Sorry Baaaarack. We’re Not Sheep.

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


The President quipped last week that part of the reason why his stimulus plan didn’t work was “the shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as we thought.”    Since Obama has no business experience and hasn’t ever created a free market job, he’s totally befuddled why none of his economic plans are working.   Even the President knows we are slipping into a double dip recession.    He’s doing his best to still blame George Bush but even Debbie Wasserman Schultz admitted that the Democrats now own the economy.


The root causes of the economy continuing to swoon are the Progressive and Keynesian policies that Obama has implemented in the last two and a half years.   Poor Barack.  He doesn’t even realize that he sabotaged his own re-election.   He took all the liberal economic classes in college, and he listened to all of his leftist professors and mentors.   He believes the ruling class in the government should be able to dictate a recovery through amping up government spending and implementing regulations that will force business and consumer behavior into triggering an economic recovery.  Obama believes if the peasants would just do what the ruling class says to do, we’ll be just fine.


Sorry Baaaarack.  We’re not sheep.   That’s why Liberal government policies and Keynesian economics don’t work.  Progressive expect the working class to follow orders from the bureaucrats and to behave the way the Liberal rules and regulations dictate.   In fact, the Progressive policies are dependent upon people not adapting their behavior to work around the rules to pursue their own self-interest in spite of the new government dictates and regulations.  If the working class isn’t willing to be dependent upon the government, Liberalism fails. Continue...
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  • Don't underestimate President Obama's reelection chances.  He and the Dems are a slippery bunch when it comes to politics.  They should be that good with the economy?!?
  • This depression is due in part to abortions.  Where are the young people to produce and support an aging population.  Productivity is in a downward spiral.
  • The only one doing the shoveling is the President and the Country is chest deep in it trying to keep its head above it before the President buries us completely in the stench of his failed policies.
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