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Hillary Clinton – The Resurrection

hqdefault.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xWill the crypt give up it’s dead and allow Hillary to walk the earth again or will the mortician nail her coffin shut once and for all? As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the Democratic Party is scrambling to find a candidate the mainstrea

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Trump Death Spin

The idea has been planted, the dog-whistle sounded and the code-talking points released! Dems prepare for a possible Trump win but it appears the liberals are not going to take any chances. Is there a mysterious Epstein or JFK plan in the works? G*d

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Your Privacy Has Been Revoked

060913_Listening_In.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xOnce again Alex Jones was right! The government is spying on you, your family, your neighborhood, and all of America, but you say; ”I have nothing to hide!” is exactly what they want you to say!

It’s not about hiding it’s about privacy and protecting

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Truth About Innocent Blood

b883d0dc-b875-11eb-9461-e80e43f535ad_image_hires_021655.jpg?itok=onsbYd93&v=1621534632&profile=RESIZE_400xLiberals gasp, Atheists weep, Republicans mourn but true followers of G*d recognize the irony. The world was sickened by the news of the attacks on Israel and the growing war in the Middle East as photos of decapitated children, burned bodies and tor

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Helter-Skelter Biden Syndicate

the-biden-crime-family-02_471-430-min.png?profile=RESIZE_400xLeft damage control goes into high gear! The Biden Regime just deployed the Divert, Deflect, and Deny defense. Instead of Biden syndicate treachery, Republican Hate is emphasized, then world issues take precedence. Finally, they deny Biden corruption

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