Who’s Minding the Hen House in DC?


If one should wonder who’s minding the “hen house,” in DC they either just landed here from Mars or they can’t speak or read English.  The “hen house” was exterminated back in early 2009 and the foxes have taken up residence.  They receive exorbitant salaries for hiding, participating and creating crimes against Americans and our Nation. 


First on the list of devious activities would be the disappearance of taxpayer’s money amounting to 787 billion dollars.  Rapidly following that smooth move was the Fast and Furious gunrunner program funded by Obama and choreographed by Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano.  Ask them who was responsible for these crimes and Obama would shake his head and say, “I don’t know anything about this, but I’ll set up a special committee to investigate it meaning his sidekick Holder will sweep everything under the rug.


Then came Obamacare and one must wonder how a bill can be passed when no one has read it.  But, that didn’t bother the foxes – they passed it, helped themselves to a huge bite of our Medicare and sent the insurance companies, the medical field and taxpayers the bill. Obama will tell you it’s the greatest thing since Ford’s auto invention and not to worry because IRS will monitor who’s naughty and nice.  And a bunch of Obama creeps will dictate who gets healthcare and who doesn’t.    


Obama said cost of insurance will be reduced; we can keep our own primary care physician and live happily ever after. News flash – he lied doctors are leaving their professions, insurance rates are skyrocketing along with horrendous out of pocket charges, businesses are in limbo and quality of patient care just keeps taking one hit after another. As of May 16th, 2013 there’s not one Republican, Democrat or rocket scientist in the “hen house” who has the guts to remove this bill. 


We learned that we own all of these various expensive solar panels that no one will buy and ugly defunct wind mills, electric cars that blow up, expensive batteries for the electric cars that don’t work and a bunch of green companies continuing to declare bankruptcy as we speak.


Next comes the Benghazi murders, Obama, Clinton and Panetta all knew about the attack and flew the coop knowing that our Ambassador and other Americans were being attacked by terrorists.  Guess Lamb was the only pigeon in the hen house watching the massacre in real time. 


But to hear the three tell the story, not one of them knew about it and not one of them was in charge – so the question is who really is running the hen house?  Could it be Valarie Jarrett and the old Soros clown? 


Along comes the AP and IRS scandal - Obama does what Obama always does he shakes his head, scratches his ear and says he doesn’t know anything about anything and passes the buck one more time.  Behind the scenes Obama and his administration are frantically scrambling to cover up the cover ups and they’re up to their armpits in lies and on the verge of self destruction. 


Maxine Waters probably followed Debbie Wasserman’s footsteps opening mouth and inserting foot when she started bragging about Obama’s secret database to Roland Martin.


WATERS said: The president has put in place an organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That's going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it's never been done before.


Ironically Maxine just exposed why the IRS and AP scandals preempts all other news at this time. This confirms why Conservatives, churches, donors to Mitt Romney etc. are being targeted.


Big brother is watching you, knows what you eat for breakfast, taps your personal phone lines, watches your every move and has infringed on all of your freedoms and rights. Is this really America?


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • ..and none of this has affected Obother's approval ratings according to a CNN poll. He's not a teflon president, he's a silicone president! The thing to fear most is that Obother knows he can do anything he wants and get away with it!

  • Gene...

    Let me know when you find that 'unbiased press'... and a rebuke is not what is needed.  We need enforcement of our laws and a press filled with real journalist... not Obama sycophants

  • You have to have HOPE, that what has just happened to ASSOCIATED PRESS, might bring a little REBUKE to the white house from an unbiased press.

  • A free press and informed public are essential to the establishment and maintenance of a free Republic.  We have neither... today.  Neither a free and independent press or an informed and well educated public.

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    Sr. Williams... You certainly can hold Obama responsible for properly executing his office... for failing to properly manage and supervise his Cabinet officers and their subordinates.  It is called 'Criminal Malfeasance in Office'.

    Whenever, an elected official is unaware or fails to establish procedures and safe guards that would be expected to reveal and stop the criminal conduct of his subordinates, they are guilt of malfeasance in office.  Pres. Obama has had several... not one or two... major failures to properly supervise and manage his subordinates. He has admitted to not knowing about incidents that he should have known about... That makes him a prime candidate for ' Criminal malfeasance in office'. Gross neglect of his duties to establish sufficient procedures to ensure that criminal or incompetent acts don't occur in his Adminsitration.

    It goes beyond criminal malfeasance... to 'obstruction of justice', when the President lies or conspires to cover up acts of incompetence or criminal conducted by his subordinates.  Pres. Obama is the principal manager of the Administrative Branch of Government. He is therefore the senior individual responsible for the proper functioning of that branch of government.  He has demonstrated a high degree of incompetence and sufficient malfeasance in office, to warrant a breech in the Law, and to be described as criminal conduct.

    Who’s Minding the Hen House in DC?
    If one should wonder who’s minding the “hen house,” in DC they either just landed here from Mars or they can’t speak or read English.  The “hen house…
  • You cannot blame Obumo and friends for the above  said disaster.... after all he knows nothing about it till its in the paper.    And on one thing in the last 4 years  he is right.   It was not in the paper or televised news.   They were very busy non reporting and covering up.   So how do you  expect Obumo to do his job.   He was relying on the press.  Blame them.

  • There already exist sufficient Law to clean out the Hen House... it is not a matter of the Law, it is a matter of ENFOCEMENT, respecting the RULE OF LAW. The present oligarchy of political power has clearly demonstrated they have little to no respect for the Constitution or the Law which supports it. Below are a few laws that can be used to end the reign of terror emanating from the halls of government if enforced:

    'Criminal malfeasance in Office'... a criminal statute specifically created to KEEP THOSE IN CHARGE from claiming they knew or saw nothing regarding criminal acts committed under their watch. The President and his cabinet can not claim to be ignorant of gross abuses by others under their supervision.... without being guilty of malfeasance in office.

    Lying to Congress is a felony... it doesn't matter if the lies were done under oath or given as open testimony... both are criminal acts.  Perjury is a separate offense for lying under oath and could be prosecuted as a separate offense.  Lying to Congress is a serious offense that requires action by Speaker Boehner if it is to be enforced.  If the Speaker fails to enforce the Law... the he becomes guilty of a separate crime or crimes (misprision of a felony, accessory after the fact, obstruction of justice or conspiracy to commit a felony). However, the Speaker certainly has refused to use such powers to enforce the rule of law and therefore is himself a candidate for criminal action.  None of this would be necessary if we had men of high moral character in charge of our political institutions. 

    Organized crime and criminal organizations (racketeering)... are comprised of national or local groups of highly centralized enterprises that are run by elements who use criminal conduct to benefit their organizations and its members.  Such enterprises can include 'political parties' whose purpose is to engage in illegal activity for monetary profit or to achieve political power. Historical examples of criminal enterprises that were also 'Political Parties' include: The Nazi Party, The Fascist under Mussolini and Argentina's current government of corruption. Criminal organizations and political parties often prosper under failed governments by operating under the color of law.

    States, the Military, and Corporations who engage in organized criminal acts often do so using the power of democratically formed institutions. There has been a tendency and historical bias that attempts to distinguish organized crime by governments from other forms of crimes, such as: white-collar crime, financial crimes, political crimes, war crime, state crimes and treason

    However, these distinctions are merely points of view... that can label crime as lawful conduct if done under the color of law or a corporate charter. The distinction is not always apparent and the academic debate over these distinctions is ongoing. For example, in failed states that no longer perform the basic functions of governance, organized crime is often widespread and used to veil the criminal acts of those in government. Democratic countries whose political, social, and economic, institutions are under the control of elitist oligarchs that operate within the institutions of government but abuse their powers, operate under the 'color of law'.  They often fail to be acknowledged as criminal enterprises.

    There is existing Law in the United States, that can be used to remove the foxes from the 'HEN HOUSE' .  However, one FOX is not likely to go after another. When a majority of the key positions in Government are filled with FOXES, one can not expect that government to clean out the Hen House.

    It is time to march on DC with several million strong... too, establish a 'PEOPLE"S' Grand Jury, in Washington, DC.  The purpose of that Grand Jury would be to PULICLALLY hear the evidence and to indict those elements operating with impunity to prosecution, under the color of law in Washington.  At a minimum criminal malfeasance of office, misprision of a felony, racketeering, perjury, lying to Congress, and election fraud, should be examined carefully by the grand jury. Such evidence and indictments would then be presented for trial in the local Federal Court by a jury of citizens.  Any corrupt judges excluded from presiding over the cases should be indicted first. 

    The People will not get any assistance... from either political party, the Administration, Congress, or the Justice Department. It will take several million citizens, willing to remain assembled, on location, demanding the prosecution of most of those indicted by the people's grand jury. If the federal courts refuse to hear the cases then the people should proceed to hold their own trials publicly and forthrightly... and if those individuals charged fail to abide by their powers then additional efforts on a national basis may be needed to bring about justice.

    If the people are unwilling to engage in a good house cleaning... if they don't have the will to act in their own interest, then it is over... the 'CHICKENS' (cowards) in the Hen House will be food for the foxes. Both Parties appears to be engaged in 'an ongoing criminal enterprises' designed to extort huge sums of treasure for the use of those in their enterprise; all, under the color of law, thru the corruption of the judicial and legislative systems of our government.

    Below find links to cites that describe and define several of the criminal acts that appear to be used by both parties to raid the 'Hen House' ...


    Lying to Congress a Felony:



    Criminal Malfeasance in Office:




    Racketeering and Organized Crime:



  • The only reason the Lame Stream Media is paying any attention, FINALLY, to the FAILURES of omission and commission of the Obama administration is Obama made the mistake of showing he is an equal opportunity OPPRESSOR.  The AP's OX got gored.  "My goodness, if he can do it to us, his buddies, his goombas, his ideological soulmates, he could do it to anyone."  So, some in the media are now, halfheartedly on the case.



  • As long as 90% of the media is in love with this party, we are fighting a up hill battle ..

    Hillary took out Vince Foster, and no one knows zip about it. They can kick in your door and drag you off to Poland and few will know about it.  It's true, google NDAA it and read. The sad thing is 98% of congress voted for the law. I guess they are to busy to read the bills any more. O' yes, you have to pass it so you can see whats in it.

  • Can you say IMPEACH???
    Can you say BENGHAZI???
    Can you say FAST AND FURIOUS???
    Can you say IRS???
    Can you say AP???

    Where is the RULE of LAW?
    Where is CONGRESS? Didn't you take an OATH? Well, DIDN'T YOU?

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