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GA-homeowner-shoots-one-of-three-suspects-who-break-into-his-home - photo credit - Decatur 11AliveTV

GA homeowner shoots one of three suspects who broke into his home – photo credit – Decatur 11AliveTV


When a homeowner has a break-in it is more than just an invasion of their privacy.  It is an attack on their sense of safety and security.  So you can imagine the anger that a Georgia homeowner felt when he was surprised by burglars who broke into his home a second time, reported Guns n Freedom. 


The homeowner who was on an afternoon lunch break  called 911 and as was to be suspected the police would not arrive in time to deal with the three thugs.  Enough was enough and the homeowner decided that he had the only type of justice these three thieves would understand.  He , “at that point pulled out a personal firearm and fired, striking one of the suspects,” commented Capt. Stephen Fore of the Dekalb County Police


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The American King has got EVERYTHING , but he's not Eligible to be President


American's have seen first hand the last year with over a dozen scandals as well as this week the progressive agenda of someone in the White House who thinks he can bypass Congress. Obama completely disregarded Congress's purse strings and a report now from the Huffington post declares Obama the most cloaked and controlling quoting, ","Downie said he was persuaded that concerns about lack of government transparency are legitimate. Those interviewed, he wrote, “could not remember any precedent” to the Obama administration’s aggressive crackdown on leaks and efforts to control information."

The Committee to Protect Journalists, a New York-based journalist advocacy organization, released Downie’s findings Thursday in its first comprehensive look at press freedom in the United States: “The Obama Administration and the Press: Leak investigations and surveillance in post-9/11 America.”

In the article it seems "The Press" is just now catching on to the Fraud in the White House's 'activity, but they still haven't quite linked point A to Obama not being a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the President with Point B, exactly what someone who is not qualified as a natural born citizen for the office of the President's actions would be.

This lends to the really dunce theory that once someone's in office illegally in the first place, all you can do is pull your hair out if your unsatisfied. America is waking up to the facts but Obama still is charging ahead convinced his imperialistic character will win the battle over the Constitution. 

While Congress is at an impasse with the White House it is very important to seize the day with the information to Congress to take a stand for the Constitution. The House of Representatives has indeed pulled the cord on Obamacare recognizing its the biggest tax in American history and it violates the independence of each American with a mandate over control of healthcare. 

Before Americans wake-up with their paycheck garnished empirically, because Obamacare was not signed by a qualified President, the House has got to fight this all the way and go back to point A wherein the Constitution says you must be a natural born citizen defined very well as those born in American to Citizen parents, and hold hearings with the information brought by a Candidate for President with standing that includes the Cold Case Posse evidence Obama's long form birth certificate is nothing more then a fabrication and he is not qualified.

My fight for the Eligibility of the President began in 2007-8 with Judy v. McCain, so leave your comments at the garbage of those who claim its only a 'racist' argument, and mine certainly has included Obama and as my Dec. 2007 letter to the U.S. Supreme Court explained is based on the principle of the Constitution for which re-construction is prohibited unless authorized expressly by Amendment.

Of course I continued that legal representation in 2012 with Judy v. Obama 12-5276 that in2012, and 2013 were encased in the United States Supreme Court without a hearing, and with some very shady things happening I have rehearsed in other entries.

This could be so valuable to the Republicans in the House at this time if they would only see it and decide tis better to take a stand for the Constitution then compromise with the enslavement of a Nation. Pass it on to your Senators and House Representatives in your home state, because coming from you it will make a difference to them.

As negotiations are rambled about about the shutdown, I can only hope that House Speaker Boehner see's and hears from you exactly what needs to be heard at this time, first that the Eligibilty Card is the Ace, and second that compromise is not an option with FRAUD, FORGERY, and THEFT of many American generations.

Please send this to your Representatives and Senators and enjoy my new single and the link to help my campaign for President 2016 and the ABC Campaign (American Birthers Campaign). We maybe the only people left between you and the IRS tax of Obamacare! 

American King - Hot new single by The Cody Robert Judy Band streaking across America as the lyrics expands the horizon that America's Citizens are Kings and Queens and the Politicians work for the People in America. 
You can say what you want to- About the royal Brits -- They have their place -- It's nice -- And you know its not the pits.

I'm an American boy -- I'm no King's toy -- Here in my land -- I got oil, gas, and gold in the sand

Now I work hard for my money -- But that's okay -- The politicians I elect -- Gotta do what I say.

If they don't -- We kick the bums out -- And I send them home -- I call them up and -- Scream on my telephone.

I'm a king in my den -- I give orders to the hens -- If I want something nice -- I don't have to call twice.

But I gotta confess -- I got my eyes on you -- The thing you do with those hips -- Is making my pants love you.

Chorus: I'm an American King -- I got everything -- but you -- I want you - I want you


[ If you would like to help Cody Robert Judy in his bid for upholding the Constitution in “America’s Birther Campaign”, or ABC Campaign ,which highlights the United States Constitution with information and education for voters to understand the tough questions politicians should be answering in 2014, and in the coming 2016 election for the Office of the President please make a contributions here: ]

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FRAUD - Over 3 Billion Served

FRAUD – Over 3 Billion Served

FRAUD – Over 3 Billion Served
Featured Editorial - Obama Ballot Challenge 
Ventura County,CA Tea Party

The day after Egypt’s 9-11, Anti-Birther Glenn Beck served up a healthy dose of Obama’s Fraud in a monologue more couched in relaying symptoms than in exposing the root of the disease; however the intelligence reported is also tightening the circle drawn around Obama’s neck by drawing out the poignant questions we ask not only ourselves but each other:

1- Why is it important to expose a Fraud?
2- What are the actions or deeds of a Fraud?
3- What are the consequences of a Fraud?

Five hundred forty nine people died yesterday in Egypt and thousands more injured as military forces cracked down on the Morsi-Obama backed Muslim brotherhood protesters angry about the Fraud of their leader being exposed or discovered that ended with a military take-over of the Country which the People supported.

Fanning the flames of terrorism and developing the anger against Americans once again, Obama finds himself at odds with the conundrum of an Administration arming the Revolutionist with a dictatorial agenda represented by military ousted Mohamed Morsi. Morsi who suspended the Supreme Court, suspended the Constitution, and gave himself Supreme authority to institute Sharia law whose Muslim Brotherhood is now using women and children also as shields?

The destructive path is indeed problematic and was clearly understood in my 2012 election campaign commercial where I highlighted the quagmire created by taking sides of any particular religion in the embattled State of Libya. The same thing is happening in Egypt now to the tune of two billion dollars a year in the guise of “democracy” over and above the Republic for which we stand. ]

Obama now finds himself with the ousted Morsi Muslim Brotherhood sponsored regime that once claimed the high ground of “democracy” ,ousted with the very weapons provided; and now, either against the Muslim Brotherhood, against the people of Egypt, or against the whole of the military of Egypt.

Will Obama support the Muslim brotherhood as he has, or will he turn on the Muslim brotherhood and throw them under the bus? Either way now, Obama has kindled a fire that undoubtedly will bring a fierce anger on the shores of American citizens but what Glenn Beck and many anti-birthers don’t recognize is these are the actions of a Fraud.

Now the Egypt Fiasco as many other Arab springs classified religious extremist movements embodies much more of an agenda centralized in control rather than a true subsidy of the promotion of liberty and freedom for the people that is mirrored domestically by the actions of fraud; as well as a Fraud. 

The American People themselves now face in the mirror the actions of fraud and of a Fraud in the destruction of the Republic and our principles of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, and of course freedom of religion as well as the threatening destruction of many institutions outlined in the Constitution: Oh, like the U.S. Supreme Court, the Navy, The Air force, The Congress? 

The first step in removing an institution of the Constitution is by making it “moot” or paralyzing its relevance the same way you do a principle. The goal is to make it irrelevant, in the same manner as say a rodeo clown’s freedom of speech is criminalized, or a man’svideo is blamed for the anger against an Embassy, oh, say in Benghazi? 

The actions of a Government embroiled in fraud are of course directly associated with following a Fraud. Obama is neither qualified as a natural born citizen demanded by the Constitution (if you thought his birth certificate was legit), because his father was not a Citizen at the time of his birth, but he has not shown any verifiable evidence he was born in the United States either.

Born in the United States to Citizen Parents unless you were a Citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution are indeed the requirements of our Constitution’s demand for a ‘natural born citizen’ in the Office of the President unlike the different requirements of a U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative also outlined as different and distinct as say, the light of the constellations?

Why are there any differences at all in the Offices of the Representatives and Senators if there is no difference required for the Office of the President? Yet Birthers, people taking a stand for the truth, receive the harshest criticisms and persecutions of journalist and reporters of Main Stream Media and anti-Birthers.

The actions of fraud are what? Lying – Stealing – Controlling? 

The Scandals riddling the Obama Administration in NSA spyingA.P. Reporter wire-tapping,Fast & FuriousBenghazi, the Verizon Customer phone-gateOsama bin LadenArab SpringsSolyndra and IRS Profiling conservative tax payers. Ohhh, wish upon a star Obama would simply have shagged an internist and lied about that? Is that what you’re wishing in the face of the American People being profiled?

Obama's identification fraud in representing himself as qualified, when he was not a natural born citizen according to the United States Constitution's demands for the office of the President yet remains the root and the only scandal that has the Constitutional Teeth to unseat the usurpation of the office with national security in mind. Obama is using National Security to skirt all the other scandals successfully and Congress has to buy it.Congress doesn't have to buy something that is NOT Constitutional and is a walking talking violation of the Office of the President and should open hearings immediately!

Lying – Stealing – and Controlling are central features of a Fraud if you didn’t know WHY demanding a ‘natural born citizen’ was important! LOOK! The scandals associated with this usurpation are centralized not on some foreign land but are focused domestically are considered to be terrorizing Americans.

Obama undoubtedly has been involved in stealing the election by representing himself as qualified and actually defrauding all of the votes for him, as well as burning all the election competitors contributions which normally should never have been used in the name of competing against Obama/Soetoro.

Obama undoubtedly is the head of every scandal coming out that involves cover-ups of the Truth. The wonderful truth demands we ask ourselves what indeed are the attributes of a ‘Book Burner’ if they are not lying, stealing, and controlling? Look what this Administration has represented over all these scandals if your looking for lies.

Do we really need to see Obama himself throwing the books in the lit barrel whilst he is reportedly “playing cards 6 hours during the Osama bin Laden fiasco, sleeping during Benghazi, and playing golf during the 9-11 of Egypt?

The actions of a Fraud are to inspire terrorism, to lie, to cheat, to steal, and to control and we all must come to grips with asking ourselves and everyone around us, “Why fraud isn’t the Moral’s, the Justice’s, and the Truth’s recommendation?

You know I have never heard Glenn Beck utter the word “Fraud” so much in the context of Obama’s Administration and Obama himself. The mask of fraud is wrapped up Obama’s long form birth certificate certified by expert testimony in documentation professional analysis, by legitimate legal authority, and has been served to the New Hampshire Supreme Courts, the Georgia Supreme Courts, the Alabama Supreme Courts, the Florida Supreme Courts and many other state courts including the United States Supreme Courts in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in 2012 and 2013 as a complaint of hi-jacking election funds and election votes both in the primaries and in the general elections.

In yesterday’s news Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced to prison for.. cont.
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America Shifts towards Birthers

America Shifts towards Birthers


America Shifts towards Birthers
Editorial Feature on

The gears of America are shifting towards Birthers like the 18 Wheeler approaching the downgrade decline where brakes are of no more use and you can palatably smell and see the smoke rising from the wheels. When your knuckles on the steering wheel clinching become white and your heart is pounding at the corner coming up in the wonder of the hairpin turn that you hope you’ve slowed down enough to make without peeling your load off the road completely.

The roar of the diesel engine grinds down low screaming loud in protest but you know it’s the only way of making the road ahead safely and so you’re buckled up prepared as any for the truth of the Birther corner to unfurl as America begins to connect the dots that reveal the most nefarious fraud perpetrated upon the American Republic for which we stand.

Rush Limbaugh’s voice has cracked this week like the whip across America calling the commander-in-thief by his reality show famed name -“Barry Soetoro” - announcing to all of quit-wit an emperor with no clothes on and the haunting facts of the fraud. 

Glenn Beck, in the days of 2008 Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. (McNasty) McCain’s campaign once a “Republican Party Dandy”, this week resembled the tearful Pastor confessing to a world-wide audience in humble recognition of the power of truth that we just can’t pick and choose what parts of the Constitution we’re going to uphold and which parts we’re going to ignore. 

Beck even went so far as to hold R -Rep. Michele Bachmann’s feet to the fire when she defended the NSA’s intrusion upon American’s privacy and the morphed mentality that security trumps freedom summed up as, “If you’re not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t be worried about the Government in bed and in the bathroom with you, just like prisoners are treated”. [Post script 8-11-13: John McCain's just mad anyone knows anything except him confirming however younger Americans' don't trust their own government]

The Birthers have been fighting for freedom and liberty all across America all along. Glenn Beck stated in so many words, independence and libertarian ideals have permeated the destroyed Republican Party based on its affair with neo-con progressivism Newt Gingrich idols himself as. It’s no secret that this basically allowed the Fraud-in-Chief to waltz into the White House without a thought of the qualifications of the Office of the President demanded in the United States Constitution.

The only ones left in the shadows of dark crevices are the U.S. Senators and U.S. House of Representatives trembling on the controls of election magnificence in debating the fear of the multitudes and the popularity contest which freaks them out every two years, in the discernment of which hot poker they prefer.

It is rather telling when the guy who thought up “The Patriot Act” which loosened the controls of the Judicial Branch upon the Executive Branch, stated in regards to the NSA’s invasion of America’s homes, bedrooms and bathrooms, that this is out of control and we shouldn’t be spying on our own people. 

Now CNN is actually making a move for what they see as a ‘nitch’. The “nitch” is actually called journalism and is a move away from the solidarity of the White House, and towards “The People”. Imagine the concept? It's the capitalistic way shall we say? 

Obama/Soetoro has long quit providing the dollars for the Media and while the stocks of the Media Moguls crash in the fight for dollars has ABC, NBC, and CBS scrimping on things like pencils and paper-clips, a new strategy has to be invented to survive.

The unique perspective actually is The United States Constitution!

Truth aims to destroy things like robbery and thievery. The American People don’t like invasions of their privacy and while Bush may have got a push for the New World Order, Obama is the spear-of-the-cheer towards ending the sovereignty of the United States by destroying the Constitution as a walking talking violation himself.

While Americans may have wondered why the United States Supreme Court justices refused to even hear arguments in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in 2012 and 2013 ,a case that came up through the State Courts of New Hampshire and Georgia, that showed Obama’s long form birth certificate to be nothing more than a long form fabrication with over 2500 hundred hours of investigation by professional law enforcement agencies, the breaking news of the NSA’s involvement in spying on Americans has completely unveiled the mystery.

What Americans just barely found out was true, as far as being spyed on, has been entrenched in the mind of the Justices and elected officials long before 2008. American’s are reeling from the realization just the same way that Congress and the Justices across America have already gone through long since.

Ever wondered why no Birther Cases got any action in Georgia? Well, Georgia’s pussy-sport-port has been supported by Obama and is making news today. Glenn Beck was laughing at Obama’s gaffe claiming North & South Carolina and Georgia were part of the Gulf and this port had to be opened up. Glen and Stu were open mouthed in laughter as they debated the intelligence of perhaps opening the port up to the Gulf underneath the Continent from Georgia to Texas. They surmised “that’s probably what O was talking about” as the god-king whose smarter than all.

Connecting the dots is a little game where you connect the dots with lines and then start to see the answer to the mystery picture that hasn’t been seen or has been hidden by a lack of lines in the maze of dots. That is exactly what is happening now as America is informed that the NSA has indeed been spying on them and is collecting their data and info.

How do you feel about living under the same conditions that prisoners live under America? 

The biggest problem with that is Elected Officials can easily be manipulated to say, “not investigate the occupier of the White House whose blatantly handed out to the Press in the White House Press core room a known fabrication of his identity. Why would such be necessary and even better how do you suppose O thought he was going to get away with it?

The answer is... cont.
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The reasons Benghazi and Fast & Furious don’t pull out Obama’s root cover-up


Well, if you thought that Benghazi was the answer that would lead to unseating Obama along with its smaller twin Fast & Furious, the gun-running operation that placed weapons into the hands of gangsters across the border with the intent of tracing crime,  you have again underestimated the ability of our Government to indulge military operations with the cover of secrecy and the reason being that whatever they said, because it really doesn’t matter what they said, was said to protect national security operations and to protect and not compromise their sources.


I believe its Ill. Sen. Dick Durham that is out blocking for Susan Rice saying that the reason they didn’t publicize the Al-Qaida role in Benghazi was simply because they didn’t want to compromise their sources. What part of that don’t you get Rush, Glenn & Sean?




Ask yourself one question: Does the President and those working under him, have the right to lie to the media and thus the public in the order of National Security?


 If you’re having difficulty with that answer, then try this one. Your door is knocked on. You open it to see 3 burly men asking if they could have a moment with your 3 year old daughter alone and asking if she was home. Do YOU have a right to lie OR obscure the truth for her safety? How many children are taught to tell a knocker at the door that their parent is in the shower or bathroom when they are not home?



I know without a doubt anyone of the talk show host would say it’s a defense for their home security to re-direct incoming harm or violence. Now perhaps the guy who made the video should now be given a pardon for his parole violation, in appreciation of the Obama Administration for playing such cover for the Obama Administration that protected people in the field for a week.


It’s just foolishness that Republicans and Conservative Radio show host continue to hammer away at what Obama and his Administration knew and what he said, regardless of timing of an election. The bottom line, in your own intelligence ideals, tells you that you wouldn’t want a guy in the White House blowing cover for other people in the field and that cover stories exist to protect people.



We had a rough enough time with Obama spilling the beans by even mentioning “Seal Team 6” all over the press hours after the supposed take down of Osama bin Laden and his mysterious burial at sea? Yes, the intelligence community was very angry about being ousted a day later rather than waiting a week or so after Obama’s Mayday, Mayday, Mayday that happened on May 1st, 2012, you recall was brought to fruition based on 60% of voters listening to Donald Trump’s pull on Obama’s forged Birth Certificate which he pulled out of his hat to squash the story. Obama's Mayday Youtube:


Why don’t people remember that? Osama bin Laden happened May 1st as a distraction away from the long form birth certificate Donald Trump was instrumental in pulling out of the White House after 3 years of silence, and now that has been proven a forgery by Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse: a well trained and experienced law enforcement posse the report of which is now also in the United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama 12-5276.


Of course we know these are cover stories for Osama bin Laden, Fast & Furious, and Benghazi, but we can’t deny their legal. That is why the most important case against Obama is the one happening in the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276’s ‘Petition for Rehearing” received by the United States Supreme Court Election day about 11am, and also why you should be supporting it, and telling all your conservative friends this really does have the possibility of showcasing Obama’s illegal act of portraying himself as a natural born citizen, when he is not, and also by presenting forged documents as identity records.


Of course Obama is not a natural born citizen by the admittance of his foreign father in the first place, in much the same way Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, or John McCain are not a natural born citizens. The Government cannot bypass the supremacy of natural law for a natural born citizen is born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. 1) 2) 


No matter how hard the Government yells about being more powerful then nature, they are puny in comparison and I have stood firmly on the ground that our Constitution’s demand and qualification for the Office of President in a ‘natural born citizen’ was not something Government could possibly interfere with by an ‘Act of Congress’.


Any “What if’s” are, in my book, and the Constitution’s ineligible: Born in the United States to Citizen Parents. It’s simple, and it is much the blame of the powerful and rich ‘egos’ of men entrenched in their own fame rather than the Constitution’s glory, in Washington DC who make it complicated in the order of boosting themselves up and tearing the United States down and in the process making a total muck of it.

You wonder why the United States of America is in such a bad need of a non-politician in Washington DC as a stall boy sent to clean house as President. That’s the truth! Can you handle it?


Rush, Sean, and Glenn’s panties all tied up in a knot over Benghazi, Fast & Furious yet they proclaim with loud trumps to be defenders of the Constitution. Have you ever seen a minority in the United States, with the proper media attention and public showcase, who had for its defense the Constitution lose?


How many minorities brought to the Justice of the Supreme Court Decisions have become precedent or ruling cases?

Yet Rush, Sean, and Glenn who I pick on with a great deal of respect, (smile) because I think they are capable of so much more, cannot figure out how a Republican or Conservative minority can win when they are outnumbered by Democrats?


 You talk about a difficult task; it’s said Elephants never forget, but getting the information into their thick head is pretty hard and that has been the challenge of the eligibility or Birther Movement when it comes to the Republican leadership. When it comes to the Republican general populous I don’t think it’s so hard, yet they even are scanty, scarce, and scroogy to come up with any cash to actually support the movement despite the plague of Obama care coming down around their necks, higher taxes, and more loss like a yoke of bondage crippling small businesses.


You know Democrats can turn out thousands to support minorities in demonstrations over night like rabbits, but when something as pivotal as removing Obama as a disability of the Constitution comes around like Judy v. Obama 12-5276 already in the United States Supreme court that challenges at the core of the election Obama’s ability to stay in the White House, Republicans and Conservatives are turtles and seem to sit on their haunches like an ass would you can’t move.


I have deep reservations of yelling and scolding and chastising my friends, those people who I actually need help from, just as Abraham Lincoln did, so elegantly portrayed in the new movie Lincoln when at the jibber and jabber of his Cabinet seated around his desk he finally slammed his hand down and said in so many words, “By God almighty, why do have such opposition from my friends about what can’t be done when this is what I am telling you needs to be done! "This Amendment is that cure"


Now please, I pray you, help me. Contribute your time, money, and talent in this cause. We fight, We Stand, WE DELIVER this Nation by the Constitution and we need not a majority in the General Population to win!

If you will fight for this case with your zeal, and bring it to the door with authority we will win. Of course it’s not easy, but it’s easier than losing the election to an un-constitutional brat who thinks lying and forgery are common place as a Politician. If you want integrity you have to support it.


I’m sorry about Mitt Romney’s integrity towards the Constitution, but that is not my fault. I did everything I could to point out that to Mitt Romney and his supporters and a quick look at a few dozen commercials in my campaign will leave the undeniable impression a fact to you.


 Romney’s integrity towards the Constitution didn’t exist in my book and he lost because I believe he went along with the cover-up of Obama’s ineligibility of the Office republicans leadership are also entrenched in. He reached to deeply into Bill Clinton’s pant pocket pulling out the long wily note that said “It’s about the economy stupid”, knowing full well Obama could divert the attack pointing to Bush and four years wasn’t long enough.


I want you to support and to show the Congress, every last one of them that you are behind this effort and you have got to do that by contributing.


While I am extremely grateful for the dozen or so contributions towards this effort, isn’t it rather telling how willingly you are to let the Constitution go down the drain by not supporting the effort of this case in the United States Supreme Court that could make a difference in the election? We have raised about $500 and are well behind our goal of $10.000 but for all the people who profess to want Obama out of office we ought to be able to raise  1 million without blinking an eye. Contributions listed:


If I win with the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress will have been mandated to take the case also! Now last time I checked we still had a few conservatives on the Court, unless you’re just a coward for the Constitution, you have to understand, yes, there are many conservative issues that are important and are also being litigated that you feel a need to support, but does any of them hinge on very real possibility of Obama being tossed out?



That then makes this case, or should make this case of paramount importance to you as a citizen, a businessman, a professional, or as a plain and simple as it gets, an American.


Please will you reach deep within your conservative pocket and support me? I’m asking for your support because we need to make a big impression. I’ve done all the work necessary to get the case there with very little from you, but now it’s time for you to shine and fight, and stand and deliver and to hold on to America!


Please pass this on, and support my Campaign by making a contribution now, if for no other reason than the alternative is going to cost you much more later, and you can count on saving that if we win.

I haven’t gone into any Court knowing I was going to win, but I’ve never gone into a court believing I shouldn’t win. If you looked at that like any small business in America it’s the same thing.


No one starts a business knowing they are going to be successful. You work and drive and push and pull in the hope that your labors will pay off. Risk is a beautiful factor when jumping out of a perfectly good flying airplane with a parachute strapped to you. It’s very scary and frightening and exhilarating.


So join me in the rush (smile) and let’s do this because we are Americans and we all know Obama’s not eligible for the Office of the President.



Thank you!

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign







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Contested Election Petition FILED IN U.S. Supreme Court- See What's Happening!

he Petition for Rehearing the Writ of Certiorari has been mailed and emailed to the United States Supreme Court today- Nov. 13,2012. This Petition to the United States Supreme Court is Judy v. Obama Case No. 12-5276 and it is contesting the eligibility of Barack Obama's qualifications as a candidate for President of the United States by myself as a candidate also for the same office.

See the documents here:

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As seen on:  (edited by Admin)




Dear American Citizens,

God bless you, on Saturday Nov, 10,2012 four days after the Presidential election, I received a letter from the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES (SCOTUS) signed by Mr. William K. Suter by assistant Gail Johnson saying they had received my MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION OF WRIT OF CERTIORARI that was postmarked November 1st and received in their office November 7th, 2012.



This would co-inside with the security department of the SCOTUS receiving that (edited by Admin) document election dayNov 6th about 11am as I reported to you in my report that day. The reason I’m telling you this is to update you that SCOTUS has asked for a revision and re submission within 10 days, which is fantastic news. I’ll explain to you why, mostly because of what my Mom used to say to me.



She used to say to me when I was a kid and still does occasionally, “more words Cody” in an effort to get me to explain something a little more in detail that I may have glossed over and not satisfactorily explaining to her. I wonder sometimes if I’m doing a good enough job for you. Boy, our world sure is changing from a place where balancing “more words” and “getting your point across in one text message” must somehow find a balance.



I will give both the short and the long version. For those of you who want the message in a short form text message here it is:


Text 1-“The Nov. 7th,2012 SCOTUS letter means CODY ROBERT JUDY is still in the Presidential race of 2012 and has not conceded the race- it isn’t over- and Barack Obama has not cleared all the hurdles necessary to be President contrary to what the media would have you believe. You know the Electoral College vote has not happened!


Text 2- “Cody needs your help immediately! Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court are expensive. The Campaign is tied together with bailing string and fishing line right now- we desperately need new laptop computers- advertising and traveling dollars- and our rent & electricity bill is two months behind and the web site bill is due tomorrow. Please go to (edited by Admin) and make a contribution now, especially if you were a Mitt Romney voter.


Ok, here’s the long form for those of you who haven’t gone to (edited by Admin) and made a contribution yet. You know 30% of the Country fought in the Revolutionary War while the other part sat back and watched. I want to address those people who are watching right now… Glenn Beck & Rush.


Yes, I received a notification that Glenn Beck is now following me on Twitter. Just to be fair, Glenn I sent you a notification back and am following you now too, and I’m listening to you right now. Here’s what you’re saying, “ as delicious as pie Obama tax … bla bla bla” you’re talking about the fiscal cliff we’re headed for and a commercial just came on. I wonder silently if Republicans will help or if they are too bitter and would rather sabotage efforts to remove Obama legally in a misguided effort to prove themselves right.


I've have around 4,500 Facebook friends many of whom asked to be my friend because they were interested in being able keep up with the Campaign and the SCOTUS Case Judy v. Obama 12-5276. I honored that and accepted their friendship request. I have 2 questions for those of you who are watching. How do you feel about that? How do you think .., How am I supposed to feel about that?


Feel about what you ask? How am I suppose to feel about your sitting on your hands while I save the Country? You say, “ Who the hell do you think you are Andy Jackson?” I say, “Well, I am the Constitution against Barack Obama. How powerful is that? How powerful should it be?”


I imagine myself in George Washington’s army who crossed the frozen river in the dark of night after losing 13 battles, understanding that he had to win one to get more recruits and to give hope to those who believed in the principles of the Constitution that hadn’t even been written yet, and to quell the nay-sayers who had been doubting Thomas’s and watchers of his Revolutionary efforts. Hello Mitt Romney. How’s your campaign going- Billion dollars later.. And you lost.


If you could have seen the glory of America at a time even before the Constitution had been signed, and you were a “watcher”, how could you not send, how could you withhold a little bit of money to George Washington in order to get one of his soldiers out of the worn socks and boots as you saw the red snow that marked their way?


How can I convey to you the need at this time when victims of Hurricane Sandy are so desperate also, and so many Americans are facing a rough road and are stretching every dollar? I have to, in the faith, belief, and hope that the Constitution is more of a blessing to everyone for this generation and for generations to come. Hurricanes will pass go, but the Constitution or the lack thereof will stay.


My campaign needs laptop computers because ours are limping from being sabotaged, we need really badly to sure up our traveling expense account, completely depleted now. If I was called to Washington DC I’d be walking or hitching a ride.


Could I depend on Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to get me to Washington DC because I have a case against Barack Obama not being qualified, or is their attitude one of .. “We’ll wait and see how the ruling goes first?” How am I supposed to feel about that? How do you feel? Is it just my problem?


The legal Revisions cost money; ask any attorney if they will work for free and the answer is usually no, there will be copy fees, postage and mailing fees, Insurance needs to be paid, web site needs to be paid, electricity is two months now unpaid shall I go on? Ask yourself if you’re enjoying hearing this…ask yourself if Obama’s camp is enjoying hearing this? Whose camp are you in?


Of course I am used to cutting corners and managing the best I can with what our campaign has received, as we have the whole year and a half since the Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign was founded a week before TX. Gov. Rick Perry got into the Presidential race, and truthfully I cannot believe we have had to stay in the race the entire time in order to maintain our ‘standing’.


We have had to, at any time, be ready to replace Obama against Mitt Romney’s campaign. There’s 185 or so Video’s on my YouTube Station, over 250 Blog entries detailing what we've been through, a 100 page web site, and the worst part is America is generally unaware of our campaign or the facts that we were in Iowa, went to New Hampshire clear to the State Supreme Court , in Georgia clear to the State Supreme Court there, and finally, since around July have been furiously working on the United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 the mainstream media has been silent about.


One thing I want to convey to you is that none of the commercials I made that had Mitt Romney in them were false, and you know it now ,for sure. Nothing I said or wrote about Mitt Romney was a falsehood.


The Republicans fight without the Constitution didn't work, and in a campaign where the oath of Office demands preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution, is that at all surprising to you? Did I not tell you unemployment would suddenly dip below 8% just before the election? Did I not tell you Obama controlled the gas reserves and Ohio had gas below $3 dollars a gallon during the election?


Obama is not a ‘natural born citizen’ and as much as all of his supporters would like to say that the qualifications have morphed and a naturalized or 14th Amendment citizen can now run for President, it simply isn't true. Obama is not a natural born citizen by his father, and he’s never proven where he was born. That’s a two prong test, fail one and you can’t be President, fail them both and you still can’t qualify to be President.


Everyone who voted for Obama did not have their vote protected and has been disenfranchised in voting for an ineligible candidate. Now while they may not appreciate my defending their rights, or yours, future generations of America will have a different outlook because hindsight is always 20/20.


I am asking for your help. Future generations will look at you and ask “Why didn’t you help?” Please make a contribution(s) today. If you can’t, please forward this to someone who you think could, or even someone you think should, make contributions today. Send this to every rich person you know. It’s got to get to someone who has 100 million dollars in the bank sooner or later.


Send this to every media outlet you know, with an expression of what you think of them because they have hidden this fight from the American Public.


They have continually swept under the carpet my campaign even though as a Presidential campaign I have Obama in the United States Supreme Court. But, they would cover Mitt Romney’s son in a town at a small campaign event, or Jon Huntsman’s daughters campaigning for their dad with a music video.


Now of course I cannot promise you anything accept that with a contribution to my campaign you will know that you have contributed to a campaign that has and continues to take a stand for the Constitution against Barack Obama’s ineligibility unlike any other campaign in history; against the fraud and forgery of Obama’s identity records investigated by professionals in law enforcement; and a campaign who has fought for you whether you see or like it or not, and is still alive.


If my campaign is successful, Obama will not be in the White House the next four years. If the Supreme Court of the United States determines to hear my case basically in the order of my campaign’s damages due to Obama running and not being qualified, and we win, how will you feel about that?


Please help all of making a contribution now at (edited by Admin)


We will post exactly how much we have collected because it’s time that you knew exactly what this campaign has done for you with so little help and we want you to join this effort as an American.


It’s also time to shame those who could help and haven’t because America and our Constitution have given them so much… HOLLYWOOD… hint hint ;), and to be seen as so ungrateful as to just watch is almost like applauding a massacre or a extermination of alternative lifestyles order. Without the 1st Amendment Hollywood would be behind bars right now and they know who would like to put them there, but they need to know that if the Constitution dies,…that’s where they will be.


The bottom line is also for those who said "There will NEVER be a RECONSIDERATION" by SCOTUS, you have also now been proven wrong. And for those who keep going to those people who keep telling them I will never be successful, haven't you figured out by now that they fall into two categories either "doubting Thomas's" or those whom I call " bounty hunters", those who really don't want anyone else getting any credit besides themselves about Obama's ineligibility."? We all know them, or should know them anyway and its not so much about the Constitution for them as it is about their professional career.


I will let you know if any of the Bounty Hunters calls me and asks to help pro bono because they sure haven't offered any help so far.


Please enjoy the commercial and understand that I have not quit the 2012 election, but I am also legally under an obligation with certain demands for standing to continue this into 2016 if necessary because what’s filed in Court today might take 3 months to hear and if I step in there and am not a qualified candidate, they will say its ‘moot’.


So please, make a (edited by Admin). We need $10,000 immediately! Whether that comes from 5 contributors of $2,000 or 1,000 contributors of $10 we need it now…today! Please, please, help us..Help the United States of America.


I will keep you informed and post the document received from SCOTUS this later today or tomorrow.


Now if your one to say, " you know I'd make a contribution today Cody if I knew you were telling the truth about the Supreme Court of the United States and the letter. If you'd just show me the letter I'd believe", then what would you be obligated to do if I showed you the Sincerely,
Cody Robert Judy (edited by Admin)


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Election 2012 - What Went Wrong?

Reasons Republicans are reeling to Socialist


Ann Coulter today on Glenn Beck stated that she thought Republicans had run the best candidate they have had since Ronald Reagan. She said Romney was far better than John McCain and that the incumbency factor was a bigger factor than she had thought it would be.



Now, I like Ann, and have written about her beautiful hair before, and she is a crack-’n-whip that is faster than a bug zapper in a mosquito infested swamp with her tongue when she has to make a point fast, but occasionally she says something that is really dumb-founding that makes her sound like a socialist loving creature, and that brings me up to my topic today.

Coulter said something today that also was reiterated to me on Facebook yesterday by a dis-enchanted and bitter Republican. So I thought I’d shine a little light on it to focus a little attention on the issue Republicans are having with the Constitution, which ultimately was their Achilles heel in the election as I’ll explain.



You may have heard yesterday that with the votes Gary Johnson and a few other independent candidates for president got that Mitt Romney would have won the election and been pushed over the 270 electoral votes needed to win the electoral college vote. That theory has been circulated. It was in this context that Ann said she thought that unless you were a Governor or a member of Congress that you shouldn't run for President.

Is that a qualification Ann in the Constitution?



The facebook acquaintance I had a brief exchange with said that people like me and Gary Johnson made him want to puke and added heap upon his vocabulary onslaught by calling those “Independent Candidates” Egomaniacs that were insane for running in a race we could never win. He also mentioned that he thought I had about as much chance of winning President as a snow ball in hell.

I responded, “Well, .. you never know, Hell might be just around the corner.”, considering Obama’s second term.


What Ann Coulter said, ( I really feel like coming up with a nick name for her, maybe the Republican Rapunzel? That might work) ,was poignant to the elitism infesting both major parties but really was a crippling blow to Mitt Romney that Obama sold effectively. Nowhere in our Constitution has a pre-requisite of being a Major, Governor, Representative, or Senator in order to be President or run for President ever been instituted and there are good reasons for it, Ann never took the time to mention, but they certainly contributed more to a Republican loss.

Romney’s not “going to apologize for being successful”. How many times did Romney say that? A lot, but maybe that wasn't so much the issue as the elitism mentality that was exposed. What if Romney would have said to that kind of barb,“you know I respect that anyone who is 35 years old and is a natural born citizen can run for President.”?

Wow! That’s powerful! It recognizes the power of all Citizens and their rights in the context of the Constitution instead of zeroing the focus on his success as a businessmen compared to everyone else who hasn't been as successful.

What is absolutely hysterically about that is the Ruling Class of Republicans can’t even get the current demands of the Constitution for the Office of the President right. How does Ann expect them to adhere to even more qualifications, than being over 35 years of age and a natural born citizen?

Republicans ran John McCain, a foreign born naturalized citizen as their nominee in 2008 which is why they are winking and smiling out of the back of their mouths about Obama, and he received more votes than Mitt Romney. What does that tell us?

See Additional Info at bottom of this page.


Well I hate to tell Republicans, but there are Americans that actually agree with the Constitution and for those who don’t there is an agreement on how to change that, but rather than spot light all the legislative acts to change that which have failed, they are winking and smiling why they ultimately break the law and then many of the “Party faithful” call their representatives “good guys” rather than acknowledging the Constitutional cheats and liars that are making a mockery of our The Supreme Law of the Land.

That is stunning! You want to talk about the ultimate lessons in hypocrisy in Republican form?

The Natural Born Citizen clause is so fundamentally understood to mean, “Born in the United States to Citizen Parents” that it represents a Yes or No answer. Any type of citizenship that is questionable to the contrary, warrants a “No”, and that to error on the side of safety. This is a National Security major fundamental error on the Republicans part that has dis-enchanted those who have seen Republicans as strong on defense.


Now do you hear Republican talk-show host talking about their failure in this? No you don’t. You hear them talking about appeasement and yelling about how minority friendly they are with Sen. Marco Rubio ,Allen West, and Rick Santorum, and wondering if they ran the wrong Vice Presidential Candidate who couldn't even help them carry Wisconsin.


I’m telling you Republicans started this dirty little “Birther” game with McCain, and it’s come back to bite them in the behind, and it’s looking like with Rubio and Santorum they just might be on the path to McCain again , which is why I have thought and continue to think that there just isn't a Presidential game in town the Republicans are ever going to win again.


Ann said it, they ran their best and it just wasn't good enough to win. Mitt Romney considered by many to be squeaky clean on family, a detailed businessman, and experienced as a Governor who worked with Democrats. What’s missing for Republicans? Mitt Romney even had more hair than Obama.

How in the world do you come to terms with running your best and failing? Well, you never come to terms with it unless you have the ability to step back and look at a bigger picture.


Now one thing I do believe many Republicans have, and that’s the ability to do and to grasp the concepts of Jesus without being offended. The concept of loving chastisement has given way to “think tank” in the Republican Party in many respects I’m afraid, which has led to the huge factor of hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy was the biggest turn off to Jesus, and continues to be to the American public. It was the one thing over adultery and what seemed like every other sin , he’d really lose his cool over. The merchants in the temple selling merchandise might seem like good capitalistic idea with Republicans but Jesus wasn't going for it.


You know I love Jesus and that is one of the reasons I do. He is strong on forgiveness to those who are penitent, and very strict on the concepts of hypocrisy.
Sweeping dirt under the carpet as the Republicans have been responsible for with Obama’s identity is a complete and utter hypocrisy to our Constitution and then to hear Republicans say they are the champion party of the Constitution is about as big of a joke as you could come up with.


Republicans can hardly exact the price for the truth from Obama in Benghazi or Mexico’s Fast & Furious because of the hypocrisy of the ineligibility represented by their own cover-up of Obama.

There is no way the Republicans are ever going to win the Presidency again. I think it’s over for them. They are unwilling to make a reckoning and want to pick and choose the lies they get Obama on, in the order of covering their own asses. It seems tentatively, that they are completely unwilling to repent of this error either.


Until they are willing to consider their hypocrisy on our national security and economy, they, Republicans represent, with the very big issue of the qualifications of the President, it is very unlikely that they will ever regain the trust of Americans again.


I believe whole heartedly that if they had taken a stand for the Constitution on the demands of the Constitution in the eligibility department of Barack Obama, and fully investigated it with hearings in Congress or the Judicial Committee of the House in 2010, that ultimately they would have represented much more of a trust with the Constitution to the American People and that might have translated into votes in the Independent Parties, Tea Parties, and Libertarians who are all very Constitutionally oriented citizens of America winning the White House.


The Republican repeatedly have ransomed the Constitution wondering in astonishment why the Democrats who have the walking talking violation of the Constitution in the White House have been allowed by God to get away with it.
The answer is reflected for Republicans looking in the mirror. They have no one else to blame but themselves.


One very interesting thought is that Democrats have always gotten Republicans to play their game. That game consisted of Republicans playing the game with one arm tied behind their back. That arm is the principles of the Constitution. As long as Republicans continue to play the game with one arm tied behind their back, does anyone beside me think it’s hilarious that they expect to win?

You know if I was so anti-Republican would I even bother wasting my time? You know for me I think there are principles that Republicans represent that are very good and there are some principles that the Democrats represent that are very good but our Constitutional principles are those we can come together on.


I believe that as Americans we have the ability to decipher a good combination of these and ultimately we don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils. WE can form a more perfect Union together.

Cody Robert Judy




Senator McCain was born in 1936 in the Canal Zone to U.S. citizen parents. The Canal Zone was territory controlled by the United States, but it was not incorporated into the Union. As requested by Senator McCain's campaign, distinguished constitutional lawyers Laurence Tribe and Theodore Olson examined the law and issued a detailed opinion offering two reasons that Senator McCain was a natural born citizen. Neither is sound under current law. The Tribe-Olson Opinion suggests that the Canal Zone, then under exclusive U.S. jurisdiction, may have been covered by the Fourteenth Amendment's grant of citizenship to "all persons born . . . in the United States." However, in the Insular Cases, the Supreme Court held that "unincorporated territories" were not part of the United States for constitutional purposes. Accordingly, many decisions hold that persons born in unincorporated territories are not Fourteenth Amendment citizens. The Tribe-Olson Opinion also suggests that Senator McCain obtained citizenship by statute. However, the only statute in effect in 1936 did not cover the Canal Zone. Recognizing the gap, in 1937, Congress passed a citizenship law applicable only to the Canal Zone, granting Senator McCain citizenship, but eleven months too late for him to be a citizen at birth. Because Senator John McCain was not a citizen at birth, he is not a "natural born Citizen" and thus is not "eligible to the Office of President" under the Constitution.

Additional Info: 

Here's John Birth Cert

Here's the Law suite Judy v. McCain -

U.S. Supreme Court Case Minor v. Happersett Judy v. Obama 12-5276 - Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.
Two prongs..1 prong) born in the U.S. McCain was not 2 prong)To Citizen parents

2008 Judy v. Obama with much information on McCain

2012 Judy v. Obama 12-5276 SCOTUS

In 1936, the Canal Zone fell into a gap in the law, covered neither by the citizenship clause nor Revised Statutes section 1993 (passed as the Act of May 24, 1934), the only statute applicable to births to U.S. citizens outside the United States. As then-Representative John Sparkman explained in 1937: "the Canal Zone is not such foreign territory as to come under the law of 1855 [Revised Statutes section 1993] and, on the other hand, it is not part of the United States which would bring it within the fourteenth amendment." The problem was well known; Richard W. Flournoy's 1934 American Bar Association Journal article, Proposed Codification of Our Chaotic Nationality Laws, explained "we have no statutory provisions defining the nationality status of persons born in the Canal Zone . . . ."

Because the Canal Zone was a "no man's land," in the words of Representative Sparkman, in 1937 Congress passed a statute, the Act of Aug. 4, 1937 (now codified at 8 U.S.C. § 1403(a)) granting citizenship to "[a]ny person born in the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904" who had at least one U.S. citizen parent. This Act made Senator McCain a U.S. citizen before his first birthday. But again, to be a natural born citizen, one must be a citizen at the moment of birth. Since Senator McCain became a citizen in his eleventh month of life, he does not satisfy this criterion, is not a natural born citizen, and thus is not "eligible to the Office of President."

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 MEDIA Gloating over Obama's Eligibility Defeat Stranger than SCOTUS Anti- Natural Born Citizen?
Amidst the hoop-la and media frenzy surrounding the debates is the 'stone-cold-silence' that something really horrific has just happened in the United States Supreme Court. You don't have to be a Birther, only a part of the silent majority to understand this.
The media has covered very well over the last four years the reasons that the eligibility challenge to Obama's qualifications has failed, and the biggest reason if you were paying any attention at all, was that 'standing' had not been fulfilled. There was not a presidential candidate in the race, in the same party, suffering a loss because Obama was running under a different set of rules and in such was cheating in the race within his own party, and in such depriving eligible qualified candidates of everything he was siphoning off, including campaign contributions, free media spot-lights, and a framed window to the general electorate that was skewed in fraud and forgery.
All the cases that were trumpeted with horns and fanfare by the Media were dismissed over something even Birthers came to grasp as understandable with the three legs of standing once again if you missed they are:
  1. Injury: The plaintiff must have suffered or imminently will suffer injury—an invasion of a legally protected interest that is concrete and particularized. The injury must be actual or imminent, distinct and palpable, not abstract. This injury could be economic as well as non-economic.
  2. Causation: There must be a causal connection between the injury and the conduct complained of, so that the injury is fairly traceable to the challenged action of the defendant and not the result of the independent action of some third party who is not before the court.
  3. Redressability: It must be likely, as opposed to merely speculative, that a favorable court decision will redress the injury.
'Staying in the race and competitively making commercials, having everything necessary to compete as a campaign for President isn't cheap", says Cody Robert Judy, "We all recall John Huntsman getting out at 12 million dollars in the middle of January, Rick Santorum in April after 23 million, so we understand fundraising cost money, commercials cost money, staff, web sites, travel, the list goes on and on and on. So I hope people understand the level of commitment it has taken to stay in and here it is October, with our last 3 commercials being made just a couple of weeks ago. As a Campaign we had to be able to present ourselves ready and able to step in and be competitive with Mitt Romney at any time a Court made a decision."
The campaign was actually forced to go on because of the case in the United States Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 12-5276 appealed all the way through the Supreme Courts of New Hampshire and Georgia early in the presidential contest. Every Court we legitimately gave the benefit of the doubt to even if it was simply that through the State Supreme Courts the hand off might be made to the United States Supreme Court to ultimately decide a federal election question for all 50 states.
When Cody was asked if he thought the Monday decision to deny his Petition for Certiorari  was made with an informed Court rather then glossed over or thrown in the same category of "no standing", Cody re-iterated, " I actually have no official way to calculate that. I know Analyst are in charge of breaking cases down for the Justices and there are so many cases in conference on those days my guess is they are more or less debating the ones that are fed to them, and I actually could clearly understand how for instance my case and Weldon v. Obama's case could be thrown into the same pot of 'no standing', but that case and mine are so far apart in the calculations and losses that our standing is clearly not even in the same category or realm as far as losses due to Obama's eligibility. WELDON was not running a presidential campaign, how could they be even close to the same financial scale or loss and injury?"
"If that's what happened, I can understand it, and I could understand how that could happen, but it clearly doesn't represent justice, or, the standing argument put to rest and Obama's eligibility considered with the evidence we had supporting fraud and forgery, which ultimately means a fraud committed with every single vote placed for him,or campaign dollar contributed."
"I actually think the media would be writing BIG STORIES and celebrating the fact that Obama has won the eligibility question without hiding behind the 'standing' argument. That in itself has been shouted upon the housetops of the anti-birther blogs as a calculation that in fact the United States Constitution has been changed without the legislative branch having to vote on the approval by 2/3rds majority."
" This is big news, the "natural born citizen" qualification clause of the United States Constitution has been really officially changed by this precedent with no standing dismissal coming in between the argument and the decision."
Anti-Birthers have blasted such things as " You see it takes more than 'standing!'", so they have celebrated this big time. The Main Stream Media I would think would grab a hold of this and tell it to every house-hold in America.
To fully appreciate the magnitude of the decision, and the equivalent of the loss, one must quantify the mentality to hide or keep secret the decision of the United States Supreme Court to the United States Supreme Court in denying my Petition for Certiorari. This is really an embarrassment to the anti-Birthers celebration, and that's why if one suspects its legitimate and the Justices were informed of the differences of our cases, a full and intelligent decision has been made and basically ceded the qualification of president understood in the Constitution which has not happened in legislative history!
Does anyone understand here that the Constitution has been re-written by the Justices with this decision? That's the magnitude of this decision. Now I didn't think the Constitution could be re-written by the United States Supreme Court under the laws prohibiting construction, but that has obviously happened also. There is no reason any foreign ruler cannot come over to America and one day be President with this ruling.
Now what is not to report to every house-hold in America? The Conservative leg of SCOTUS are not NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.
Cody continued, " Now what is not to report to every house-hold in America, unless, there is a little different thing going on? I suggest, if a decision has been made re-writing the Constitution, and that is not being celebrated by the Media, more then likely, ,my case was  not represented to the Justices by the case analyst as very different in standing and circumstances then Weldon v. Obama."
"I really think this shows all of us, they through all of the Georgia cases in the same pot,  which would be about as educated decision as throwing everyone in prison for a death sentence. It doesn't even make sense."
"In fact the following comment I received on my blog makes much more sense if indeed my case was not thrown in the same pot, and under these circumstances, the conservative branch of the whole United States Supreme Court really has grounds for being removed from the bench, and a Congressional Hearing and investigation needs to be undertaken immediately."
Anonymous Comment made:
[ It wasn't so much the clerks laughing but justices Scalia, Alito and Chief Justice Roberts.
All three of them have one or more foreign parents, and all three naturally tend to believe that their allegiance to the USA is not affected by whether the parents were naturalized before or after the justices were born. They are likely to have had friends who had foreign-born parents who were naturalized after their children were born---and they did not notice any difference in the behavior of these friends from people whose parents were naturalized before the children were born.
The laugh is that Judy was asking Scalia, Alito and the chief justice to vote that they believed the writers of the US Constitution may have believed that the US-born children of foreigners (who the justices ARE) are not as good as the US-born children of US citizens. Well, they do not believe it, and the certainly would not vote that the writers of the US Constitution believed it unless there were actual evidence that they did---and there isn't any.
That's quite a laugh. ]
Cody Robert Judy's Response:
[That is a good laugh for them I suppose.., and a good reason they should lose their nice cushy jobs because they failed the Constitution. There's a legislative mandate that says so, as we all know how many times the 'attempt' was made to change it in the Legislative Branch and the attempts failed. Its NOT their job to re-write it, and the construction prohibitions of the Constitutions say so. I do think your comment was very insightful, and I appreciate it.]
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign - Cody Robert Judy - - - YouTube: CODE4PRES
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Obama's Carnival Barker

Obama's Carnival Barker
Obama's Carnival Barker is an original song written, produced, and performed by The Cody Robert Judy Band encouraging voters to make a good decision for the Constitution and consider Obama's ineligibility, Cody's stand for the Constitution in the demand for a 'natural born citizen' in the Office of the President; the importance of which cannot be simply written off.

When considering the forgery and fraud presented to the United States Supreme Court just simply from a Constitutional perspective in Obama's identification documents, it is easy to understand that upholding the Constitution by interpreting it, and holding the lower courts to precedence is a duty that the Judicial Branch of our Government, as one of the three legs , is charged in doing.
If one of these legs fails, our whole system easily crashes, becomes unbalanced, and a perversion of our Republic ensues catapulting the United States "Back" not "Forward" as Obama claims he would like to go, to an age before the Revolution.
The message from Cody Robert Judy, " We can't go back forsaking the courage, blood, and vision of our Forefathers Obama. Maybe, you should go back to where it was you were born".
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy
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COULD Sept 24th in SCOTUS Be Obama's D-Day - 

Could this be the first day of the invasion of Obama's Eligibility?

In Presidential politics its been said you can't float like a butterfly you gotta sting like a bee. No-sting-Mitt-Romney has been basking in the light that the economy would be the narrow bridge by which he walks into the White House. Cody Robert Judy has quite another escort- Hammer Obama on the Constitution's demand for a natural born citizen in the United States Supreme Court, which Obama has no answer to, and fillet Mitt Romney for being soft on the Constitution - a supposed priority for conservatives and republicans. The result could possibly be the end of the Republican Party as it slips into the deep political abyss forever.

In light of nearly all Media Sources  hiding from the American Public the enormously important case of Obama's ineligibility for the Office of President coming up for conference in the United States Supreme Court  Sept 24th,2012 in Judy v. Obama 12-5276  ., that Americans might be free to choose to support with an intelligence of what is going on ,rather then being told what or whom to support, Cody Robert Judy is threatening to take his message to the people.

"Most people are just now tuning in on what's been happening over the last 12 months in the political arena on Obama's eligibility. While a few cases gained some steam with the Media, most were derision warding off the only thing Obama has no answer to: He's not a natural born citizen."

Protected, coddled, and pampered that's been Obama when it comes to the Media. They have covered, conjectured, and conned America into Obama's Legitimacy based on the 14th Amendment, which has nothing to do with the requirements for President. A natural born citizen by U.S. Precedent is a person born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. No foreign allegiance in birth or in the parental chain. Its just that simple.

One facebook friend in Colorado posted:

 " A most famed and prominent Italian lawyer in Denver history told me he was asked to prosecute the wiretappers of Colorado Governor, Teller Ammons.  "At that time there was no case law on the books for such an invasion of privacy offense, and he had to go way back to 16th Century Brittish commonlaw cases to find a decision rendered which was to drive the offender through the streets in a 'scold cart' to take appropriate action in the governor's behalf."   Anthony Zarlengo, Esq.  (Republican)

Now we are engaged by citizen Robert Cody Judy (Democrat) to support him in his attempt to get a ruling from the US Supreme Court concerning the issues surrounding eligibility as stated in Amendment 2 of the US Constitution.  We can do no less for this concerned citizen.  Race is not an issue.  It is clearly an issue of legal interpretation.   It takes a Writ of Cert to get this far and I think we owe some consideration to this man's pleading before the court which should appear on September 24, 2012.  I believe Mrs. Obama, albeit a disbarred attorney herself, made the statement "we all should play by the same rules" recently at the DNC.  We all like our freedoms, protections and opportunities (once) guaranteed in this great document, don't we?

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding,

Barbara Elwood ", while many other facebook friends simply declared "I'm in" when it came to Cody's video requesting $25 or 25 friends as help for a 4500 commercial campaign add leading up to the Supreme Court conference.

"We see the "cloak" of this case the Media has presented as a covert action to undermine America's Constitution with our entire political and journalistic system at the stake as we know it and call for the removal of "The Iron Curtain", the Democratic Party Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy said, "Obama's house is a house cards, that will come crashing down as sure as our Republic will stand".

Commenting on the Kansas Objections Board Hearing featured on the Huffington Post today (Sept 13th,2012)Cody Robert Judy's message to the media, " If you have nothing to fear, why don't you dare to share my case? Go ahead, bask in my defeat if you must. Set it up and kick me to the Moon otherwise at least be descent and let America know that there is no problem with standing (which has been widely held to be the Birther Achilles heel) in this case. Kansas is where we were at about 5 Courts ago in Feb/March."

While Gov. Romney and Obama share jabs at the timing of each other's remarks regarding the tragic slayings of Americans, we share an added emphasis in the tragedy on exactly what American sovereignty means. We share an added emphasis on exactly what makes America different from the rest of the world. Gov. Mitt Romney strongly endorsed American values and our Constitution in his platitude.

We would challenge Gov. Romney's statement as nothing more then lip service or a clandestine form of watered down politicking simply because he hasn't taking a stand against the greatest threat to our national security in Obama's ineligibility and the facts that through the office of the Presidency our enemies can gain more leverage against America then any terror action across the globe.

Not only have our enemies been embolden by the apologetic tone of the Obama usurpation administration, but we Americans are all mocked and chided at having a Usurper in the White House by our allies as well by our enemies and are seen as nothing more than hypocritical at our best and worst. With Mitt Romney covering up for Obama's ineligibility, Obama gains the platitudes of anti-american disdain of which our enemies soak and distribute as gasoline to be ignited against our Constitution and Country.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Cody Robert Judy

Help Tear Down the Iron Curtain of the Media w Cody Robert Judy

Cody's facebook message laid it on the line offending some but cheered by most: "Get Mad? Talk tough? Do nothing or do something positive? United States Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 12-5276 Join now with others who have contributed in this effort to bring Obama's eligibility out in the open in the Presidential Race. Do you like doubling your odds at firing Obama or R you a dead-beat patriot? Join us its working!"

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign



Candidate ID P20003372

Committee ID C00501593

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Shut Down Shot Down Sexy- The hottest song in America right now

Maybe its a precursor to come, but all ready Cody Robert Judy knows what its like to be 'shut down and shot down' by the 11 Courts on the eligibility of Barack Obama. There is yet one last Court that will weigh in on what some have called the divining case in the history of America. The United States Supreme Court is really the Court that should weigh in on the eligibility issue and case of our time Judy v. Obama 12-5276, and not use the excuse that 'standing' wasn't achieved for the last four years in order to wave justice good bye.

If this case is given the 'kiss-off' by the highest Court in the land, then there is no telling what the government is going to do to you. If justice won't protect the individual freedom certainly has been lost. The justice of the Republic has always been seen in the strength of the individual to stop the mass from rolling over top of rights and protections well established. Protected by the Constitution, and if that is shucked off by the Court, well it will be only a short time when most of the mass finds out that they are individuals being run over.

Of course, once it's lost, it means the devil to get back. Most media outlets have thought 'why should a smaller campaign be able to constitutionally check a larger campaign?', what gives a smaller campaign that right?

You know one thing for sure, the United States Supreme Court is not going to have to worry about the media telling America about this case before it is adjudicated because there hasn't been a single story written about it by an outside reporter. Yeah, that's anonymity that can't be mistaken. Nope the Supreme Court will rule on this with their own conscience and we all will know it wasn't the demonstrations outside on the lawn that influenced their decision.

What gives any individual the right to stand up against the government if the government decides to "take" your microphone? Or take your house? Or take your Car? Or take your children?

You might have the chance to use your 'individual' right at this time, thinking that being part of the mass in rolling over Cody Robert Judy's Campaign is 'good riddance', but hold that thought while you ask yourself, "Do you really want the Constitution to perish, and your rights as an individual to perish along with Cody's?"

Well, we're not "all" serous here at the Campaign Headquarters and while we take time to comment on issues we also take time to sing and to celebrate the little bit of 'rebel' in everyone of us in America. We are you know? Rebels. 

That's right and never has a Nation of rebels come so far. Sometimes it is good to remember where you came from. It wasn't all 'prim and proper', so let's celebrate our rebel a little with this song because America has a reputation to protect, and we sure as hell have a Constitution to protect last I checked that every politician in Washington DC had sworn an oath to. 

Let's hope the United States Supreme Court remembers that oath, and remembers that the qualifications for the office of President didn't include producing birth certificates, draft registrations, and social security cards that represent forgery more then legitimacy and fraudulent actions more then honest ones, as well as hiding every college transcript that might confirm Obama's transplant status as a foreign student in a sovereign nation under God.


Now for a little fun-

Shut Down Shot Down Sexy is the hottest sexiest song in America right now. Its colorful and packed with wonderful lyrics about a guy who gets ‘shut down- shot down- by a sexy women’, now how many guys can relate to that? That’s what I’m talk’n about right there;licking your wounds. Another exciting original by The Cody Robert Judy Band that every DJ in America should be playing right now because everyone at home can say they’ve been “Shut Down Shot Down Sexy”.

Shut Down Shot Down Sexy

Preamble Dispatcher Voice:

“This is an all points bulletin- suspect considered to be armed and dangerous- female, American. I guess she’s packed and loaded – 34D-30-32 She loves freedom and liberty- says she’s wearing a bikini- likes dancing and rock n’ roll- I’ve seen dangerous but this is “WANTED”- Shut Down Shot Down- approach with extreme caution- God bless America.”

V.1 Maybe you remember

The call I gave you in September

You said you didn’t want to play

Said you were just too busy that day

Now its easy to recall

Because my heart you let it fall


Vs.2 I never let it go I tried again

Because with my women it aint no sin yeah yeah

Maybe she’s tired of hearing from me

But she’s so beautiful you see

You know I don’t like to fight

But for my Baby it seems right


Vs.3 You might say I’m out of form

But my Baby’s arms are nice and warm

To her heart I seek the key

For her love is like a tree

Now you wouldn’t understand yeah yeah

How much I wanna be her man



Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames, Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames

I don’t wanna be shut down by you, I don’t wanna be shot down by you I don’t wanna be shut down by you

Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames, Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames


If you missed the last Campaign Commercial, here it is:

Also a big shout out to Tracy in Maryland for doing a terrific job in her Ballot Challenge this last week. We are including the personal email sent to Tracy from Cody Robert Judy

Dear Tracy,
           Just thought I'd write a note to you and say you did a great job. I don't think any attorney could have done better.  The beginning was great where you included a little family history, that really brings it home and personalized it for Maryland like no bodies business. 
           Well, great job, it will be interesting to see the 'ruling' as the Judge sure had the book thrown at him.  Those Judges have a hard time reading crime when a citizen is reading it to them rather then an attorney general sadly, especially in this case.
            The only thing I didn't like if there was one thing that seemed like a burnt french fry in the batch of good ones, pg. 32 "Since President Obama..".  Gosh I can hardly stand for the honor of the office to be bestowed upon a Usurper.  Yuck.
            Other than that you can be certain that you have done something here Tracy that your whole family can be very proud of. You did something our whole Country in its patriotic duty should be very proud of you for. If elected President I intend to award every Citizen who filed a complaint in the Obama Ballot Challenges or Courts an Honorable Patriot Award for distinguished citizenship.
Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

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Subject: Information regarding Judy v. Obama 12-5276
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 13:05:06 -0600

                Dear Mr. Verrilli- U.S. Solicitor General;
                                  Sir, the reason I served you my complaint in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 was specifically because of the involvement of the Federal Elections Commission, which is a Federally Funded Organization under the Senate Judiciary Committee (please see my blog post here regarding the matter), that I believe is in the interest of your department as U.S. Solicitor General.
Dear U.S. Sen. Hatch:                                                Sept 27th , 2011
Att: Mr. Tom Jipping
As Counsel for advice on procedural meetings with Representative Sen. Hatch as the ranking member of the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee, and his pledge and stand in doing such for the Constitution, could you please arrange a meeting for me to discuss the following that I would bring to the Senate Judicial Committee?
1- The FEC's recent stand against the Constitution in regards to allowing anyone to solicit money in a run for President without regard to that person's constitutional qualifications to do so, per age restriction and natural born citizen requirement, representing a fraud to those contributing money and services for the candidate in that specific proposal.
The six commissioners of the Federal Election Commission are being tasked with a Constitutional question: Can a foreign-born citizen run for President of the United States? Guyana-born New York attorney Abdul Hassan would like to file papers, take campaign contributions, and collect federal matching funds for his candidacy.
PUBLIC COMMENTS ON DRAFT ADVISORY OPINION ( ) This is something that Congress has already ruled upon with hearings as recently as 2000.
I am also a candidate in 2012 for the Presidency, and am not only offended, but hurt financially by this, based on my own campaigns loss of revenue from potential contributions that basically are given under false pretenses to an unqualified candidate. This is fraudulent action perpetrated upon the voter and citizen contributing unawares of the candidates total lack of verification of qualification at the FEC level. A simple action by Congress mandating the FEC demand all candidates sign a statement under penalty of perjury as to their qualifications would go a long way in clearing this up. The Judicial Branch could then also have a breach of qualification standard with the candidates signature and penalty affixed of perjury.
Sir I would ask you to please help me know what to do at this point because of the recess of the U.S. Supreme Court and the deadline I have advocated necessary to call an Emergency Session of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear this matter based on the rather impending disaster that is certain if the Court will not consider the case.
As you know the Tea Party is advocating heavily for Mitt Romney to call out Obama's eligibility problems after the Democratic National Convention and poll numbers have Obama slightly ahead, giving the political credence for an October surprise that would devastate the Democratic Party without room to recover. If the Supreme Court would rule on my case before the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte N.C., at least millions of Americans might have a chance of getting a eligible candidate or at the very least putting the issue to bed for the Republicans to sabotage after National Conventions.
Obama's campaign has been insistent on dragging Mitt Romney's tax returns out without so much as a whimper from Mitt Romney, but the issue isn't over with Obama's campaign desperate. Sir, one cannot expect the Republican Candidate to sit silent after being poked and poked and poked. I believe when Mr. Romney decides to go for Obama's jugular it will be after the Democrat Party's National Convention.
With my case Sir, the issue can be put to rest, taken out of the Republicans war chest, and handled with the proper supervisory authority of the U.S. Supreme Court that in fact has a major question presented to it that requires Constitutional interpretation and the upholding of precedent.
The problem is the Democratic National Convention is being held Sept. 5th, 2012 and the United States Supreme Court is in a Summer Recess right now. I would like to call upon you and ask you if by chance you know of any way to get this to the Court during this precarious time in the election cycle. I am a pro se litigant and am at my witts end in trying to 'notify', 'alert', or somehow 'flag' this issue to the Justices.
While I understand the "political doctrine question' very well and the Courts reluctance, millions of Americans may have their votes compromised and that is not an issue the Court ought to take lightly.
I noticed that your name has been taken off the Court Record as representative Counsel and Obama's attorney Michael Jablonski from Georgia was placed upon it, therefore I believe that it is appropriate, or not inappropriate ,for me to ask for your helping hand in my circumstances given the interest of the F.E.C involvement and perhaps your ability to notify the Court of this case that a decision might not lose in the standing circumstance of 'redressability'.
While I have sent an Emergency Notification to the Court detailing this matter copied to your office also, I am still unaware of any action by the Court or frankly that they have been notified of the case and circumstances.
Sir, I know Obama appointed you Solicitor General, but I'm sure you swore an oath to the Constitution and not to Obama, therefore I extend my hand and ask for your help. Please feel free to email or call me of any advice or action you feel is appropriate. Thank you kindly.
Cody Robert Judy
Petitioner pro se Case No. 12-5276 Judy v. Obama
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
3031 So. Ogden Ave.
Suite 2
Ogden, UT. 84401
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CRJ letter to Andrea Shea King Radio Patriot - Dave & America fighting to live to election
      Hi Andrea Shea King- Radio Patriot;
                       I just wanted to thank you for your terrific job and to personally express my concern and warm wishes to Dave.
 It's been a year now since my own Mom was diagnosed with a 4th stage lymphoma with only days to live as the calcium levels of her bone marrow entered her blood stream and headed straight to nearly collapse her memory and sanity entirely. At 74 the Doctors didn't know what her state was before the cancer had taken its' tole, but I did. 
She was vibrant and active and clear headed, nothing compared to the women who lay in the hospital with her outstretched arms searching for something that wasn't there and only mildly recognizing her own children. I was shopping for caskets when we opted against the wishes of her siblings to go ahead with a new cancer drug that was discovered here at the University of Utah which eradicated and hunted the B cancer cell.
Its been an interesting year as we went through 8 months of treatments, I picked her up traveling the 100 mile round trip every day for her 'Nupitgen ' shot and we prayed a lot that in her weakened condition she wouldn't catch a cold in the cold winter months here in Utah. Her progress was significant with a dream I'd had which convinced me we were doing the right thing for her and this is the path we should travel. 
The dream I had was of a big frying pan between my legs which I bent over and picked up with extreme effort. Each time I picked it up it was lighter. I thought when I woke up that we should not always discount answers to our prayers when we are indeed praying for them because we never know how God will do his work and we do know that often answers come from directions we had not thought of before, for God's intelligence is greater then ours as he is in Heaven and we on the Earth.
Chemo treatments are nothing less then the whole body being put in the frying pan.
Humility is in its simplest form of course an expression of prayer, admitting we don't know the answer or the way to go the same as a child would ask his Parent "where are we going?", even after you've told the child 10 times, 'We are going to Grandma's House to go swimming".
Grasping the answer is not as easy as grasping the reassurances and security of the answer after it actually happens.
My family has been blessed the last two months in the "Cancer Free" report coming back from the doctors which is very good news for us that we are indeed thankful for. My Mom would have been gone by now if we had not gone through with the treatment. Instead she now has colored the two inches of new thick hair that has come upon her crown.
Dave is fighting a tremendous battle and I certainly do not know the outcome of his cancer or the number of his days,but I do know that in the power of Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray, answers can come and directions can be followed for success.
Often I think as Society becomes "open" with one eye, the other begins to close. We all know we can see better with both eyes wide open. As medical advances are made often the spiritual advances are closed. I am always impressed with a Doctors testimony who in a very difficult operation admits to his hands feeling guided in a close call with losing a patient. I love to read testimonies of inventors who have seen in a dream or the spiritual eye the idea that through their work became a reality seen with their physical eyes.
As you and Dave have been closely knit together in the political arena and I have followed you and even been on your radio show once in 2010 in my U.S. Senate Run, one thing we all share is hard work in upholding the Constitution's demands for a natural born citizen in the office of the President. What a tie that binds us and all patriots across the Country feeling the same.
You probably remember August 8th, 1974 was the date of the Nixon resignation speech, just two short months away from the general election. No doubt you know that with my press releases going to you that in my run for President I have finally received a case number in the United States Supreme Court Judy v. Obama case no. 12-5276 regarding Obama's eligibility to run as a qualified candidate, and I am running and challenging in the Democratic Party, something that has never before entered the court. Just as Nixon's case was not too late before the election neither is Obama's.
The battle in the political arena I have often thought of as the battle my Mom fought in the battle against cancer. A battle that many Americans believe we've lost already. I hear all kinds of things like I did with my Mom, "The disease is too far progressed to cure", " Just let her die in peace", " The pain of chemo is not worth the chance the disease will win anyway" and the list goes on.
Well, I'm here with my Mom today when if I had caved to those voices I wouldn't be. She's living unassisted now and independent. She drives her car and I always say the sign of a healthy women is if she can go shopping by herself. She does and nothing makes me happier then to see her do it. 
America might think the same way that many people, even some doctors felt about my Mom about Obama. He's done almost 4 years the disease is too far progressed to warrant chemo or a decision of justice with the Constitution as a standard. I know there might be some pain involved in a decision to remove Obama as President as the Constitution suggest in Amendment 14, Sect 3, as a "disability", but I believe if he is not removed as such America under the banner of the United States Constitution will not survive the powerful destruction and erosion of its principles.
For some reason a childhood song comes to my mind in light of how small I am. "Give said the little stream, give oh give, give oh give. I'm small I know but wherever I go the grass grows greener still." I believe as small as I am within the Democratic Party, and as small as our Constitution is to Obama, that my case will be heard, and our Constitution provides the necessary nutrients for a world dried up. 
I  may not know all the answers to every question, but I do know they will come. I'm confident we will face some pain with Obama's removal, but I'm equally confident that America will survive it and be better off in the long run of the little stream called the Republic for which we stand.
I wish "Third Wave Dave" the best in his treatment which ever way he chooses, and pray for the Spirit of God to guide him in that decision. As I thought about how much voting means to Dave I thought gosh wouldn't it be nice if every American felt that way about voting and then I thought, wouldn't it be nice for me to be able to ask Dave for his vote because Obama was out and I was the Democratic Party nominee.
If the United States Supreme court hears my case, and decides in my favor I know Congress won't be far behind in calling for a vote for Obama's removal as a "Disability" and I know America will join hands across the Country in a revitalization of the standards of our Republic. Once we clean house within I'm sure there will be battles to face from without from those who were counting on the inside job working. We will have to fight those battles to, but we will do so together knowing we at least don't have our forefathers rolling in their graves and the future generations can resume the hope of America as a shining lighthouse on a hill set as a standard to guide the course of our ship away from the rocks threatening to cave our whole ship in.
God Bless you and Dave in your endeavors and pursuits and may God Bless America.
Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2012 10:24:33 -0400
Subject: Our patriot Dave fighting to live

Our patriot Dave fighting to live

05 Sunday Aug 2012

Deciding to undergo a bone marrow transplant is not an easy decision. My radio show producer Dave “ThirdWaveDave” Logan wrestled with it for months, weighing the options.  Should he continue with the chemo regimen he was on, taking the very expensive and experimental drug Tasigna?  A therapy to which his body likely would eventually develop an immunity? And if so, how long would it be before that happened?  His oncologist told him to expect a year, at most. Dave desperately wanted to be here to vote on November 6th. For him, it was imperative that he cast his ballot against Obama. 
And if he opted for a transplant? Dave’s odds were 30 to 50% he’d live through the election.  (More)

Inline image 1

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SUPPLEMENTAL BRIEF filed in SCOTUS Judy v. Obama - Democratic Party National Convention Holds Change

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign is pleased to report today, July 27th, 2012; a Supplemental Brief was docketed by the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama Case No. 12-5276 dated July 16th, 2012 ;which was the post mark entered upon the Priority Mail Documents.


Priority Mail with the United States Postal Service has been pretty remarkably consistent with the mailings to the United States Supreme Court from between two and four days across the Country, the Campaign reported. However, in the instance of these document sent to the Solicitor General and the United States Supreme Court, both packages were delayed until Thursday July 26th, 2012.

The same document sent to the two corroborating Counsels for Barack Obama and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp in Atlanta, Georgia were delivered in what we described as usual, landing on the recipients July 18th, 2012. The customary practice of the United States Supreme Court is to docket according to the post mark.

Breathing a big sigh of relief for the intelligence relayed in these documents that wasn’t lost, Cody himself celebrated with a conference call that was warmly received with cheers of enthusiasm expressed by the campaign of volunteers and supporters across the country.

“You know we did it and you know what just happened! Hooray for the safe passage!” Cody exclaimed.

Marred in attacks from the steepest left of the Democratic Party loyal to Obama Cody has been the subject of attack after attack. Unreported by an oblivious media, who hasn’t a clue what’s going on because nothings been reported to them, by the recommendations of Mr. Judy, the Campaign has set up a series of political booby-traps that they have walked right into including mis-information, non-transparency, mistakes, and conjectured relays, until the United States Supreme Court received the intelligence that was so very vital.

Unsupported by conservatives loyal to the Republican Party and in-name Birthers only, Cody has vowed to un-Earth the sophisticated mirage that has secretly been the project of Republicans for quite some time, who in no way wanted anyone but Barack Obama as the National Democratic Nominee.


In an interview after the conference call Cody related privately:

“You know as well as I do that there are a whole bunch of people in this Country who call themselves Conservative, but don’t believe in the Constitution. To me anyone who really believes the Constitution is just a piece of paper has got their conservative values really twisted on a macro- massive scale that far supersedes the devastation that “ right to lifer’s” claim against pro-choice advocates in a false story against their brother.”

“Nowhere in the Republican Party will you find a ‘whimper’ of Obama’s deception, his forged long form birth certificate, his forged draft registration, his sealed College entrance records, his revoked or relocated law license, and his Passport records”, but you all have access to mine because I am laid bare before you and God, so at least you know what you’re getting.”

“Now if you’re a Conservative, ask yourself an honest question,” Because of the Republican Cover-up of these things, yes I said, Republican,  you should know you do not know what you’re getting with Mitt Romney anymore then you knew what you were getting with Barack Obama, because he’s covered for Obama right?” He has and to think otherwise is just, well, drinking the Obama-fools-aid."

 The Republicans have laid the biggest mirage ever hoaxed upon the America People and it’s no secret anymore. They were the biggest capitulators of Obama’s fraud. They were willingly captivated and over 50% of Republicans drank the fraudulent Obama-fools-aid!”

“In fact, any conservative who has claim on the term, who has refused to help our Campaign, who has sat in idol while this Campaign forged with the sword of truth, the Justice affecting every living American at this time, ought to count themselves imitation and worthy as a Rhino.”

“If you believe that “Obama’s Transparent Gate” has not cost this Country more, time, talent, money than any single devastating event in our history, than you were on a different level of obedience to your conscience because that is the case, and the responsible Republican base has what kind of a record on missing it? It has an impeccable record, it’s incredible, and they have been perfect in missing the biggest crisis our Country has ever gone through in modern day history!”

“There are very few people right now that actually know what is going on when it comes to this United States Supreme Court Case, what it actually portends, and the intelligence it embodies surrounding Barack Obama. The determination and courage of those involved is incredible, inspiring, and honorable and I know when this story is over it is one that will be worth its weight in gold for America’s history books to remember.”

Pressed on what he thought was specifically important about the case Mr. Judy alluded in abit of mystery, stating somewhat guardedly, there were four parts of a puzzle that were swiftly coming together.

“We the People, justice, the transparency of Obama, and the Media represent four pieces of a puzzle. “

"Of course no one can see what the puzzle looks like until all the pieces come together. The Media does not, contrary to what many people believe, represent ‘Justice’” it never has and it never will in its purest form”, Cody said, “The Media represents reporting Justice, and that doesn’t happen until witnesses and evidence are set before a Judgment Bar and a Judgment is had from a Judge who weighs the balance.”

“The important thing to report here is that the Democratic Party is most likely going to have a new nominee other than Barack Obama, and that at this time, the wheels of change are moving very rapidly. What I can assure you is that Mitt Romney will have a much greater challenge than he ever supposed with Barack Obama, especially given his poor record on actually doing what a President is suppose to do when it comes to the oath a President takes.”

“Creating jobs is not the government’s job, in fact our Federal Government has been in the business of trying to overcome the unemployment numbers by created far too many jobs within itself and its placed a burden on the People that is cumbersome and heavy. Mitt Romney’s experience in the business sector has not prepared him to create jobs as President, and his assumption that it has is naïve at best and deceptive at worst.”

“Mitt Romney has a very poor record for understanding that our economy revolves heavily around the opportunity our Constitution affords us. When the taxes get high, and the Constitution is usurped, the wings of the butterfly are pinned down and cannot expand fully for graceful flight”, Cody said.

“With the Democratic Parties National Convention set to happen September 5th, 2012 , August is going to be the hottest Summer Obama’s ever had in his life”, he continued, “but it’s also going to be a very hot one for Republicans and their complacency and actual disdain for our Constitution that will come to trial.”

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign


 Patriots true to the Conservative Movement for America represented by The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Movement are welcome to contribute as their conscience would dictate here:



The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Campaign Commercial :CRJ TV










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Obama's long form birth certificate is forged and Cody Robert Judy for President releases his U.S. Supreme Court case no 12-1576 Judy v. Obama that has the Cold Case Posse's investigation included within it.
The newest campaign commercial highlights the arguments of Cody Robert Judy's case against Obama's eligibility and qualification for the Office of President according to the United States Constitution's demands' for a 'natural born citizen.
 Today its been 10 days since I mailed the Motion and Order here to the United States Supreme Court. Its just unreal how long its taking. The Pony Express pre civil war across the whole country was 10 days.
Track & Confirm
Priority Mail®
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
July 23, 2012, 9:44 am
Expected Delivery By:
July 18, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™
Depart USPS Sort Facility
July 17, 2012
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
July 17, 2012, 1:35 am
Dispatched to Sort Facility
July 16, 2012, 6:25 pm
OGDEN, UT 84401
July 16, 2012, 10:19 am
OGDEN, UT 84401
The following letter/email was sent to the Solicitor General yesterday.
From: cody judy (
Sent: Tue 7/24/12 11:38 PM
Donald B. Verrilli Jr.
Solicitor General (202) 514-2217
United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC  20530-0001
            Dear Mr. Solicitor General Donald B. Verilli Jr.:
</a>which documents include:
 and Mailing Declaration have come by some 10 day delay in the Priority Mailing Service of the United States Postal Service noted as USPS Case No. CA109421272
on USPS tracking item #0310 3490 0000 1692 0068 to your office, and the 11 copies to the U.S. Supreme Court Clerk USPS tracking # 0310 3490 0000 1692 0099.
Because of the time sensitive nature of this Motion and proposed Order I am forwarding this to your office with your email address and the record that opposing Counsels Brian Kemp Secretary of State Esq. Russo and Esq. Cam-anh Le received there copy in email as well as Priority Mail Tracking No. 0310 3490 0000 1692 0082 July 18th,2012 11:27AM
Mr. Michael Jablonski Esq., Counsel for Barack Obama, emailed and received his copy as well as Priority Mail Tracking No. 0310 3490 0000 1692 0075 July 18th 2012 9:05AM
      Sir, as you are listed on the U.S. Supreme Court docket in Judy v. Obama, Case No.12-1576 as Representative Counsel for Mr. Barack Obama and the urgency of this case is expressed in the Motion and Order, I propose your responsibility to the Court does not include willfully stalling an action out of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices supervisory authority.
      By this I also include you as my Solicitor General acting in the interest of Justice and my Federal Government of which if Barack Obama is seen as ineligible for the Office of the President by the virtue of Justice in the Court, he is not apart of the Federal Government of which you represent and you should be acting on my behalf.
      Your job, as I understand it, is to represent matters of the Federal Government of the United States before the Supreme Court of the United States, therefore how can you represent an unqualified candidate before the United States Supreme Court and not represent me as a qualified candidate for President? Sir I have the benefit of having over 2200 hours of investigation from a law enforcement agency that has reported Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate to be a certain Fraud and Forged that he released to the White House Press Core. You have nothing of that sort to contend my evidence is unlawful.
      Mr. Obama's occupation of the office albeit, for the Court's consideration, illegally does not warrant your loyalty so much as I should have it and you should be representing me.
      With these considerations I must have the Court's attention now Sir, that the "Redressability account of standing" is not diminished by the delay of the Court's ruling before my proposed August 22nd, 2012 Judgement Date in ORDER that 2 weeks to exist prior the Sept 5th,2012 Democratic National Convention.
      I would be most appreciative Sir if you would see to this matter and accommodate a working schedule as I have proposed to the Court, and the Court should have had by now already ruled upon, were it not for this infuriating delay of the Priority Mailing Postal Service to your Office and the U.S. Supreme Court that is representative of something out of the pre Civil War Pony Express delivery of 10 days across the Country.
      No Sir, I shall not lose my case due to the delay on the Mailing Service, nor should the U.S. Supreme Court Justices lose their hold on  the Constitution due to the same, and we must indeed begin communication by phone or electronic email to necessitate the schedule for the court to adopt in protection of its supervisory powers of the United States Constitution, in all diligence to this matter.
     I appreciate your response to me directly through my email and phone if the matter presents itself to be an hourly deadline, and perhaps an arrangement for a phone Conference with the appropriate Justices be made immediately upon your receiving this.
     My pardon Sir for making this a public matter as you can see on the Correct Copy line of the email, however, this has been done  in the interest of WE THE PEOPLE and a transparency the Mr. Obama promised in his campaign of 2008, so I would expect only cooperation in dealing with this matter, rather then unwarranted and tactical delays.
     I await your response Sir.
Sincerely Yours,
 Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Email :

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
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As seen on:
There's a friendly SHOWDOWN happening in The Birther Movement Cody Robert Judy Explains
Recall there were about 2 other cases in Georgia happening along with mine in January.
Its July now and two of them teamed up together after the Georgia Supreme Court and one split away from me - David Farrar represented by Orly Taitz in the Georgia Supreme Court.
Now there are 3 cases in the United States Supreme Court that have come out of Georgia.
1- July 2nd 2012 Docketed DAVID P. WELDEN, CARL SWENSSON, and KEVIN RICHARD POWELL v. OBAMA teamed up with Counsel Van R. Irion and Counsel Mark Hatfield in Case No. 12-5
2- July 9th,2012 Docketed DAVID FARRAR v. OBAMA teamed up with Counsel Orly Taitz in Case No. 12A25
3- July 17th,2012 Docketed CODY ROBERT JUDY v. OBAMA which does not have Counsel and is filed by the Petitioner pro se.
Between the three (3) teams my case is the only one represented with a Candidate for President. I am a Democratic Party Candidate for President.  The other two teams do not have a Presidential Candidate but both the other teams do have something else in common. I suppose in detail the importance of that was discussed in my last blog here
They rejected me as viable..or credible and they are all Republicans.
Prior to the decision I received on June 21st I received a call from Mr. Richard Powell who inquired about the July 1st,2012, or thirty day date that the Court had set to make a decision.
We spoke at length and I explained that because the case was docketed May 31st,2012 that the Supreme Court of Georgia had under normal conditions until July 1st, 2012 to make a decision. Of course that decision came earlier then anticipated on June 21st,2012 which I was delighted with mostly because it gave me an extra week to get to filing my case with the U.S. Supreme Court.
Our cases have all hit the Court within about 15 days of each other so I know they were waiting for a decision in my case before they filed in the U.S. Supreme Court.
Now within The Birther Movement it is no secret that I am not really credited with anything. I'm not on the Conservative Talk Show Circuit and have never been asked to speak at a Tea Party or Birther Event. Whenever there have been events I was not called or asked to speak at them.
You recall even Dr. Rev. James David Manning only used me in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial after Alan Keyes, and Wayne Allan Root didn't show up, as well as Orly Taitz.
I drove out to New York from Nevada strictly on faith not knowing what part I would play, if at all, but I ended up being a big factor, which he acknowledged to me at the time after my day of testimony. However he has never hardly mentioned my name since then and has even endorsed and had on his show, The Manning Report, many more times Lori Roth who is running as an independent.
Lori Roth was on the law suit with me along with Leah Lax as candidates for President but after Taitz was barred from practicing in the Superior Court, they never responded to the case and thus a Motion for Dis-Joinder was necessary removing them from the case in order to proceed.
That left me as the only Presidential Candidate left in all of Georgia's Ballot Challenges.
Orly Taitz took off with David Farrar to the Georgia Supreme Court and left me to filing myself, after I had worked hard to get he and I through the Superior Court in Georgia. So there's a little friendly showdown happening in the Birther Movement. (smile)
The showdown I suppose is which case if any will the United States Supreme Court agree to hear? Or, could they agree to hear them all? We all just don't really know.
The Federal Ninth (9th) Circuit ruled in 2011 only current candidates running for President have standing or credit to bring an eligibility complaint. The other two teams have ignored that opinion where I have worked at accommodating that opinion.
I was never asked to join the WELDON, v. OBAMA case by the attorneys Irion or Hatfield though I know they certainly could have asked me having inquired directly to me regarding the decision of the Georgia Supreme Court through Mr. Powell prior to their case being filed in the United States Supreme Court.
In fact Mr. Powell and Mr. Swensson did not team up until after their respective Georgia Supreme Court cases with their separate attorneys Irion and Hatfield.
Upon learning of their cases I sent the following email to the attorneys and also posted it to Mr. Swensson on facebook:
[Dear Mr. Irion and Mr. Hatfield:
                           Please accept my sincere congratulations and excitement to see that you have filed in the U.S. Supreme Court. I am so pleased, in the valiant effort to sustain our Constitution, to rub shoulders with you and your clients.
                           As I saw your stamp from the U.S. Supreme Court I noticed that our Petitions for Writ of Cert actually were stamped the same day by the Court. That was an incredible unplanned phenomenon and I'll just bet you that the Clerks were having a "pull'n out hair day".
                           I wish you the very best of luck and appreciate your efforts and I hope you will convey this also to all your represented clients.
                           The attachment file I'm forwarding to you is the only effort, I can see, that might help me in my campaign for President in the Democratic Party.
                           The urgency is of course mentioned therein as the Democratic Party Convention being held Sept.5th,2012. If my case is dismissed early I sure hope that yours continues and is successful.
                           This is simply a little bit of a 'heads-up', as I wouldn't put it past SCOTUS if by chance they accepted my case to want to combine all our cases together, if only to hear your own professional Oral Arguments.
                            I'm simply am just not that practiced in the 'norm' of the court in situations like this, so if that sounds totally off the wall please forgive me.
                           All the best to you in these unchartered waters!
 Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
END LTR. entry
I did not receive any response from either attorney, however, Mr. Swensson graciously responded on Facebook in the hope that we would both meet in Washington DC at the Supreme Court.
In thinking back over the last 4 years and all of the attorneys I have approached, or who have approached me in a tentative conversation about the eligibility case against Barack Obama I begin to feel a little sad that I have not had any of them help me through the Judicial Courts...not a single one.
In fact as I thought back at all the names I've emailed and their legal experience I was even depressed a little more.
Mario Apuzzo, Phil Berg, Gary Kreep, Larry Klayman, Orly Taitz, Van Irion, Mark Hatfield if each had 15 years legal experience that would amount to over 100 years of legal training and experience combined I just never could get the benefit of the doubt from.
My case is very unique and different too, from all the others but its on the same issue. I guess you could say "my approach" to the basketball hoop, or golf T was different. My play on the football field was different. We all could certainly be dismissed, but what if, what if, different was better?
Wouldn't it be like "shock and awe" if my case made it? It would be like hitting the Jackpot or Lotto with about the same odds wouldn't it?
Well, I suppose my hand has been dealt already and we will soon see. Recall Roy McAvoy 'Tin Cup's' words played by Kevin Costner in the golf Movie "Tin Cup" to his Caddie Romeo (Cheech Marin), "Greatness Courts Failure Romeo"?
Greatness Courts Failure Romeo
And it all comes down to this last ball in the bag.. if I don't make this I'm disqualified in that there's no where else to go, kind of re-counted in this scene from "Tin Cup"
Here is a little update on my blog entry HAS THE PRIORITY MAIL gone MIA.
 July 23rd, 2012
          This morning (8AM) I called the United States Postal Service expressing my concerns about the two pieces of missing Priority Mail that contained very time sensitive materials to my case Judy v. Obama United States Supreme Court Case No. 12-1576 that are found here:
          The United States Postal Service Representative took my information and a case number was assigned to the investigation: CA109421272
          I was told that sometimes a piece of mail is not scanned through a sort facility and it may have been delivered already, but that they would check. I was told they would call me and let me know what has happened.
          Tonight, 9:30PM , still have not received a call, but ran a check on the numbers again Supreme Court 0310 3490 0000 1692 0099 and Solicitor General 0310 3490 0000 0068 and found that both pieces had in fact today passed through the Washington DC Sort facility just today respectively BOTH at 9:44AM.
          If all goes well they should both be delivered tomorrow July 24th,2012 after  being stamped by the postal service July 16th,2012 in the 'Priority Mail Service".
          The Judicial Courts usually give 3 days for mailing service and with the time sensitive material this is a set-back to the Court even receiving word of the time-sensitive urgency of my case. Nine (9) days to get a Motion to the Court? Excuse me?
          With this kind of snail-mail the case might be heard sometime after Obama's second term.
          Of course the Motion and Order was emailed to the Court and the respective Counsel(s) and it still hasn't been docketed on the <a href="">Case No. 12-1576 Judy v. Obama Here:</a>
As always I would certainly appreciate your contributions to my campaign and hope that you would feel that this is a Campaign worth its weight in gold for what it has done in standing up for our Constitution.
The United States Supreme Court marks the 6th Court this election cycle I have been through and that's not counting the 5 others I was involved with from 2008 up till 2012 including Lt. Col. Terri Lakin's Amicus Curia filed in a military court which we all should recall here:
If you can make a contribution it would be very appreciated.
Contribution Page:
Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
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Breaking News: U.S. Supreme Court Case Needs Your help in Judy v. Obama

This is probably going to sound more like a journal entry then a blog piece, but I am moved to express some things that I think are important at this time.

First I do want to thank and pay a tribute to those who are fighting the good fight; those who are raising their voice and going on the record. I know the last week I have received more of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals treatment #5 (Rule 5: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon) these weeks then I have ever received. It’s nasty, distasteful, and ugly.

Here’s just one example that’s tame enough to print-
“Anyone that makes videos of their self trying to be Pres and claiming Obama is not qualified to be Pres needs help. I hope U get that. Do U have a doc? Mental disorders R not to be made fun of. I hope U don't hear voices but help is there 4 U!”

I do kind of agree with him that ‘I need help’ but its more on the financial side in contributions then from a doctor trying to convince me to abandon the Constitution in favor of Obama’s State of the Union and usurpation.

If anyone could comprehend how many people support Obama and picture them all ganging up on me you’d get some idea of what my mail box looks like in the above times 10,000.

I thinking I’m not sure what’s worse:

The precarious status of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear units and the risk presented by the enormous inventory of radioactive materials and spent fuel in the event of further earthquake threats with 1,565 fuel rods translating into 460 tons of nuclear fuel stored in a pool in a barely intact building on its third and fourth floors that could result in a catastrophic radiological fire that could wipe out most of the northern hemisphere; certainly it would be a massive civilization-breaking event or Obama’s eligibility going un-checked, ignored and avoided by the U.S. Supreme Court?

I know people in Washington DC don’t think about the most prestigious monument representing our first President George Washington in the cracked Washington monument with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hitting east of the Rockies for the first time since 1897 or Hurricane Irene blowing through the same geographical area a few days earlier being the first of the Hurricane season showing exactly how bad the cracks were, or the 700 mile storm front that bee-lined from Chicago to Washington DC, causing 3 million to lose power -The very symbolism of losing power in an area like The Beltway is as poignant as it is profound, not to mention Obama's same course from Illinoise to Washington DC being traced; as part of God pointing out Obama’s ineligibility, but if you had to trace God’s finger it’s no stretch of the imagination to say our Founding Fathers are pissed off people!

To read Ann Barnhardt’s sentiments about the situation involving Obama’s ineligibility and the U.S. Supreme Court’s majority ruling which “Ok’d” a tax on every American’s very existence making it a possible crime to be born breathing if you don’t pay, well she said it very well I think:

“I don’t want the people who are living on this continent ten or twenty years from now to be able to whine and deflect responsibility for their sorry, sorry state by claiming that “no one ever told us” or “no one ever explained anything to us.” No, you were told. You were warned. And it wasn’t just me doing the warning and explaining. You will accept your suffering in SILENCE. You will blame nothing and no one except YOURSELVES. You will own the tyranny that you live under, because you begged for it. You bought it with your own stupidity, and you nurtured it with your own squealing cowardice.”

I do think she’s probably right about the Government as it stands now never repealing any part of ACA whether Republican Mitt Romney is in charge or Obama’s ineligibility never meets the U.S. Constitution head on.

She says thoughtfully as Ann always does, Republicans ‘will start referencing the fact that ObamaCare is SCOTUS-approved, and approved by Chief Justice Roberts, no less. They will also start to argue that it would cause “chaos” to repeal it. Day by day, this rhetoric will increase. It will begin on the news channels, then spill over into the faux-conservative blogs like . I wait with bated breath for Ed Morrissey or Allah pundit’s piece on how “sensible folk understand that ObamaCare simply cannot be repealed.” Oh, just you wait. It is coming. I promise you that.”

She continues, “You HAVE to wake up and acknowledge that Romney is a sociopathic liar who is simply bullshitting, and that is the word for it – bullshitting you people in order to raise money. He will say ANYTHING in order to raise money and maybe “get elected.” You are being conned just as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and if you aren’t smart enough or mature enough to see when you are being blatantly conned, then you deserve what you get.”

Sadly it appears the payday for politicians exist if they do “lie”, if they don’t tell the “truth”, they are rewarded with what you “hope” they are going to represent. Romney reportedly raised 100 million in June. Well we all know what path that led us with Obama, but somehow we always hold out “hope” for a politician who actually means what he says and does what he says he’ll do.

With history as a guide to Washington DC actually having the power to beat the constitution-swords that go there elected with good intensions who then get beat into plowshares wanting to go to the latest Washington DC cocktail party, you’d think Citizens would understand the best remedy would be to send someone there whose actually done time for ‘Taking A Stand’. I mean is that the kind of courage you want or is that just crazy to you?

If history is a judge of Romney’s path you understand very clearly exactly what Ann (not Romney’s wife) is saying. You gotta give that pack a dynamite Ann credit where credit is due. She’ speaks the truth about the big fish in the race getting contributions for the office their running for, but she still hasn’t got a clue to actually putting her mouth to work for someone who is running for office and could certainly use a little positive support and help out here and we all need to ask ourselves the same question:

How will we respond to these and many of the other upcoming events which are poised to take this world of ours by storm? Who are we supporting and to what extent does our support towards that person represent our making the best decision we can?

Are you ready for some hard answers God has for you? All of those answers can be found within. Now is the time to go inside and ascertain the true meaning for each person in the contemplation of your family’s future.

Of course you want someone who pays for it all for you, who pays the bill, and makes the sacrifices so you don’t have to. But how in the world could you gain any appreciation for what our Constitution actually give you if it was all for FREE?

Indeed your participation in helping build a house makes it YOUR HOME.

You know in the Court cases I’ve represented against Obama about 99.999 percent of you haven’t paid a dime. You haven’t raised a single word of support. I’m not so sure you don’t deserve what you pay for. One thing I am sure of God’s going to give it to you, oh yea, you can count on that. But .. I still find myself wishing.

That brings me to the chapter I read in the Bible last night which was so telling of how things should be, or maybe how things are when they are done right and correctly in 1st Chronicles chapter 28:29 David outlines that not only has he gathered all that he has for the Lord’s Temple but he has himself given his own wealth to the project-

“Besides, in my devotion to the temple of my God I now give my personal treasures of gold and silver for the temple of my God, over and above everything I have provided for this holy temple: three thousand talents of gold (gold of Ophir) and seven thousand talents of refined silver, for the overlaying of the walls of the buildings, 5 for the gold work and the silver work, and for all the work to be done by the craftsmen.”

Then David asks a real simple question? I think its telling, but here he is in charge asking people to give of themselves. He isn’t saying for instance if you breath your taxed as our own ACA is mandating.

David says: “Now, who is willing to consecrate themselves to the LORD today?” The response was incredible and amounted to much more then could have ever been collected in a forced mandated tax, because of a simple few words, “ The people gave willingly”. Wow! How incredible is that power of genuine love?

“Then the leaders of families, the officers of the tribes of Israel, the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds, and the officials in charge of the king’s work gave willingly. They gave toward the work on the temple of God five thousand talents[d] and ten thousand darics[e] of gold, ten thousand talents of silver, eighteen thousand talents of bronze and a hundred thousand talents of iron. Anyone who had precious stones gave them to the treasury of the temple of the LORD …”. “The people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the LORD. David the king also rejoiced greatly.”

Please take note of the words “GAVE” to the 4th power or used 4 times in those words, also “FREELY” and “WHOLEHEARTEDLY” associated with the acts of giving and the reward of freedom the Lord had given Israel from bondage, and then not only that but the feeling of “REJOICEING” by everyone at what was accomplished together. Imagine our world if our elected leaders gave so willingly to the Constitution?

All of this “taxing” and “putting people in prison” for stupid stuff, and not standing up for our freedoms and liberties that are inalienable rights given by God is not us. That’s not the United States principled under the United States Constitution.

WE ARE CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE and its important not only to us here in the U.S. but its important to the world who sees us as a shining beacon of light on a hill representing what people can do with freedom and liberty. We can’t let this go.

I say as David said, “What “change” have you to give towards REALLY standing up for the Constitution and my campaign for upholding it? Will you send me your change?

If my Campaign is the only one holding up the Constitution’s demand for a ‘natural born citizen’ against all the hatred, and devils crying foul, how much more can you count on me then Mitt Romney or Obama’s lies?

You’ve seen what I have done by myself and given; will you now help me in Taking A Stand?

You can contribute here

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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Things are heating up with the recent published globe article citing Obama’s long form fabrication has been forged and the forgery alleged to have been identified here by Sheriff Arpaio:

BREAKING! Arpaio FINDS MAN who forged Obama Birth Certificate!


The March 1st 2012 Press Conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in which a ‘Cold Case Posse’ released some 2200 hours of investigation results finding ‘probable cause’ Obama’s long form birth certificate is really a long formed fabrication as well as Obama’s Draft registration, America is waking up to discover there’s been many a slip between the cup and the lip of their elected representatives.


Understanding the fix Republicans found themselves in when in 2008 they signed on to be the employed silencers on Obama’s gun to the Constitution’s demand for a ‘natural born citizen’ with every Republican Senator voting for the Obama/Clinton co-sponsored U.S. Senate Resolution 511, fermenting the security wanted for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential qualification quagmire as Panama’s most famous son.


Some have wondered why all those Republican Senators and House Congressmen have been so silent- Well now you know the answer! The elephant was painted into a corner by the jackass and has been afraid to come out owing to their own lack of courage for the Constitution’s demands for the Office of the President repeatedly shot down as a Legislative mandate to encroachment.


The fact the Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen was assaulted some 8-10 times with attempts to change it, just since Obama came into existence on the political stage as a Illinois State Senator is a testimony to the Legislative Mandate secured that the Judicial Branch should not be running rough shod over or avoiding.


Americans are catching a glimpse of what one good Sheriff can do as far as using some intelligence in investigation. Lord knows the House and Senate have the same power but are letting the Sheriff do its bidding.

While the Sheriff has been terrific at releasing the results of the investigations of the Cold Case Posse led by lead investigator Michael Zullo in the March 1st,2012 Press Conference, and the upcoming scheduled July 17th,2012 press conference reported to be even more damaging to Obama’s usurpation and identity cover-up, there’s one thing the good sheriff hasn’t done and that is what Cody Robert Judy, Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, can and has done.


That is taking the investigation results of the Cold Case Posse to an actual formal legal prosecutor!  


The Sheriff’s job is largely outlined as an “enforcer” of the law in the executive branch of local government and investigator of crime, but the actual prosecution of the actions always is relayed to a member of the Judicial Branch known as an Attorney General.


Cody Robert Judy is the conduit of Sheriff’s Joe’s investigation result to the Solicitor General of the United States Supreme Court currently held by Donald B. Verrilli Jr.


The task of the Office of the Solicitor General is to supervise and conduct government litigation in the United States Supreme Court. Virtually all such litigation is channeled through the Office of the Solicitor General and is actively conducted by the Office. The United States is involved in approximately two-thirds of all the cases the U.S. Supreme Court decides on the merits each year.


As a Candidate for President of the United States in the Democratic Party, Cody Robert Judy has a very unique and tangible standing that has been used to dismiss nearly 95% of the eligibility cases from the judicial branch.

The employment of the Solicitor General’s requirement is found in an organ of the United States Government called the Federal Election Commission , (FEC) , and what that Federal sponsored commission might be doing that is undermining the Republic?


See the first question on Cody’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari for the U.S. Supreme Court found on page ii outlines the office of the FEC as a culprit that amounts to aiding and abetting candidates who are not qualified in Federal election races according to the demands of the Constitution,as well as the Mailing Declaration found after page 38 showing the Solicitor General address.


Whenever a federal agency’s policies are called into question in a Petition for Writ of Certiorari the Petitioner must file a copy with the Solicitor General as is noted by U.S. Supreme Court Rule 29(4)(b) and also the Act of Congress that certified Obama’s eligibility by the Electorate.


This amounts to Government protection of unqualified candidates by securing for those unqualified candidates Government cover, especially in the solicitation of campaign contributions to those trusting citizens contributing under a false pretense of a Candidates qualification or eligibility to run, not to mention the Republics peril.


At the heart of America is a Constitutional Republic that represents a very unique form of Democracy where ‘We The People’ are represented as ‘individuals’ who can stand up against the mob and win. Might isn’t right, when it comes to trampling individual rights and if each individual’s rights are not stood up for very quickly ‘We The People’ are subverted to another form of Government such as a fascism-dictatorial government, or an elite Oligarchy much more associated with totalitarianism or despotism.


As an example the rich in America are about to find out that Tax- Mandates that run into Health Care insuring 45 million new consumers all at once will soon be found a strategy to stay poor rather than an incentive to progress which has always been the problem in varying degrees of socialism. Unwilling to yield the claim that it works, ultimately the frustration goes to war as the diversion.


So .. first they try to insure you with socialism, then they kill you when it doesn’t work, one way or the other. I think Donald Trump recognizes this with his claim that Obama will start a war before or to win the election. The result will be catastrophic loss of life that socialist were so worried in a false pretense of insuring, not to mention the complete disregard of passing on the debt to future generations who can’t vote right now.


Taking A Stand is not always the easiest thing to do, but Cody Robert Judy has done it, Taking A Stand for the Constitution’s demands for a ‘natural born citizen’.

Originating out of a “Georgia Administrative Court” Cody received the first ruling by a Judge on the merits of ‘natural born citizen’ that he appealed directly to the Superior Court. Three other petitioners emerged out of that Ballot Challenge also, but Cody’s complaint was the only one to include Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse 2200 hour investigation and probable cause results.


In a spectacular timing coincidence Sheriff Joe released the results of the Cold Case Posse March 1st,2012 and Cody’s response to Obama’s Motion to Dismiss was due March 2nd,2012. Cody was able to use Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse results in the first Judicial Branch Court, the results of which made the investigations findings very appealable to every higher Court.


Cody’s case begin in 2008 as a Presidential Candidate who filed in Federal court against McCain and Obama, in 2010 testifying at the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON TRIAL in New York, and he continues in 2012 his appeal as a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party from New Hampshire’s Ballot Challenge to New Hampshire’s Supreme Court and into the Georgia Ballot Challenge, Georgia’s Superior Court then on to the Georgia Supreme Court- the first State Supreme Court to have the findings of the Cold Case Posse results included!


Today, the process of appeal was finalized in the highest court of the land. Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse results have entered the U.S. Supreme Court through Cody Robert Judy’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari and have been appropriately glued into the weavers beam of the Solicitor General’s Office (as integral as Goliath’s spear was to Goliath), a  person appointed to represent the federal government of the United States before the Supreme Court of the United States. 


You can help by spreading the intricate word that forms the pattern formed by the loom of which the weavers beam is associated and help Cody as a modern day David fighting the Goliath of the eligibility silence of the U.S. House and Senate ultimately through the U.S. Supreme Court!



Help Cody’s campaign now to broadcast the commercials and strengthen the campaign with your contributions that have the first and most devastating chances of not only eliminating Obama from the 2012 Presidential contest, but repealing Obamacare based on it not being signed by a legitimate President of the United States, and most importantly securing Obama’s usurpation in the history books as exactly what it was, illegitimate, ineligible, and a constitutional crying shame in the history books as an example for us all to remember to uphold our United States Constitution.


Contribute to Cody’s campaign here:



The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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As seen on Cody's blog here:


More and more Americans are seeing the value of the work I have been doing over the past 4 years. With the “Green Light” on Obamacare that the 5-4  U.S. Supreme Court  held this past Thursday along with a ‘contempt’ vote that was shielded by Obama’s executive order on Fast & Furious, one could surmise we have had some very destructive blows to ‘freedom and liberty’ dealt to us.
I wish I had good news to report about the U.S. Supreme Court receiving my case on appeal from the Georgia Supreme Court but in the horse world I’m familiar with let me parlay, “We were headed in to the class for a show and 10 yards before entering our champion stallion threw a shoe by stepping into a deliberately dug hole meant to sabotage our entry, and we had no choice but to scratch the class, and head off to the blacksmiths shop for a new shoe.
The good news would be we didn’t break a leg stepping in the hole and when I relate to you what happened I think it will be quite obvious that the U.S. Supreme court clerk responsible for this has got a major grudge against my action and dug the hole.
The bad news is the Supreme Court in Washington DC is in recess till the first Monday in October and I’m beginning to wonder about the door to the U.S. Supremes being definitively closed to me because of the unprecedented action it represents to the establishment in maintenance of the status quo, which everyone knows I’m not representing really well but rather exposing.
Now I have never been one to take adversity placed upon me as some grand conspiracy and I believe my record will do for that fact. While I have been tested and perhaps pestered with deficiencies I represented I have attempted more to accommodate those and to understand them, and correct them, where they accumulated into facts.
I just don’t think losing a game legally is worthy of poor sportsmanship and so when I have lost legally I generally shake my opponents hand, congratulate him, lick my wounds, and move on. However, when I am wronged blatantly, deliberately and intentionally I have no problem relating the facts of that to others which I am about to do, especially in light of Obama’s ineligibility as it certainly affects many, many, many more than me.
I relate the facts you certainly can make your own calculations and do the math.
1-Wednesday- June 27th 2012 approximately 10:30am, I reported and show the service of the ‘Petition for Writ of Certiorari’ appealing the Georgia Supreme Court decision case no. S12D1584 JUDY v. OBAMA, I received June 21st,2012, with a ‘received by signature’ United Postal Service Record, to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Clerks office which had been sent Monday morning.
2-Thursday-June 28th,2012 – Owing to security maintained at the U.S. Supreme Court and my own prior experience with them I know my document isn’t going to get a case number the day it gets there but I figure 24 hours later is a good time to check on it because you know it’s not like the DMV where they’re receiving thousands of entries every day and reasonably your document after its signed for, ought to make the Clerk’s office 24 hours after it’s received.
So I speak with Gail Johnson about Noon- EST time, who is my assigned case analyst and ask her point blank if she has received my case. She says “No” and refers me to the argument that you know it takes time from service to get through security and to them, and says, “ call back tomorrow”.  I was actually encouraged by her request to ‘call back tomorrow’. This as you recall was the same day the U.S. Supreme Court was set, and did release their decision on the Health Care with a 5-4 vote upholding it in its entirety absent the confirmation that it was ‘Constitutional’, with Sotomayor and Kagan, both Obama appointees, in on the decision.
Of course without those two there, we are left with a pretty strong message from the dissenting Justices that the Act fails quite easily the Constitution, and we are also reminded quite clearly that without an eligible President signing their appointments, their confirmation is not legitimate.  Now how important is Obama’s Eligibility? How important and imperative is my case?
3- Friday-June 29th –Noon -Approximately same time I call back and get Gail Johnson’s voice message that she’s out of the office until Monday July 1st,2012 and that if something urgent is needed please contact another analyst by the name of Redman, who also is ‘out of the office until July 1st. I make another call to the Supreme Court Clerk’s office and a nice operator tells me as I relate my predicament that he did see “Higgins” come in and will direct my call to his office. I get a voice mail and relate to him my name which they identify your case with, and ask for a call back. I call again at approximately 3pm EST and relate my desire for a call back upon the matter.  Predictably I don’t receive a call back.
Of course I’m not all that discouraged because Gail Johnson related to me she had not received my package Thursday. The damnedest thing happens Saturday morning.
4- Saturday-June 30th,2012 I receive in my mail box the entire box containing 11 copies of my Petition for Writ of Certiorari back with a letter from Gail Johnson dated Thursday June 28th,2012. Of course you recall I had called her and spoke directly to her and she confirmed she hadn’t received it.
Very interesting letter received that was taped to the top of the package that states the package is returned for the very same reason it was returned May 17th,2012 because the U.S. Supreme Court only reviews cases from the U.S. Court of Appeals or the highest State Court available.
Pictures of the letters here:
May 17th,2012 Letter from U.S. Supreme Court to Cody Robert Judy
Order from Georgia Supreme Court dated June 21st, 2012
Wow! On the very first page of my document it says in the first paragraph, Georgia Supreme Court Case No. S12D1584 Judy v. Obama is being appealed, and that the Supreme Court of Georgia had granted my ‘indigency’ status. How did she miss that on the very first page, first paragraph signed with a notary seal June 24th,2012?
Incredibly two things available here for us to discern because we know she can read- Either Gail Johnson didn’t read the document as an analyst assigned to that duty is supposed to, and ordered it packaged up unread and sent back the exact same moment it was opened, or Gail Johnson doesn’t know the Georgia Supreme Court is the highest court in the State of Georgia presumed by her own letter to be appealed directly to the U.S. Supreme Court.
When I opened the box up, about 10 minutes after it cleared my security department, another letter was inside, which was indeed Gail Johnson’s letter to me May 17th,2012 that related to the April 4th 2012 version of my Petition for Writ of Certiorari which indeed hadn’t been reviewed by the Georgia Supreme Court, but had been reviewed by the New Hampshire Supreme Court which I argued should suffice.
So, now I have returned to me by the U.S. Supreme Court clerk Gail Johnson not one but two State Supreme Court decisions, one from New Hampshire and one from Georgia, that are legally reviewable by the U.S. Supreme court. I really think this should call for her termination in the employment to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Can you imagine just for an instance if perchance the U.S. Supreme court Justices had been notified Wednesday afternoon that my case had come into the Courts authority and was docketed, that could alter their decision on Obamacare, based on the eligibility requirement that an eligible president must first sign an Act of Congress before its legal?
How big is this case?  How many people does it represent and or affect?
Can you imagine one Court Clerk having the power to keep something like this from the dissenting Justices on the eve of their Summer recess until after the Sept 5th National Democrat Convention in which a decision on my case could have moved Obama from even being included as a Democratic Party candidate at that convention verses being the nominee, and the Justices return scheduled for October after the convention?
I don’t think anyone upset with Obamacare passing even has a clue what it means to have another Presidential Candidate in the Democrat Party qualified for a U.S. Supreme Court hearing with two State Supreme Court referrals to them means.
If anyone did I really suspect people would be going through the roof, and contributing to my campaign and calling their Senators and Congressmen and faxing the U.S. Supreme Court of this outrage, and burning down the phone lines to the U.S. Supreme Court. WND would have feature stories about the outrageousness of it, and small business magazines across the United States would be saying “contribute” the individual maxim to this guy which is $2,400 per individual small businesses or pay the estimated annual increase of $54,000 on healthcare for your small business.
Of course I need your help and I hope to have somehow inspired you of the importance and urgency of this case. You know the Voeltz v. Obama case getting so much publicity is stated by Esq. Larry Klaymen to be appealed by either side upon a decision suffered a big set-back with the Judge granting the motion to strike the Amended Declarative relief. Here :  and - “Klayman told WND Obama’s lawyers immediately went into a tailspin and filed to have the amendment for declaratory relief stricken, which the judge granted,..” How long do you think it would take Klaymen to reach the Florida Supreme Court and hence the U.S. Supreme Court?
Now, put into that equation he does not have a Democratic Party Candidate for President on the complaint, but a Democratic party member who is a voter and who by the standards thus far used by the Judicial Branch won’t have or satisfy the 3 levels of ‘standing’ upon the appeals into the Judicial Branch?
Also factor in Obama will by Sept 5th,2012 have the nomination of the National Democratic Party Convention locked up and how many Supreme Court Justices are going to see that one clear against Obama? Ask Mr. Klayman about the Political Doctrine Question and he will tell you the chances after Obama becomes the Democratic Party nominee are slim to none after Sept. 5th, 2012.
I’m calling for the only thing I believe will help and that is an all points bulletin to every Conservative across the board in the political arena to rally for my case. I will send it back to the U.S. Supreme Court this Monday and by Wednesday I would like to see about 10 national stories about this outrage and calls numbering in the thousands to the U.S. Supreme Court, your representatives in Congress and the Senate and if you hold any value to reaching across the aisle I even challenge Mitt Romney to come out and make a statement on the Justice happening with my case being locked out of the U.S. Supreme Court.
I believe that is possible if you will do your part in sharing this very real possibility that you cannot let slip by. If you’re a business owner or interested in employment Obama care is a major blow to small businesses and the capital they have to work with that would necessarily be opening new jobs.
Please act now… just DO IT! What can America do from Sunday to Wednesday, for the sake of our Country I’m asking you contribute your time, talent, energy, contributions to ‘Vision to Believe in’ represented by our Constitution and my campaign, The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign.
I believe this case is so important and has been biased so fraudulently by the Clerk’s Office that when and if the U.S. Supreme Court Justices hear about it, that it will merit the call for a ‘Special Session’ to be called by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices in the Order to adjudicate the case without bias towards me before the National Democratic Party Convention Sept 5, 2012 in the interest of voting delegates at that Convention who have been chosen by the interest of State Tax Payers money to vote for Constitutionally eligible candidates.
Tell the U.S. Supreme Court Justices - Tax money has been used by the Democratic Party in the primaries and in such is responsibly connected to the Constitution and Obama’s eligibility. RESPONSIBILITY in taxes was the message of Obama care, let them hear about the responsibility to our Constitution that ‘taxes’ demands in representation.
Cody Robert Judy

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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