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The White House chief of staff said Sunday that President Obama is “madder than hell” about reports that dozens of veterans died due to preventable delays at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Denis McDonough said the president is demanding that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and others in the administration “continue to fix these things until they’re functioning the way that our veterans believe they should.”

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“The president is madder than hell. I’ve got the scars to prove it,” he added.

The VA is investigating scheduling practices at its hospitals as part of a nationwide audit after rumors surfaced that a secret electronic wait list showed information from veterans that was entered into computers at a Phoenix VA facility but never saved. Dozens of veterans reportedly died while waiting on the fake lists.

The department’s secretary, Eric Shinseki, resigned on Friday, just one day after lawmakers called for more accountability.

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As we push for impeachment it seems that the origin of the president is dead.

However 2 others are heating up. Follows a Piece from Capitol Hill Daily today:

As you know, the whole nation is currently enraptured by three scandals – the Benghazi, IRS and DOJ/AP scandals.

But what most people don’t realize is that there are two more scandals that haven’t fully come to light yet.

Believe me, we’re on the verge of witnessing the greatest number of scandals ever seen in Washington – both at one period in time, and over the course of one presidency.

And that begs the question: When is enough, well, enough? It only took one scandal to dethrone Nixon.

Of course, the IRS, DOJ and Benghazi scandals have the nation in an uproar, but if those three can’t bury Obama, maybe these other two will put the nail in his coffin.

Unexposed Scandal #1: IRS-Like Targeting At the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Under the Obama administration, the IRS is now known as the Internal Revenge Service. An anonymous employee blew the whistle on how the whole system operates, and he made it perfectly clear that corrupt directives “come from the top.”

And it appears that holds true across several federal agencies. That’s why the EPA is currently involved in a similar scandal.

Supposedly, all federal agencies are required to distribute any requested documents as long as they don’t fall under certain specific exemptions. It’s part of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a federal law that gives the public the right to request federal agency records.

But like the IRS, the EPA has also been unfairly targeting conservatives while providing favorable treatment to liberal groups.

Recently, liberal groups requested 82 documents and conservative businesses requested 26.

Out of 82 requests, the EPA has waived fees for 75 major liberal environmental groups. If you don’t have your calculator on hand, that’s a 92% success rate.

On the flipside, conservative organizations have an abysmal 19% success rate. That’s right, 21 out of the 26 conservative groups’ FOIA requests were either rejected or completely ignored.

So there you have it… the EPA is blatantly conspiring with groups that share its same political agenda. This, along with the IRS scandal, confirms conservative fears of big government reign.

Unexposed Scandal #2: Obamacare Donor-Gate

Obamacare in and of itself is a scandal, mainly because of the sneaky way it was passed. And as the law has been slowly implemented, even more shameful behavior has come to light.

First of all, Sarah Hall Ingram – the woman in charge of the IRS division at the center of the recent scandal – is also heading up the division in charge of Obamacare tax regulation.

That should be plenty frightening on its own.

But if that weren't enough, members from the House have sent a letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Human and Health Services, questioning shady donor activity.

We already know that Sebelius has a history of bending the law to forward this administration’s agenda, and now we’re seeing the same behavior that’s gotten her in trouble before.

It turns out the HHS has been soliciting donations from nonprofit organizations involved with implementing Obamacare. Though the law states that department officials are prohibited from fundraising in their own professional capacity, Sebelius has been directly calling top executives in the health industry as well as community organizations and church groups to coerce them into donating to nonprofits tied to Obamacare.

This is the definition of “conflict of interest,” and even if they aren’t deemed illegal, they’re undoubtedly unethical and, at the very least, should lead to her resignation.

The Silver Lining

We keep seeing more scandals and no impeachment process. I understand that it’s disheartening to think about the president getting away with five exposed scandals. But there’s always a silver lining…

Today, the president is on the defensive (despite being arrogant enough at first to think he didn’t need to be).

You know things have hit rock bottom when Piers Morgan and Jon Stewart can no longer defend you…

And now, instead of putting all his effort into leaving an even heavier footprint on our nation, he will need to focus on damage control. These investigations are going to go on for a very long time, and even if they don’t bring about his impeachment, they’ll certainly delay the implementation of most of his agenda.

as they say,

Yours in Freedom,


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The IRS official in charge of the exempt organizations office in the Cincinnati branch at the time conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status were unfairly targeted just got a promotion.

Cindy Thomas has been appointed to the senior technical adviser team for the Director of Exempt Organizations.

Thomas, a 35-year IRS veteran, will fill the spot vacated by Sharon Light. Light, a one-time close adviser to Lois Lerner, is the sixth senior IRS official to leave the agency. 

Lerner is the employee at the center of the political storm that hit the nation earlier this year. She was the first IRS agent to publicly acknowledge wrongdoing.  

Light has “accepted a position with the American Cancer Society, leaving a critical vacancy in the Senior Technical Adviser team for the Director of Exempt Organizations,” Kenneth Corbin wrote in a morning email to his employees.

“Cindy brings a strong background in EO Determinations and the history of the organization,” Corbin added. “And, since she is located in Cincinnati, she will provide a voice for the process and challenges faced in determinations work.”

On Wednesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa demanded in a letter to Federal Election Commission Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub that the FEC turn over records of more than five years of communications with the IRS.

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Establish IRS Fraud Relief Fund

Dear Congressman Issa:

I want to thank you for your tremendous effort in exposing the unethical business practices of the Internal Revenue Service. I’m writing to request that Congress establish the FIRST (Fraudulent Internal Revenue Service Tax) Relief Fund.  Chairman Issa, I estimate there are hundreds of thousands of honest American taxpayers who have been defrauded by the Internal Revenue Service.  I believe Congress has a duty to provide financial restitution to taxpayers who have been victims of the IRS.  Listed below is how the IRS scams billions from taxpayers by shear intimidation and by putting the fear of God into honest Americans. 

 IRS Fraud via Electronic Tax Notices

The IRS sends out hundreds of thousands of tax collection notices. These are electronic letters that are generated from information accumulated by the IRS.  It’s been my experience that those notices are accurate less than 10% of the time and it’s probably closer to 5%. Stated another way, 90%-95% of the notices unnecessarily scare the hell out of honest Americans.  But even worse is the fact that thousands of Americans are going to pay fraudulent tax bills because they don’t have anyone to help them or they are afraid to stand up to the IRS.

 IRS Demanded $557,000 & Clients Owed $290

During the last three years the IRS sent my clients electronic tax notices totaling $557,000.  The actual amount owed by my clients was $290.  Since I don’t fear the little man behind the green curtain, I was able to eliminate nearly 100% of the monies sought by the IRS. Congressman Issa this is a fraud waiting to happen against 140 million taxpayers. The majority of these folks don’t have the luxury of paying a CPA or tax expert to tackle the IRS on their behalf.

 Stop Reverse Tax Gap

Congress commits valuable resources to studying ways to reduce the Tax Gap.  I would implore Congress to study the devastating impact caused by the IRS collecting billions from honest taxpayers via their electronic money machine.  The reason taxpayers send money to the IRS should be based on factual information and not intimidation.

 IRS Targets Grandma with Alzheimers vs Large Tax Corp

Last year I blew the whistle on a national tax preparation company for defrauding the US Treasury of $17 million. The IRS did nothing. In contrast last month the IRS sent my mother a letter indicating if she didn’t file her 2011 tax return the IRS would file one for her. My mother’s 2011 AGI was $0 and her Alzheimer medical care was $41,000,  My mother’s net taxable income was negative ($46,000).  Why doesn’t the IRS spend their so-called limited resources on recovering billions from large tax corporations rather than harass an 81 year old grandmother with Alzheimers?


Chairman Issa, taxpayers who have been defrauded by the IRS should be repaid in full plus interest for any monies collected through intimidation rather than by tax code enforcement.  Please introduce legislation to create the FIRST Relief  Fund.  The Fraudulent Internal Revenue Service Tax Relief Fund will help victims of IRS abuse.  The fund should be funded by Congress and operated by professional experts from the private sector with no previous government employment history.  There are over 400,000 CPA's and another 400,000 tax professionals who could easily fill the demand for competent administrators and investigators.  The STRONG ARM tactics of the IRS need to be retired immediately.  I look forward to hearing you.



Randall C. Sorensen CPA


cc:   Senator Alexander    Senator Pryor                Congressman Gowdy

       Senator Cruz             Congressman Boehner   Congressman Marchant       

       Senator Grassley       Congressman Camp      Congressman Ryan

       Senator Hoeven        Congressman Crenshaw                


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Too much

How in the world are we supposed to fix anything when things keep breaking? Things never broke this often before the left took over. We have more Whitehouse scandals going on now than at any other time in history. Sure there was one or two per president but nothing like today.Today we have Benghazi with four Americans killed and what looks like a serious coverup. The attack on the First Amendment by snooping thru AP reporters media, Fox news was also attacked. No idea how many more were attacked. My favorite is the IRS checking into conservative groups and denying tax free status.I want to add one more that has fallen thru the cracks, Seal Team Six. Joe Biden wanting to be big dog told the world the name of the team that caught up to and killed OBL. A few weeks later Team Six is in a POS chopper with a group of Iraqis that were unknown to Team Six and the chopper with 17 members of Team Six was shot down. Seems kind of curious to me. Why did they not have their normal chopper? Who were the 6 Iraqis dumped in with the team while the known six bugged out? I think this need to be looked into more.I am at a loss of which way to go. We the people need to get our great country back. I am stealing an idea I saw another day, another place. Kick the top administration out, Obama Biden and Holder need to be in jail, then select an interim president, preferably someone with experience at the top. Stop all legislation going on, repeal everything Obama has done from day one and sit on government for at least a year. Bring in some of the think tanks maybe to try to come up with solutions to our problems. Little to no congressional involvement in making bills only voting on them.Congress may be able to discuss the bills but no amendments. If the bill won't pass throw it out and start over.If anyone wants to add or subtract from this idea feel free, I'm no policy maker, I know this, too bad others don't realize it too.Obama and his leftist, socialist, communist buddies need to be removed now. How can this be done? Pick up the phone and call your congressional reps, send emails, some websites will send faxes if you join to tell your reps what you feel. We need to get this nation back on track. Stop sitting and wringing your hands, make some calls send some letters, talk talk talk..
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Dems Propaganda Cup Spilleth Over.

Below are 2 things that are currently driving the Obummer backers. The Obummer/Dem/Progressive Propaganda Spin Machine is in high gear. The first is a letter sent from the DNC to party loyalists. The second is a piece from Current TV. In the foretelling of George Orwell, the Progressives continue to believe, that Ignorance is Strength.  A word of caution: groups calling themselves Progressive Coalitions are gaining grass roots sympathy by publicly focusing on libertarian causes, but they will ensnare those to their side. A prime example is the Colorado Progressive Coalition. Publicly they work to help unemployed and those facing foreclosure, behind the scenes they are plotting along with the rest to do away with our freedoms. We have to stand strong. Remember when the revolution began, only 3% of the population was in favor of independence. God Bless the United States of America.


In the spirit of the First Amendment, please feel free to comment on this post.




Friend --

Getting in President Obama's way has been the top priority for Republicans in
Congress since day one. But now they've gone too far.

They've been caught red-handed making up so-called 'scandals' out of thin air
to stir up false rumors of vast 'cover-ups' happening in the White House.

Did they find a single shred of evidence to back up their outrageous claims?

But rather than let the truth stand in their way, Republicans actually doctored
emails between administration officials about Benghazi. Then, they released
them to the press, trying to pass them off as real in order to create their
scandal. Fortunately, they got caught in the act when the White House released
all of the actual emails.

Tell President Obama
you've got his back right now, no matter what Republicans come up with next.

While Republican leaders were focused on stirring up controversy, Michele
Bachmann was talking about impeaching President Obama for absolutely no reason,
and Republicans in the House voted to repeal Obamacare -- for the 37th time.

That's how they think they should be spending their time and your money.

Make sure the President knows that you stand behind him and his agenda right
now -- and that you won't let Republican games distract you from advocating for
real change that will benefit all Americans.

Stand with President
Obama today -- and send the message to Republicans that it's time to stop
playing political games and get back to work for the American people:

Its time for them to do their damn jobs.



Brad Woodhouse
Communications Director
Democratic National Committee


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Should Karl Rowe share IRS scandals?

By Oscar Y. Harward




Inasmuch as President Obama and many Capitol Hill Democrats criticize the ‘TEA Party’,  ‘Patriots’, and other conservative groups; and,


Inasmuch as several Capitol Hill Democrats, including Senators Schumer, Franken, Udall, Shaheen,  Merkley, Whitehouse, and Bennet has written letters to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and directed the IRS to investigate TEA Party events, pursuits, and activities as well as other conservative groups; and,


Inasmuch as the IRS may have followed these Democrat Senators instructions, then listened and acted; and,


Inasmuch as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) apparently attacked the TEA Party, their members and supporters, and other conservative groups; and,


Inasmuch as President George W. Bush appointed these last 2 IRS Commissioners defined for the respective relevant times of service; and,


Inasmuch as President G.W. Bush’s Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, Karl Rowe criticizes the TEA Party, their members and supporters, and many of their TEA supported candidates; and


Inasmuch as George W. Bush’s Senior Advisor, Karl Rowe may have been associated with President Bush’s administration, and aware of his own political view and the appointed IRS Commissioners common dislike of the TEA Party and other conservative groups; Therefore,


Senior Advisor, Karl Rowe may be obligated to share some responsibility of, perhaps, recommending President George W. Bush anti-TEA Party appointments as IRS Commissioner(s).

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In one of this website’s last mini commentaries about the Obama Benghazi scandal, I stated that the investigation won’t amount to a hill of beans. I still think so. Why would it? Influential politicians who refuse to call out Obama for his unconstitutional usurpation to the office of US president, won’t insist on removing Obama from his White House occupation. They would soon have America to be sacrificed to socialism, Marxism and Islamic influence than to muster some moral courage to insist that the illegal Obama be removed from the White House. [Please note 3rd pic at the end of this article with informational links]

Obama's Identity lie: He [falsely] claimed to be a Christian to snooker the Christian bloc vote. Here, Obama is wearing a white kufi on his head. Only devout Muslims wear it. This pic was reportedly posted back in 2007 regarding Obama campaigning for Kenya’s Muslim Riala Odinga. See link at the bottom of this page.

This pic illustrates 0ne of Obama’s identity lies.  Example: He  claimed to be a Christian to snooker the Christian bloc vote. Here, Obama is wearing a white kufi on his head. Only devout Muslims wear it. This pic was reportedly posted back in 2007 regarding Obama campaigning for Kenya’s Muslim Riala Odinga.

However, it isn’t just the do nothing US politicians who are at fault. It is the voting public. A leader can’t be a leader if he doesn’t have the following. Until more and more Americans refuse to acknowledge Obama as a legitimate US president, he will continue his destruction of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Enabling Obama by accepting him as a genuine US president, only furthers America’s demise. Americans need to wake up and realize that Obama has cheated his way to the office of US chief executive! They need to follow due course and be like some state governors have reported to being doing; – not recognizing and implementing parts of Obama’s signed Obamacare legislation. Americans need to be like some Utah sheriff’s refusing to implement Obama’s gun laws: ........ Continued..............

Please note:  For the whole article and informational links, please access its original source @:

Benghazi scandal investigation continues: It still won’t amount to a hill of beans

Nathan M. Bickel

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                “The path to a clean energy economy starts here, in places like SunPower’s research and development facility . . . .” Ken Salazar Interior Secretary
“How exactly did SunPower qualify to receive a $1.28 Billion loan when it was operating $820 million in the red; announcing three weeks before the loan that it was moving a huge amount of its jobs south of the border to Mexicali, Mexico; its stock has lost 94% of its value in the last four years; and it was being attacked by numerous shareholder lawsuits? How did such an obvious lemon receive more than twice the government handouts that Solyndra received?”
SunPower Stock Plummets 94%
Green Co. Gets $1.2 Billion Loan
Each SunPower Permanent Job
Costs$80 Million
            As you might remember, the Obama administration’s green-tech jobs initiative was supposed to create five million brand new jobs. As you also might know, for almost three years Rajjpuut has been comparing Obama’s idea for America to the green jobs program in Spain that took that country’s economy from #1 in Europe at 4% unemployment to Europe’s second worst in 2010 with a whopping 22% unemployment after a dozen years. In that Spanish study each subsidized green job cost 2.2 real jobs lost from the real economy (five million Obama green jobs would translate to losing eleven million real jobs) and only one Spanish green job in ten proved permanent (translating to only half a million permanent green jobs created in America).  
You’ve also recently heard about Solyndra Corp. getting $535 million in loan guarantees before going bankrupt last month putting 1,100 workers out on the streets; as well as hearing about a grand total of 3,500 green jobs created in almost three years at an average cost of almost $11 million per job.   Well, the embarrassment for Obama’s green tech initiative is growing worse by the day: the new Obamanation and corruption, like Solyndra, also originates in California with another solar panel company SunPower Corp. (SPWR-NASDAQ). 
How exactly did SunPower qualify to receive a $1.28 Billion loan when it was operating $820 million in the red; announcing three weeks before the loan that it was moving a huge amount of its jobs south of the border to Mexicali, Mexico; its stock has lost 94% of its value in the last four years; and it was being attacked by numerous shareholder lawsuits? How did such an obvious lemon receive more than twice the government handouts that Solyndra received?
SunPower’s planned photovoltaic “electricity ranch” project was so deep in the hole that it had announced it was already building its new panel manufacturing plant in Mexicali when the loan came through. Creating jobs in Mexico? When did that become worth nearly $1.3 Billion in government help? Three key voices put SunPower into the “winner” category for Obama’s energy department and got them the loan: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar; California Democratic Representative George R. Miller III; and SunPower lobbyist George Miller IV, the Representative’s son. 
SunPower, operating in a refitted Ford plant in Richmond, CA, was the scene of an October 14, 2010 tour of the plant choreographed by Rep. Miller (the elder) in which its CEO, Thomas H. Werner and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar saluted SunPower’s future. “The path to a clean energy economy starts here, in places like SunPower’s research and development facility,” said Salazar during the tour. Miller (the younger) is accused of drumming up campaign contributions for his father from SunPower. Salazar continued, “The work that comes from these facilities transforms renewable energy ideas into a reality.  When renewable energy companies continue to invest in places like California, the realization of a new energy future is within our reach.”
Rep. Miller the Elder added his own smoke . . . “We’ve worked hard to make renewable energy a priority because it represents America’s future economic growth.  Today, businesses like SunPower are moving forward, hiring 200 people for good clean energy jobs in the East Bay.” According to the SunPower PAC filings in the 2010 midterm election campaign cycle, SunPower donated $15,650 donated to House and Senate candidates, $14,650 went to Democrats, with the top recipient: $4,000 to Sen. Harry Reid, the Democrats Senate Majority Leader. Sunpower also gave Miller, the Elder, $500 and gave his son a job.
            The loan guarantee was earmarked to create 350 temporary and 15 permanent jobs at the California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) in San Luis Obispo County. One wonders if the 15 permanent jobs are for panel-dusting janitors. The math works out to $80 million for each SunPower job, about seven times higher than the $10.88 million average cost per Obama green job. How bad an investment is SunPower? The tiny company was listed as the “ninth-most-shorted solar stock in either the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ markets.  Short sellers are betting that a stock price will go down, as opposed to those who buy long, who expect a stock price to up. 
In early December, 2007, SunPower sold for $133 per share. Earlier this month the company was selling for $6.60 per share; it is now selling in a range between $8-$9 per share. The company has been accused of numerous accounting irregularities purportedly to deceive its stockholders; and at present several lawsuits have been filed in California courts relating to allege gross mismanagement, breach of fiduciary responsibility, unjust enrichment and abuse of control.  The first of these lawsuits was in November, 2009, and so far no suit has yet been resolved.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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“Mexican attorney general, Marisela Morales, now estimates at least 200 Mexicans have been killed with Fast and Furious weapons -- among them, a powerful Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle that downed a Mexican federale helicopter.   Morales calls OFF a ‘betrayal’ of her country. In a Los Angeles Times story she said she first learned about Op Fast and Furious from news reports. American officials never briefed their Mexican counterparts on it, Morales says. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, Marisela, Eric Holder and the Obama administration has been quite calculating on stonewalling the world on this one.”
AG Eric Holder Caught in OFF Lie
By Earlier-Dated Memos
            It’s an oft repeated truism of political life that the “crime” might get you; but it’s the cover-up that always nails the lid on the case . . . so let it be for scurrilous Obama administration bad-boy U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Here’s just one more story that the mainstream media (MSM) has been hiding from you for months now as Eric Holder has been playing a rearguard, stonewalling hand for three months now . . . the facts keep slowly dribbling in to Darrell Issa . . . just last week a third gun from “Bordergate” was implicated and has now been linked to the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, whose death in Arizona last December at the hands of Mexican bandits created the crack now threatening to break the scandal wide open and destroy the career of Eric Holder and his so-far “mum” underlings.
Holder -- who’s denial of knowledge about Operation Fast and Furious (OFF) in July of this year (OFF is the rogue and ill-conceived Obama administration offshoot of the Bush Administration’s less well-known Operation Gunrunner), is plastered on internet videos all over the world – the AG received at least two e-mails updating OFF information nine months prior to stating that he’d only recently learned of OFF in October, 2010 and even before that in July, 2010 and . . . worse luck for the AG, both memos indicate prior knowledge can be assumed since they are operational updates not presentation memos.
            The denials by Holder and the recent revelations, of course, spurred California Representative Darrell Issa to ask for a special (outside, non-DOJ) prosecutor to look into OFF and the involvement of Holder’s Justice Department. The festering mess known as “Bordergate” in some circles took an ongoing and successful Bush sting program to capture illegal gun sales and went two giant steps too far by deliberately seeking to sell automatic weapons (34,000+ so far) to members of Mexican drug cartels and then, instead of making an arrest . . . just allowed the guns to cross the border. So far about a hundred of those guns have turned up at crime scenes including the death of two U.S. Border Control agents and several dozen Mexican citizens.  Tidbits of information suggest great involvement by the Homeland Security Office and by the Whitehouse itself.
            It seems also that Holder’s DOJ manipulated knowledge so that FBI information about the identities of the gun buyers was kept away from Department of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives and Tobacco members who had been running Bush’s Operation Gunrunner for several years. Many ATF agents who have become “whistle-blowers” tell stories of their great upset when they found that guns sold to known Mexican criminals were being deliberately allowed to cross the border. Several ATF agents and administrators have already lost their jobs as Holder’s DOJ casts about wildly for scapegoats. Mexican officials meanwhile have been conducting their own investigations of American gun-supplying to drug cartels. 
To say that the stench in Washington is getting stronger is to repeat the obvious. Besides OFF; Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform committee is also investigating the Solyndra and Light-Squared scandals . . . but it’s hard to imagine that either of those corruptions will catch up to OFF’s reeking stupidity and malfeasance. The insanely idiotic idea was to trace cross-border arms trafficking, and allow the gun-hating Obama administration to then prove the oft-repeated claim that 90 percent of the guns seized in Mexican drug war zones originate in the US.  Well, their efforts DISproved it; the actual statistic is closer to 17 percent. But, as Issa’s committee continues its investigation a major international scandal has been born.
Mexican attorney general, Marisela Morales, now estimates at least 200 Mexicans have been killed with Fast and Furious weapons -- among them, a powerful Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle that downed a Mexican federal helicopter.   Morales calls OFF a “betrayal” of her country. In a Los Angeles Times story she said she first learned about Fast and Furious from news reports. American officials never briefed their Mexican counterparts on it, Morales says.
Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, Marisela, the Obama administration has been quite calculating on stonewalling the world on this one. Eric Holder’s DOJ has inflamed Issa’s committee -- turning over subpoenaed documents only ultra-slowly and heavily redacted (sometimes only words like “the,” “a,” “and,” “an,” and “that” NOT being blacked out in long memos turned over to Issa) and also making witnesses unavailable and transferring or retiring implicated officials such as former “temporary” ATF head Kenneth Melson. Issa has publicly accused Holder , et. al of “gaming” congressional investigators. “There is an ongoing cover-up of a pattern of wrongdoing,” Issa noted last week. “Even though I have subpoena ability, I don’t have the ability to lock people up for contempt until they fess up and give us what we want” hence the call for a special prosecutor.
As noted in a blog two weeks ago, there have now been 76 serious Obama administration scandals about which Rajjpuut has informed his readers . . . and now the MSM is finally covering three of them. The only other one of those 76 scandals touched lightly upon by the MSM so far in the first two and a half years under Obama was their pseudo-journalistic expose of problems associated with environmentalism related to the Gulf Oil Spill (they deliberately missed the whole scandalous part of the story that Obama himself and Interior Secretary Salazar both knew of critical problems with Deep Horizon up to two weeks before the explosion). Now the MSM is really looking hard at Solyndra and Light-Squared and trying NOT to get involved with OFF, but slowly, slowly they’re finding themselves dragged into Bordergate as the evidence mounts and the circle of corruption** expands.  
Solyndra, of course, is a story of monumental incompetence and crony-capitalism that’s already cost the taxpayers $535 million.   Malfeasance is still a very strong possibility as the Obama administration agreed to a deal in which last-minute Solyndra investors would be paid first in case of bankruptcy, before the taxpayers.   The Light-Squared scandal involves the Obama administration seeking to pressure and change a Four-Star Air Force General’s testimony about the dangers of a communication invention sold by an Obama supporter’s broad-band company which mal-affects other battlefield communications and global positioning and thus would have made in-close bombings and artillery very risky for our soldiers in the field. Yes, the “hits” do keep coming . . . and finally the MSM is starting to play them.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** We feel like a broken record here, but about a dozen FAR more serious scandals from 2009, 2010 and earlier this year have all gone totally UNreported by ABC, NBC, CBS, and Cable channels CNN, MSNBC and Headline News. Only FOXNews is looking into Obama’s corruptions. Whole books someday will be dedicated to the “Journ-O-List" scandal; the Carbon-Trading Scandal known as CCX which even FOXNews barely covered; and whole encyclopedias can be filled up with the “Cloward-Piven to Wiley to ’73 Crash to NYC bankruptcy to Rathke to CRA ’77 to ACORN to Clinton to Obama to meltdown” scandal . . . . Rajjpuut (who was once a pretty fair country feature writer and also his J-school’s Academic Excellence Award winner lo’ these many years) blames 97% of the country’s present horrific state and ongoing predictable future financial problems on the MSM which is picking winners and losers in politics and refusing to do its time-honored job in keeping the country aware of government corruption, incompetence and malfeasance.
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Obama Ignores “Going Concern Doubt” Analysis
Before Cheerfully Subsidizing Solyndra
                Did you know that the recently bankrupt Solyndra, green-tech firm propped up with $535 million federal assistance wanted to go public? That they wanted to go public and sell stock in the company even before Mr. Obama began touting them? That the planned initial public offering (IPO) was abandoned. That one of the steps required before any IPO is an audit of the company finances and an examination of their business plan for the future? That the solar-power panel company’s finances were so awful that two months before an Obama visit to Solyndra the accounting firm of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC warned investors that Solyndra had financial problems so deep that they “raised substantial doubt about it ability to continue as a going concern?” Did you know that the standard wording from audits which use the word “doubt” and “going concern” in the same sentence is known in the business world as the “Kiss of Death” letter and means that over 80% of the firms so described will NOT be in business a year from now?
            Did you know that a day before Solyndra went belly-up that the Energy Department turned down a request to renegotiate the loan agreement because another “restructuring was not feasible.” Did you know that one month before that . . . Solyndra executives were allegedly telling California representative Henry Waxman that everything was going great and the company expected to “double revenues in 2012?  Does that mean they expected to lose twice as much money as well? Could it be they hoped Rep. Waxman would take their threat** as a promise? Did you know Solyndra spent more than $480,000 on lobbying in Washington in the last 365 days? Could it be they hoped Congress and the Obama administration could be cajoled into helping them endlessly?
            Three more questions?   Would you have been as cheerful knowing the financial status of the company as President Obama and Vice President Biden were during their many Solyndra photo op visits? Do you believe, as your blogger Rajjpuut does, that Mr. Obama’s proclivity for throwing money at problems (a mere cash infusion will make everything okey-dokey at Solyndra right away) blinded him to the reality that Solyndra was a losing proposition, a reality that any sensible person should have seen? Would Obama have invested HIS money as recklessly as he did YOURS? Does the FBI routinely raid bankrupt companies? Oooops, that’s four questions.
            On his May 2010 photo op when Obama told America that the Solyndra California factory he was visiting, subsidized by U.S. taxpayers displayed “the promise of clean energy isn’t just an article of faith.” Despite the two month lead time to read over and understand the Pricewaterhouse financial analysis, it appears certain that Mr. Obama did believe that throwing money at Solyndra’s way would “turn the ugly duckling into a swan.” Mr. Obama also seems to be ignorant of the fact that good money can be sent after bad, but never should be. The inevitable abandonment of the IPO; the whole history of Solyndra’s existence (never once showing a single profitable quarter in five years); and then allowing a last-minute effort to refinance with taxpayers (the most important investors) taking a back seat to the new investors . . . none of these obvious red flags seemed to alarm the president about OUR money. Mr. Obama refused to accept what was obvious to anyone who chose to open their eyes and their mind.
            Eric Shultz, a Whitehouse spokesman, thinks we’re all stupid and that it’s still possible to pull the wool over our magnifying glasses and fool us about Solyndra and Obama’s green-tech initiatives. Schultz said in an e-mailed statement that selection of companies to receive U.S. backing are “merit- based decisions made by career staffers at the Department of Energy. He added that the process for this particular loan application had begun under President George W. Bush, not mentioning that the loan was denied for three consecutive years by the Bush administration.  “Every project that receives financing through the Energy Department goes through a rigorous financial, legal and technical review process.” WOW, really??? Really??? Let’s see now? 
The Obama $787 Billion stimulus was supposed to create jobs. So far the green-tech initiatives (Mr. Obama promised to create five million new green jobs in his first term) have created roughly 3,500 jobs total at an average cost of $10.88 MILLION per green job taking an average of 1.4 years to create each job. Solyndra just laid off 1,100 workers when it filed for bankruptcy. Exactly how “rigorous” is this financial, legal and technical review process anyway?  Could it be that government playing “venture capitalists” is a very bad, indeed ruinous idea? Could it be that the 72% of the Obama stimulus was aimed at Obama cronies and Obama campaign supporters without regard to ethics or financial reality?
Of course you’ve probably heard that Energy Secretary Steven Chu made a public commitment to “speed up the approval process” of green-tech applications for federal loans and subsidies. How wonderful!
Bottom line: Solyndra disclosed the “going concern” warning by PricewaterhouseCoopers, its accounting firm, in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on March 16, 2010.  So it’s quite possible that Solyndra’s execs up until the time they told Rep. Waxman that everything was going great, etc. were dealing an honest hand . . . which makes the Obama administration criminally negligent with the taxpayer’s money. The warning read:
“The company has suffered recurring losses from operations, negative cash flows since inception and has a net stockholders’ deficit,”
In June 2010, the month after the President Obama visit mentioned above, Solyndra executives withdrew their planned $300 million IPO.   Solyndra’s business model was based upon a supposedly strong competitive advantage employing thinner panels that could be used on virtually any roof and because they used less of the expensive silicone it was felt that the cost of their more expensive technology could be somewhat balanced by the lower cost of resources. Silicone prices have fallen recently and fell another 30% in the last year evaporating any hope of the company ever becoming competitive in the marketplace. Problems and temporary solutions for Solyndra kept taxpayer money slipping down a rat-hole after that. 
In February of this year House Republicans began investigating Solyndra’s loan-guarantee program and sent a letter to Energy Secretary Chu announcing their actions. The investigations so far point to crony-capitalism and a surprising new twist: socialist venture capitalism as the Obama administration sought to pick the winners and losers in the marketplace with foolish infusions of money into failing concerns in favored industries. The Republican investigations showed that Obama campaign fundraiser George Kaiser’s foundation (George Kaiser Family Foundation based in Tulsa, OK) owns 37% of Solyndra. Mr. Kaiser made 16 visits to the White House since 2009 according to visitor logs. 
Besides the statements allegedly made to Rep. Waxman that Solyndra “was in a strong financial position” a July 13 letter from Solyndra to the Energy Committee said revenue had increased to $140 million from just $6 million in 2008 and was projected to almost double in 2012.    Could it be that the Energy department doesn’t understand that if you’re selling more product but losing money on each sale . . . that doesn’t mean too much. The idea is to make a GASP “profit.” Yes, yes, we know that’s considered an ugly word in the liberal, progressive and socialist lexicon . . . but such are the facts of life.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Rajjpuut strongly suspects that the good congressman may be throwing Solyndra’s execs under the infamous bus. Mr. Waxman is purportedly part of the gang that was pushing so hard for Solyndra to get the federal dough. It’s also possible he’s merely stupid. An awful lot of people do NOT actually listen too well . . . instead they tend to hear either what they fear; or what they want to hear. Being told revenues have gone up 23 times in three years and that revenues would almost double again in 2012 . . . is clearly NOT the same as being told that PROFITS have gone up 23 times and would almost double . . . sad but true but politicos seldom can be expected to sympathize with nor understand business jargon. So, Friend, what questions would you have asked here? Perhaps something silly like, “Wow, that sounds impressive, so how much money are you guys making? Perhaps the progressive politicians being in “over-their-heads” when dealing with business explains why it’s been 900 days since the Democratically-controlled Senate passed a budget? Or why the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives didn’t pass a 2011 budget?  It could explain a lot.  The fact is that despite Hollywood's eternal enthrallment with "lovable losers," in politics as in the rest of life:  incompetence (unlike absence) does NOT make the heart grow fonder.
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“Creating” a Green-Tech Winner
Obama Backs a Monstrous Loser
            President Obama now touts a whole new STIMULUS for the ailing American economy (the American Jobs Act, AJA). Some are calling his AJA, “Son of Stimulus,” and pointing to a nasty scandal within the first $787 Billion Obama stimulus – a scandal which is being nicknamed “Solargate.”   While adding the suffix “gate” is no guarantee of real coverage and fairness by the nation’s mainstream media, it does show a deepening of interest by we mainstream Americans who so deeply distrust our politicians and the media that protects them. What, then are the facts about Solyndra, Inc.?
            1. Solyndra was a solar-cell manufacturer which from its origins has NOT been able to compete successfully against both American and foreign rivals (most notably the Chinese solar-power industry).
2.  Solyndra filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 6, 2011.
3.   Solyndra has served as Obama’s poster-child for green-tech job creation.
4. Solyndra laid off virtually all its 1,100 person workforce on August 31st.
5. Solyndra first applied for the loan in 2006, under President George W. Bush.   After three years of applying, the loan application was tentatively approved in March 2009 by the Obama administration.
6. Solyndra received its much-ballyhooed $535 million federal subsidy as part of Obama’s green-jobs initiative. He promised to create five million new green-tech jobs during the presidential campaign.
7. Solyndra first came to the wider nation’s attention during a September, 2009, Joe Biden speech at their company headquarters in Fremont, CA. Their facilities and main plant have been visited by the President and Vice-President six times for photo- and speech-ops.
8. The owners and CEO and top investors in Solyndra are all enthusiastic supporters who contributed and also raised a lot of money for the Obama-Biden campaign.
9. California Representative Henry Waxman said he talked with Solyndra’s CEO and other top officials a month ago and said he was told that everything was going well and that they expected to “double revenues” in 2012.
10. After multiplying the number of loan-approval employees in one government office almost sixteen-fold from 15 to 250, the Obama administration over-ruled the already established bureaucracy’s recommendations to investigate the green-scheme known as Solyndra, Inc. fully rather than just giving them the $535 million. In a sentence:   despite at least two cautionary e-mails from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) the Obama Administration pushed for an immediate loan for Solyndra. How did this company then fail?
11.  In February, 2011, seven months before the company went bankrupt, the Energy Department restructured a “loan” to the company despite the OMB’s clearly expressed doubts about the company’s future viability and the company’s very dubious fiscal prospects.
12.  Somewhere close to 76% of these loans and or grants under Obama Stimulus One were granted to businesses run by Obama contributors** located in heavily Obama supporting districts.  For example Obama carried the Solyndra-surrounding district with 71% of the vote.
Today, Wednesday September 14th, a congressional investigative committee questioned officials from two of the agencies that backed the $535 million loan package to Solyndra Inc. The Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations sought to know why the Energy Department approved the Solyndra loans in 2009 and then restructured the loan this February despite clear evidence that the company was struggling financially and in danger of going under.
Solyndra was hailed by President Obama in 2010 as a great example, an innovative company that would use stimulus money to create jobs and lead the economic recovery. When it laid off most of its 1,100 workers August 31st  and announced it would cease operations an immediate howl went up from green-energy doubters and conservatives. When next the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 6th, the howls became a crescendo of anger and scorn.
Two days later, agents with the FBI and Energy Department's inspector general served a search warrant at Solyndra's Fremont, Calif., headquarters. The Solyndra bankruptcy and the criminal investigation have raised questions about the administration's decision to pour billions of dollars into clean-energy programs. Cheer up, Solyndra, you can always serve as a very bad example!
Representative Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., the subcommittee's chairman, pressed Energy Department loans director Jonathan Silver on Wednesday to explain how the agency could approve more than half a billion dollars in loans despite questions about the company's financial health.
He also cited internal emails that he said show White House officials appeared to be pressuring Energy Department and the Office of Management and Budget to speed up approval of the Solyndra loans.
"You should have protected the taxpayers and made some forceful actions here," Stearns said.
Under questioning Silver noted that Solyndra had first applied for the loan in 2006, under President George W. Bush. He said the loan was tentatively approved in March 2009 by the Obama people. The hearing, which lasted more than four hours, focused significant attention on emails showing the White House encouraging the Energy Department and budget officials to speed up and to approve the Solyndra loans. Why? It’s called “Crony Capitalism” and Rajjpuut says this haste was done to make an impactful photo-op for Joe Biden and to push the green-jobs initiative regardless of consequence and fiscal-prudence.  
Virtually all of the Obama Stimulus that so recklessly shuttled $787 Billion worth of taxpayer money to favored left-wing industries and Obama supporters is finally becoming more and more transparent every day and the revelations are disgusting all thinking Americans. The lesson here is that government involvement in industry is 100% the same as government involvement in tax loopholes . . . it all amounts to the feds deciding who wins and who loses; who is the “teacher’s pet;” and it all works to destroy free enterprise, jobs, the dollar; and America’s self-respect.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

**     It's almost impossible for Rajjpuut not to comment upon the mainstream media's (MSM) incompetence and willful cover-up of Barack Obama's scandals.  Now after Rajjpuut has personally written blogs exposing 74 such MAJOR scandals . . . the MSM is finally on board for exactly 1 1/2 of the most recent of them.  There has been some slight coverage of OFF (Operation Fast and Furious) a scandal so nasty (we, the United States are arming Mexican drug cartels, for crying out loud) that it reeks to high heaven and now Solyndra.


      A few weeks ago a very leftist academic who calls himself a "political scientist" made news by saying that he could already predict the winner of the 2012 presidential race with virtually absolute certainty:  Barack Obama.  Many pundits on conservative radio and FOXNews attacked Lichtman's methodology and showed that clearly rather than being an extremely objective technique for predicting presidential elections, Lichtman's work was a statistical scam.  Some items on Lichtman's list were clearly subjective and chosen after the historical "facts" were all in.  Case in point:  Solyndra.  Rajjpuut has covered 74 Major scandals in the Obama 2.6 years;  Lichtman listed "an absence of major scandals" as the strongest point favoring Barack Obama's re-election in 2012.  Of the 74 Major scandals under Barack Obama, Solyndra might NOT even rank among the top 50.  But Solyndra was the very first company chosen to receive a loan guarantee as part of the 2009 stimulus package.


     That being the very first Stimulus money handed out and the fact that OMB memos and White House memos have been found showing that the White House Obama and Biden were very interested in "rushing this through" on their very first one and all the photo ops, etc. makes Solyndra so symbolic that even the MSM has found it difficult to ignore this particular Obama scandal.  

     Solyndra was, Vice President Biden said, "exactly what the Recovery Act was all about." Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winner, said Solyndra would help "spark a new revolution that will put Americans to work."  Obama said on one of his visits, "It is here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter, more prosperous future," he said. Hailing the green jobs loan guarantee program, he went on, "We can see the positive impacts right here at Solyndra."   But most importantly . . . . 


      The White House went so far as to prepare a propaganda video about the company, a slick public relations quality product designed to convince the MSM that green jobs were obviously the wave of tomorrow (not next year, tomorrow), Obama was super competent and involved himself with super competent folks like those at Solyndra.  Reality and propaganda seldom jive.  The Washington Examiner's David Freddoso reported, an audit of the company performed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers two months before Obama's visit showed Solyndra had accumulated losses of $558 million in its five years of existence.   

      Solyndra's audit showed the company "has suffered recurring losses from operations, negative cash flows since inception and has a net stockholders' deficit that, among other factors, raises substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern."   That didn't impress the MSM.  The most damning factor in the eyes of the MSM (the Washington Examiner is considered a slightly conservative mouthpiece unlike the NY Times and Washington Post) was this:  original Solyndra investor, Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser, a major contributor to Obama's 2008 election campaign, and others provided an additional $75 million in financing to Solyndra. They did so on condition, approved by the Energy Department, that THEY receive priority over previous creditors, including the government.   And there was the fact that not only the Republicans on the oversight committee were on Solyndra's case, but Henry, the weasel, Waxman a California Democrat protecting the interests of California investors was involved in seeking truth about Solyndra. 

      On Aug. 31, while Obama played golf at Matha's Vineyard, Solyndra filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy papers.  On the day Obama made his "pass this bill now" AJA speech, the FBI was raiding Solyndra's offices.  Even without "provable malfeasance" the decision to loan money to Solyndra was so clearly incompetent that even IF everyone in the administration acted with good faith . . . Solyndra is still a huge scandal.  Very shrewd venture capitalists lose money on most of their investments and win huge on a few, and keep on winning. But when THEY lose, it's their money, not ours. 

      The green jobs scandal is still with us, since the Energy Department handed out more loan guarantees in the past few weeks.  According to a contributor at the Rasmussen Reports website, these loans all look tainted:  "$150 million to 1366 Technologies of Lexington, Mass. (73 percent for Obama in 2008), 80 percent of $344 million to Solar City of San Mateo, Calif. (72 percent for Obama in 2008)."  The article asked the question, "Will one of them be the next Solyndra?"  Rajjpuut would suggest that the extent of political largesse and corruption by this administration; and its corruption is far closer to his figure:  74 major scandals and a whole lot of incompetence and philosophical (Marxism) sabotage.

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 Now we find out WHY Nancy Pelosi didn't pass a 2011 budget!"    

2011 Americans Robbed of $105.464 Billion
 by Obamacare UNconstitutionality
           Two huge secrets and loads of corruption have now been revealed for all thinking American voters and taxpayers to cogitate upon: 
1.                  Why did Nancy Pelosi and the house Democrats NOT pass a budget for Fiscal Year 2011?
2.                 What exactly was Nancy Pelosi talking about in Mid-March, 2010?
            Speaking about Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi told us “We’re just going to have to pass this bill so people can find out what’s in it.” According to information recently revealed in a report by Congressional researchers to Minnesota Republican Representative Michelle Bachman, “what’s in it” . . .  is loads of UNconstitutional features designed to STEAL your money and mine.   The Heritage Foundation and Congressional Republicans combing through Obamacare to get the fundamental knowledge to pass an honest and accurate budget for 2011 (albeit six months late) stumbled upon a cesspool full of corruption expertly hidden within the law . . . how did this happen?
ITEM: The final copy of the 2,900+ page Obamacare was in the hands of the voting representatives less than two hours before the vote . . . totally contrary to the rule of law as well as common sense, fiscal responsibility, and statesmanship.  Not a single Republican voted for the bill; 31 Democrats joined them in opposing Obamacare . . . obviously, it was impossible for any of them to have read and fully understood what they were voting on, so the only sensible and honest vote under those conditions was a "NAY!"
ITEM: The final copy included material pounded out by Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and officials from the Obama Administration that no one except them and the progressive SEIU and several progressive foundations and their lawyers (who actually constructed the bill) had read before . . . again, . . . totally contrary to the rule of law as well as common sense, fiscal responsibility, and statesmanship.
ITEM: Even the passage of the monstrous Senate version of the bill almost three months earlier was accomplished under shady circumstances:   late on Christmas Eve of 2009 as if it were some great emergency law needed to stave off catastrophe rather than in ordinary fashion for a law that wouldn’t be implemented fully for eight and a half years . . . once more with emphasis . . . totally contrary to the rule of law as well as common sense, fiscal responsibility, and statesmanship.
ITEM: In section 402 Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sibelius was given a $16 Billion slush fund to use as she sees fit within the health care field. UNconstitutional!  But Kathleen was part of another fraudulent action as well . . . .
ITEM: In section 1311A Sibelius was also given as many blank checks as she wishes, for as much as she wishes (“slushus fundus godzillus”) to enable the White House to make loans and grants to individual states having problems with implementation (California, for example would have problems). UNconstitutional to the max!
ITEM: The first eight years of Obamacare establishment costs have been pre-funded removing all control of the funding for establishment and implementation from the congresses that would follow and putting it all under the responsibility of Obama, Pelosi and Reid at that one sick moment in time Mid-March, 2010. UNconstitutional!  Never in the history of the republic has such a bill been passed tying the hands of future lawmakers and budgeters . . . .
ITEM: $105, 464,000,000 of pre-funding for Obamacare was included in the bill . . . effectively by-passing the right and ability of future Congresses to control the purse strings. Like voting once and giving us bad laws like Prohibition or allowing Slavery in certain states forever. UNconstitutional!
            So what’s going on here? Barack, Nancy, and Harry have stolen $105.464 Billion from the American taxpayers and usurped the constitutionally separated rights of the present and future congresses to control the purse strings of the country as the Constitution provides. While there have been greater usurpations of power by a president . . . Teddy Roosevelt just taking the land for the Panama Canal from Colombia comes to mind . . . the shared guilt of Reid, Obama and Pelosi has to be viewed as among the most totally arrogant acts by a single party in the country’s history. The Republican Party now has the full moral right and obligation to demand a) all the money back b) all the slush funds closed c) all 2,900+ pages of Obamacare be repealed d) and full co-operation in balancing the budget for fiscal 2011 which Nancy Pelosi didn’t deign to pass . . . WHY?   Because by not creating a budget, she hoped to hide the revelation of the $105.464 BIllion in UNconstitutionally stolen taxpayer money (and usurping of power from future Congresses) which would have stuck out like a sore and swollen thumb.  Sweet Nancy . . . and as for Barack, we now have clear grounds for impeachment as he was part of the executive branch commandeering the role of the House of Representatives.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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“Showcased” Obama-Endorsed Green Company

Wasted $ 390 Million in Stimulus Funds



            Here’s one more story the mainstream-lamestream media won’t cover. Is that thirty-six or thirty-seven major scandals or lies within Mr. Obama’s corrupt administration we’ve been spared?***

            As the country once again moves toward $4 a gallon gasoline, this time with an anti-oil administration running the Oval Office which swore to create five million green tech jobs and begin the end of oil dependency, do you remember that $787 Billion Obama stimulus that was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%?   A green-tech company that raised huge amounts of  money for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, which then became the poster-boy for  his green-tech initiatives and the first company to receive  Obama stimulus money, Solyndra, Inc. of Fremont, California, has it turns out wasted at least $390 million of $535 Million of federal Stimulus funds.  

          Solyndra, which received three ringing TV appearance endorsements personally from Vice-President Joe Biden and two from Obama himself, is now the subject of a congressional investigation into waste, fraud and abuse by the House Energy and Commerce Committee which has revealed that the company was not eligible for a loan guarantee which the company stated would help them create 3,000 construction jobs and 1,000 permanent green jobs in the manufacture of solar panels. Solyndra is also closing plants instead of opening new ones. The oversight committee has also revealed details of an $800,000 ad campaign designed to promote good eating habits which might have created 2.5 advertising jobs, but did nothing seriously to fight unemployment. While the advertising company did turn a profit from the stimulus, Solyndra has never turned a profit during the six years of its existence despite being a pet project for Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser who did a better job as a major campaign fund raiser for Obama-Biden 2008 then he did running a green-tech company.

           Mattie Corrao, government affairs manager with Americans for Tax Reform, said the Solyndra loan shows how hollow Obama’s promise to “keep close track over how stimulus money has been spent” has proven itself. “They (the Obama administration) are trying to pretend we’re creating jobs and hoping the taxpayers are dumb enough and blind enough to believe the lie,” Corrao said. “After two years of unemployment about 9 percent, people aren’t going to believe it anymore.” Because of the close personal connection between Kaiser and Obama, Corrao says the loan should never have been considered in the first place. No Solyndra officials would speak with conservative reporters about the story.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



***          Let’s count backwards, OK? But first, when you go to:


You’ll find a 40-page list of the stories that the mainstream media has refused to cover or investigate about president Obama’s administration; their associations; their lies; their failures etc. Stories which, if a conservative were involved, would have each rated about two weeks coverage . . . judge for yourself. It begins with him seeking 1995 political endorsement in Chicago from the coalition (of ACORN and the union SEIU) which called itself:  the “Marxist New Party.” Obama at the time was an ACORN attorney browbeating and shaking down lenders to get them to comply with the deliberate-bad-loans requirement of the CRA-77 legislation that led to the subprime crisis that eventually bankrupted the country and caused the financial meltdown in late 2007.   His rant on “White Folks Greed” is actually a quote of Jeremiah Wright (the pastor he says he never listened to while spending 20 years in his church) which Obama put in his own book “Dreams from my Father” . . .  runs through 175 appointment scandals (44 Czars never vetted by the Senate or FBI include at least 35 with acknowledged communist ties) . . . etc., etc.  How can the mainstream media refuse to show this guy’s true stripes?

Here is a list of ten key stories taken at random by Rajjpuut that 95% of Americans have never heard about because the liberal press refuses to bring this guy’s very suspect record up for examination. He’s their darling and they will protect him. Here are the stories and the nature of the scandal involved:

10.    Solyndra: stimulus money goes to firm of major Obama fundraiser. $390 million of the $535 million stimulus money is wasted and 4,000 promised jobs are NOT created.        CRONY-CAPITALISM

9.  Third revelation of General Motors and Chrysler closing down profitable car dealerships owned by Republican donors so that nearby failing or barely profitable dealerships owned by Obama 2008 supporting dealerships benefit from near monopoly status.       


     8. Two things here . . . . a) Not only was President Obama lying when he said his plan (Obamacare) would allow you to “keep your present plan, if you like it;” and he failed to tell the public that an “interim final rule” filed as regulations by three agencies (among the 390+ agencies created within Obamacare) made it against the law for your plan to make certain changes required to keep them compatible with Obamacare, so these plans (including plans specifically ‘grandfathered in’) are non-compliant and you can’t keep using them. And b) you’ll remember that Obamacare passed first by reconciliation in the Senate so that the 60-40 majority wasn’t required to allow a vote; and then Obama had to sign a last minute piece of paper guaranteeing that no federally-funded abortions would be allowed under Obamacare. This got him 12 last-minute anti-abortion Democratic votes led by Michigan’s Bart Stupak. Over 100,000 federally-funded abortions have already occurred under Obamacare; indeed they were made the very first covered Obamacare operations.         HHS (sometimes called the “Dept. of Health and Abortion Services”) run by Kathleen Sebelius has also not been in compliance with the federal government’s financial management laws so it’s impossible to trace exactly how widespread this federal-funding of Obamacare abortions really is and literally cannot account for hundreds of millions of dollars.  LIES, DOUBLE-DEALING, and DELIBERATE MISUSE OF FEDERAL FUNDS 

7.   Remember all those promises of openness and square-dealing that Obama would insist upon as he dramatically changed the “climate in Washington?”  The Obama administration has on at least 40 occasions denied release of information under the Freedom of Information Act by claiming that “such-and-such report is still in draft form” and therefore exempt from the FOIA and somehow the final form is never ever completed. Most recent case of this broken promise game: The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) promise made in federal court that they’d be forthcoming and release an internal memo detailing their investigation into how and illegal alien known criminal was never deported and allowed to stay in the country long enough to kill a Virginia nun in a drunken-driving incident. When did she get killed?  August, 2010. The latest missed date on this case: January 18, 2011. And, yep, the report is still in “draft” form.

                                DOUBLE-DEALING; OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE; LIE related to OPENNESS

6. You know all those continuing resolutions (CRs) that are passed so that the government continues to operate? Why isn’t any permanent “fix” ever passed? Obama sneakiness. Virtually every permanent spending bill Barack Obama has tried to get passed has been full of freebies and other goodies for his union supporters. One that caught my eye was back in September last year when one bill turned out to contain a $20 Billion list of add-ons benefitting the unions with taxpayer money. For example: the $1.9 Billion “Race to the Top” grants supposedly aimed at rewarding better-performing schools . . . was, it turned out, merely  $1.9 Billion so that school districts could hire $1.9 Billion worth of new UNION teachers . . . the bill discriminated against teachers who would not join the teachers’ union.



5.   You’ve heard of the New Black Panther voter-intimidation case in Philadelphia that was already won which the Obama DOJ chose to drop? Well this one is much, much more serious. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) boss Andy Stern, according to White House logs has been the most frequent single visitor of the President over the first two+ years of his administration. SEIU was the biggest contributor to Obama-Biden 2008. The Federal Election Commission under the Obama DOJ has dropped an election violation case against the SEIU union that was also won. The union required local affiliates of SEIU to contribute to the union’s political action fund violating federal election laws.   Of the $9 million war chest the SEIU amassed how much might have gone to Obama’s Democrats? 97%? More? SEIU is now squeezing its local workers for the 2012 elections. How often do you hear of prosecutors with already won cases dropping them?



4. Goldman-Sachs company is sometimes called “Government-Sachs” because of all their political connections and their ability to come out smelling like a rose no matter how scandalous their behavior.   You’ll recall that G-S earned several billion dollars acting on behalf, supposedly for AIG, in the federal bailout of AIG.   You’ll also recall that G-S was forced to make restitution to thousands of clients for double-dealing when it sold them with glowing reports virtually worthless security options. Now it turns out that a)  Goldman-Sachs “minted” most of the horrible real estate investments that got AIG in trouble and that Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner helped them to hide that information. Geithner is a former Goldman employee as is his chief of staff, Mark Patterson.  According to web watchdog “When a congressional panel convened a hearing on the government rescue of American International Group Inc. in January, the public scolding of Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner got the most attention. Lawmakers said the former head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank had presided over a backdoor bailout of Wall Street firms and a cover-up… Representative Darrell Issa,…placed into the hearing record a five-page document itemizing the mortgage securities on which banks such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA had bought $62.1 billion in credit-default swaps from AIG. These were the deals that pushed the insurer to the brink of insolvency — and were eventually paid in full at taxpayer expense. The New York Fed, which secretly engineered the bailout, prevented the full publication of the document for more than a year, even when AIG wanted it released.”  By the way, Geithner also once ran the NY Fed Reserve Bank. The Obama Administration has obstructed a proper accounting of what went wrong in the financial crisis. More from Bloomberg: “The public can now see for the first time how poorly the securities performed, with losses exceeding 75 percent of their notional value in some cases. Compounding this, the document and Bloomberg data demonstrate that the banks that bought the swaps from AIG are mostly the same firms that underwrote the CDOs in the first place. The banks should have to explain how they managed to buy protection from AIG primarily on securities that fell so sharply in value… Professor James Cox of Duke University School of Law says: “They may have been trying to shield Goldman — for Goldman’s sake or out of macro concerns that another investment bank would be at risk.” — points out there are numerous Goldman Sachs pals of Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner who now work for the Obama Administration. They include: Adam Storch, Neel Kashkari, Geithner himself, Mark Patterson, Gary Gensler, Gene Sperling, and Jide Zeitlin.


3. A story that got absolutely NO coverage in the mainstream press was the dissolution of CCX. Funny, over the nine years of its existence the Chicago Climate eXchange’s very existence was dubious; at least the lame-stream mainstream media saw no reason to tell the taxpayers and voters they existed.    Based upon Al Gore’s dubious premises about global warming now proven only supported by corrupt “scientists,” in the background,


Progressive Democrats (including Gore, Kerry, both Clintons and Obama) have been trying to sell Americans for the last nine years on the need for cap and trade legislation. In 2001 based upon money illegally diverted from federal homes programs by Franklin Raines, a patented computer program for carbon-trading was created. A group of about 100 progressive insiders including Gore, Obama, Raines, Goldman-Sachs officials, George Soros, and numerous self-declared Marxists from the sixties established CCX. If Cap and Trade law had ever been passed carbon-trading would have changed the American economy overnight from a $15 TRillion economy to a $25 TRillion one without creating a single new product or service . . . in effect an overnight 67% inflation ($10 TRillion cap and trade charges divided by $15 TRillion REAL economy) as the holder of the patent and owner of CCX this scandalous progressive consortium would have extracted huge commissions on every carbon-trade that ever occurred for the next twenty years and beyond making virtually every member of the group a hundred-billionaire. When Conservative news gatherers like FOXNews caught the scent several participants sold out their shares. When Cap and Trade failed again and a largely Republican House was voted in – CCX dissolved and the participants moved to England where’s Gore’s shell company is still hoping for Cap and Trade to become global.

                SIMPLE PURE CORRUPTION . . . LIES . . . Cover-up’


2. We have a tie for the #2 spot. a) After conservative press and bloggers got wind of the connections behind Obama’s 44 Czars showing that most of them were self-admitted Marxists and other radicals the mainstream media (MSM) refused to cover the stories of these Czars’ background. When two of them made their outright communism evident (Anita Dunn (praising Chairman Mao killer of 58 million Chinese in peace time) and Van Jones (several of his speeches calling for “revolution” got out across the internet), the MSM still ignored the stories. Finally, it came out that Van Jones’ radicalism included being  a “9/11-Truther” who claimed the U.S. government had conspired to create 9/11’s devastation . . . after the conservative press carried the story for three weeks, Van Jones quietly “resigned” and Dunn as well. Total coverage by most of the MSM: two minutes. b) Obama’s plan to seize over ten million acres of land in nine western states using an obscure clause of the Antiquities Act of 1906 to designate all the land as “monuments” went totally uncovered by the MSM. For those of you who don’t know it, the vast majority of federal land is already owned in the west with Nevada, for example, belongs 55% to the Feds rather to its own citizens and in Alaska even a larger percentage is federal land. This proposed law misuse much like the cap and trade scandal was so egregiously corrupt that even with large majorities in both chambers of Congress, the measure was defeated handily when S.C. Senator Jim DeMint of TEA Party fame exposed the facts on the Senate floor. ZERO Coverage by the MSM. 

                                                   POWER-GRABBING UNETHICAL USE OF INAPPLICABLE LAWS


1.  One of the bigger untold stories by the MSM is the absolute idiocy and corruption and total INCOMPETENCE involved in Obama’s energy policies. We’ve already mentioned Solyndra; already mentioned CCX and cap and trade . . . but things get much, much worse very quickly . . . .

       a) During a 2008 campaign interview with the San Francisco Chronicle Barack Obama admitted his policies would bankrupt the coal industry and “necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket” his own words. The Chronicle sat on the story and the MSM has deemed it unworthy of print for 31 months now. If all Americans were aware of that story, how much credence would Obama’s confused and contradictory “energy plan” have?

     b) You can thank the FOIA for this little gem. The “success of Spain’s and Denmark’s wind energy programs” frequently touted by candidate and President Obama was disproven by two studies that outright refuted his claims. Immediately Obama turned to progressive multi-billionaire George Soros and his own Department of Energy and former CEO Cathy Zoo of Al Gore’s company to begin massive lobbying efforts on behalf of wind energy legislation despite the fact that more Freedom of Information Act efforts are being thwarted to reveal documents showing that Wind Energy may be fined for pumping water or running a mill here and there, but it does NOT work on a large scale. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is still filing requests for FOIA information still being withheld by the Department of Energy. How many people do you know who are aware of this story?

C. Recent surveys show that only about 8% of Americans have heard this and 82% of those who know about it say they were “unpleasantly surprised” when they learned of it. Mr. Obama has repeatedly promised/threatened to create “five million new green-tech jobs” in America.    Spain which saw its economy go from #1 in Europe and 4% unemployment in 1996 to one of the most fragile economies and 21.3% unemployment now was the leader in the green movement beginning in 1997-98. Mr. Obama frequently cites Spain as an example of a great green success although those unemployment figures make that lie hard to swallow. A study of the Spanish green debacle by a noted Spanish economist gives us these details: 1) government subsidies of Spanish green technology cost 2.2 jobs in the REAL free-market economy for every single green job created 2) cost of the average green job was $676,000 each 3)some of those green jobs lasted less than six weeks but they were counted the same as the permanent green jobs 4) only 10% of all the green jobs proved permanent 5) Spanish green jobs typically paid only $10-$14 per hour which was less than the average REAL job lost ($16) . . . . OUCH! So let’s extrapolate Obama’s promise of creating five million green jobs here in America:   the cost would be eleven million REAL free market jobs for creating the subsidized green jobs; given rising prices, the cost would be around $840,000 to create the average green job; some of those green jobs would still last only six weeks and they’d still be counted as if they were “permanent;” only 500,000 permanent green jobs would be created and they’d be moderate-paying at best . . . in sum 22 REAL jobs would be lost to create one permanent Obama green-tech job.


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MSM Leaves Out Two Little Details

Concerning Bell, California Scandal

When your small-town government officials vote to pay themselves four times the going rate for cities five times your town’s size, that’s a big story. When the town is going bankrupt by leaps and bounds the story is complicated. When unemployment floods the city, that’s more complicated. When the mainstream media chooses to omit two crucial details of the story that makes everything so much more intriguing, no?

The story broke at the start of the summer, no big deal but full of the human interest that drives so many stories during hard economic times. The city of Bell, California, a Los Angeles Country suburb of L.A. was suffering like virtually no small town in southern California had ever suffered . . . whatever the source of the joblessness and poverty growing upon Bell, public activism was NOT the preferred solution. You see, Bell’s problem might have arisen from voter apathy. Only 400 votes were cast in Bell’s 2005 election designating Bell as a charter city. An extra-large number of those 400 votes were suspicious absentee votes. Later in March of 2007, Bell held its first contested elections for city council in over a decade.

As Bell’s problems grew, nearby towns in Southern Cal were also suffering. In July 2010, when two L.A. Times reporters, Jeff Gottlieb and Ruben Vives, began investigating possible malfeasance in a neighboring city but got distracted when they discovered Bell city officials were receiving unusually large salaries, perhaps the highest in the nation. Indeed, the city payroll was swollen with six- to seven-figure salaries. City Manager Robert Rizzo received $787,637 a year (almost double the salary Obama receives. Including benefits, Rizzo received $1.5 million in the last year. His assistant Angela Spaccia, was earning $376,288 a year, more than the top administrator for all of L.A. Country. Police chief, Randy Adams, was paid $457,000, 33% more the Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck. The threesome resigned following initial news reports and a huge public outcry.

And then more facts came to light. All but one member of the Bell city council were receiving $100,000 for their part-time work, and all these salaries were SHOCK!! authorized by that 2005 special election, giving the city Charter status. Council members in cities of Bell’s size typically make less than $5,000 per year.

Ten days ago the California Attorney General's office filed a lawsuit against eight former and current employees, demanding return of "excessive salaries" and a reduction in pension benefits accrued as a result of those higher salaries. Apparently, the problem has only been getting worse since the 2005 Charter City election. Both the FBI and California Secretary of State’s office are investigating allegations about improprieties in the 2009 election and the city's ultra-high property taxes are also being investigated.

Apparently, virtually all of Bell’s residences and buildings were over assessed and overtaxed between 2007 and 2010. This week former city manager Robert Rizzo, Mayor Oscar Hernandez, former assistant city manager Angela Spaccia and council members George Mirabal, Teresa Jacobo, Luis Artiga, George Cole and Victor Bello were arrested and charged with misappropriation of public funds. Police Chief Randy Adams has resigned under pressure and been replaced. Of note, the media have had a field day kicking Bell around but two little details about the town’s plight have been conveniently missing from every MSM (mainstream media) story so far . . . only FOX News noticed that Bell calls itself “a proud sanctuary city” and that all eight of the problem officials were Democrats.

Interesting, just as they’ve left the party tag off Charlie Rangel (D) and Maxine Waters (D) and downplayed or omitted news about their scandals, the MSM seems to only believe (R) –Rated scandals require party mention.

So Bell, California, has been run for at least thirteen years by a Democratic machine; moved itself out of the umbrella of state law with a questionable charter city election; deliberately overburdened its systems by making itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and definitely got the progressive government it so-deserved with virtually no one going to the polls to keep their crooks honest. Sounds like Washington, D.C., eh?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Cap and Trade Fix is in, NOAA Says

Earth Growing Warmer Last Five Decades +

Where did that quote in the headline come from? Here it is, from and TEA party blogger Rajjpuut as spoken three seconds ago, “Scientific evidence of NOAA’s and Jane Lubchenco’s bullsh__ is unmistakable.” Yep, folks, the fix is in! In deference to Barack Obama’s “Cap and Trade” legislation being in deep trouble . . . and despite the facts that the world’s premier climate research organization’s (the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit or CRU) purportedly 2500 year statistical study have been proven doctored and flim-flammed; and the 300-year long Medieval Warm Period a.k.a. Medieval Optimum or Medieval Climate Anomaly

was deliberately omitted by CRU’s (United Nation’s) climate calculations to give them their infamous “hockey stick” spike in recent years’ figures

the NOAA, another so-called scientific watchdog bureau, stated today that “the scientific evidence for global warming is unmistakable.” Why should they be believed?

Item: You might be able to fool liberals and people tied to the environmental agenda again, but when you cry “Wolf!” too often, people with common sense stop listening . . . .

Item: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, run by an Obama appointee Jane Lubchenco naturally, is now making climate conclusions based upon fifty-plus years instead of the 2,500 years that CRU supposedly was considering.

Item: Ms. Lubchenco calls herself a scientist, but is not, not a real scientist, she’s a gung ho “environmentalist” whose conclusions all fit the environmentalist razzle-dazzle that “the sky is falling” and “we’re all gonna die.”

Item: Until recently, the climate functioning of NOAA, was known as AIRS, the Atmospheric Institute for Research Science out of Boulder, Colorado. They were supposedly the premier Climate research group in the nation. Since they weren’t amenable to global-warming corruption, the Maryland-based NOAA was tasked with climate matters for the country. So the question is, where did this 50-years + worth of weather data come from? And, of course, talking about climate with only a fifty-year base is kind of ludicrous on the face of it.**

Item: Purportedly Ms. Lubchenco has 50 years of increasing temperatures working for her, back in 1974, the experts talked about a serious cooling trend from 1923-1974 an overlapping 51-year cooling trend. Can the “experts” from this administration be trusted to accurately research and present any facts at all? Rajjpuut remembers quite well, and perhaps you do also, that in the ‘70’s we were eaten alive by the environmental kooks^^ saying we had been in a rapid cooling period for the last fifty-one years caused by man’s corrupton of the environment and a new ice age was likely. Obama Science Czar John Holdren was quoted extensively in depth by all the print and broadcast media back then about the coming ice age.

Item: The mainstream media in Europe dutifully reported the Climate Gate rigged-science scandal when the e-mail leak made it evident back in November, 2009. Even the ultra-liberal London Times did the story up rightly . . . .

but the American media in loyalty to Obama (400+ person JournoList scandal to protect him and to cover up anti-Obama stories,

to protect Obama from the Rev. Wright scandal by making “racism” charges against several leading Republicans rather than covering the Wright story, to dirty the name of Sarah Palin, and even reaching back 13 years NOT to ask the National Organization of Women (NOW) or leading feminists any questions about Bill Clinton and M0nica Lewinsky (with several leading feminist journalists talking about how tough it was to ‘bite the bullet’ for Clinton). It all comes down to a horrific journalistic scandal to control the country for liberal politician’s benefit which naturally assumes that the progressive/liberal agenda has got things straight . . . but they don’t.

Item: the #1 seminal-environmental ‘easy-read’ of all time was a 1962 pseudo-scientific expose by Rachel Carlson called “Silent Spring.” The thesis of the book was that we were wrecking our environment and soon we might have silent springs without birdsong as a result. The truth is a lot of what she was saying made easy and obvious sense. You needn’t be a rocket scientist or an environmentalist to realize that “crapping in one’s nest” is not a good long-term policy.

However, the larger truth is that a lot of what she claimed to be “science” and representing real and serious studies were balderdash. The chief results of the book’s overnight popularity is that A) the United Nations led by USA banned the pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) as a dangerous substance and pretty much a worldwide ban ensued and B) malaria deaths which had dropped to 42,000 have been averaging more than 2 million annually worldwide ever since which amounts to roughly 60 million unnecessary deaths since the ban began because C) none of Ms. Carlson’s claims against DDT were ever verified and most are untrue and D) to date, no reputable studies have ever been done showing DDT causes human cancers; or kills any animals other than mosquitoes, lice, fleas, apple boreworms, corn earworm, cotton bollworm, tobacco budworms, several varieties of potato beetles and other insects; or causes genetic defects in birds, humans, mammals, amphibians, fish or reptiles; or that DDT makes the shells of bird’s eggs thinner endangering the chicks.

Forgetting the rest of those nasty insects: the mosquito alone (remember those two million malaria deaths annully) and its gifts to humanity such as malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus, encephalitis, meningitis, dengue fever as well as equine encephalitis, canine and feline heartworms and roughly twenty other serious diseases is the bane of mankind and nothing ever handled mosquitoes nearly so effectively as DDT. Two pieces of good news: A) Recently the World Health Organization rescinded their ban on DDT and countries like Uganda immediately began fighting malaria with it. B) Though undocumented rumors of laboratory success in doing so have floated about for years, it’s virtually impossible to transmit AIDS via mosquitoes . . . that is, because of mosquito$$ plumbing, it mighy actually happen in nature once and then not happen again for fifteen years or longer. Studying mosquito-borne diseases is a much simpler scientific venture than studying so-called global warming and so-called anthropomorphic (man-caused) global warming; and studying whether carbon dioxide can actually make global temperatures rise . . . and the selfsame environmentalist who sold us on DDT’s evil are no selling us another bill of goods. As a great, great man recently said, “Scientific evidence of NOAA’s and Jane Lubchenco’s bullsh__ is unmistakable.”

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


** In fairness, Rajjpuut must admit that while weather can be easily monitored from Boulder, Colorado . . . monitoring climate from Boulder is like monitoring chipmunk populations from the moon. The oceans create and control climate so Maryland is presumably a far better place to study oceans and climate from . . . but why do we need Ms. Lubchenco, a 2009 Obama appointee involved, why replace competent oceanographers at NOAA with a political hack who’s sold her soul to the environmental extremist contigent at birth?

^^Most notably Obama Science Czar John Holdren wrote several articles on the coming ice age and the need for population control based upon the impossibility of feeding our present world populations under frigid conditions) and he also co-wrote a book about the same time combining all the extreme leftist concerns (population, environment, pollution, etc.) in which he advocated sterilizing agents in the water and food supply, forced abortions, and compulsory sterilizations. Recently, Mr. Holdren has contorted the past mightily to distance himself from his extremism.

$$ The only vector (means) for mosquito-borne AIDS would be if microscopic droplets outside the mosquito probosis (blood-sucking nose-like part) gained entrance into the next human’s body which is virtually, but not utterly impossible because of the refined techniques mosquitoes employ in sucking us dry

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B.P = “Beyond Perverted?” or “Bad People?”

The further from the political center you are and the further from the Constitution and common sense you get, the more likely that the political system is going to exploit you. There are countless foolish Democrats, feminists, Black and Hispanic and Jewish organizations who have clearly and dearly sold their souls to Barack Obama. Along the same lines, there are numerous idiotic conservatives who will basically never say a word against a particular corporation or against some of the atrocities that go around under the guise of corporate climate, etc. When it comes to exploitation, we are already seeing many of the Left’s progressive toadies starting to feel political repercussions for their loyalty to the Annointed One Barack Obama and the legions (54% of voters backed him in November, 2008) are paying the price for not doing their homework and not casting informed votes and will do so far into the future if the toadies have their way. Similarly, let us look at the case of British Petroleum. Does B.P. = “Beyond Perverted?” Can any self-respecting conservative give lip service to B.P. as a responsible corporate entity?

Before going forward, in the interest of fairness before searing B.P., let’s say a few very obvious things about the Gulf Oil Spill . . . MMS under Ken Salazar had the responsibility to ensure safety at the Macondo drilling site where Deepwater Horizon was located. They gave B.P. several write-offs on safety requirements required by the 1990 and 1994 beefed up drilling safety regulations. Their inspections failed to detect an inadequate failsafe device (a deadman-shut off switch) which ultimately in concert with other problems caused the explosion. They failed to force B.P. to have the ten fire booms necessary at the site (there were exactly zero fire booms on site). MMS officials and inspectors, in the booze, drugs, sex and offshore drilling revelations scandal was shown to be repeatedly in bed with B.P., Obama promised that and the whole climate at MMS would change immediately when he got into office . . . apparently the MMS inspectors were still NOT doing their jobs. More recently, MMS and Salazar and Obama knew on February 13, (ten days after problems arose) about ten weeks before the fire, explosion and sinking of Deepwater Horizon that there were serious problems at the Macondo site when (as one California University engineer put it) “the whole damned place got within a hair of exploding” . . . so if there were ever a great time for a Moratorium on drilling at that site and that site only . . . that was the moment.

Now let’s look more closely at British Petroleum . . . . If Obama’s cap and trade bill becomes law, B.P. may make more money by doing nothing than it ever did by drilling for oil. They are in bed with Al Gore’s London-based Generation Investment Management and they own about 8% of ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) which in turn recently bought CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange) when the heat from Glen Beck’s probes into this massive conflict of interest scandal began ratcheting upwards. In effect, B.P. is investing its profits to the utter detriment of the oil industry . . . .

B.P. is the single largest Obama-contributing corporation. Since backing Obama in 2008 (this is a no-brainer) was sure to tighten the screws on the oil industry and on loosey- goosey B.P. in particular, this was a highly cynical and corrupt attempt to win a “get out of jail-free pass” from the Annointed One.

British Petroleum, it was recently revealed, has for years been violating the internation sanctions on Iran and been freely dealing with that rogue government.

Just because MMS had the ultimate responsibility to the American people for the safe operation of Deepwater Horizon, B.P. is clearly running a close second in ultimate responsibility. B.P. chose which safety rules to ignore and ignored a batch of them. B.P. had been warned by its own inspectors about not just the one dead-man kill switch but several related problems. B.P. chose to operate with not even one of the required ten fire booms on site. B.P.’s negligence killed eleven men, hurt their stockholders and destroyed the Gulf environmentally and economically.

Shady seat-of-the-pants operations seems to be the B.P. norm. Just type the words “British Petroleum MMS scandal” into your search engine and you’ll get about 72,000 hits and 90% of these hits will be over two years old . . . for which the Bush administration and in a few rare cases the MMS under the Clinton and Bush administrations are at fault.

Right here in Colorado B.P. has been fined $5.2 million for false, inaccurate or misleading production and reports . . . in effect cheating the Ute Indian nation out of royalty money they’d earned. Because of B.P.’s scandalous relationships with MMS auditors it took over three years for the case to come to decision. California Republican Darrell Issa has been pushing for some time to re-open investigations into the scandals involving primarily B.P. and MMS but “something always seems to get in the way.”

Finally, there’s the freeing of Abdul Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber. BP admitted to pressuring the British Government in 2007 to speed up a prisoner release so that they might gain Libyan area drilling permits. Blood money is all over the hands of B.P. executives and for the 189 Americans who died in Al Megrahi’s terrorist attack, Rajjpuut can only say, this is why blanket protection of corporations like Enron and B.P. without first getting all the facts is a foolish, foolish thing for conservatives to do -- by the way, some men live up to 25 years with prostate cancer.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Real American Freedom Becomes Slavery under Obama
according to Net Neutrality Bill
The internet is the last stand for journalistic integrity. While the mainstream media pander to the powers that be and protect the entrenched ones’ butts by refusing to run contrary opinion and by slanting virtually everything aired or printed, the internet allows free exchange of information and ideas. Barack Obama wants to change that immediately: courtesy of a “net-neutrality” law, a “reform” of the internet. The Obama administration has a real talent for oxymoron. For example, everything labeled “reform” by the Obama adminsitration (reform meaning “making things better”) so far has been nothing more than a power grab, for example:
Cap and Trade is NOT environmental reform, you’re just talking about paying for licenses to pollute and a method to transfer wealth. The architects of the cap and trade bill have admitted the earth will NOT become less polluted. No improvement just more government control.
Obamacare is NOT health care reform, but just a massive socialized medicine program designed to put much more of the private sector under government control and transfer wealth. Right now the Obamacare taxes being taken out (while no benefits are being given) are ensuring that the present now 18-month big recession will reverse directions (it was improving) and become a full-scale depression. No improvement, just more apparent reason for the government to intervene.
Immigration reform is NOT about improving the immigration laws but rather about ensuring that huge amounts of ILlegal immigrants (who will theoretically vote Democrat by an 85-15 margin) can become legal citizens as quickly as possible and maintain the Democrats in power for the foreseeable eternity. Why has the Obama administration refused to protect the borders? Because the borders are their only hope for success in 2010 and re-election in 2012 . . . 11.9 million new Democrats potentially. No improving things, just taking advantage of things.
Financial Reform is NOT about fixing anything but just about moving the government into control of everything having to do with our money. The failed concept of "too big to fail" will be institutionalized inside the so-called "reform" bill. We'll have got permanent bailouts in the system. Right now AIG, whom we bailed out is again selling "credit-default swaps" this time on Greece. If Greece goes under . . . AIG goes under again and what then? Meanwhile the government controls more and if AIG goes under again, they show that the "free market failed again" and government needs to save them again. Once again, no improvement just gaming the system to their advantage.
And most recently, the push for a net-neutrality reform bill to oversee the internet is NOT about reforming so that the net stays free . . . it’s already free. It’s about wiping out contrary voices to big government such as Ol’ Rajjpuut here and giving big government more control over every aspect of our daily lives. Along with Cap and Trade legislation, the Obama administration is playing a huge scam upon the American people. Right now the so-called “free press” of the mainstream media is totally loathe to hold this president and this administration’s feet to the fire. Instead they operate as utterly sycophantic “Yes” men to glorify everything Baracky. The biggest single threat to our freedom imaginable is the Cap and Trade bill now before the senate. The bill would be immediately rejected IF IF IF IF the American people were privy to what the European people have seen exposed to them. For example:
It took the ultra-liberal London Times twelve days to do its research and work up the courage to “eat crow” (they had been in the vanguard of praising global-warming activism for many years. So global warming is a sham and a hoax, but here in America, the mainsteam/lamestream media refuses to cover this story and now is refusing to cover the conflict of interest story pointed straight at Al Gore and Barack Obama that will up your cost of living by roughly 67% as soon as Cap and Trade legislation is passed. Crucial to understand: Barack Obama and Gore and their cronies would profit mightily from the creation of the $10 TRillion per year cap and trade “industry.” An industry selling “blue sky nothingness” is really a scam, not an industry. Barack Obama's Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is designed to not only transfer wealth but especially to enrich their numerous accomplices. For the full details:
When the last vestige of a free press is controlled by Big Brother Barack, America and the free world will die quickly.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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