside of her being a reverse-racist (she has labeled all Republicans and the TEA Party as racists much like Obama has, something called a ‘sewer’ or perhaps ‘suer,’ someone who likes to sue in the hopes of achieving monetary gain . . . she will be most likely suing the USDA for unlawful termination (her second big suit) and has called Breitbart “someone I’d like to get even with.” She should, if justice prevails, lose the suits, because her former employer has apologized publicly and publicly offered her a better job than she had earlier, but this is somewhat beside the point.

Ms. Sherrod, the NAACP and President Obama can all be lumped into the same boat, they are prejudiced against Whites who are not prejudiced for forced Black equality. Read that again, if necessary, for it is a key truth, no one except a few Black TEA Party members seems to be talking about. Democrats as a whole (and the NAACP as a subset of perhaps 95% of Democrats) seem to come at the world of race seeing the Black as a victim and someone the government needs to throw money at . . . . hence programs such as “Affirmative Action” which are merely institutionalized reverse-discrimination. As Martin Luther King, Jr. emphasized, equality of opportunity is the only opportunity that matters. Equality of everything (socialism, Marxism) such as Mr. Obama wants to force down our throats might actually work, to put all Blacks and all Whites and all others into uniform poverty at a level much, much lower than the average American Black now faces. Mr. Obama knows this for a fact and admitted as much several times.

During one of the candidate debates, the moderator gave an example of an economic fact and then asked Obama. “Since it’s been proved that anytime personal and business taxes on the highest earners goes above 28%, the nation is then threatened with recession, should we raise these taxes above 28%?”

Without hesitating, Mr. Obama said, “I’m interested in ‘fairness.’” There’s your blessed socialistic equality for you: everybody in the same leaky boat . . . this is why Mr. Obama has been working at cross-purposes to the economic best-interests of the American people . . . so that he can put everybody in the same leaky boat when we all know that the ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ and that’s where to put one’s economic emphasis: on making the country more prosperous as a whole. America’s poorest are wealthier than roughly 86% of the world’s people. Americans, Black or White, living below the poverty line are wealthier than 93% of the world’s people . . . the key, then is to lift the poverty line by say 60% rather than dropping more Americans into much-ballyhooed equality below that old poverty line. Racism used as a political tool by the NAACP and Mr. Obama for political ends is counter-productive of all worthy goals along those lines and a divisive factor preventing Americans from working together.

Martin Luther King, Jr. led the breakthrough for Blacks and all minorities back in the early 60’s, risking his very life and the lives of his followers to do so. It’s time for Blacks to stop playing the racism cards and the victim cards. It’s time for Whites to stop playing the guilt card against other Whites. It’s time for folks to follow that old Chinese encouragement and gung ho . . . “work together” for the betterment of themselves and their families and their country. Folks like Clarence Thomas and the TEA Party's Blacks and Hispanics are doing far more for race relations than virtually anyone since Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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