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     We are the people of the United States.    WE are the power, and when it gets to the point of where our country is now,  after decades of plotting and planning against us by our own elected officials, and the POWERS THAT BE behind the scenes,  we are left with no choice but to LITERALLY THROW THESE BUMS OUT...

     You have to realize that this has NOTHING to do with being a Democrat or Republican,  it's about DOING WHAT'S RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY.

     What makes me nuts is that THESE SCUMS that are in Washington think THEY KNOW BETTER than the U.S. Constitution.   YEAH,  the same Constitution that allowed them to get elected.  The same Constitution that THEY SWEAR ON THEIR LIVES with hands on the bible that they will uphold, and defend against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic.

     THE MINUTE YOU DEVIATE FROM THE PLAN,  the plan falls apart.  And what we wind up with is the friggin MESS that we have across this country right now.

     Obama is a complete disgrace.  He's SNEAKY, AND A LYING UNQUALIFIED BOOB

     And for those of you that think i'm picking on Democrats, GROW UP  cause George W Bush, and his loser old man GEORGE H W BUSH are no better than OBAMA.  They're all feathers of the same dead bird.

     THERE IS A  ( MAJOR ) LAWSUIT that's been created by the PEOPLE and what we hope is that we can get the support of all the Tea Partiers out there.

     PEOPLE / TAXPAYERS OF THE U.S.A. ( V ) THE GOVERNMENT & CONGRESS ET AL and this includes over 40 co defendants from Obama to Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Congress, Eric Holder, and all the rest of the losers that have TRASHED this country and CONTINUE to do so at the expense of all of us.  

     This is about to be filed with the U.S. SUPREME COURT in Washington DC and we need your support.  

     This has taken TWO YEARS to create and with exhibits exceeds 1000 pages, and once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down.    IT WILL shock you with details, and information that will make your stomach turn, and make your soul catch fire.

     Let us know that we have your support.   GET A COPY of the lawsuit FOR FREE




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I have been googling all over the place for more news, but it's really under the radar. I got the post from a Natural Food's site. Please everyone, see what you can dig up about this. If true, this will upend a lot more than this administration:

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Obama Pigford II Case Fails the Smell Test

Pigford I Case Probably Valid;

Obama’s Pigford II Probably Fraudulent
Rajjpuut is predicting that thanks to the contributions of ACORN a whole lot of voting precincts in America this November will wind up with more votes cast than legally registered voters . . . and therein hangs a whole new tale about numbers just not adding up . . . .
The more one wades through the Obama Pigford v. Glickman II class action lawsuit the more one appears to be “stepping in something disgusting.” So as to avoid mincing of words, it seems highly probable that pre-presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama aligned himself against the taxpayers in a fraudulent class action suit aimed at benefitting NOMINAL BLACK FARMERS (remember that word “nominal”) who were supposedly discriminated against by the US Department of Agriculture. At stake, reopening a suit already ended which we’ll call “Pigford I” which addressed purported USDA discrimination from the beginning of 1983 to the end of 1997 a full fifteen year period . . . it seems the claimants were judged to have been right and their suit was settled. But wait, but wait . . . enter the magician . . . . Barack, the ACORN lawyer, Obama. Suddenly out of nowhere beginning as a senator in late 2006, Obama aligned himself with a purportedly whole new set of Pigford claimants (hence "Pigford II") in a discrimination case with a $1.25 Billion payout to redress the wrongs supposedly incurred by 88,000 Black Farmers . . . only one problem, Mr. Obama.

The most Black farmers documented at any one time in this country over the last 35 years is a bit over 39,000 (more on that later). Curious that so many of the Black farm claimants in your Pigford II case have lived their whole life in cities? Curiouser and curiouser yet, that so many of them are leading – “DOUBLE-LIVES or even 2.6 lives apiece??? What, Mr. President, is meant?
Let Ol' Rajjpuut explain.

It seems you’re saying Mr. President, that after all 13,348 of the original Pigford I class action (59% of the 22,505 claimants) payouts were made, that every single Black farmer in the United States still had legitimate beefs with the USDA for discrimination? But wait a minute, let’s be accurate here, don’t you remember, Barack, that the judge adjusted that first case so that a total of 16,000 Black farmers were paid $1 billion? So in effect, since 16,000 already were paid + 88,000 who hope to be paid in your new suit = 104,000 discriminated-against Black farmers. You’re claiming that the average Black farmer in the United states had 2.6 legitimate beefs against the USDA for loans not granted? Might we be so bold to suggest that this is just you and your ACORN background working the Wealth Redistribution angle on all those guilty White bastar-s for slavery which ended in 1865? And by the way, why and how did your friend Shirley Sherrod and her husband get a $13 million Pigford payday, the single largest payout of all? But, tut-tut, let's not speculate, let's just examine the numbers yet more carefully . . . .

Rajjpuut believes the original case was valid although it seems highly likely that not all the successful claimants were valid. But let's say 100% of them were. Good! Very good! However, Rajjpuut strongly suggests that Mr. Obama of 1996, the ACORN attorney (shaking-down and threatening lenders with all sorts of dire consequences including class action suits if they didn’t come up with specific loans for $300,000 homes to people without ID who claimed food stamps as their only source of income or even for illegal immigrants in accord with stage IV – before the Stage V Clinton Steroid version of mortgage-guarantee requirements passed in 1998) was still dormant in the 2006 flesh of Barack and emerged unbidden and then Mr. Obama got carried away and things spun out of control . . . so the only question now is, who Mr. Obama, . . . who are they that are not actually Black farmers that benefit from this new government largesse? The bigger question is this, what subset of Black farmers ever applied for loans in the period say 1975 (give them a few extra years) through 2000 . . . chances are that number might prove to be at most 40% of the whole group which gives us roughly 16,000 who might have been discriminated against if 100% of the loan applicants were actually indeed discriminated against . . . but chances are only about 12,000 of those (75%) might have legitimate claims . . . about 40% of white farmers who apply do get their loans so that seems fair. So if 12,000 were actually discriminated against, than each of them would have to own 8.5 legitimate complaints against the USDA to come up with the 104,000 . . . my, my the math does get out of hand.
Let’s look at another issue, fraudulent census reporting? Could it be that a lot of Black citizens might have developed a sudden need to call themselves Black farmers for the 2000 census?? Well, it is curious, Rajjpuut has investigated and discovered that the actual USDA census for 1987 the midpoint of the claim period we're suggesting (1975- 2000) actually shows there were fewer than 23,000 total Black farmers in the United States. What might explain the sudden jump to nearly double the 23,000 found in 1987 at later dates? Where did all these "nominal" Black farmers come from? And then there is this highly unusual jump to well beyond 80,000 Black farmers involved in this Pigford II law suit, dare one venture that . . . perhaps the very existence of the Pigford case inspired the dramatic increase in nominal Black farmers? When nothing adds up, Mr. Obama, things do actually add up to FRAUD. One wonders about how much ACORN assistance was required to trump up this little swindle?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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As the number of states filing lawsuits against the obamination obamacare increases every day, a Tennessee congressional candidate, Van Irion, has filed a Class Action lawsuit against the unconstitutional bill. Americans watched with horror as this process played out in congress, and as the shock is wearing off, anger is now setting in. This highly unethical and unconstitutional process will be put to the test in our court system, and people are signing on in droves.

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