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“ . . . the result of 45 years of feminism is that we’ve destroyed the American family, made motherhood something to be apologized for and created a carping, bitter useless class of women leaders so on the alert for discrimination and unfairness under every paper clip that they’ve become miserable malcontents totally UNsuited for all but one profession: academic feminism . . . propagating further female misery. Worst of all, the feminists have corrupted the advancement of human potential revolution known as the ‘Women’s Movement’ into something shallow, hideous and destructive. Only one group has prospered from these insidious changes: the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.” Rajjpuut
Crocodile Tears of the Left
Flood America with Corruption
as the “BIG LIE” Dominates
Part III: Victim #3, Responsibility and the Human Potential Movement
In this blog series, we’ve been exposing the self-described “victimhood” of progressives at the hands of their evil, racist, etc. conservative oppressors and showing you where the real victimhood is:
In part I of the series (the link immediately above) the victim was “TRUTH” and among six key areas we hit Rajjpuut documented and exposed this truth:
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by deliberately overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
The chain of evidence producing that statement is something that every American ought to be aware of, just as every American ought to be aware of the identities of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and be able to articulate what Cloward-Piven strategy is . . . the fact that most Americans are totally ignorant of these things means someone hasn’t been doing their job.
In Part II of the series we examines the “Fourth Estate” and how their willful actions and inactions and choreographed responses (the scandal known as the “JournOList” which many Americans have not heard of because it’s too embarrassing for the liberal media to reveal that over 400 of its people have been colluding on how stories ought to be presented – to the benefit of the progressive political movement in this country) have sabotaged the nation and freedom and the Constitution. In Rajjpuut’s J-school classes reporting was all about revealing TRUTH in an ‘inverted-pyramid’ of Who? What? Where? Why? and How? That immediately put the most important facts at the top of the story and gradually petered out as less important details were shown. Today the inverted-pyramid has disappeared and unsupported opinion has replaced TRUTH in much of what passes for “NEWS.” Now let’s look at how the false victimhood of the progressives (we must “progress” beyond the outdated and flawed U.S. Constitution) has created another real victim:
Victim #3: Responsibility
Americans are very proud of freedom and rightfully so. However, there has always been a dark side to freedom: license. License is the unabated expression of freedom without exercising responsibility. The reason that progressives want to limit our freedoms and our free markets so much is that they don’t trust human nature without government controlling its every ebb and flow. Since they’ve been so instrumental in creating the culture of sexual license in particular it’s easy to see where their fears come from. There are perhaps a hundred key areas of American life that have been corrupted by the false-victimhood of progressivism, but just one will expose the root insanity of it all . . . .
So now let’s talk about a third victim of progressivism in America, RESPONSIBILITY. No area of progressivism so cries out for a full and deep disclosure of truth than progressives creating the victim mentality by insisting upon irresponsibility for their own lives and the lives of other so-called victims. Let’s start out with an attack on another of their sacred cows: single-motherhood, the very crux of feminism (not the women’s movement, feminism). Feminism is another area built up from lies, half-truths and myth having no relation to reality, history, or American culture.
First, however, let’s clear up what the “women’s movement” was and contrast it to feminism. Rajjpuut put his ex-wife through law school and (in her words) was the driving force for her eventually becoming a municipal judge. He also was the early childhood educator of his daughter and her first coach in five or six sports (tennis, swimming, 800 meter dash, chess, soccer, cross-country, and basketball). His daughter set the still-standing 800 meter dash record at her middle school; was a chess champion; earned the MVP honors on her freshman basketball team and on her C-squad basketball team; and an athletic and academic scholarship to college. The women’s movement is really, then the “human movement” where we seek full successful expression of every individual regardless of gender, color, etc. etc.
Feminism is an ugly expression only loosely related to the women’s movement. It’s been built on lies from the start. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”; “Every act of sexual intercourse, including on the marriage bed, was a rape.” “Great leaders” of the feminist movement began by proselytizing lies like that and the only two things that have changed since they began are that the lies are much more subtle and often statistically based today, and they’ve used the lies to maintain the jobs of 12,600 Women’s studies professors and other feminists for about 40 years now all the while making the world a much worse place. Roughly half the human race is female and half male . . . nothing in the six million years of our evolution has been so important as our families, infant human beings need a minimum of twelve years of care before they’re ready to face the world and that care comes at a huge cost to their parents. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the lies of a few angry women are placed above the truth of our human history . . . .
Beginning with Betty Friedan, American feminists have claimed that women who prefer to be full-time wives and mothers are parasites, leeches upon society and that patriarchal society which created these ‘weak-willed, helpless creatures’ must be overturned. The result of 45 years of feminism is that we’ve destroyed the American family, made motherhood something to be apologized for and created a carping, bitter useless class of women so on the alert for discrimination and unfairness under ever paper clip that they’ve become miserable malcontents suited for only one profession: academic feminists propagating further female misery.
Worst of all, the feminists have corrupted the advancement of human potential revolution known as the ‘Women’s Movement’ into something shallow, hideous and destructive. Only one group has prospered from these insidious changes: the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Because so few women bother to question the illogical underpinnings of feminism, 54% of female voters support the Democrats.
While it is true that until the recent invention of items like the sanitary pad, the tampon, reliable contraception and especially “the pill,” for the most part women did not have a whole lot of control of their own bodies . . . and were often “imprisoned” somewhat by their own bodies . . . and by male dominated society . . . let us attack the great sacred cow of feminism: the single mother. Feminist would have you believe that since their movement arose, women are much freer now than they ever were.
The truth is that feminism has been a self-inflicted nuclear attack upon America and devastation to womankind; and more to the point feminism has enslaved American women into voluntary poverty and destroyed the American family. The crux of the feminist movement is the single-mother; she lies as the glorified desiderata of feminism. A bold, intelligent and free woman using some man or men as sperm-donors and raising her child or children free of evil male involvement. Why is the single-mother so important? As we’ll show very soon, single-motherhood is the single largest predictor of poverty for women and children and for criminal behavior in children once the teen years are reached. Single-motherhood has devastated the lives of American women in general and most specifically of Black American women . . . more later . . . .
Feminists want their cake and to be able to eat it too. Of all the tenets of feminism the most illogical and most hallowed is that women should be free to act like men in sexual matters. Indeed, thanks to feminism, a new breed of highly irresponsible men have arisen alongside the sexually-free feminists -- men scattering their semen across the hitherto virgin landscape . . . men who feel freer than ever (not necessarily happier, but certainly freer in sexual matters) to impregnate women and create families they’ll never be responsible for.
Why is the statement “Women should be as free as men in sexual matters” illogical? DUH! Men don’t get pregnant. Men don’t wind up with a disruptive (often times unwanted) guest inside their bodies for nine months. Men, under the rules of our new and enlightened feminism don’t have a new human being thrust upon them and into their lives for the next 18 years or so. Men don’t have to pay for and care for and be involved with the newly conceived human beings. Men have been utterly freed by feminism’s sexual freedom; women ironically have been enslaved by it.
“Wait! Wait!” you say, “what about birth-control? What about abortion?” Well what about them? Abortion pretty much on-demand has been the law of the land for 37 years now (that’s one and a half generations of women) so single-motherhood and unwed motherhood ought to be pretty much wiped out, no? The United States has the highest percentage of single-mother families in the world. Not talking widows. Not talking even divorcees (although the de-emphasis and hate for men spawned by feminists has seen divorce jump from 4% in 1955 to 56% today and that’s a dramatic undermining of the American family in and of itself) . . . just talking about true single-mothers. This is the supposed age of sexual enlightenment as well as freedom . . . how do, why do we Americans experience this massive onslaught of single-motherhood? Obviously . . . .
If birth-control were 100% effective . . . .
If women were 100% perfect in their applications of birth control . . . .
If, birth-control failing, anything close to 100% of women inconveniently impregnated opted for abortion . . .
If any of these three conditions, particularly the last one were true . . . single-motherhood would not be found except in miniscule numbers. But besides its other shortcomings, the feminist movement has made the single-mother into a progressive cultural icon and hero. She’s virtually always depicted as a heroic, intelligent, strong-charactered young woman who knows what she wants out of life perfectly balancing children and career in her utterly self-determined life. Sort of a Virgin Mary without a hymen, eh? Young girls are shown on all fronts the glory of single-motherhood on TV, in movies, in magazines, on the internet, etc., etc. Glory? What are the facts? Well, as one way of expressing this glory -- “Mugged? Thank a single-mother!”
Before going further, remember we’re talking about American RESPONSIBILITY being a victim of the false-victimhood mentality pushed everywhere upon us by the progressive-left movement. So far incidentally, we’ve seen that large quantities of men freed dramatically from the need to feel responsible for sexual acts or their consequences have become far more irresponsible in this area than at any time in American history.
We’ve seen that many women striving to live up the standards of the most licentious of men from a bygone era now claim the right to act sexually-liberated without the corresponding responsibility to realize that all responsibility for the consequences of sex can and very well might be borne by them and them along.
And we’ve seen a carping sisterhood of b_tchy feminists who have undermined the American family at every turn since about 1965 and who glory in the so-called “gains” of their movement, while taking no responsibility for its decadent effects upon America, and American women; feminists who portray the single-mother as a heroic standard-bearer of their movement. Ahem, so what is the truth about that single-motherhood?
Just as the whole feminist agenda, single-motherhood is a propagation of lies about victimhood. All traditional interactions between men and women are suspect as part of the patriarchal hostility of men toward women. Gloria Steinem’s famous dictate “Every incidence of sexual intercourse, even on the marriage bed, constitutes rape” is the classic example of this principle.) Unless the whole scheme of intergender interactions are shifted 100% toward the feminist delineation of perfection in these spheres they remain examples of evil men dominating and exploiting women. In other words, women have no free will at all unless it’s imposed by feminists? How far have we strayed toward that despicable goal? At the 2001 Academy Awards, three of the five women nominated for Best Actress played “strong, successful single women” and one played a long-time widow. No need for those “pesky men.”
Ann Coulter, in her magnificent expose Guilty: liberal “victims” and their assault on America, devotes her 39-page second chapter in the book to single-motherhood. She begins, “The most worshiped figure in modern America is the “single mother. Politicians tout their programs explaining how they will help single mothers . . . a sure way to draw applause from the crowd is to introduce single mothers in the audience.” Ah, yes victimhood. “Jesse Jackson,” she says, “. . . compares single mothers to Mary the mother of Jesus.” Terms like “unsung heroines” are bandied about frequently while the phrase “single mothers hardest hit” shows up somewhere in speeches, liberal media reports and policy-making bodies perhaps a hundred times each week. Single mothers are the ultimate phony victims. Remember contraception? Remember the morning after pill? Remember abortion? Remember GASP! “choice?”
That is the key word, the choices and compounding of their choices means that more than a million unmarried women every year CHOOSE to needlessly expose themselves to pregnancy and CHOOSE to bear a child out of wedlock . . . not considering that the consequences to themselves, their children and the very fabric of American society are horrendous. While the progressives like to lump widows and divorcees into the category “single mothers.” Widows, on average, do almost as well as married moms financially and in the outcomes of their children. Divorcees usually not nearly so well as married women, but compared to bona fide single moms, divorcees and all other groups of women with children are socially aware and noble plutocrats. Divorced women are not solely to blame for the hardships they and their children face . . . divorced men share some of the blame. So what is the outcome of single motherhood on American society?
Whether the pregnancy is unplanned, unwanted, accidental, or even connived for . . . this makes little difference. The choice to bear children without a father is devastating to the child, the mother and society at large. Girls raised without fathers are far more promiscuous and more likely to become single mothers or to have their marriages end in divorce. The strongest predictor of a child spending time in prison is single parenthood and overwhelmingly single motherhood, 70+%; juvenile murderers72%; rapists, 60%; all of the following situations teenage births, school dropouts, suicides, runaways, juvenile delinquency, and murderers of their own children . . . 70% or more were raised by single mothers.
Here’s a key factor that explains much about so-called Black victimhood . . . if single-motherhood is taken out of the equation for both Black and White crime statistics, there is NO difference between the races in criminal activity. The deliberate creation of and the great expansion of the welfare state by the progressive left has shattered the solid Black family in existence in 1950 or 1960 and has created not only false-victims, but also a vicious cycle of new victims. And these victims beget new methods among Blacks . . . 84% of all prison inmates, 92% of all runaways and active gang members, and 89% of all homeless children are associated with single motherhood. Did we remind you, this was a choice? By 2005, more than one third of all children born in the United States were illegitimate; in the Black community the number is closer to 48%. 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers regardless of race. Half of all single mothers in the country live below the poverty line and children of single mothers (they tend to repeat their indiscretions) are six times** more likely than other children to live in poverty. We have the sainted single mothers and the feminist strategy of false-victimhood almost singly to blame for the disintegration of the American family and for the devastating consequences that followed in its wake.
While old-fashioned “Scarlet Letter” approaches to single-motherhood are despicable by modern standards, one thing is certain, they seemed to work. The social pressure to conform and “is a good girl” in ages past when reliable contraception was unknown was dramatically effective. What is the answer? Rajjpuut would suggest a GlennBeckian approach along those ancient lines . . . NOT OUTSIDE PRESSURE, but a new understanding by girls and women of the true reality of single motherhood outside of the glorified “single motherhood” image now being propagated by feminists and by Hollywood should lead them to a new pragmatic morality for the benefit of themselves, their children and America.
Next Time: First Crocodile Tears, then Dismemberment Part IV
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** How can this shocking statistic be true? Are single mothers literally breeding a whole new “underclass?” Yes, single moms do tend to give birth to other children out of wedlock but this is hardly the “cause.” One reason is that America has more than twice the teenage pregnancy rate as other developed nations. Whereas a French single mother, for example, might typically be 28 or 33 years of age, and have a career and an education, huge amounts of American single mothers are teenagers with neither a career nor an education. Neither “just say ‘NO!’ nor contraception, etc. seems to work because so many Americans are raising girls to be irresponsible, to have low self-esteem; and seeing the glories of single motherhood flaunted around them in the media. Another reason is that in most of the rest of the world the ‘extended family’ is still a viable social model. People elsewhere are far more likely to care for their extended family then to leave their fate to welfare. Family is important, especially when you get in a bind.
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“Liberals live in a world in which everyone is either an oppressor or a victim. In this rather extreme morality play, they control the casting: they are always the victims and conservatives are always the oppressors.” Ann Coulter from her book Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault upon America

Crocodile Tears of the Left

Flood America with Corruption

as the “BIG LIE” Dominates

Part II: Victim #2, The Fourth Estate (Journalism)

LAST TIME:,_then_dismemberment_part_i.thtml

In the previous installment (Part I: Victim #1, TRUTH ) we discussed how the progressives/liberals play fast and loose with the notion of their victimhood by the oppressor-conservatives in society. Indeed, how progressives club the conservative society at large around them (those racists, bigots, Nazis, Fascists, women-haters, who drove the car into the ditch with the monstrous lie of their own victimhood. Then we examined five of their biggest and most popular victim dramas in some depth. We ended with this surprising truth about the “car in the ditch” parable:

Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy they employed to DELIBERATELY create the bankruptcy of New York City between 1967 and 1975 by creating a community organization that deliberately overloaded the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992 . . . ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff . . . when George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!

Admit it, this is a surprising, if not shocking truth but one which we’d already documented earlier in that first blog and which Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner summed up briefly two weeks ago when he praised Bush’s passage of a 2007 law that Geithner was assessing.

While that might play in Peoria, truth is no desiderata for the left. “You can hear the non-denial denials rampant “You’re blaming poor people for the recession?” No, we don’t blame the poor people for letting ACORN, Obama and the progressive movement use them like storm troopers against capitalism . . . no, Rajjpuut blames the progressives who knew damn well what they were doing and who’d plotted it all along. The poor have been doubly victimized by the progressives by a) being used as pawns and b) becoming locked more deeply in to the victimhood lie when they failed to be able to pay their $400,000 mortgages. Let us delve further into these crocodile tears shed before liberals dismember our country . . . .

Journalism was honored in the perspectives of our founding fathers because they saw it as another part of the necessary system of ‘checks and balances’ that kept the Republic strong. Today, however, the Fourth Estate has become the first line of defense for progressive/liberal candidates and ideas. The broadcast media and print media are today NOT trusted by the average Americans because it’s obvious that far from truth, the media are pushing the left-wing agenda.

The Pew Research Center found that for 12 out of 13 consecutive weeks during the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama was the presidential candidate most visible in the news. Obama was clearly the “media’s president.” News outlets by their dramatically favorable and dramatically increased coverage of Obama essentially provided free advertising for him, giving him significantly more frequent and more favorable coverage than Sen. John McCain. The cost to the Obama campaign would have been hundreds of millions of dollars to buy all the advertising that the left-leaning media provided him for free. But that’s not all, journalists who gave to Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign outnumbered those who contributed to McCain by 20-to-1, according to Investor’s Business Daily. How severe is a 20-1 edge? Blacks voted for Obama over McCain by 95.6% to 4.4% that’s just barely over 20-1.

Are you surprised to discover that campaign news coverage of Sen. McCain was three times more negative than coverage of then-Sen. Obama following the conventions, according to the nonpartisan Project for Excellence in Journalism. Recently, leaked e-mail messages from an online forum for reporters and commentators called JournOList** gave Americans a look behind the curtain of the national media — a mighty ugly backstage view. During the 2008 campaign, a group of over 400 journalists, academicians, and media bigwigs tried to protect then-Sen. Obama from the Jeremiah Wright “God damn America” scandal that threatened his presidential campaign by focusing attention on the “racism” of Obama’s attackers and non-attackers.

"Journalists from Time, Politico, The Baltimore Sun and The New Republic, among others, expressed outrage over questions regarding Reverend Jeremiah Wright that Obama received during a debate. Some of the journalists collaborated to shield Obama from his association with the radical preacher,” according to Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller website. President Obama won by about 7.3 percent. “That means that if the media’s biased reporting changed the minds of just four voters out of every 100, the media determined the outcome of the election.”

Today, the media coddling of Obama continues. "Hardball questions" are never asked and anytime he's GASP!! criticized, the newsmen break out the "racism" card in his behalf. It's impossible to be just objecting to Obama's actions or his political views, no, you are a racist! Despite Barack Obama’s well-demonstrated ineptness as president and his vicious attacks on America’s free markets and her Constitution, the once proud Fourth Estate in the hands of today's progressive/liberal media is still slanting 99 stories of every 100 in obvious efforts to help him the most or hurt him the least . . . because Barack Obama (and not the voters and taxpayers) is clearly the victim here . . . and if you don’t believe that, you’re a bigoted, racist, anti-woman, homophobe infected with cooties . . . .

Next Time: Part III

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** Apparently this joyful collusion between journalists has been going on for quite some time. During the Wright controversy, one female journalist on the JournOList called upon the boys to "man up." She claimed that it hurt her pride and feminist self-image to have to look the other way while Bill Clinton "danced about with Monica, Jennifer, Paula, etc."

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“Liberal Motto: Speak loudly and carry a small victim” chapter one title of Ann Coulter’s book GUILTY: Liberal ‘victims’ and their assault on America

Crocodile Tears from the Left

Flood America with Corruption

as the “BIG LIE” Dominates

Part I: Victim #1, TRUTH

The progressive/liberal bullies who have ganged together to take over America in the name of their eventual socialist-Utopia -- like all bullies -- claim to be the victims and stack up an unending list of grievances. Their nastiness is just a matter of self-defense. Victimhood is their 1st nature. Victimhood is their 2nd nature. Victim is their beloved identity. These phony victims are advancing their hellish cause by . . . creating real victims and by destroying our country. Let’s look at some of their real victims:

1. Truth: We, normal everyday patriotic conservative Americans who are banding together in protest of the progressive front’s innumerable affronts, are (pick one or more) racists and bigots; Nazis, Fascists, haters, stupid, warmongers, anti-woman, anti-youth, anti-Semitists, witch-hunters, drivers who put the car (economy) into the ditch, etc. etc. Let’s look at the worst of these lies slung against conservatives, also known as “the right”:

Racism? Since Barack Obama got 48% of the White vote (more than either Gore or Kerry did) and John McCain got 4.2% of the Black vote where does the real racism lie? Since Obama’s Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez dropped a well-documented voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers already for all intents and purposes won by the Bush administration; and since Ms. Fernandez has told a roomful of DOJ employees they won’t be prosecuting cases in which Black perpetrators commit racial crimes against Whites, who are the real victims?

Nazis? How come no one mentions that Nazi means “National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party” member and that Nazis said their economic plan was neither Capitalist, nor Communist but another way of controlling the economy . . . doesn’t all that mean that Nazis are a left-wing group? That word “workers” and the Nazis attacks upon capitalism all along, doesn’t that mean anything? Since these slanders are routinely tossed about against good people and no proof is ever offered, who are the real victims?

Fascists? Hmmm, forgive our actually looking at history, but Mussolini and the Italian movement that came to be known as fascism, didn’t that start out as workers seizing control of the corporations? Since these slanders are routinely tossed about against good people and no proof is ever offered, who are the real victims?

Anti-woman? Since the feminist movement hijacked the up till then beautiful women’s rights movement, think of all the great things that have happened (Great things like: Hasn’t the American family suffered? Haven’t our children suffered? Haven’t a much larger percentage of women become impoverished? Haven’t a much larger percentage of one-parent families been created? Haven’t many more children been raised in poverty? Hasn’t the number of children born out of wedlock multiplied? Hasn’t the incidence of female alcoholism and drug addiction risen dramatically? Hasn’t the incidence of women getting jobs as Women’s Studies professor’s multiplied?) And since stay-at-home moms are treated by feminists as untouchables, who are the real victims?

Ditch drivers? The left has claimed that our present financial crisis was created by 1) the Bush Administration 2) conservatives 3) lack of government regulations on the economy 4) the free market, etc. who all banded together to drive the car (the economy) into the ditch (deep recession). Progressives forced major changes in mortgage laws five times between 1977 and 1998. Once the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA ’77) was passed, they also created ACORN in Arkansas immediately to willfully abuse these laws. In 1975, only 0.24% of all home loans in the country were made with 3% down payment or less. Low down payment mortgages were reserved for exceptionally well-qualified veterans only. By 1995, 14% of all home loans were completed with less than 3% down payment.

That shifty wing of the Democratic Party, ACORN, was shaking down lenders and forcing loans for people without ID; people without jobs; people without even rental histories; people with horrendous credit ratings; people whose only income was food stamps; any person on welfare; even illegal aliens. And who was the best ACORN lawyer at shaking down these lenders who really didn’t want to make loans to people who never had a prayer of repaying their mortgages? Barack Obama!

Somewhere after Bill Clinton’s third expansion of CRA ’77 (two in ’95) put the whole system on steroids in 1998, (Barack Obama was gone by now) ACORN discovered it was almost as easy under the ’98 law to get an impoverished person into a $400,000 home as it had been earlier to put him into a $120,000 one. By 2005, 34% of all home loans were completed with less than 3% down payment. That’s called a “sub-prime lending crisis.”

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner gave George W. Bush a thumbs up about two weeks ago saying that Bush’s efforts to pass a law in July, 2007 kept the country from going really deep into recession and kept home prices from plummeting ever lower. Unmentioned is that Bush sought to pass a tougher law in January, 2005, 30 months earlier but that progressive votes derailed that effort. The 2007 law that Geithner praised was way too little, way too late . . . but it was a life-saver, nevertheless. So the truth about that ditch is . . . .

Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!

NEXT TIME: Victim #2

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** Richard Cloward and Frances Piven published their strategy of orchestrated crisis in 1966 based upon Saul Alinsky’s 1945 book Reveille for Radicals. Obama, only five at the time, would later teach college courses in Alinksy’s later book, Rules for Radicals over several semesters. Bill and Hillary Clinton were also big Alinsky fans. Before marriage, Hillary wrote her honors thesis on Alinsky’s “method” based upon his “guidebook for community organizers” which became Rules for Radicals shortly afterward in 1971.

Cloward and Piven and community organizer George Wiley created the National Welfare Rights Organization in 1967 in hopes of “overloading the system” and forcing the Congress to pass a “Guaranteed National Income” which they believed would abolish poverty for once and forever. After New York City was bankrupted in 1975 (requiring federal government bailout) and New York State came within inches of bankruptcy also . . . the threesome bragged publicly and in print about the great thing they’d accomplished (hardly mentioning that GNI never was even considered. Cloward and Piven told their followers that voter registration and housing were the next areas for emphasis.

Wiley sent his lieutenant Wade Rathke to Arkansas (the “A” in ACORN first stood for “Arkansas” only later for “Association”) in ’77 to help out an up and coming politician (lieutenant-governor by age 30) Bill Clinton and to establish community organizations to work on voter registration and housing. Rathke would later found SEIU. With ACORN’s help Clinton served as Arkansas governor for 12 of the 14 years between 1978 and 1992 until he became president. One of his first laws was the Motor Voter Act in 1993 and in the official photo you can see Richard Cloward and Frances Piven standing behind directly behind him as he signs the bill into law. Clinton was responsible for three of the four expansions of the original CRA ’77 mortgage-guarantee law. However, to be fair . . . the biggest mistake may have been George H. W. Bush’s . . . .

Successful in 44 out of his 45 vetoes, in 1992 G.H.W. Bush allowed a major and complicated bill to pass by not vetoing it. One of the tinier sections of the bill expanded CRA ’77 for the first time so that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the two federally-owned mortgage giants) had to comply with the CRA ’77 laws and made CRA ’77 “watertight.” This sort of thing is one reason that Rajjpuut favors the TEA Party Contract from America provision that says that all proposed bills need to quote the U.S. Constitution to show what provision of the Constitution allows the new law. One proviso, remember the July, 2007, law that Bush the younger passed which Geithner praised, that law was a stop-gap after the Democrats stopped the much stronger and better law Bush proposed in January, 2005. That means an awful lot of evil is still on the books in all the five mortgage-guarantee laws that were not rescinded. They’re still on the books and still waiting to destroy the country.

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