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Questions for Sebellious

I sent this to Rep. Fred Upton, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

I understand that Sebellious will testify there this week.

I encourage you to share it with your public servants.

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The Healthcare Website NO-BID Contract

This is from a web blog. Sebellious needs to be questioned in depth about it.

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This is against federal procurement law. Under Federal Law 42 USC § 6962 - Federal procurement, they must comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) the set of regulations governing ALL acquisitions and contracting procedures in the Federal government.
Subchapter A contains four parts and the topics covered are a description of the Federal Acquisition Regulations Systems, definitions, improper practices and CONFLICT OF INTEREST and administrative matters.

Subchapter B covers the procedures for helping ensure procurements are fair, open and to the benefit of the government.

Subchapter C states that contracting methods and contract types section covers the various types of procurements, contract types, special acquisition methods and emergency acquisitions. Simplified acquisition procedures are used for purchases typically under $150,000 in value and these are set aside for small businesses. Sealed bidding is used for purchases that will be decided primarily based on price. Contracting by negotiation is used for other acquisitions particularly ones that involve selection by non-price concerns such as experience, design and schedule.

Although this site is for the Department of Defense, it applies to all Federal organizations:


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Will you do it?


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Earlier this week we all have seen Mr Obama tell the country he wanted to lower housing interest rates....

Here is my take on this - and I think I'm correct in my assessment.

In 2008 this failed "policy" provided a means for this administration to steal (my opinion) taxpayer monies and claim they were bailing out the economy.... A $43 TRILLION dollar lawsuit emerged for Racketeering and Money Laundering against White House staff, Eric Holder and many others..... 

And I quote from the article;

"This lawsuit represents the most massive scale of corruption, theft of public funds, laundering, racketeering, and failure of the government to pursue it’s duty to the citizens of America in history. It promises to unveil and divulge the corrupt inner workings of the federal government along with its malignant relationship with the banking industry, Wall Street, and government officials who have considered themselves cunningly beyond the law!"

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That was then; has anyone seen a penny of that money find it's way back into our Treasury? No, we are told it will take years as it wends it's convoluted way through the Court System. WHY?

It seems to me that $43 Trillion dollars would help our economy out, it would likely put us back in the black..... so why wait? Why drag it out?

Now, we have Mr Obama attempting to do the very same thing all over again..... and not a peep is heard in dissension.

I submit to you that we have been lied to, our National Treasury has been raided by thieves calling themselves elected, we have a felon in charge of the Nation's highest Law Enforcement office - and Congress is doing nothing to prevent any of this.

I submit that should Congress allow Mr Obama to decrease interest rates again, allow him to force or coerce Banks to provide sub-prime mortgages - we will see another Multi-Trillion dollar loss of taxpayer dollars to thieves calling themselves elected... providing an excellent springboard for a marxist/communist/muslim/illegal alien to take complete control of our Nation.... as he invokes martial law when the public finds out the Nation is bankrupt and revolts.

Why has this entire issue dropped completely off the radar and why are there no Congressional Leaders standing up to protect the Nation?

Why has the House refused to cut off Mr Obama and his extremely frivolous spending?

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I have been googling all over the place for more news, but it's really under the radar. I got the post from a Natural Food's site. Please everyone, see what you can dig up about this. If true, this will upend a lot more than this administration:

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