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Juan Williams: Hatred and lies are winning in a landslide

Don’t wait for Tuesday’s votes. The results are already in. Hateful lies and violence are winning.  Trumpian politicians pushing the fear button on race, crime and immigration feel good about the polls. The money is piling up. They will continue trashing our government and our elections long after midterm votes are counted. A GOP-controlled House is widely predicted by polls. Already, news reports point to election-deniers in a GOP majority engaging in a feeding frenzy of lies and conspiracies, beginning with endless, Benghazi-like investigations into President Biden’s son, Hunter.  Forget doing hard work on policies to help the economy. A Republican majority will be busy demeaning the president and circulating conspiracy theories favored by violent right-wing groups. The dots are there for everyone to connect. Threats of violence against members of the House and Senate have jumped from less than a thousand in 2016 — the year of Trump’s election — to nearly 10,000 in 2021, according…

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Control the Narrative and win the Argument

Control The Narrative And Win The Day...Do we ever learn... Control the Narrative and win the argument.  I posted this several years ago and it appears that the Patriot has not taken the fight to the MSM... purchasing networks, de-platforming sedition, and misinformation,  continue to be a powerful tool for the LEFT... we must encourage the conservative to aggressively engage the market place... buying up the stock and holdings of mainstream media.... everything from Hollywood to national media outlets needs active engagement for control of their corporate boards.  I posted the following in 2014 and it remains as viable as it was then... today. Posted by Ronald A. Nelson COL, USA, Retired on July 14, 2014 at 12:21pm in Illegal Alien InvasionControl the Narrative or lose the argument... perception is often greater than reality.  The MSM and the feckless GOP are Obama's partners in the propaganda war.  It is obvious that the leadership of the GOP has lost the narrative and is…

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Federal lobbying spending reaches $4.1 billion in 2022 — the highest since 2010

Total federal lobbying skyrocketed to $4.1 billion in 2022, a new OpenSecrets analysis of federal lobbying disclosures found. That’s a nominal record and the highest lobbying spending since 2010 when adjusted for inflation. This isn’t the first time federal lobbying spending broke records in 2022. During the first quarter, federal lobbyists reported receiving $1 billion in real dollars for the first time ever in a single quarter. Federal lobbying spending skyrocketed past $1 billion again during the third quarter.  Federal lobbyists raked in nearly $1 billion during the fourth quarter as they cozied up to lawmakers around the midterm election and pressed their clients’ priorities during the “lame-duck” session.  read more: …

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