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What Progressives Don't Want
Voters to Know
Part I

Americans who listen to and believe the left-wing rhetoric of the progressive Democrats in power today really need to learn to separate facts from historical revisionism . . . the words here below are 100% true, Rajjpuut crosses his heart . . . .

Myth: The Nazis were fascists, and both fascists and Nazis were conservative (right-wing) organizations.


The National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party came into power by viciously attacking the Republican values and Democratic methods of the Weimar Republic. They promoted “a managed economy that was neither capitalist nor communist” according to their literature. The first time the world at large learned of them, was after Adolf Hitler’s “Beer Hall Putsch” an attempt to violently overthrow the government of Bavaria in southern Germany and replace those in power with Nazis. Until Hitler joined and took over, the Nazis were perhaps the most pathetic of about 20 leftist organizations vying for power in the country and most of them had the word “socialists” in their name. They were most jealous of the Communist Party’s large membership and Hitler made a point of blaming the loss of World War I on his three main scapegoats: the Jewish bankers and businessmen; the Communists and the so-called “November Criminals” that he said had all worked together and undermined the army in the field. The same areas so exciting to today’s progressives were big interests for the Nazis: environmentalism, nutrition, emphasis on organic and wholistic health and food-raising, and even state-run exercise and health programs and most importantly their utter conviction that they could create a utopian society.

The Nazis and Communists were both very popular in the 20’s and early 30’s but the two groups were decidedly incompatible. Why? Because Hitler emphasized the Aryan idea of purity and the notion that all things good came from their Teutonic heritage of blood and culture a direct attack on the made-in Russia worldwide communistic movement. For their part, the Reds after Hitler’s attack on Russia also felt a need to distance themselves from the Nazis because the Nazis were proof-positive that all revolutions were not good. They could have pointed to the French for that also. The lower classes were the Nazi’s base; only after Hitler came to power did the industrialists begin to show any attention to him. The Nazi’s burned the Reichstag and blamed it on a retarded communist, and immediately gained “emergency powers” that superceded the Weimar Constitution. Thus Hitler became a powerful dictator.

While we’re at it, today the left calls Nazis “fascists.” This is wrong, but more importantly the fascists (such as those found in Italy under Mussolini), were a labor-union phenomenon, hardly the stuff of right-wingers. The labor unions in Italy took over the corporations. In any case, we conservatives like very small government and do not like the totalitarian states which are found under Communism, Nazism, and Fascism. The Left has made a concerted effort since Woodrow Wilson (a progressive president who wrote his own interpretation of American History) to revise all of American and World History to reflect the notion that all things LEFT are “good.” Anyone who hasn’t read the epic expose` “The Nazi Seizure of Power” definitely should. In a fictional vein, Eric Maria Remarque’s novel “The Black Obelisk” vividly portrays the German landscape prior to and immediately after the Beer Hall Putsch as seen through the eyes of a lost soul who was one of a band of iconoclastic “merrymen” watching their civilization collapse around them.


Communism is a benign political ideology. Che Guevarra and Mao, for example, are world cultural heroes.


“Democide” or killing of citizens of the state by their very own government (including genocide and mass murder) is not a new idea. But the most efficient and ruthless in history were all 20th

Century communist states. While Hitler killed 13 million of Europe’s assorted Jews, gypsies, intellectuals, royalty, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homeosexuals, aged, retarded, handicapped, and other folk they classified as “undesirables” . . . comparatively few German citizens were killed by the Third Reich say perhaps two and a half million. Communism, concentrating itself mostly upon “purifying” their own citizenry, was directly responsible for the deaths of 120-128 million people during the 20th Century. Mao killed 54 million Chinese during peacetime. Stalin killed roughly 50 million in war and peace (not counting the 8 million Ukranians he deliberately starved to death that history likes to overlook) . Pol Pot killed 2.5 million in tiny Cambodia. Viet Namese communists, Tito’s Yugoslav communists, and North Korean Communists round out the sad story. Che Guevarra is said to have said he lost count of how many Cuban prisoners he’d personally killed somewhere after 150. Love those Mao and Che T-shirts, do you?


The Communist Party has always had an evil effect in the USA.


While a lot of evil and mischief (our current financial crisis for example) are directly attributable to the Communists operating in this country, early on the Communist party was one of the few voices the common working man in America had. A lot of abuse by mega-corporations in the 1890’s and early 20th

Century were vehemently opposed by communists and the early labor unions. Later when unions got big and powerful and virtually lockstepped themselves with communism and sought to gain huge war chests for political power . . . that’s when the whole process became ruinous rather than refreshing. It’s striking that now the left is calling “rednecks” racists and all manner of evil. When coal miners in West Virginia were advised by their communist and labor union leaders to wear red banadannas around their necks so they could identify themselves in a confrontation with corrupt mine owners and their machine gun wielding armies of “detectives” who’d already slaughtered some of the miners’ leaders . . . that was not a racist act but an act of labor defiance and fighting for human rights. “Red Necks” were originally union men or strikers (as the Southern Colorado miners in the Trinidad District Strike were). Only much later was the term applied to so-called “poor white trash” and “trailer trash” lumped together as racists and mental-defectives by the Left. Next time, Part II.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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