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be-1a.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xThe implosion, and imminent demise of Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race is epic, but it has now gone beyond funny gaffes and nonsense to outright scary.

While he’s long been the butt of jokes for saying the wrong things at inappropriate times, and rightly so, Biden’s mental state now seems to be descending rapidly into what could be dementia, or some form of it.

For years, he’s had a great deal of trouble remembering where he is at any given time, and just a little more than a week ago, on the day of the New Hampshire primary at a final campaign stop, he actually thought he was in Nevada.

But just a couple of days ago, what I believe to be the true nature of whatever it is that Biden is suffering from became so glaringly clear that even his dwindling numbers of supporters were left wondering about their candidate’s mental state.

Biden was in South Carolina campaigning, giving a speech when he said, and I quote…


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Hey Liberals…Neener Neener

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

nee-1.jpg?width=147In the past several articles here in The National Patriot, I have outlined the pitfalls of socialism…not that conservatives aren’t already aware of such things…and not that liberals would read those articles even if they could read.

The overwhelming history of socialism is that, everywhere it has ever been implemented, and every time it has been implemented, it eventually collapses in failure.

Last week, in several primary races leading up to the 2018 midterm elections this November, liberals need look no further than their own candidates to witness such a collapse.

In the weeks and days leading up to several key primaries, liberals sent their socialist collective darlings…Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cynthia Nixon and Bernie Sanders, otherwise known as the Marxist Sisters and the namesake of Weekend at Bernie’s…on an extended road trip to whip up support for their fellow socialist candidates.

It didn’t end well….


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By Jiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta                                                        

           “Unafraid, Bi-Partisan, Uphold U.S. and Freedom

Although we have been equal opportunity writers in attacking politicians of both stripes, we readily confess that we are presently supporting Donald Trump as the agent of peaceful revolution we need.

Nevertheless, we have viewed sympathetically the campaign of Bernie Sanders, a decent man who has been grinding many of the same axes against a “rigged System” as Trump. Thus, not eager to see the ring of Mordor placed on corrupt Hillary’s finger, we share the anger of the Sanders supporters at the DNC’s hugely unfair treatment of him.

Some DNC e-mails hacked from Hillary’s private server by the famous Guciffer, confirm the conclusion of former Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times Edward Klein. His book, The Truth About Hillary, pictures, “a Nixon disciple of hardball politics.” Agreeing is Bob Woodward, who broke the Watergate case, and has repeatedly compared her to Nixon.

The content of some of the DNC hacked e-mails now retrieved, confirm our earlier warnings to Bernie Sanders. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is Hillary’s instrument, just as Haldeman and Erlichmann, the famous Watergate duo, were Nixon’s. Like Nixon, Hillary does not get her own hands dirty, but she is in charge.

One of the hacked emails is from DNC CFO Brad Marshall dated May 5 2016, that reads as follows: “ To:,, Date: 2016-05-05 03:31 Subject: No shit."

“It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God? He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist”.

We consider this remark offensive to Southern Baptists, Kentuckians, West Virginians and Jews. One of us worked closely with Southern Baptists. They are unmatched in their support for Israel, regarding the Jews as God’s chosen people. Debbie was working with Brad Marshall. Didn’t she know his “dirty tricks,” Nixonian line of thinking? 

In response to Debbie’s own hardball tactics, Mika Brzezinski, one of the anchors of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, suggested several weeks ago the DNC chairwoman had been unfair to Sanders and should step down. Meanwhile Sanders himself demanded her ouster.

On May 18, enraged Debbie tried to punish Mika for her demand. “This is the LAST straw,” wrote Debbie to DNC Communications Director, Luis Miranda. Please call [MSNBC President] Phil Griffin. This is outrageous. She needs to apologize.” Despite Debbie’s demand for “heavy manners,” Mika has not done so to date.

On May 21, Wasserman Schultz also wrote to Miranda that the very idea Sanders would oust the DNC leader from her position if he is elected was silly, because Sanders would not be the nominee. How did she know then?

We have also warned Bernie how Hillary and her hench-people operate . In our November 13, 2015 “Open Letter to Bernie Sanders: Bolshevik vs Menshevik,” we urged him to hit back the hardballs or lose. Essentially, Hillary, the acolyte of 60’s radical Saul Alinsky is what Clinton aide Paul Bengala called her-- a “Bolshevik.” He was referencing her uncompromising oppressive management of her White House team under her. 

The latest leaked DNA e-mails confirmed the biased, rigged and unethical election operation, managed by Ms. Wasserman-Schultz -- surely following Hillary’s guidelines.

In our Open Letter to Bernie voiced our suspicions about a media person, who asked Sanders during the campaign if he had dual citizenship in Israel. The reporter, WAMU liberal Radio Host Dianne Rehm, said she had seen his name on a list circulated on the internet and that someone on Facebook said to ask the question. Did that person work for Hillary, Debbie or cunning Bill?

Sanders, who had spent some younger years on a kibbutz, bristled when questioned by Rehm, and affirmed he was an American citizen only. Rehm apologized to viewers, but  we still wonder if the question was asked to reveal his Jewish background in the effort to hurt his chances with some voters. 

From the get-go, Debbie has run the DNC in politically correct Bolshevik fashion for her sponsor, Hillary. Students of Russian politics, we were reminded of Lenin and his allies management style in coping with Central Committee’s opponents. The nomination was rigged from the start with the almighty super delegates, much resembling the so-called “hundred reds” appointed by Mikhail Gorbachev’s for the Congress of People Deputies. Super delegates do not exist in the GOP.

We are not suggesting that our Florida congresswoman, Wasserman Schultz, Jewish herself, has anti-Semitic proclivities. Perhaps Debbie herself is not aware that congenital liar Hillary is not the supporter of Israel she pretends to be, but a long-time advocate of the Palestinian cause.

All new converts to Hillary-ism, some of them prominent American Jews and unrepentant defenders of” W”-Condi’s catastrophic, 2003 invasion of Iraq, should review Ed Klein’s findings. He reports how Hillary, running for Senator of New York in 2000, “… had attended secret fund -raisers sponsored by Muslim groups, some of which were dedicated to destruction of Israel” and “realized she had painted herself into a corner!” Added Klein, “She was “booed” off the stage during a Solidarity for Israel rally at the Israeli consulate in New York.”

She and Obama not only supported Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi, they punished the new leader, Al Fatah El Sisi, who saved Egypt from another Islamist regime. Both, she and her running mate, Tim Kane have ties with Muslim radical groups, and vigorously support the disastrous 2015 nuclear deal with Shiite Iran.

 In light of all this, we agree with writer Barbara Olson’s judgment of Hillary, “The supreme irony is that Hillary, a 1960’s liberal, … has become even more darkly Nixonian in her outlook and methods – though without Nixon’s knowledge, statesmanlike substance and redemptive Quaker conscience.” 


Leni Friedman Valenta, a Brandeis and Yale-educated playwright, is a former Democratic Municipal Chair of Westwood N.J., contributor with Jiri to scholarly journals and editor of our, Institute of Post-Communist studies and Terrorism website. Dr. Jiri Valenta, a former Brookings Fellow, prominent author and present member of Council on Foreign Relations, has served for more than a decade as a member of the National Committee on Soviet Jews with Nathan Sharansky, Ellie Wiesel and Richard Pipes.


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By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori  Right Side Patriots on

txp-1.jpg?width=218“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

And how do these words in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights relate to presidential candidate Donald J. Trump…simply it means that Trump’s right to free speech was in no way violated by the shutting down of his recent rally in Chicago even though Trump immediately spewed out words that, “thugs shut down our First Amendment rights.”

No they did not for while thugs did behave ever so badly it was not thugs per se who shut down Trump’s rally…Trump himself shut down his own rally with his year-long barge of disparaging remarks against minorities, his vile words against his fellow candidates, and with his mocking comments regarding the ‘intelligence’ of some of his own supporters. And these words of his said time and again are words not protected by the First txp-3.jpg?width=198Amendment, as they are ‘instigating’ words deliberately said to fuel anger…to fuel hate…and are what’s legally known as ‘fighting words’…’fighting words’ that could make the person to whom they are addressed…in this case minorities…commit an act of violence. And since Trump instigated the Chicago violence by his ‘fighting words’…as per Chaplinsky v New Hampshire, 315 U.S. 568 (1942)…Trump himself must take at least some responsibility for the violence that ensued because his entire campaign was a powder keg of thuggery waiting to explode.


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Q&A…Trumpers vs Reality

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

craig-profile-2016.jpg?width=156Over the past week or so, I have engaged many of Trump’s blind followers in conversation via social media and in person. I have tried…really tried to get a handle on their low-information adherence to Donald Trump. It hasn’t been easy, or fun, but here are the results of my efforts.

I decided to ask the low-information crowd what the attraction to Trump was all about and why they felt he was the answer to all their various issues.

Me: What is it you’re so angry about that draws you to Donald Trump?

Them: There’s too much corruption in Washington because all the politicians are bought and paid for by big corporations.

Me: And Trump can fix this?

Them: Yes.

Me: How much is Trump worth?

Them: He’s a billionaire.

Me: How did he make that much money?

Them: He’s a successful businessman.

Me: Does he hire people?


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A Foreign Policy Disaster in the Making

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

yah-1.jpg?width=211Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu had nothing to gain from coming to Washington to meet with Obama and he knew it. That is why Netanyahu cancelled the trip and the meeting. He knows that Obama is all in for the Palestinians, all in for Islamists and all in for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is, part and parcel…Hamas.

Attacks against Israel, by the Palestinians, have been a daily happening since last October because the Palestinians have nothing to fear from their ally…Obama…and they have zero respect for the United States as a whole.

Yesterday, across Israel, the pigs of Palestine struck again, and again, and again… 10 Israelis were stabbed in the city’s Jaffa port section and one American tourist, a veteran, was killed…just a few hundred yards from none other than Joe Biden, who went there to try and mend fences with Netanyahu.

Note to Biden…

One ought not attempt mending fences when the bridges the regime you’re a part of are still burning.

In that attack, the Palestinian pig was “neutralized,” until he was dead at the hands of Israeli police and armed forces.

It was just one in a string of 3 attacks in 3 different cities a couple of days ago with the Palestinians taking advantage of the pro-Islamist, anti-Israel Obama regime and part of what’s been happening in Israel for nearly the past 5 months…attacks which have left 28 Israelis, and some 174 Palestinian pigs…dead.


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A Canary Sings – A Goose Gets Cooked

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

jg-1.jpg?width=204Hillary Clinton must be sweating like a Kardashian on Jeopardy right about now.

Just a couple of days ago, it was revealed that Bryan Pagliano has an immunity deal with the Obama regime’s Department of Justice to provide testimony regarding Hillary’s private server, private email set up at the Department of State.

This is huge, but before I get into all that, a quick refresher on Pagliano is in order.

Bryan Pagliano is the guy from Platte River Networks who was Hillary’s personal IT specialist. Pagliano had worked for Hillary’s failed 2008 campaign as its IT Director, who had installed a private server at the Clinton’s Chappaqua home and then, in 2009, was hired by Hillary to serve as a “Special Advisor” to her at State where he also became a State Department IT Specialist.

Naturally, while an IT Spec for State, Pagliano also maintained Hillary’s private server at her home which was a rather cozy arrangement.

Okay…here’s why Hillary is sweating bullets…


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By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

oc-1.jpg?width=206While everybody remains laser-focused on the 2016 candidates, one of the major issues of this election is, by and large, going unnoticed or drastically under reported…Obamacare.

Last week, Mandy Cohen, a senior official in the Obama regime’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, stonewalled a congressional committee regarding the future of Obamacare’s 11 remaining co-ops but she did admit one thing…

That those 11 of the original 23 co-ops are in big trouble financially.

How deep is the hole in which they currently find themselves?

Deep. Very, VERY deep.

In fact, 8 of the 11 could well go under by the end of this year and each of those 8 are now facing either “federal enhanced oversight,” or are currently operating under a “federal “corrective action plan.”

But there’s more…plenty more…


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By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

Suddenly, with the death of Justice Scalia, the appointment of a ninth Justice to the Supreme Court has takesup-1.jpg?width=189n on more weight than most would have previously believed necessary in this, an election year.

Just as weighty as the decision as to who should nominate our next Supreme Court Justice is how any nominee will view Constitutional theory or how that person will interpret the Constitution.

Along those lines, there are five basic theories of Constitutional interpretation. Generally, those theories are as follows: (1) the text and structure of the Constitution, (2) intentions of those who drafted, voted to propose, or voted to ratify the provision in question, (3) prior precedents (usually judicial), (4) the social, political, and economic consequences of alternative interpretations, and (5) natural law. There is general agreement that the first three of these sources are appropriate guides to interpretation, but considerable disagreement as to the relative weight that should be given to the three sources when they point in different directions. Many interpreters of the Constitution have suggested that the consequences of alternative interpretations are never relevant, even when all other considerations are evenly balanced. Natural law (higher law, God’s law) is now only infrequently suggested as an interpretive guide, even though many of the framers of the Constitution recognized its appropriateness. Persons who favor heavy reliance on originalist sources (text and intentions) are commonly called “originalists.” Persons who favor giving a more substantial weighting to precedent, consequences, or natural law are called “non-originalists.” In practice, disagreement between originalists and non-originalists often concerns whether to apply heightened judicial scrutiny to certain “fundamental rights” that are not explicitly protected in the text of the Constitution.


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The TRUTH About Socks, Underwear and Socialism

By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori  Right Side Patriots on

I would like to take a little time to address liberals. Specifically those liberals who are drooling over Bernie Sanders.ber-1.jpg?width=209

You know who you are.

You are the ones who pee yourselves every time Grumpy mentions free crap. He’s going to give you this for free, that for free, other things for free, EVERYTHING for free. Free healthcare. Free college tuition.

Free childcare…which goes along nicely with his proposals to expand the welfare system by which women can have as many babies as they want, by as many different men as they can roll around with and then have all their child care paid for…for FREE and if those welfare moms want to send their little welfare rug rats off to pre-school…


Yep…a vote for Bernie is a vote for FREE crap for the rest of your life and, if you’re a good little socialist…you’ll get a free pony.

Ol’ Bernie sure is the generous sort, isn’t he?


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