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Democrats De-Evolve Into Cannibalism

cannibal_rect.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xExclusive. Cry me a river! What! Conservatives too tough to eat? Now the enlighten progressive gurus are eating their own. How is this possible? AOC loses endorsement from Progressive Socialists for Not Hating Jews enough! OMG! What is the world comi

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Biden To Sign False Executive Orders

12683153670?profile=RESIZE_400xIs this the Twilight Zone, reality or prophecy? The concept of a mentally impaired President of the United States unknowingly signing a false Executive Order conjures a dystopian scenario with far-reaching consequences. But the question is will Biden

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Will Biden Smoke Crack Before Debates?

12671973092?profile=RESIZE_400xWhat has America come to when the Speaker of the House must reassure Americans the President of the United States is not jacked up on Crack! OMG! 

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has commented on President Joe Biden's possible drug use. During a recent

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Your Master Demands A Boot Licking!

10785568282?profile=RESIZE_710xHey citizen, there is still a lot of day left to lick some boots! Think this is crazy, then keep reading! 

Over the past few decades, there has been a significant shift in the American judicial system. This evolution, characterized by the growing rel

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Could Biden Win In November?

10593373272?profile=RESIZE_400x ....if the Dems cooks the vote! Could this happen again? 

Did Sleepy Joe REALLY get 81,000,000 votes? Does everyone realize Biden got over 11,700,000 more votes than Obama!

If every person in these States voted for Biden it still wouldn't have reac

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Trump Declares: America Under Siege

broken-flag.png?profile=RESIZE_400xFinally the truth comes out! President Donald Trump is shouting a message just like Paul Revere shouted the British are coming, but Trumps message if dismissed could be deadly!  America is facing significant disasters with President Joe Biden, as sta

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Penis Balloon Protest!

Got to love it! Artist Scott LoBaido used phallic-shaped balloons as a form of protest against the Democratic Party, whom he derogatorily refers to as "D**k" Democrats. New York artist and activist Scott LoBaido staged a daring and amusing protest by

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