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DEMS Losing Ship, Party and Credibility


                                                             Crooks and Co - Conspirators

The Democrats ushered an unknown into their party in 2009 – they were so smug and thrilled to put the first African American into the President’s shoes.  They gloated, bragged and helped him spend 787 billion dollars that belonged to the American people with the promise of the most transparent Government in our history, smaller Government, secured borders and jobs, jobs and more jobs.

None of the above happened, but the real albatross around their party’s neck is ACA (aka Obamacare.)  In order to get this monstrosity passed Obama and Pelosi coerced many Democrats into voting for this new healthcare law.  The bill Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

DEMS along with the Liberal News media joined Obama and marched to his drum proclaiming healthcare for all, lower premiums, keep your Insurer and your doc.  They glazed over the taxes stashed in Obamacare, the death panel and wasted 3 years selling a snake oil salesman’s sleazy product. 

Their problem goes much deeper than a dilapidated ill functioning website – the real problem is their honesty and credibility.  As Sebelious, Obama and Jarrett keep adding a new band aid each day to ACA - the healthcare problems keep intensifying.  Democrats are responsible for allowing Obama to continue this political non-sense and as each day passes the real problems are starting to show their fangs.

The Medical field is stepping up to the plate and telling Americans that doctors are leaving the medical field due to Obamacare, that healthcare will be limited for consumer and some will not be able to receive the care and drugs that they need.  In fact some Americans who have terminal illnesses have lost their physicians, their hospital and their insurance.  This is more than a small glitch – this is a train wreck that’s happening as we speak.

The consumers are angry losing their Insurer, doc and they’re irate that during this severe recession they now owe higher co pays and deductibles. The young people that Obama, Sebelious and Jarrett were counting on aren’t stupid.

Many of them are college graduates without employment and the others are relatively healthy and basically take the stance that they’ve had enough burdens placed on their shoulders with runaway Government spending and mismanagement. 

They know that all of the current problems will trickle down to them - they will be the ones in the end that are left to pick up the pieces.  Why should they along with healthcare insurers be the ones to take the hit for Obama’s lies and lousy healthcare laws?

In 2014 businesses aren’t going to sit around and wait for the 2014 Elections – they will be downsizing, many refusing to pay insurance for employees and thousands of full time employees will have their hours slashed to part-time. 

So to those Democrats still trying to sell Obamacare to Americans, they’re about to get the shock of their life. Barack Obama used and abused his party – now they’re between a rock and a hard place.  If they stop Obamacare the Democrats will take a major hit.  If they continue trying to force Obamacare down Americans throat it’s likely that the Democratic Party will be dissolved before 2016 rolls around.

Obama care is up close and personal and will affect all Americans.  Obamacare isn’t a train wreck about to happen it’s a sinking ship that keeps sinking deeper into the abyss. 

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