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GA-homeowner-shoots-one-of-three-suspects-who-break-into-his-home - photo credit - Decatur 11AliveTV

GA homeowner shoots one of three suspects who broke into his home – photo credit – Decatur 11AliveTV


When a homeowner has a break-in it is more than just an invasion of their privacy.  It is an attack on their sense of safety and security.  So you can imagine the anger that a Georgia homeowner felt when he was surprised by burglars who broke into his home a second time, reported Guns n Freedom. 


The homeowner who was on an afternoon lunch break  called 911 and as was to be suspected the police would not arrive in time to deal with the three thugs.  Enough was enough and the homeowner decided that he had the only type of justice these three thieves would understand.  He , “at that point pulled out a personal firearm and fired, striking one of the suspects,” commented Capt. Stephen Fore of the Dekalb County Police


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