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The Conspiracy to Destroy Donald Trump

Fascists and all their lowly comrades, marching under the flag of anti-fascists, abhor this country and everything for which it stands and every free concept on which it was founded.

Leftists blather uncontrollably about hate speech, President Trump, the alt-right, racism, and white people, while enthusiastically embracing lawlessness. Tyrants used the same anarchy for centuries to overthrow free governments and create dictatorships.

Mainstream media, Hollywood, and all local outlets, replay leftwing lunacy on a continuous loop. Attacks on America, President Trump, white people, Christians, and all those believing in the American spirit, consist of talking points and outlandish lies. Their classic drumbeat is that any disagreement with leftist, Marxist tenets is hate speech.

President Trump is the interminable obsession of the corrupt, mainstream media. The Associated Press and New York Times lead the print media with anti-Trump propaganda in nearly every article and Op-Ed. From there it’s picked up by outlets around the globe and repeated as truth. It’s abundantly clear that practically all the MSM are out to destroy Donald Trump and his presidency. Talking head derangement has reached the point where one must question their sanity when engaged in unmistakable delusion.

All public demonstrations by conservative groups invite physical attack, and then vilification by the media. The left classifies as hate speech any demonstrations for free speech by conservatives. This is another effort by totalitarians to squelch debate and free speech.

From where do all these leftist groups come?

Most owe their existence to the continuous hatching of parasitic larvae formulated in government education and academic laboratories. Over ninety percent of college and university instructors and administrators are liberal and devote extraordinary resources toward indoctrinating young people into their leftist orthodoxy. From these corrupt, bureaucratic beginnings, modern Marxists are born.

Others are leftovers from the corrupt and racist presidency of Marxist Barack Obama. They are of the same community organizing, socialist ilk, and hold the identical racist and vitriolic, views about and against America’s founders.  

What unites all leftists is the shocking, surprise victory of Donald Trump over Bill Clinton’s wife in the presidential election. President Trump is doing what he promised; eliminating Obama’s so-called legacy items of presidential orders and decrees. The entire left and much of the Republican Party establishment congregated into a “Hate Trump” coalition. They fear the worst from Donald Trump; that he will do exactly what he promised.

Successfully creating upheaval requires creating wedge issues, crises, and most of all, divisions between races, classes, genders, religions, and anything they can rub together to create friction. None of these abrasive policies can co-exist with personal and economic freedom; therefore, they attack both.

All leftwing groups are collections of vultures and parasites of every species united to destroy our free-market, capitalistic system, and the liberty that defines America. Redistribution of income and wealth are hallmarks of socialism and all other authoritarian governments.

Despite the tragic and deadly results from any leftwing government, the laser focus of all leftist lunacy we see today is primarily to enact a Marxist, Communist government in America. Every phrase, talking point, slogan, and action we hear in the restless streets, read on signs, or watch on television, are duplications of the Maoists, and Communists as they endeavored to crush reigning governments around the globe.

The lawless marauders in America’s streets are strikingly reminiscent of Europe’s Nazi Brownshirts or Storm Troopers, and the Communist useful idiots of Stalin. They operated by overwhelming meetings and brutally attacking any gatherings of opposition political groups; public, or private.      

Multiple cries for diversity, and fairness is left-wing speak for “division.”  Success for them means isolating, and marginalizing their foes. These villainous techniques, most recently taught by Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama, were hand-me-downs from generation to generation by the vilest of men.

Liberal-progressives’ control public education, the media, Hollywood, and academia, thus they hold sway over nearly everything that influences young people and much of the public. Additionally, deep-state bureaucrat extremists control much of government and public institutions.

Moronic speech Nazis attack anyone voicing unapproved words or ideas. Incredibly, using ‘inappropriate’ pronouns is hate speech, as is noting or noticing differences between the sexes. Inconceivably, a person’s gender, is no longer important in showers, locker rooms, and restrooms; even for schoolchildren. Educators tell children to accept this outrage, and they label adults as bigots for standing against this abomination of decency. 

Progressives squeal like wounded animals when they perceive racism everywhere in their long, torturous trek of turning over all of life’s little rocks. They also know when they scream loudly enough; Americans will not exercise their rights as freely if they fear reprisals from tyrannical groups or the media. Equally, it allows them to set what they perceive as a narrative of moral superiority and gain some position of control and advantage. 

It's time Americans drew an unmistakable defensive line.  A line that defines decency, defends constitutional liberties, and protects our culture and religion. Moreover, it must promote American exceptionalism, and outline a vibrant path forward for liberty in this great Republic.  

This line must clearly define the terms of America’s path to victory; this far and no further!


Jim Mullen



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Shifting "Truth" and Political Correctness are

Progressivism's Well-Honed Weapons

note: this test has been updated

How brainwashed are you by rhetoric about the benefits of a much bigger government and the evils of conservativism? Take this SHOCKING test and find out by responding “True” or “False” or “Partially True and False” (T, F or P) to the following 28 statements:

1. “Rednecks” are ultra-conservatives prone to violence.

2. The Nazis were conservatives. Today’s conservatives are like Nazis.

3. Fascists were conservatives; Nazis were Fascists and today’s conservatives are like both.

4. Nazism and Fascism are nothing like socialism or communism.

5. They (Republicans and conservatives) put the car (our economy) into the ditch (deep recession).

6. Woodrow Wilson was one of our greatest presidents, certainly #2, 3, or 4 on the all-time list.

7. Warren G. Harding was among the most corrupt and worst of presidents.

8. Herbert Hoover was a conservative.

9. Herbert Hoover did virtually nothing at all just let the ’29 Crash become the Great Depression.

10. FDR saved the country from the Great Depression.

11. Unemployment checks and food stamps really rev up the economy.

12. Communism is a benign philosophy.

13. Mao was a hero and deserves to be on a T-shirt.

14. Che was a hero and deserves to be on a T-shirt.

15. Global warming is mostly unnatural, man-caused.

16. High carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere created by man cause global warming.

17. Carbon-trading (a.k.a. “Cap and Trade") legislation could diminish and control global warming.

18. Green technology will save the planet and create five million jobs here in America.

19. The $787 Billion Obama stimulus saved us from a depression by creating or saving a lot of jobs.

20. DDT was harmful and had to be banned.

21. Cloward and Who? The left-wing progressives are the most concerned among us about the well-being of poor folk.

22. ACORN benefits poor people.

23. Conservatives vote against welfare laws which benefit poor people, ergo conservatives are racists.

24. The federal government creates jobs quite effectively.

25. A little inflation is good for the economy and creates the prime condition for business to boom.

26. Propaganda was invented by the Nazis.

27. Eugenics was an atrocious Nazi invention.

28. Capitalism exploits the poor.

The Answers:

Every wonder why so many people support anti-American laws and candidates election after election? It’s because the Progressives passing the laws have told the Big lie so often and so effectively that the progressives’ Big Lie is now considered today’s truth. The statements above were some well-known examples of BIG LIES told so often (almost a hundred years in some cases) that now virtually all of the uninformed believe them. Every single one of the 28 statements above is 100% false, here’s the truth about the questions above . . . remember . . . .

Every single one of the 28 statements above is 100% false and yet these statements are widely believed by great numbers of the voting populace. Since conservatives haven’t done what it takes to keep the truth before people all the time, the progressives with out any good ideas at all are winning the battle of ideas, a shameless situation.

The “rednecks” were rifle-toting UNION miners who wore bandanas around their necks to minimize the chance they’d shoot each other in confrontations against management during their labor altercations. The liberals and progressives and labor unions “doctored” the term “rednecks” so now they’re implying that "rednecks" are, and always have been, ultra-extreme violent conservatives and implying that progressivism is by default much more reasonable.

The term “Nazi” is short for “National Socialist Workers Party,” one of about thirty such parties that sprang up in Germany after that country lost World War I. Only two lasted for over a decade: the communists and Nazis. Both were left-wing organizations intent upon socializing German life. Besides the two words “socialist” and “workers” which both communism and Nazism revere, both in practice turn into ruthless totalitarian states. No conservativism involved. The Nazi literature claimed their economic system was “neither capitalism nor communism,” but something far better than either. Business didn’t support Hitler until he’d already come to power.

Fascism was created in Italy when the labor unions became so strong they overthrew the management of the corporations, large and small. Then the corporations took over the government and elected Benito Mussolini as leader. No conservativism there.

Nazism and Fascism are almost identical to communism in their ideals (benefits for the workers, curses for the capitalists that create jobs) and in their typical ends: totalitarianism.

They (Republicans and conservatives) put the car (our economy) into the ditch (deep recession) is President Barack^^ Obama's biggest Big Lie. In a nutshell, here's the truth: George Bush saw Obama, Clinton, ACORN, and other progressive groups deliberately pushing the car (the economy) toward a 500-foot cliff (utter financial disaster) dived into the front seat, grabbed the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes creating a controlled skid that put the vehicle into the nearest friendly-looking ditch. But realizing that particular truth is such a long story and so hard for most of you to believe, here's more info you can examine at your leisure: teapartypatriots.org/BlogPostView.aspx?id=55f820a3-5f02-4c92-adaa-59b59f318be7

Woodrow Wilson, was probably, next to Barack Obama, the progressive president who threatened freedom most. He was a racist who showed the D.W. Griffith film “Birth of a Nation” repeatedly in the White House; ended federal hiring of blacks in Washington, D.C.; put Italian and German citizens into concentration camps during World War I; closed down newspapers that he disagreed with; and sought to manipulate the mind of voters to a degree not seen before in history thus inventing “propaganda.”

Warren G. Harding, who died in office, was one of the most effective and honest presidents ever. He inherited Woodrow Wilson’s “depression” as he came to office in 1921. It’s mostly been lost to history or been known as the “Invisible Depression” because within fifteen months Harding had brought it under control and returned the country to prosperity by cutting taxes 49%; cutting government spending 48%; and paying down the national debt roughly 31%. After his death a scandal associated with one of his cabinet members was dropped into his lap by progressive historians revising the truth; but Harding had no part in the Teapot Dome scandal. Calvin Coolidge, Harding’s vice president, replaced him at Harding’s death and continued the policies of Harding giving the country the most prosperous decade in its history: “The Roaring Twenties.” Herbert Hoover was placed onto Harding’s cabinet as Secretary of Commerce to appease some of Harding’s supporters. Hoover was a “tinkerer” and a progressive. When the Harding administration assumed power, Hoover advised Harding to make several major changes to combat the Wilson depression. But Harding ignored him. When Hoover became president in 1929 he immediately started “fixing” what wasn’t broken and put us into a huge fiscal debacle.

Herbert Hoover’s raising of taxes and dramatic increasing of tariffs ushered in hard times, job losses, Wall Street panic and a recession. He then created more government agencies than ever before seen to try to combat the problem but only made it worse. FDR and his vice president Garner campaigned against Hoover calling him a “socialist” and vowing to cut taxes and cut government spending (like Harding) but when FDR came into office he not only did not cut taxes or spending; and continued most of Hoover’s programs just giving them a different name; but expanded government to levels never before seen.

FDR tried to use government to create jobs and instead turned a little ‘d’ depression into the Great Depression. The Great Depression lasted until the country entered World War II. Whereas Harding eliminated a depression in 15 months, Hoover and Roosevelt extended theirs to 12.5 years.

Nancy Pelosi told us that every dollar spent on food stamps and unemployment checks is worth $1.79 in benefits to the economy and nothing revs up job creation like those two programs. Governments cannot create jobs** or create wealth. Government can only redistribute it. Pelosi can certainly not prove her statement. Yes, it’s very likely that food stamp and welfare money will be spent almost immediately and that’s likely to give apparent benefit. What Pelosi is not pointing out is that the money in the hands of the taxpayers is not diluted by passing through the hands of the IRS and scads of other bureaucrats and paying for all the employees, electricity and buildings and paper involved, etc. but that it goes directly into the economy even faster since it does not need to make a detour to Washington and then another detour to the state jobs offices or state welfare offices.

Communism, or ultra-socialism, is a philosophy particularly appropriate for dictators and totalitarian governments. But freedom is definitely not the only casualty under communism. The people suffer through deprivations and the government tends to kill them by starvation; brutal imprisonment; or more directly. In the 20th Century totalitarian communist regimes in Red China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, etc. etc. killed roughly 122 million of their own people. A new word had to be created to describe this phenomenon: "democide" (regimes killing their own people). Mao killed roughly 60 million in peace time, many by willful starvation by insisting that state programs be continued when obviously they were not working and people were starving to death. The Soviet Union spread its killings out across war and peace. Deliberate starvation of the Ukrainians killed seven million in peace time.

Mao killed 60 million Chinese.

Che was a sadist who reportedly said he lost count somewhere after the 187th prisoner he’d personally killed with his bare hands after he and Fidel Castro came to power.

The term “Global warming” as the environmental extremists use it is a lie. It’s relatively impossible to look at any five hundred year period in recent earth history without finding plenty of evidence of shifting climate. The global warming statisticians conveniently left out the 300 year “Medieval Optimum” (a very warm period in which Greenland and Iceland were relatively ice-free and the Vikings settled there and even discovered North America) when calculating global climate shifts. So the present day is compared almost directly to the so-called “Little Ice Age” which ended around 1850. See the History Channel DVD “Little Ice Age, Big Chill” for more information on that period. Of course while Europe and the rest of the world have covered the falsification of the data by Climate alarmists, the story has never run here in the United States in the mainstream liberal media.



High Carbon Dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere actually make the earth cooler by reflecting heat back into space and by encouraging plant life. Back in 1972 our present “Science Czar” John Holdren wrote a book about how the coming ice age was caused by man’s interferences and pollutants. Time magazine showed a cover with a frozen earth to herald his predictions. Climate alarmism is about putting the federal government in control of more and more of our lives and has zero-basis in fact.

By their own admission, the leaders of the Cap and Trade argument tell us that unless they put us back to about 1903’s technology, the global warming they say exists cannot be reversed. If it were true, mankind creates about 2% of the world’s carbon emissions the rest is natural so man cannot be blamed for the problem anyway. Despite this, President Obama told a San Francisco newspaper that his energy policies will “bankrupt the coal industry" and “must necessarily drive the cost of electricity sky-high.”

A Spanish study (of the green-tech experiment that took that country from the #1 job producer in the European Union in 1997 to 21% unemployment today) concluded that each green tech job subsidized by the Spanish government cost 2.2 jobs. Translated to American shores that means that President Obama’s promise to create five million green jobs would cost 11 million real jobs in the real economy. Not only that, but the Spanish study showed that once subsidies were removed or the individual programs expired, most green jobs disappeared also. Only about 10% of green jobs proved permanent . . . so only 500,000 of Mr. Obama’s jobs can be expected to be permanent (and the Spanish study showed that the wages were relatively low as well) at a cost of 11 million real permanent jobs in the real economy a 22/1 ratio that created the disaster in Spain (each job cost $677,000 to create). By the way, it reportedly took Edison 10,000 experiments to invent a workable light bulb . . . have you seen any indication that any green tech other than windmills is even close to "shovel-ready" for the whole country's use?

The $787 Billion Obama stimulus made the economy much worse. Jobs “created or saved” is a bogus statistic. You just count the number of jobs in the economy and see if the number rises or falls – that’s the only valid statistic. Much like the Spanish study, governments really fudge when they talk about job creation. For example in one study 34 jobs were created at only about $36,000 each by the Obama stimulus. WOW! However, closer study shows that the people were working in a meat industry for precisely ONE WEEK and each of their jobs got counted as a full-time permanent job???? So how much of the $36,000 was just a political payoff? You’ll never know.

Rachel Carson wrote a book called “Silent Spring” in the early 60’s. No actual science was involved in the creation of the book. Ms. Carson’s claims about the ills of DDT were never actually researched and DDT was taken off the market and eventually banned worldwide by the United Nations. In 1972 malaria deaths around the earth were roughly 42,000. Today more than two million people die from malaria every year not to mention all those who live with the disease for their whole lives. Ms. Carson killed 60 million people by getting a pesticide that can be drunk safely or used for salad dressing banned. Today many African and Asian nations are beginning to ignore the DDT ban.

The progressives would have you believe that only they are tolerant and only they are concerned about the poor. Leaving aside the fact that anyone who doesn’t adopt the “politically-correct” stance progressives approve of is called a “racist,” “stupid,” and “extremist bigot,” what are the facts? Anti-capitalists Richard Cloward and Frances Piven (infamous for the “Cloward-Piven Strategy”) joined with militant George Wiley in 1967 to create the NWRO to use the poor as “storm troopers” to assail the Welfare offices of the nation and swell the welfare rolls. Eventually they bankrupted New York City (1975) and came within a whisker of bankrupting New York State (NYC had to be bailed out by the federal government). The long-term result? The welfare moms that the National Welfare Rights Organization spawned totally changed the culture and lifestyle of the urban poor into a world of abject dependency and hopelessness. Single-mother families are now the norm and higher crime, unwed motherhood, school dropoutism, utter lack of upward mobility; and, in one part of the inner-city culture(the Black community) marriage and family is disappearing from the landscape as fatherhood is no longer an honored institution. Everywhere the dominant culture is the culture of “victimization” and hopelessness. Even though Cloward, Piven and Wiley failed to create the guaranteed national income they hoped for, they bragged in public and in print about their great deed in bankrupting NYC. Apparently they really care for the poor.

ACORN like the NWRO uses poor people as storm troopers. In the case of ACORN putting poor people into homes they couldn’t afford was considered a good thing. In the resulting recession, the poor people were the ones who suffered the most.

Conservatives vote against welfare laws which encourage dependency and ultimately trap poor people in poverty forever. Conservatives believe that first completing one’s education and then starting out in low-paying service jobs if necessary is training for the future, not humiliation.

The federal government creates meaningful jobs as effectively as newborns do calculus. By taxing away the resources of the private sector, government kills jobs.

Inflation is the main economic tool of progressives in democracies. It allows them to promise anything and everything (with the bills never coming due) to bribe the electorate into giving them their votes and power. From 1913 when the Federal Reserve Banking System was created to today, the American paper dollar has lost 98% of its buying power. Not only that, but the nation has a $14 TRillion National debt and faces $109 TRillion in unfunded liabilities (Social Security; Medicare; and the federal side of Medicaid services which have been promised to our citizens). This is the cost of voting for progressives who make big promises.

Propaganda was invented by the Woodrow Wilson regime and both Goebbels and Hitler referred gratefully to what they’d learned from the great American founders of this new science.

Eugenics was the subject of many intelligent discussions by the Fabian Socialists of England. Elites like H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw thought it was a necessary part of the necessary and gradual shift toward socialism they espoused. American progressivism is one offspring of the Fabians. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and other American elite believed eugenics was vital. Later the Nazis liked the idea too and put them into action with their gas chambers.

Socialism, not capitalism, exploits the poor. Using legislative handouts to enslave the poor in exchange for their votes, Socialism cuts the standard of living for everyone. The poor in America have it so horribly bad that they’re better off than 94% of the world’s peoples. Instead of bringing everyone down to the level of the poor, capitalism says “a rising tide lifts all boats” so let’s bring greater prosperity to everyone so the poor are elevated well above their present standard of living.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


** did you catch the apparent “contradiction” between item #9 and #10? We said the federal government cannot create wealth or jobs in #10 after talking about how World War II finally pulled the country out of the Great Depression. Is there a contradiction? Isn’t the federal government creating jobs (and by extension wealth) when it makes a bigger army or navy? Think about it . . . . If you can’t figure it out Rajjpuut recommends Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson” with particular attention to three short chapters called “The Broken Window,” The Blessings of Destruction” and “Disbanding Troops and Bureaucrats.”

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Barack Obama worked over two years as an ACORN lawyer in Chicago brow-beating and shaking-down mortgage lenders to force them to make thousands of knowingly bad loans to people who could never repay their mortgages without first winning the lottery.

^^ We called #4 the biggest of his Big Lies for Barack Obama because he worked more than two years for ACORN as a lawyer browbeating and shaking-down unwilling mortgage lenders to make them comply with CRA legislation and force them to make knowingly unsound loans to people who in many cases could only hope to pay off their mortgages by winning the lottery or holding up a bank.

** Did you catch the apparent “contradiction” between item #9 and #10? We said the federal government cannot create wealth or jobs in #10 after talking about how World War II finally pulled the country out of the Great Depression. Is there a contradiction? Isn’t the federal government creating jobs (and by extension wealth) when it makes a bigger army or navy? Think about it . . . . If you can’t figure it out Rajjpuut recommends Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson” with particular attention to the short chapters called “The Broken Window,” The Blessings of Destruction” and “Disbanding Troops and Bureaucrats.”

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“What you THINK you know but you don’t really know about the realities of history makes you a sucker for whatever B.S. the Progressives want to throw your way in order to control you, your vote and your emotions. You are literally ‘Homer Simpson’ in their eyes and they control you just about as easy as Homer would be controlled . . . .” Rajjpuut
Current Political Correctness is
Today’s Progressive Determinant

of Historical Truth
In one of the more prophetic novels of all time, a fellow named Winston Smith works for his government’s Ministry of Truth performing historical alterations to quickly and cleverly brainwash his fellow citizens into aligning their ever-shifting knowledge of the nation’s history with current reality and government desiderata. Winston Smith is the protagonist charged with adjusting history so that seamless historical revisionism seems both natural and obvious to the citizenry as one Big Lie after another becomes reality.
Unfortunately, George Orwell named his novel 1984 instead of 2010 or even 2084 so today its lessons are considered passe rather than avant garde. Nevertheless today Progressivism (the notion that “we must ‘progress’ beyond the outdated and severely-flawed U.S. Constitution”) owns as its chief tools propaganda (particularly the Big lie) and historical revisionism. The fact that 98% of Americans don’t see it for what it really is, is because ‘NOT knowing history, they are doomed to repeat it.” Let’s give a few examples of historical revisionism** to start the ball of understanding rolling . . . you don't mind playing Sherlock Holmes for a bit, do you?
Have you heard any of the following terms used to demonize anyone recently? “Redneck?” “Nazi?” “Fascist?” “Eugenics” or ever heard disparagement about Warren G. Harding? Herbert Hoover was a conservative, right? Or been told that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was one of our greatest presidents? Recently a lady in high places lumped Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa together. Certainly we’ve seen Mao and Che T-shirts worn all across the nation . . . what’s going on, how are all these issues related? We’re talking about historical revisionism, friends . . . .
What is a redneck in some minds today is quite different from what a redneck originally was. The original “rednecks” were gun-toting union men trying to seize control of mining operations from the owners and bosses. They wore red bandannas around their necks as a tactical edge so that they wouldn’t have to hesitate before pulling the trigger knowing instantly that they were NOT aiming for one of their own if they gunned down someone without a red bandanna. The Battle of Blair Mountain was, next to the Civil War, the largest insurrection in the history of the country. It’s not taught in our schools today or if it is taught the history somehow comes down real hard on the owners and management and overlooks the miners’ transgressions . . . kind of how our Civil War was often called “The War of Northern Aggression” in many southern schools right up to 1964. Revisionism, regardless of who's doing it (ultra-conservative or ultra-leftist) is just plain EVIL. Because the Progessives have controlled the telling of American history since Woodrow Wilson wrote his version of it a hundred years ago, what you THINK you know but you don’t really know about the realities of history makes you a sucker for whatever B.S. the Progressives want to throw your way in order to control you and your vote and your emotions. You are literally ‘Homer Simpson’ in their eyes and they control you just about as easy as Homer would be controlled . . . .
The Nazis, of course were the National Socialists Workers’ Party and in case the words “Socialists” and “Workers” didn’t clue you they were definitely NOT right wing or conservative in any way. Nazi literature declared quite proudly “We are neither capitalists nor communists, but something better.” So the evils of Nazism were left-wing results sprung from a left-wing beginning. Only after Hitler was Chancellor (nine years after he wrote Mein Kampf) did the corporations start to come his way. But from the start their goals as listed in campaign literature was virtually identical with both that of today's CPUSA (Communist Party USA) and of Barack Obama. The antipathy of the Nazis for the Communists in Germany was infighting among leftists, but testimony was that once the Reds found out about the power of the Nazis they were life-time committed converts.
Fascism? The left would have you believe that the corporations took over the government and that certainly sounds like right-wing fanatics on steroids, doesn’t it? The truth? Fascism was, however, begun in Italy when the labor unions got so strong that the workers took over the corporations often killing or injuring management and owners in the process. Then they elected their favorite Fascist, Benito Mussolini, to lead the country. In Spain, the losers were the Church, royalty and the businessmen . . . that is, the Conservatives were the defeated army^^ in the Spanish Civil War. Franco and his victorious Spanish Fascists were supported by both Nazi Germany and by Italy with arms, technology and money. Italy, Germany and Spain were three countries with strictly left-wing radical socialist agendas that all became dictatorships. All of these governments were disasters for their national history; two of them were disasters for the world.
Eugenics? This was the original progressive brainstorm. If we just kept the deficient from breeding, the world would be a better place and the Utopia that the workers of the world deserve would come all the sooner. Margaret Sanger is today considered a hero for her “birth-control” movement but one of her main emphasis was on preventing Blacks and Puerto Ricans from reproducing themselves. Famous British socialists like George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell, George Edward Moore and John Maynard Keynes were all eugenicism aficionados. Our first two progressive Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt were also big fans of eugenics and Wilson was also so openly anti-Black that its incredible today that the man is considered one of our greatest presidents courtesy of being the creator of the science of propaganda and of some remarkable historical revisionism done in his behalf by progressives over the last 90 years.
Warren G. Harding was a victim of a line of lies that would make even Central Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson blush. Harding died in office. His vice-president Calvin Coolidge replaced him and they were probably the most solid chief executives economy-wise the nation has ever known. The disastrous policies of progressive President Woodrow Wilson left the country in a depression which Harding inherited in March, 1921, when he was inaugurated. Harding ignored the advice of his commerce secretary Herbert Hoover to interfere on a grand scale and did three major things: 1) he cut both taxes and 2) government spending by nearly 50% and 3) he paid down the national debt by 30%. Before his death, in 1923, the country was already turned around. However, rather than being a hero for stopping the “Invisible Depression,” Harding is considered one of our worst presidents. So pervasive is the progressive lie about Harding that even the author of the best-selling book Blink proves himself a hypocrite, refusing to follow his own good advice and instead mentions Harding in a highly disparaging way.
Besides not getting credit, the lies about Harding’s involvement in the Tea Pot Dome scandal were spread by progressive historians who lumped the one guilty member of Harding’s cabinet with all of Harding’s administration. Calvin Coolidge took over and continued the policies of Harding and gave the United States the most productive decade in our history (the Roaring Twenties). When Silent Cal said, “I do not choose to run,” Herbert Hoover a progressive Republican interfered with everything good that was going on in particular raising tariffs sky high as well as increasing taxes, increasing spending and deficits. The stock market crash led into a recession and everything Hoover did made it worse. Where Harding would have cut taxes, cut spending and paid down the debt, Hoover did the opposite.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his vice-president Nance ran promising to cut taxes, pay down the debt and rollback the spending which really resonated with the voters since they’d already seen that it worked wonders. He and Nance called Hoover “a socialist” and criticized all his government interference. However, when FDR was elected he continued virtually all of Hoover’s initiatives and then created 40 separate new government agencies (the “New Deal” named after his progressive uncle Teddy’s “Square Deal”) the most massive U.S. government build-up to that point in history. Of course between Hoover and FDR they made an ordinary market panic into not just Hoover’s depression but a twelve and a half year Great Depression. By the way, just one new law this year, Obamacare, created 388 brand new government agencies or offices: roughly ten times the perverted output of FDR’s entire 12+ years in office.
How can Che and Mao be worthy of T-shirt status? The 122 million victims of communism in the 20th Century have apparently all been swept under the rug? How can socialism be seen as good? That’s historical revisionism for you! And what’s the Big Lie that the Progressives have sold America most recently? See if any of this sounds familiar . . . “It’s Bush’s fault. The huge hole the economy slipped into was created by Wall Street, the conservatives, the greedy corporations and their insistence on no-regulation of the free market.” Do you believe those lies? Do you believe that ‘They’ drove the car into the ditch and now when we’ve almost got it back on the road again, ‘they’ want us to give them the keys back again . . . ? Or do you believe the truth, which is . . . .
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy (that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by a planned overloading of the welfare rolls) . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
If you don’t KNOW that truth, you have been brainwashed by the progressives. Here’s the antidote for you to reclaim your brain.
That’s the easy way (the link above) or you might want to do some research . . . .
1. Find out who Saul Alinsky was.
2. Find out who his most successful students Richard Cloward and Frances Piven are.
3. Find out who George Wiley was.
4. Find out what “Cloward-Piven Strategy” is.
5. Find out who created the National Welfare Rights Organization, when it was created, how it used Alinsky tactics and how it bankrupted New York City in 1975 and NYC had to be bailed out by the federal government.
6. What was the goal of Wiley, Piven and Cloward (stated in the famous article that’s come to be known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy)?
7. After 1975, Cloward and Piven said that the next areas for Alinsky tactics and C-P strategy were voter registration and housing. What Wiley lieutenant running NWRO in Arkansas since 1970 created ACORN? What did the “A” in ACORN originally stand for? Who did ACORN help win and keep a governorship for 12 of the next 14 years?
8. What is CRA’ 77? Was it needed?
9. Who expanded CRA ’77 three times and provided regulatory teeth to CRA ’77 when he was president?
10.Who got the Motor Voter Act passed?
Well that’s the first of about 40 questions that the Progressives have hidden from you that result in the TRUE statement that:
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy (that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by a planned overloading of the welfare rolls) . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
Of course, if you went to: http://rajjpuutsfolly.blogtownhall.com/2010/09/10/will_real_dems_admit_truth,_throw_out_progressive_traitors.thtml
you’d actually know and appreciate why it’s true and you’d really understand what historical revisionism is all about! And now you know why it’s so important for Progressives to control our children’s textbooks and for, from their perspective, teachers to be members of unions . . . .
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** historical revisionism is also called “negationism” and is outlawed in some countries, but not here

^^ In the movie The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, this fact was one of two zingers that Miss Jean Brodie received from her protege (who stole her teacher's lover and later informed her that the ultra-controlling Brodie had sent an ignorant young man to his death in Spain fighting for the WRONG side!)

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What Progressives Don't Want
Voters to Know
Part I

Americans who listen to and believe the left-wing rhetoric of the progressive Democrats in power today really need to learn to separate facts from historical revisionism . . . the words here below are 100% true, Rajjpuut crosses his heart . . . .

Myth: The Nazis were fascists, and both fascists and Nazis were conservative (right-wing) organizations.


The National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party came into power by viciously attacking the Republican values and Democratic methods of the Weimar Republic. They promoted “a managed economy that was neither capitalist nor communist” according to their literature. The first time the world at large learned of them, was after Adolf Hitler’s “Beer Hall Putsch” an attempt to violently overthrow the government of Bavaria in southern Germany and replace those in power with Nazis. Until Hitler joined and took over, the Nazis were perhaps the most pathetic of about 20 leftist organizations vying for power in the country and most of them had the word “socialists” in their name. They were most jealous of the Communist Party’s large membership and Hitler made a point of blaming the loss of World War I on his three main scapegoats: the Jewish bankers and businessmen; the Communists and the so-called “November Criminals” that he said had all worked together and undermined the army in the field. The same areas so exciting to today’s progressives were big interests for the Nazis: environmentalism, nutrition, emphasis on organic and wholistic health and food-raising, and even state-run exercise and health programs and most importantly their utter conviction that they could create a utopian society.

The Nazis and Communists were both very popular in the 20’s and early 30’s but the two groups were decidedly incompatible. Why? Because Hitler emphasized the Aryan idea of purity and the notion that all things good came from their Teutonic heritage of blood and culture a direct attack on the made-in Russia worldwide communistic movement. For their part, the Reds after Hitler’s attack on Russia also felt a need to distance themselves from the Nazis because the Nazis were proof-positive that all revolutions were not good. They could have pointed to the French for that also. The lower classes were the Nazi’s base; only after Hitler came to power did the industrialists begin to show any attention to him. The Nazi’s burned the Reichstag and blamed it on a retarded communist, and immediately gained “emergency powers” that superceded the Weimar Constitution. Thus Hitler became a powerful dictator.

While we’re at it, today the left calls Nazis “fascists.” This is wrong, but more importantly the fascists (such as those found in Italy under Mussolini), were a labor-union phenomenon, hardly the stuff of right-wingers. The labor unions in Italy took over the corporations. In any case, we conservatives like very small government and do not like the totalitarian states which are found under Communism, Nazism, and Fascism. The Left has made a concerted effort since Woodrow Wilson (a progressive president who wrote his own interpretation of American History) to revise all of American and World History to reflect the notion that all things LEFT are “good.” Anyone who hasn’t read the epic expose` “The Nazi Seizure of Power” definitely should. In a fictional vein, Eric Maria Remarque’s novel “The Black Obelisk” vividly portrays the German landscape prior to and immediately after the Beer Hall Putsch as seen through the eyes of a lost soul who was one of a band of iconoclastic “merrymen” watching their civilization collapse around them.


Communism is a benign political ideology. Che Guevarra and Mao, for example, are world cultural heroes.


“Democide” or killing of citizens of the state by their very own government (including genocide and mass murder) is not a new idea. But the most efficient and ruthless in history were all 20th

Century communist states. While Hitler killed 13 million of Europe’s assorted Jews, gypsies, intellectuals, royalty, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homeosexuals, aged, retarded, handicapped, and other folk they classified as “undesirables” . . . comparatively few German citizens were killed by the Third Reich say perhaps two and a half million. Communism, concentrating itself mostly upon “purifying” their own citizenry, was directly responsible for the deaths of 120-128 million people during the 20th Century. Mao killed 54 million Chinese during peacetime. Stalin killed roughly 50 million in war and peace (not counting the 8 million Ukranians he deliberately starved to death that history likes to overlook) . Pol Pot killed 2.5 million in tiny Cambodia. Viet Namese communists, Tito’s Yugoslav communists, and North Korean Communists round out the sad story. Che Guevarra is said to have said he lost count of how many Cuban prisoners he’d personally killed somewhere after 150. Love those Mao and Che T-shirts, do you?


The Communist Party has always had an evil effect in the USA.

Truth: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3732/is_200601/ai_n17174894/

While a lot of evil and mischief (our current financial crisis for example) are directly attributable to the Communists operating in this country, early on the Communist party was one of the few voices the common working man in America had. A lot of abuse by mega-corporations in the 1890’s and early 20th

Century were vehemently opposed by communists and the early labor unions. Later when unions got big and powerful and virtually lockstepped themselves with communism and sought to gain huge war chests for political power . . . that’s when the whole process became ruinous rather than refreshing. It’s striking that now the left is calling “rednecks” racists and all manner of evil. When coal miners in West Virginia were advised by their communist and labor union leaders to wear red banadannas around their necks so they could identify themselves in a confrontation with corrupt mine owners and their machine gun wielding armies of “detectives” who’d already slaughtered some of the miners’ leaders . . . that was not a racist act but an act of labor defiance and fighting for human rights. “Red Necks” were originally union men or strikers (as the Southern Colorado miners in the Trinidad District Strike were). Only much later was the term applied to so-called “poor white trash” and “trailer trash” lumped together as racists and mental-defectives by the Left. Next time, Part II.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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