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Mouthy Maxine Part 1

Does anyone that is not a full blown progressive/socialist believe that their Democratic Party does not have a deep and visceral hatred of anyone who disagrees with them? Can they be so self delusional to think that the American people want the President and indeed our government to be run by such people who can not prove any of their point, and incoherent in the message they spout, rambling on and on about situations that have no basis in fact? There is no way they will be able to destroy the patriots in this country.

Declaring your viewpoint the only viable one, and declaring those who hold an opposing view as deniers, racists, homophobes, and other demeaning terms do not make you right. It is always so simple to just spout your views and leave declaring victory without discussing it with those with opposing views is not the way this country should be run. You can’t limit those with opposing views , and if you feel an opposing view is too much of an attack on you and your safe space, get over it.

Since Trumps inauguration, there has been a blizzard of lies, distracting innuendo, and loud attacks on our President to resist the very policies that the American people are seeking. Jobs, Healthcare, Tax Reform are all more important to the American people that a supposed collusion attack against the President that has no basis in fact. After all these months of investigation, lies from such sources as the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the alphabet cable liberals have still found no evidence. The special council does nothing more than assure the Democrats, progressive/ socialist all, will have talking points still without any basis in fact for the 2018 elections. They are counting on this, along with the violence which they still call for along with the media to attempt to change the American outlook. Even some Republicans, most in name only, have started to back away from our President.

To understand what these progressive/socialists really intend let’s take a look at one who is being called a “rockstar” by the media. Congresswoman Maxine Waters. “Auntie Maxie” , as she is being called by the media and supposedly millennials (although I have yet to meet one who even knows who she is), is front and center in the resistance, she combats hate by hating those that disagree with her and is a main point in what she calls the “counterinsurgency” as shown to the American people by groups like antifa and BlackBloc.

Maxine Waters have served 37 years in office, and just what has she accomplished? Her promises for her constituents to improve South Central Los Angeles have basically ignored those same constituents  and as head of the Congressional Black Caucus ignored the unemployment and gang violence that runs rife in the district she purports to serve. She earned the respect of her constituents by declaring the Los Angeles of 25 years ago a “rebellion” and allowing Bloods, Crips and other gang members to be blameless because they were misunderstood and not able to express themselves in any other way. This was the flashpoint for the violence and damage we see being done now and still the supports of the progressive/socialists suck as Congresswoman Waters. Her  “Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center”, named of course after her was a money eating disaster which consumed tons of federal funded taxpayer funds.

 Perhaps this is how she can afford her mansion in Hancock Park, which is miles outside the district she supposedly represents. Or perhaps it was her meddling in the multiple ethics case of One United Bank, a minority owned bank in which her husband was invested. It was Waters who personally intervened and lobbied the Treasury Department to give One United Bank $12 million even though another government agency stated that the bank operated “without effective underwriting standards” and “speculative investment practices”.


Her husband even secured the ambassadorship to the Bahamas because he went there on vacation once.

Is it any wonder the Congressman Waters has been designated by a left wing organization, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington  “Most Corrupt member of Congress” in 2005,2006,2009,2011, and now 2017. According to the Investment Watch Blog, Maxine Waters has only passed three bills. One, a Haiti Relief Bill, the second, to rename a Post Office and the third a modification of the Flood Relief bill. None of these has done anything for her district. What has moved forward is the millions in revenue that her family has made from her government connections.

Maxine Waters is the shrieking point person for the progressive/socialists. She has stated proudly that Trump is not her President. She does not respect this President, she doesn’t trust this President, and claims Trump is not working for the interests of the American people. She started this rant after the inauguration, and refuse to answer how she can say the President isn’t working for the American people the day after he takes office.  And she has the audacity to call Trump a Liar?

This is the same woman who paid her own daughter a total of over $600,000 from the Waters campaign since 2006. I suppose Maxine wanted to be sure she has a good neighbor in Hancock Park.

But it not’s just Trump that Congresswoman Waters if attempting to smear,  Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz has come under her unintelligible ramblings. Her thinking is so convoluted that she now claims that Chaffetz announced his retirement and will not seek re-election in 2018 because of what Waters calls “improper links to the Russian government. At least, in this instance, Waters admitted she has no evidence to support this theory, but felt the lie was such a good story that she just had to offer it. She even attempted to tie it to Flynn, saying Chaffetz is talking about Flynn, so that it will raise him above the connections that Chaffetz has with the Kremlin. She stated we, need to keep an eye on him. Without any evidence, Waters spouts this out, and then follows it up by sayig , she doesn’t really know and can’t say, but Chaffetz is conducting himself in a way the Waters finds strange. This is what the progressive/socialist takes as evidence to demean those who disagree with the globalist socialist world government they are working toward.

Another step toward the government the progressive/socialists want is the imposition of Sharia Law. Congresswoman Waters has been a big proponent of the imposition of Sharia on the American government, going so far to state “people are exploiting fear and trying to convince state legislatures that the state adoption of Sharia tenents is a strategy that extremists are using to transform America.

Congresswoman Waters a long member of the communist radical Workers World Party describes herself as a “rabble-rouser”

Next, the ties between Maxine Waters, and her Russian linked investment.

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Who’s Minding the Hen House in DC?


If one should wonder who’s minding the “hen house,” in DC they either just landed here from Mars or they can’t speak or read English.  The “hen house” was exterminated back in early 2009 and the foxes have taken up residence.  They receive exorbitant salaries for hiding, participating and creating crimes against Americans and our Nation. 


First on the list of devious activities would be the disappearance of taxpayer’s money amounting to 787 billion dollars.  Rapidly following that smooth move was the Fast and Furious gunrunner program funded by Obama and choreographed by Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano.  Ask them who was responsible for these crimes and Obama would shake his head and say, “I don’t know anything about this, but I’ll set up a special committee to investigate it meaning his sidekick Holder will sweep everything under the rug.


Then came Obamacare and one must wonder how a bill can be passed when no one has read it.  But, that didn’t bother the foxes – they passed it, helped themselves to a huge bite of our Medicare and sent the insurance companies, the medical field and taxpayers the bill. Obama will tell you it’s the greatest thing since Ford’s auto invention and not to worry because IRS will monitor who’s naughty and nice.  And a bunch of Obama creeps will dictate who gets healthcare and who doesn’t.    


Obama said cost of insurance will be reduced; we can keep our own primary care physician and live happily ever after. News flash – he lied doctors are leaving their professions, insurance rates are skyrocketing along with horrendous out of pocket charges, businesses are in limbo and quality of patient care just keeps taking one hit after another. As of May 16th, 2013 there’s not one Republican, Democrat or rocket scientist in the “hen house” who has the guts to remove this bill. 


We learned that we own all of these various expensive solar panels that no one will buy and ugly defunct wind mills, electric cars that blow up, expensive batteries for the electric cars that don’t work and a bunch of green companies continuing to declare bankruptcy as we speak.


Next comes the Benghazi murders, Obama, Clinton and Panetta all knew about the attack and flew the coop knowing that our Ambassador and other Americans were being attacked by terrorists.  Guess Lamb was the only pigeon in the hen house watching the massacre in real time. 


But to hear the three tell the story, not one of them knew about it and not one of them was in charge – so the question is who really is running the hen house?  Could it be Valarie Jarrett and the old Soros clown? 


Along comes the AP and IRS scandal - Obama does what Obama always does he shakes his head, scratches his ear and says he doesn’t know anything about anything and passes the buck one more time.  Behind the scenes Obama and his administration are frantically scrambling to cover up the cover ups and they’re up to their armpits in lies and on the verge of self destruction. 


Maxine Waters probably followed Debbie Wasserman’s footsteps opening mouth and inserting foot when she started bragging about Obama’s secret database to Roland Martin.


WATERS said: The president has put in place an organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That's going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it's never been done before.


Ironically Maxine just exposed why the IRS and AP scandals preempts all other news at this time. This confirms why Conservatives, churches, donors to Mitt Romney etc. are being targeted.


Big brother is watching you, knows what you eat for breakfast, taps your personal phone lines, watches your every move and has infringed on all of your freedoms and rights. Is this really America?


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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“If all you have is a hammer, the whole world starts to look like a nail. If all you have is ‘race-card guilt' from the era of slavery in the south, you spend an awful lot of time making senseless and false accusations of racism.” Rajjpuut

Pelosi’s “Swamp-Draining”

Has Racist Motives According to CBC

As Congress returns from break, in a refreshing change of pace America has learned that Black claims of racism can be aimed at liberal-Democrats too. Nevertheless, many Democrats are still blaming their present intramural infighting on GASP! the evil TEA Party and Republicans and other Conservatives, go figure . . . Anyway, accordingly the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which has been condemning the enforcement of ethics rules as racist since Charlie Rangel was caught with all thirteen hands in thirteen different cookie jars, is now painting the Democratic Party which controls the ethics committee and all of the committees in both the House and Senate as unfriendly folks with a rope and, say, is that a burning cross in the background? Since the Democrats run the House, Black voters who hear the word “lynching” presumably have figured out that the lynchers in this instance are Democrats and the lynchees . . . well, hell, the lynchees are always Democrats.

As Maxine Waters, like Rangel squeals like an incensed pork-barreller and conflicter of interest, the CBC has stated that these trials “look like more than just coincidence”(implying that racism must be behind any and all investigation of any and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus) . . . interesting, no, Rajjpuut suggests that trials are not about appearances but rather about substance as Nancy Pelosi seeks to run the most ethical congress in history (Wake up, Nancy, you lost that battle about fifteen months ago!).

This is the first time in his personal history that Rajjpuut actually feels that Nancy Pelosi is on the right side of any issue. You see, Waters and Rangel both independently chose to “refer their cases” to the Ethics Committee. So had did this pretty little situation arise? The facts revealed so far suggest that both Waters and Rangel overstepped Congressional Ethics badly. Then rather than taking care of the issues in question directly and possibly receiving a meaningless Congressional “censure” both of them played the reverse racism card on Pelosi and are getting burned for it. They apparently took a chance that Pelosi would not risk the spectacle of the Democratic Party taking Black congressmen to trial. How’s that working out for you, Chuck? Maxie?

If all you have is a hammer, the whole world starts to look like a nail. If all you have is ‘race-card guilt' from the era of slavery in the south, you spend an awful lot of time making senseless and false accusations of racism. The embarrassment that the Congressional Black Caucus must be feeling now is palpable. Instead of a slap on the wrist, two of its most important members in their two most important states New York and California will now face a full and nationally-televised trial to rebut the charges against them. And, if found guilty as it appears they must be, loss of their seats is quite likely, possibly even imprisonment.

But, of course, some Dems are actually blaming the TEA Party for this bickering between Democrats. Jim Clyburn the House Whip and a Democratic Representative from South Carolina said that both Waters and Rangel have rights to a trial but said the real problem was not the ethics issues, but rather that TEA Party people “are making this a racial thing!” WOW! There has NOT been one peep out of anybody except Waters, Clyburn, Rangel and the CBC about race at all . . . oh, by the way, Clyburn is a Black and a member of the CBC, yet Clyburn insists that “Those TEA baggers never hesitate to racialize everything.” The TEA Party doesn’t control the House; Conservatives don’t control the House; Republicans + TEA Party members don’t control the house, the Democrats do.

Waters, facing only one conflict of interest charge but a very serious one, is just as adamant that the charges against her are racially-based. The Ethics Committee was compared to a “lynching,” not by the TEA Party but by the CBC, Rangel and Waters. Rangel in particular in this three-year long scandal surrounding him has continually blamed “anti-Black bias” and “anti-Black scrutiny” for his many troubles. Chaka Fattah, a Dem from Pennsylvania and member of the CBC called the investigations into Rangel and Waters “witch hunting” and said that “the Ethics Committee is going after us” presumably meaning attacking members of the CBC because those evil Ethics Committee Members are all racists and presumably closet TEA Partiers? It’s all so very confusing, you won’t be able to identify the racists without a scorecard. Rajjpuut believes somebody is getting hoisted with their own petard and goosed by their own gander . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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