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Free Vaseline and Other Empty Promises

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ddeb-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xRussian collusion is over.

The Mueller report is over.

The Trump/Zelensky phone call with its quid pro quo, it’s extortion, and its bribery along with its “abuse of power,” and its “obstruction of congress” is over.

And impeachment is over too.

All of those things ended with liberals wadding up their collective panties, and with President Trump standing tall, still in the White House, and still their president, but all of those things had one thing in common…


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Liberals don't like this fact's their cities ! it really boils down to black and Hispanic gangs in this country that run up the gun crime numbers but the liberals don't want to admit it because it is their voters, But they want to control the law abiding peoples gun rights ...and we need our guns to protect ourselves from these same thugs and our government !

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