Attorney General Eric Holder, who has suggested that critics of the Obama administration are motivated by race and referred to America as a "nation of cowards" on race issues while blasting Americans who resist more gun control laws, suggested that those opposed to President Barack Obama's policy agenda of "fundamental transformation" are quietly prejudiced.

In his Saturday commencement address at Morgan State University, a historically black university in Maryland, Holder said that even though there are no more "separate but equal" laws on the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, the "vestiges of state-sanctioned discrimination continue to reverberate across the country even today."

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He said America is done a disservice when they "trade the noisy discord of honest, tough, and vigorous debate for the quiet prejudice of inaction – and the cold silence of consent." To Holder, dialogue is insufficient to address the "hidden" racism in society but is "a necessary first step that must lead to action."

After comparing Obamacare to the Civil Rights Act of 1965, Holder suggested that those opposed to Obama's "year of action" are silently displaying their prejudices and suggested that "action" is needed in voting rights, school discipline, and criminal justice reform. He blasted voter ID laws and "zero-tolerance school discipline practices" that "affect black males at a rate three times higher than their white peers." The Justice Department's school guideline reforms have been heavily criticized for effectively forcing schools to enact "de facto racial quotas" in school discipline.

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  • He was a fool, is a fool, and will be a fool. Anything against him is racist even though we know it to be criminal. I only see a vindictive 5 year old when I see Holder. A man he isn't.

  • Eric Hitler Holder- a lawless contemptuous racist US-Attorney-General-in-name-only

    Barry-Barack Soetoro-Obama- a lawless Counterfeit Constitutionally-ineligible President

    Nancy Pelosi- America’s top lawmaker bathing the feet of illegal immigrants on Easter

    Folks, we are living with a gangster government: some 36,000 criminals released back into the streets to prey on our families, NSA spying on everyday citizens; where finding the shameful truth on Benghazi is reduced to a national circus act, rising $17,550,000,000,000 federal debt, limitless lawlessness with zero accountability, and endless lies, lies and more lies from our current federal regime.

    Our taxation dollars, as derived from our working heartbeats, are harnessed by a federal regime to be used against us, to fund deadbeats, sedition and despotism.

    Our Congress, the established Republican Party, our decimated and humiliated military, the FBI et al, all seem to be off-duty and ineffectual. 

    Our blogs, donations, signed petitions, books written, studies performed, newspaper articles, cartoons, open letters, YouTube videos, voting-in Tea Party candidates, street demonstrations, letters to our Congressmen, and everything we have done since 2008 to be heard and reign-in our current federal King Government has failed to fully identify and remove a Counterfeit President and his vengeful Marxist handlers.


    What can we do?

    ONE ANSWER: Stop sending tax dollars to the US Treasury and begin to defund continued federal lawlessness:

    1. Tea Party forms and staffs a Tax Depository Company (paid for by our donations).
    2. Taxpayers come up with their required tax payment amounts, on time, and send those tidy tax dollars (bank checks) to Tea Party Depository Company instead of US Treasury. 

    3. Tea Party Tax Depository Company fully informs US Treasury that tax amounts have been paid to them, on time, and offers written proof of this as made readily available to US Treasury.

    4. Tea Party Tax Depository Company will overnight billions of said temporarily accumulated timely tax dollars to US Treasury immediately after five conditions have been fully and irrefutably satisfied:

    5. A. Pro-Islam Counterfeit President Barry-Barrack Soetoro-Obama is fully identified (void his identity-hiding EO 13489) and sentenced accordingly for defrauding America

    6. B. A ratified US Constitutional Amendment in place limiting term limits of federal lawmakers to 12 years aggregate time and never to be in federal lawmaking positions after said 12 years. 

    7. C. A ratified US Constitutional Amendment in place limiting annual federal spending to an amount less than associated annual revenues taken-in by the federal government, except in times of war, climate disasters and other rare and extreme circumstances imposed on America by external influences.

    1. D. US armed forces consisting of existing units from Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, (not DHS units) and American engineers sent along entire US-Mexico border to defend, seal-off and fully control all migrations across that border; no internal discussions whatsoever on AMNESTY-WITHOUT-BORDERS to continue, nor any back-door work-around amnesty gimmicks allowed for anyone, and all existing immigration laws enforced, including E-verify enforcement on lawless employers; deportations continued, and all other reasonable measures necessary to cease all lawless border migrations to be enlisted.

    1. E. Freeze expansion of today’s federal government; form a private committee reporting to Congress and formally agree to review entire structure of today’s federal government over 2 year maximum period to (1) remove redundant departments and (2) dismantle federal government departments and turn them over proportionately to the 50 States.   

     THE GOLDEN RULE: Those who hold the gold, rule, THAT’S US, WE THE PEOPLE!

    Folks, if you find my idea too simplistic, too non-PC, too unstable, too frightening since participants may be fined/imprisoned/properties attached for the noble reasonableness expressed herein, WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PLAN TO BRING BACK THE RULE OF LAW IN AMERICA?

  • Gene, I agree with you but Holder and Ovomit did not get the memo as they are the worst racists in America.

  • I for one adhere to what Dr. M.L. King had said, that a man should not be judged by the color of his skin, but judged by the content of his character.

  • That lying rooster sucking POS Traitor! The truth is that it was democrats who were in the KKK like Robert Byrd, and it was democrats who fought desegregation like Gov Wallace in AL, and it was a democrat, Lyndon Johnson, who laughed after signing the bill creating the "great society" saying it would keep the ni&&ers voting democrat for two hundred years, and it was a democrat who created Planned Parenthood for the specific purpose of eradicating blacks from America by abortion.

    So who are the REAL racists, you criminal POS Holder? It is YOU, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, OVOMIT, and all the liars in the democrat party and MSM who call everyone else racists but who are in reality the REAL racists.

  • Eric Holder is a poor excuse for an American.  He is suppose to represent ALL AMERICANS not just a selective few.  Who is suppose to monitor what he does?  Whoever is suppose to monitor him is not doing their job, is it Congress or the Senate or both?

  • I have a solution-  lets start agreeing with holder...YES I am a racist..the ONLY reason I oppose obama is because he is black!!!there are you holder???..I give you no respect for your race baiting tactics&lies about good American people who do not vote with any skin color in mind like you do..I have always been taught that we are all Americans & to judge someone by their ACTIONS...that is why I oppose obama&his administration...his abuse of power,derelection of duty,his distaste for traditional conservative people...he is a hater like holder..they are race-baiters.period.

  •   Holder is 1 of the most disgusting people on the planet. He has (ab)used the power of the U.S. Justice Department to further his and his master Obama's agenda to weaken America and only advocate for a very Leftist, pro-minority, pro-illegal immigrant agenda.

     Holder has used the vast resources of the Justice Department to carry out an outrageous political agenda, including threatening to sue, or actually suing in federal court, any state with the audacity to actually ask for a photo I.D. from those wanting to vote. The obvious reason with this 'full court press" against voter ID laws is that Holder/Obama want as many illegal aliens, dead people, fake names, etc., etc. to "vote" is that all these fraudulent votes go for the Democrats.

     Holder has lied to Congress on numerous occasions, and was finally cited for Contempt of Congress, the only AG ever to be so disgraced.  The only reason he didn't go to jail was because the D.C. DA (a Democrat) refused to prosecute him.

     When presented with irrefutable evidence of voter intimidation by a "Black Power" group of thugs in Philadelphia, Holder declined to prosecute, saying "It's not he business of this Department to prosecute minorities".  I didn't realize the laws were only supposed to apply to non-white people.

     Holder is a convicted perjurer and liar and a disgrace to his title and position.  He should have had at least enough dignity to have resigned after the Congressional contempt conviction.  He (with his treacherous boss Obama) have more than deserved impeachment a long time ago.


  • Very few AGs have managed to be consistent in allowing defective thinking to be be expressed in their bizarre statements, & actions, or lack of them.  

  • Mr. Holder.  I find it incredible that you believe the American people have the time and patience to listen to your ridiculous observations. Well I have an observation for you. Your political ideological skirt is showing. We  the American people are not interested in your fascist agenda nor do we need a educated idiot like you who has made a mockery of the US Attorney Generals Office. giving us advice. You sir ,are not only a poor role model for the citizens of this country, you are a hypocritical  phoney , as your buddies say a genuine hater.

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