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“No more baby parts!” is what investigators say Robert Dear, the alleged Planned Parenthood spree killer, said after surrendering to police. It isn’t difficult to deduce his motives in shooting up a “women’s health clinic.” He was revolted by Planned Parenthood’s trade in baby parts—er, I mean fetal tissue—and he decided to pick up a gun to avenge the injustice.

Predictably, abortion supporters are using the incident to maximum political advantage. From now on, anyone who references Planned Parenthood’s lucrative side business in baby parts will be dismissed as a terrorist sympathizer. Planned Parenthood can also blame pro-lifers generally, and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) specifically, for inspiring the shooting. Never mind the fact that CMP condemned the attack on its website, they still have blood on their hands.

The idea that Dear took his inspiration from this summer’s undercover CMP video is unfair though not entirely untrue. I’ll depart here from a lot of pro-lifers and say that the videos are linked to the shooting, though not quite in the way that Planned Parenthood would have you believe. Robert Dear was likely driven into a fit of rage after seeing CMP-produced videos but it wasn’t the videos that angered him so much as their content. That’s a substantial distinction.

In any case, CMP cannot be held responsible for the actions of an unstable third party. Leftists, I believe, would understand this principle a little better if the shoe were on the other foot. Consider, for example, terrorism directed at military recruiting stations—the 2008 bombing in Times Square, the 2009 shooting in Little Rock, and the 2015 shooting in Chattanooga. The defeatist Left does not take responsibility for these acts of terror; but should they? Only if they want to be consistent.

There is no doubt, however, that their rhetoric amplifies the vitriol against our military. These are people who cavalierly toss around terms such as “war criminal” and “genocide” until they become meaningless noise. They claim that the Bush-era War on Terror was in fact a religious crusade to kill or convert all Muslims. They argue that President Bush lied us into war in order to steal Iraq’s oil—and even Afghanistan’s oil, which Afghanistan doesn’t even have. If one really believed that the War on Terror was a war of aggression, a calculated genocide, and a massive theft of natural resources, wouldn’t one be justified in killing a few military recruiters?

But Code Pink and International A.N.S.W.E.R. don’t think that their rhetoric makes them responsible for terrorism against military recruiters. And they’re right. Blaming them would only let the guys who actually did it off the hook. Rhetoric doesn’t kill people—people kill people.

What about CBS News? Surely it put our soldiers at risk, if only because their program 60 Minutes II broke the Abu Ghraib prison scandal? No, CBS News isn’t culpable either. It isn’t the media’s job to collude in silence just because the story might make someone angry enough to go off the edge and kill someone. The same principle applies to the baby parts videos—CFP was only the messenger, and for that we should be grateful.

Robert Dear did indeed act from a red-hot anger, though CMP’s role in stirring it up was limited to peeling back the veil of secrecy that Planned Parenthood very much wanted to keep in place. Their role in Baby Parts-gate was identical that of 60 Minutes II in the Abu Ghraib scandal—namely, as the messenger.

Through the use of undercover videos, CMP exposed Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and selling of baby parts—eyes, liver, brains, and more. Perhaps you’ve heard that the videos were deceptively edited. Wrong. A study by Coalfire, a digital forensic analysis company, found that the videos were “authentic and show no evidence of manipulation.” Yes, all the videos were “edited”—just like nearly everything else seen on TV, because they are hours long and viewers generally like to see the highlight reel. Anyone who wants to see the uncut videos can find those on CMP’s website as well.

Planned Parenthood even admits that it harvests “fetal tissue,” a horribly dishonest euphemism, though it claims not to profit from the practice, which is all it must minimally do to stay on the right side of the law. In the haze of this summer’s fracas over baby parts, the issue became confused, largely because Planned Parenthood tried to alter the definition of the word “sell.” Though it admitted that it provides “fetal tissue,” it claimed that it sought only reimbursement for the cost of procurement and shipping. Ergo, no profit. But the definition of selling has no relationship to profit. Selling is still selling even if the seller breaks even or takes a loss.

As the drip-drip-drip release of videos continued, the debate descended into abject silliness with Planned Parenthood defending its baby chop shops by falsely claiming that they operate on a strictly nonprofit basis. True to form, progressives implied that there is nothing morally suspect about killing children or divvying up their organs. The real evil is profit. As long as no one gets rich off the deal they’re as pure as the driven snow.

Except Planned Parenthood did make a profit and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. One video features abortionist Mary Gatter haggling with prospective “buyers” over the price of organs. When Gatter is asked how much she would charge for “intact tissue,” she responds by saying, “Why don’t you start by telling me what you’re used to paying?” Odd. Why should that matter? If Planned Parenthood only wants to be reimbursed for expenses then it should have one non-negotiable price. When the “buyer” refuses to name a dollar amount, Gatter replies, “You know in negotiations the person who throws out the figure first is at a loss, right?”

Who cares who’s “at a loss?” This isn’t a used car that’s being bought and sold—it’s human organs. The fact that this representative of Planned Parenthood would try to drive a hard bargain is prima facie evidence that she was trying to get the best price for her organization. Considering the fact that it’s illegal to charge one cent more than the cost of procurement and shipping, one can only conclude that the video is evidence of a crime. This woman should be in jail.

So should a lot of people. In video after video we saw employees of the abortion industry discussing how to cook the books, how to avoid oversight, and how to alter the “medical procedure” to get the best saleable material. All of these are federal crimes. Other videos strongly imply partial-birth abortions and even children who are born alive while their mothers waited for abortions. These children were presumably the victims of “post-birth abortions.”

Yet no one has gone to jail. There were meaningless congressional hearings of course, and a few states tried to turn off the spigots of cash to this reprehensible organization but no one at Planned Parenthood is wearing an orange jumpsuit. So Robert Dear decided to exercise some vigilante justice. That makes him a(n alleged) murderer and he will likely be convicted and jailed for the rest of his life, unlike the Planned Parenthood execs who have thus far been allowed to skate.

Mark my words—in the coming weeks there will be an intense media campaign to marginalize anyone who dares to mention the fact that Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. That’s wing-nutty terrorist talk! But it also happens to be true, or at least it was until the videos debuted. No one disputes this, not even Planned Parenthood, though they deny that they ever made a profit.

It appears that Robert Dear didn’t care that much if Planned Parenthood was making dough from its organ sales. The mere fact that they were harvesting baby parts was enough to ignite this human powder keg. That doesn’t justify Dear’s rampage but neither does it negate the plain, undisputed fact that Planned Parenthood harvests all sorts of identifiable human body parts and exchanges them for money. Saying so shouldn’t require the payment of a steep social penalty but unfortunately it does and it’s only going to get steeper. Gird your loins and expect the worst.
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The Myth of Segregation's Return


The 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision was sure to draw a flood of retrospectives and analysis, and properly so.

But an equally safe bet was the hijacking of the occasion for the proliferation of agenda-driven malarkey.

If you name something the “Civil Rights Project” and put it at UCLA, it becomes easy to predict what it will crank out. Just in time for what should be a celebration of a landmark ruling marking our societal path to enlightenment, along come these Debbie Downers to tell us that no, in fact, segregation is still very much alive.

POLL: Is Common Core indoctrination or education?

This may come as a surprise to anyone with a grasp of what words mean.

“Segregation,” as it pertains to the history of U.S. education policy, refers to actual laws preventing kids of certain races from attending certain schools. It recalls the unfathomable days when a black student could live within the territory of a school near his home and be denied admission because of skin color. Our schools have long been purged of such poison, but how will the Civil Rights Project at UCLA fill its days if American law has indeed righted itself racially?

Needing a narrative of America as a land still in dire need of racial scolding, they have graced us with a report, “Brown at 60: Great Progress, a Long Retreat and and Uncertain Future.”

Rest assured the “Great Progress” section in no way recognizes our society’s enormous leaps toward racial awakening. It embraces instead the social engineering that yanked both black and white kids out of schools they wished to attend, casting them into faraway classrooms to achieve diversity numbers that pleased an activist bureaucracy but made kids miserable.

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"Results alone are never enough, wisdom means understanding how and why things happen, so that a repeatable excellence habit is built and foreseeable failures are avoided." Rajjpuut's reflections on Kepner-Tregoe management training methods and aims.

Why Didn’t the “Stimulus and Recovery Act Work?”

A lot of Libertarians and other Conservatives are not at all surprised that the Obama Stimulus and Recovery Act not only didn’t work but that it actually cost 2.4 million jobs. The question is why did it fail? Why can’t the government, in its vast wisdom, hee hee, create jobs? And why specifically did our communist (55% of folks out there call Obama a “socialist,” but he is and from birth has always been a communist**) president fail with this specific bill? And let’s ask a corollary question, is “jobs created or saved” a meaningful statistic?

Why didn't it work? It’s our old friend from “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt, “the Broken Window Parable” (linked below a.k.a. the Broken Window Fallacy or Broken Window Fable) and it denies the most fundamental precepts of humankind living in society. While economics is actually the simplest of “social sciences,” the fact that human self-interest (and not only rational Ayn Rand type self-interest, but also greedy deluded conquer-the-world-and-make-everybody-do-my-bidding type self-interest as well) repeatedly involves itself in so-called “economic projections” makes the Broken Window Parable the most fundamental error made by the statists, totalitarians, liberals, progressives, and Obamalike Marxists. Unfortunately, most ordinary citizens don't know and/or don't understand the Broken Window Parable and can easily get caught up with the progressive's $$ Utopian dreams.
While Hazlitt’s book (online free is the most helpful aid to understanding human economic fallacy . . . the “one lesson” smacks of the teachings of Gandhi . . . it’s so damn simple, it’s too easy to ignore ( but, of course, add in the technique of putting lessons into little and powerful and memorable stories found in both the simple teachings of Jesus Christ in his parables or of Aesop in his fables and the whole thing becomes instantaneously memorable forever: (

And what is the fundamental truth that makes the broken window fallacy eternally useful and valid? Ayn Rand nailed it on the head with her “The Virtue of Selfishness” one of the tiniest philosophic books you’ll ever ecounter and even that book’s “thinness” can be shunted aside in favor of a three-page “Fable” proving rational human self-interest is the engine of capitalism, of liberty and of our very lives and happiness ( So let us nail it all down, why specifically did the Stimulus and recovery act fail?

A. Imagine a typical average free market job paying X dollars per year counting pay and benefits. A real, bona fide and typically permanent job except when it's taxed out of existence.

B. The average similar union job pays 1.62X dollars per year. The difference is FORCED extra pay and extra benefits and extra protections (seniority, featherbedding, etc., etc. ad nauseum) for union workers^^.

C. The average comparable government job pays 1.94X dollars per year in pay and benefits. These are specious jobs which could not exist were not two real jobs taxed out of existence. Yes, some of these jobs (soldiers, sailors, health educators, etc.) are absolutely necessary. Of course, if you were to eliminate virtually all of the non-essential government jobs, you could expect the free market to create real jobs almost magically.

D. The average government-union job pays roughly 2.28X dollars, nuff said.

E. By lying with statistics, the government adds in temporary “make-work” jobs such as the U.S. census work and treats those as if they were real and permanent jobs when counting.

F. Government initiatives, 100% of them, come at real cost which the Left with their “government can solve every problem” mentality willfully and consistently and constantly choose to ignore because it benefits their power grabbing to overlook such facts. For example, Obama is back to tooting his “five-million new green tech jobs” horn once again. This might actually work and actually help the country . . . but ONLY IF viable and efficient green technology had just arrived on the scene. Under those circumstances eleven million real jobs in the economy would be lost creating those five million green tech jobs and so the effect over say, the first six years of the “mandated conversion” process would be horrendous. However, as the example from the Spanish experience (they went from 3% unemployment to now sitting at 21% unemployment) clearly shows, because viable green technology in large part does NOT actually exist, 90% of the green jobs the Spanish government created were NOT permanent. In the Obama example that translates to five million original green tech jobs becoming 500,000 permanent green tech jobs still at the same initial cost: eleven million real, free market jobs.

G. Since Obama used the stimulus money largely to create not only government jobs, but also government union jobs and also temporary jobs . . . 2.4 actual jobs was the cost for each, often temporary government job created.

H. Ergo, regardless of the amount (100 jobs created or saved???) of jobs created or saved, the only valid statistic is NET JOBS ADDED or LOST in the PRIVATE SECTOR.

I. Addendum, the president’s new financial “reform” package is an even more dangerous initiative. Hidden within its 2,300+ pages are about fifty regulations that favor unions over the rest of us (their benefits and their tariffs upon foreign goods translate to OUR HIGHER PRICES. In seeking with this legislation, members to add to the union rolls and great amounts of money added to the union coffers across the country, Barack Obama has just insured that our recession will now become a full-blown DEPRESSION unless this bill, Obamacare and virtually all else his thrust upon us is repealed.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


$$ Remember today's progressives are actually against "progress." They use environmental extremism to oppose even ordinary human living. In the name of taking control of everything, they seek to "progress" beyond the "out-dated, ill-conceived and flawed" U.S. Constitution toward Utopian Marxism. Since Rajjpuut sees the U.S. Constitution as the single greatest entity encouraging life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and progress, you easily understand why he is "anti-progressive" in every way.

^^ Most people are surprised that union workers’ pay and benefits amount to “so little.” Think of it as a dynamic process. What happens is this: unions gradually drive their own jobs out of existence (consider the once huge American automobile industry) so the “average” of all union jobs at any given moment is 1.62X only because union jobs are being lost so rapidly (again look at the auto industry, robots are much more common in EX-union assembly-line jobs, of course, because they are economically viable there where they might not be in a non-union position). It’s just one more contradiction built into unionization that the union bosses don’t want the “proletariat” to consider.


And just for the heck of it since someone reading this is going to talk about how FDR “saved the country” from similar “dire straits”:

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