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Establish IRS Fraud Relief Fund

Dear Congressman Issa:

I want to thank you for your tremendous effort in exposing the unethical business practices of the Internal Revenue Service. I’m writing to request that Congress establish the FIRST (Fraudulent Internal Revenue Service Tax) Relief Fund.  Chairman Issa, I estimate there are hundreds of thousands of honest American taxpayers who have been defrauded by the Internal Revenue Service.  I believe Congress has a duty to provide financial restitution to taxpayers who have been victims of the IRS.  Listed below is how the IRS scams billions from taxpayers by shear intimidation and by putting the fear of God into honest Americans. 

 IRS Fraud via Electronic Tax Notices

The IRS sends out hundreds of thousands of tax collection notices. These are electronic letters that are generated from information accumulated by the IRS.  It’s been my experience that those notices are accurate less than 10% of the time and it’s probably closer to 5%. Stated another way, 90%-95% of the notices unnecessarily scare the hell out of honest Americans.  But even worse is the fact that thousands of Americans are going to pay fraudulent tax bills because they don’t have anyone to help them or they are afraid to stand up to the IRS.

 IRS Demanded $557,000 & Clients Owed $290

During the last three years the IRS sent my clients electronic tax notices totaling $557,000.  The actual amount owed by my clients was $290.  Since I don’t fear the little man behind the green curtain, I was able to eliminate nearly 100% of the monies sought by the IRS. Congressman Issa this is a fraud waiting to happen against 140 million taxpayers. The majority of these folks don’t have the luxury of paying a CPA or tax expert to tackle the IRS on their behalf.

 Stop Reverse Tax Gap

Congress commits valuable resources to studying ways to reduce the Tax Gap.  I would implore Congress to study the devastating impact caused by the IRS collecting billions from honest taxpayers via their electronic money machine.  The reason taxpayers send money to the IRS should be based on factual information and not intimidation.

 IRS Targets Grandma with Alzheimers vs Large Tax Corp

Last year I blew the whistle on a national tax preparation company for defrauding the US Treasury of $17 million. The IRS did nothing. In contrast last month the IRS sent my mother a letter indicating if she didn’t file her 2011 tax return the IRS would file one for her. My mother’s 2011 AGI was $0 and her Alzheimer medical care was $41,000,  My mother’s net taxable income was negative ($46,000).  Why doesn’t the IRS spend their so-called limited resources on recovering billions from large tax corporations rather than harass an 81 year old grandmother with Alzheimers?


Chairman Issa, taxpayers who have been defrauded by the IRS should be repaid in full plus interest for any monies collected through intimidation rather than by tax code enforcement.  Please introduce legislation to create the FIRST Relief  Fund.  The Fraudulent Internal Revenue Service Tax Relief Fund will help victims of IRS abuse.  The fund should be funded by Congress and operated by professional experts from the private sector with no previous government employment history.  There are over 400,000 CPA's and another 400,000 tax professionals who could easily fill the demand for competent administrators and investigators.  The STRONG ARM tactics of the IRS need to be retired immediately.  I look forward to hearing you.



Randall C. Sorensen CPA


cc:   Senator Alexander    Senator Pryor                Congressman Gowdy

       Senator Cruz             Congressman Boehner   Congressman Marchant       

       Senator Grassley       Congressman Camp      Congressman Ryan

       Senator Hoeven        Congressman Crenshaw                


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What a stark reminder from history that intimidation was used to enslave a country.  The citizens lived in fear that they wold have uninvited thugs in their homes threatening them with violence if they did not cooperate.

Neighbor turned on neighbor and children spied on their parents. Make no mistake this could happen to any Nation if the wrong people are in power.  The citizens must be alert and proactive to defeat any actions that would constitute dictatorial policies by their own government. 

Check out this video and even though it's from a movie you'll see a depiction of the SS tactics .


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Video Tape Exposes Union Rush to start “The Revolution”

Union Economic Terrorists Conspire
to End Western Civ In America NOW
       I’ve never had someone who’s visited my home several times, wind up plotting the end of Western Civilization, have you?   Well, it seems Barack Obama can’t say the same thing.  
Among Barack’s more radical friends like Van Jones, Steven Lerner, AFL/CIO President Trumka and SEIU President Andy Stern and 60’s bomb-builder William Ayers of Weatherman Underground infamy . . . are a lot of violent people who think that American consumption and your prosperity and your property are obviously the world’s biggest problems. White House logs show that SEIU (Service Employees International Union) bigwig Stern is the single most-frequent visitor and Trumka not only visits the White House almost as often as Stern, but brags among the Union rank and file, “I talk with the President every day.” Recent evidence suggests that they’ haven’t spent all their time talking about an American Renaissance, no sir . . . not talking about creating jobs and rebuilding the economy either.   No, quite the contrary . . . .
Frequent Whitehouse visitors Steven Lerner and Van Jones (ex-Green Jobs Czar) have discussed this little matter of bringing down capitalism quite often in public meetings and over the public airwaves and internet.  In Van Jones' case dozens of hours of his "let's blow the whole capitalistic system to hell and replace it with our superior one" speeches are available.  But Van Jones never gets down to specifics about how to do the dirty deeds. Lerner, on the other hand who’s only officially visited the White House four times to see Mr. Obama has just had a speech of his (plotting the immediate overthrow of capitalism through the destruction and scape-goating of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank) now going ballistic over the internet.  And Lerner gets down and dirty about sabotaging the American economy and why it's necessary:  to save the unions' power.   Silly Americans, can’t they see that "The Revolution" is good for everybody but those capitalist pigs? 
            To those of us who’ve been monitoring the Obama administration carefully, none of this is a surprise. 
What might be surprising, nay shocking to the rest of America is that The Revolution has already started . . . the first steps toward Lerner’s planned for destabilization are underway already.  Lerner, who is a high official involved with finances for one of the country's most-powerful unions, SEIU, has a secret plan to "destabilize" the country.   Which, Thank God! are no longer secret . . . .
The entire Lerner tape can be found here . . .
OR here:
What follows is a full transcript from The Blaze, the Glenn Beck website that uncovered the bigger story and also this Lerner speech made Sunday, March 19, 2011, just two days ago. Notice how you’ve heard Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, President Obama and all the union leaders and key Democrats tell us that there is no debt problem,” yet Lerner talking to his "fellow travellers" (Communist code phrase), has no reason to fib about the obvious facts and reveals the truth about how serious the debt crisis is . . . and how he intends to use that truth to strangle the economic lifeblood out of this country . . . .  So, damnit, wake up, and you decide . . . is this real? Are the Unions and (by extension) their great friend Barack Obama plotting to destroy this country so that they and progressivism might thrive? Remember progressivism is a hundred +-year old movement in this country saying, “We must ‘progress’ beyond the ‘outdated and ill-conceived U.S. Constitution’ if we are to make ‘progress’ toward a socialist Utopia on earth.” Listen to the video and you decide. Is the chaos they’re deliberately hoping to evoke with all its anger, fear, confusion and violence . . . is that what you want for your nation, your children, your family and your future? 
The SPEAKER: Stephen Lerner. Speaker at the Left Forum 2011 "Towards a Politics of Solidarity" Pace University March 19, 2011

Stephen Lerner -- is the architect of the SEIU's groundbreaking “Justice for Janitors” campaign.  He led the union's banking and finance campaign and has partnered with unions and groups in Europe, South American and recently in the Middle East in campaigns to hold financial institutions accountable and destabilize governments. As director of the union's private equity project, he launched a long campaign to expose what he called “the over-leveraged feeding frenzy of private equity firms during the boom years that led to the ensuing economic disaster.” 
The Speaker’s unexposed LIE: Lerner never mentions that a progressive mortgage program** (CRA ’77) that forced lending institutions to knowingly make ill-advised home loans to unqualified recipients created the sub-prime lending crisis that bankrupted the country.  After only 1 in every 404 home mortgages was “suspect” in 1977 and the system wasn't broken . . . Progressives of both parties, but about 88% Democrats, saw that CRA ’77 was created and expanded five times in the ensuing 21 years so that almost a decade later, in mid-2007, one in every three home loans(34%) was suspect . . . as $400,000 homes were in some cases pushed by ACORN for illegal aliens; and people whose only income was “food stamps”; and all sorts of people without jobs and without decent credit ratings.  What was Barack Obama doing in 1994-96? He spent it working as an ACORN lawyer shaking down mortgage lenders to force them to make these terribly stupid loans in accord with CRA ’77.  Nor does he mention how Cloward-Piven progressive strategy almost bankrupted New York State; did bankrupt New York City (requiring a federal bailout in 1975); and caused huge fiscal problems for all 50 states . . . nor how Cloward, Piven and George Wiley publicly bragged about the great thing they'd deliberately done in the name of progressivism.

The TRANSCRIPT:  Steven Lerner speaking . . . .

It feels to me after a long time of being on defense that something is starting to turn in the world and we just have to decide if we are on defense or offense.  Maybe there is a different way to look at some of these questions  it’s hard for me to think about any part of organizing without thinking what just happened with this economic crisis and what it means.

                I don't know how to have a discussion about labor and community if we don't first say what do we need to do at this time in history what is the strategy that gives us some chance of winning because I spent my life time as a union organizer doing justice for janitors, a lot of things. 
It seems we are at a moment where the world is going to get much, much worse or much, much better

                Unions are almost dead we cannot survive doing what we do but the simple fact of the matter is community organizations (Like ACORN, Rajjpuut) are almost dead also and if you think about what we need to do it may give us some direction which is essentially what the folks that are in charge - the big banks and everything - what they want is stability

                 Every time there is a crisis in the world they say, well, the markets are stable. 
What's changed in America is the economy doing well has nothing to do with the rest of us.  They figured out that they don't need us to be rich they can do very well in a global market without us so what does this have to do with community and labor organizing anymore?

                 We need to figure out in a much more through direct action more concrete way how we are really trying to disrupt and create uncertainty for capital for how corporations operate.  The thing about a boom and bust economy is it is actually incredibly fragile.

                 There are actually extraordinary things we could do right now to start to destabilize the folks that are in power and start to rebuild the movement.  For example, 10% of homeowners are underwater right now -- their home is worth a lot less than they’ll end up paying for it.  10% of those people are in strategic default, meaning they are refusing to pay but they are staying in their home that's totally spontaneous they figured out it takes a year to kick me out of my home because foreclosure is backed up.  If you could double that number you would; you could put banks at the edge of insolvency again.

                Students have a trillion dollar debt.  We have an entire economy that is built on debt and banks so the question would be what would happen if we organized homeowners in mass to do a mortgage strike if we get half a million people to agree to it; it would literally cause a new finical crisis for the banks not for us we would be doing quite well.  We wouldn't be paying anything.  Government is being strangled by debt

                The four things we could do that could really upset wall street:

1. One is if city and state and other  government entities demanded to renegotiate their debt and you might say why would the banks ever do it  - because city and counties could say we won’t do business with you in the future if you won’t renegotiate the debt now.

              So we could leverage the power we have of government and say two things,  "we won’t do business with you JP Morgan Chase anymore unless you do two things: you reduce the price of our interest  and second you rewrite the mortgages for everybody in the communities.  We could make them do that

2. The second thing is there is a whole question in Europe about students’ rates in debt structure. What would happen if students said, “We are not going to pay” ??  It’s a trillion dollars. Think about Republicans screaming about debt a trillion dollars in student debt

3. There is a third thing we can think about what if public employee unions instead of just being on the defensive  put on the collective bargaining table when they negotiate they say we demand as a condition of negotiation that the government renegotiate - it’s crazy that you’re paying too much interest to your buddies the bankers it’s a strike issue  - we will strike unless you force the banks to renegotiate.

4. Then if you add on top of that if we really thought about moving the kind of disruption in Madison, Wisconsin but moving that to Wall Street and moving that to other cities around the country.

              We basically say, "you stole seventeen trillion dollars - you've impoverished us and we are going to make it impossible for you to operate.  Labor can’t lead this right now so if labor can’t lead but we are a critical part of it  we do have money we have millions of members who are furious.  But I don't think this kind of movement can happen unless community groups and other activists take the lead. 
If we really believe that we are in a transformative stage of  what's happening in capitalism.

            Then we need to confront this in a serious way and develop real ability to put a boot in the wheel^^  then we have to think not about labor and community alliances  we have to think about how together we are building something that really has the capacity to disrupt how the system operates.  We need to think about a whole new way of thinking about this not as a partnership but building something new.

            We have to think much more creatively. The key thing. . . What does the other side fear the most - they fear disruption. They fear uncertainty. Every article about Europe says as they rioted in Greece the markets went down. 
The folks that control this country care about one thing how the stock market goes what the bond market does how the bonuses goes. We have a very simple strategy:
  • How do we bring down the stock market?
  • How do we bring down their bonuses?
  • How do we interfere with their ability to be rich?

               And that means we have to politically isolate them, economically isolate them  and disrupt them.  It’s not all theory I’ll do a pitch.

               So a bunch of us around the country think who would be a really good company to hate we decided that would be JP Morgan Chase  and so we are going to roll out over the next couple of months what would hopefully be an exciting campaign about JP Morgan Chase that is really about challenge the power of Wall Street. 
And so what we are looking at  is the first week in May can we get enough people together starting now to really have an week of action in New York I don't want to give any details because I don't know if there are any police agents in the room.

               The goal would be that we will roll out of New York the first week of May. We will connect three ideas:
  • that we are not broke there is plenty of money
  • "they" have the money  - we need to get it back
  • and that they are using Bloomberg and other people in government as the vehicle to try and  destroy us

               And so we need to take on those folks at the same time and that we will start here we are going to look at a week of civil disobedience - direct action all over the city then roll into the JP Morgan shareholder meeting which they moved out of New York because I guess they were afraid because of Columbus.
               There is going to be a ten-state mobilization to try and shut down that meeting and then looking at bank shareholder meetings around the country  and try and create some moments like Madison except where we are on offense instead of defense.

               Where we have brave and heroic battles challenging the power of the giant corporations. We hope to inspire a much bigger movement about redistributing wealth and power in the country and that labor can’t do itself that community groups can’t do themselves but maybe we can work something new and different that can be brave enough  and daring and nimble enough to do that kind of thing.

Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/seiu-union-plan-to-destroy-jpmorgan#ixzz1HN3ZPmnt
            Looks like the ball is in your court now, Citizen, do you think they, (people like Lerner, Stern, Trumka, and yes, Obama) should be able to bring the whole country down? Do you think America is evil? Or do you think this country’s worth fighting for? Maybe you’re tired of your taxes paying for union benefits enough to bankrupt our staes; and for monstrous political war chests a lot; and those war chests getting people elected who are plotting your destruction and making their own political power permanent?
            As for Rajjpuut, he's looking for a Red, White and Blue Old Glory ascot. I think Bill O’Reilly would be willing to sell one for $10 and use the money to fund 7-8 worthy charities with . . . do good with charitible giving; show your patriotism; and let the anarchistic pinkos know that people don't see it their way at all.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) was passed about as quickly as Jimmy Carter could get into office. It was expanded five times with the steroid version expansion happening in 1998 under Bill Clinton. Clinton was responsible for a presidential edict expanding the law in 1993 (as soon as he got into office); two more expansions in 1995; and the steroid version mentioned earlier, in 1998. Bush tried to get the law undone in January, 2005 but was defeated in congress. Finally, 30 months later a bi-partisan bill that was much weaker was passed in July, 2007. It proved too little, too late, but did prevent an absolute collapse in home prices. Mr. Lerner’s actions would finish the job . . . .
^^ Wooden shoes or sabots were thrown into the machinery of the forced labor camps: hence our word “sabotage.”
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