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By Oscar Y. Harward

Public schools are failing to teach our children responsibility, but are teaching our children irresponsibility in a way to proceed without constructive performance as would be taught in ‘Social Studies’ classes.

Public schools are failing to teach our children values as experienced by our Founding Fathers and would disclose these earlier founders’ wisdoms as inscribed into our US Constitution.  Instead, our public schools are barred from teaching the Bible as a more than 2,000 year old history.  Public schools are teaching our children as to how our Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian values may be destroyed.

Freedom of Speech: Public schools are failing to teach our children the importance of the 1st Amendment; ‘Freedom of Speech’, as a method of protest allowing law-abiding citizens to express their lawful views.  Instead, local, state, and federal government agencies are teaching our children how to attack law-enforcement officers and others, to practice protest and often leading to vandalism, looting, burning, and rioting throughout communities. Some attacks by community thugs are leading to deaths.

Freedom of Religion: Public schools are failing to teach our children the importance of the 1st Amendment, ‘Freedom of Religion’, as a method of allowing citizens to worship at their choice within any Judeo-Christian House of Worship of choice, but after an erroneous SCOTUS decision; ABINGTON SCHOOL DIST. v. SCHEMPP, (1963). Public schools are teaching our children and instructed to a ‘Freedom from Religion’.

Freedom of the Press: Public schools are failing to teach our children the importance of the 1st Amendment, ‘Freedom of the Press’.  Our Founding Fathers wanted to make sure the citizenry would be permitted to know, from inside, what members of government was doing.  Many in the ‘Main-stream Medias’ have turned their 2nd Amendment rights from a news reporting view, but into a cheering section in support their own choices of candidates and/or other political positions. 

2nd Amendment:A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  

Public schools are failing to teach our children the importance of the 2nd Amendment.  All schools; public, private, charter, and all other schools should be teaching our children: 

  1. 1.    The safety of owning and operating guns.
  2. 2.    Practicing target shooting as a sport.
  3. 3.    Hunting wildlife for food used for (y)our family’s nourishment.
  4. 4.    Guns for protecting yourself and/or your family against a home invasion.
  5. 5.    Guns for protecting against a mutinous government. 

Public schools should be teaching our children the importance of owning guns and its safety in protecting Americans how to defend its citizens against terrorist groups or a mutinous government. 

Summary: This commentary is only a small measure illustrating how our ‘public educational’ system is failing to teach our children the importance, the freedoms, and the love of a precious nation; the importance in creating and enriching a ‘free and open’ nation under civilized Constitutional law. 

Solutions: For America to cultivate its people as a ‘free and open’ nation, changes need to re-claim Judeo-Christian values and place these values back into our laws, our brains and our hearts.  As Judeo-Christian values are revealed and implemented, all other fiscal and national security issues will follow, rightly, and leading us to a more prosperous nation. 

God Bless America!

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By Oscar Y. Harward 

Amendment II:  “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” 

President Obama, most ‘left-wing’ Capitol Hill Democrats, and many members of the ‘Main-stream’ Medias appear determined to weaken or destroy the 2nd Amendment of (y)our Constitution. 

Imagine what it would be like if and when (y)our government denied you and me the right to own or even possess a gun for practicing target shooting. 

Imagine what it would be like if and when (y)our government denied you and me the right to own or even possess a gun for hunting wildlife game for (y)our family nourishment. 

Imagine what it would be like if and when (y)our government denied you and me the right to own or even possess a gun for protecting yourself and/or your family against a criminal’s home invasion. 

Imagine what it would be like if and when (y)our government denied you and me the right to own or even possess a gun for protecting yourself and/or your family against a mutinous government; and perhaps, a government’s home invasion into your own household. 

President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats fails to propose any legislation(s) to stop and/or prevent ‘law-breaking’ criminals from stealing guns and using these guns against ‘law-abiding’ citizens, and/or protecting yourself and/or your family against a mutinous government. 

One cure is to leave our ‘law-abiding’ citizens alone for our guns to remain as a safety against criminals, and do not deny any changes to our 2nd Amendment. 

A second cure is to restore and stiffen laws against lawbreakers who ‘illegally’ use guns in crimes.  A murder conviction should and would again, mean the assailant is to get  the ‘death’ penalty.  That will stop the recurring action(s). 

Thirdly, put God and our Holy Bible, our entire Constitutional history, the history of our Founding Fathers, as well as gun history and safety back into the ‘public’ schools. 

Any and all Presidents, legislators, other appointed supervisors, etc. who attempt to violate and/or manipulate our Founding Fathers’ intent of our 2nd Amendment must be investigated.  If evidence is found, he/she must be prosecuted.  If convicted, the criminal must serve active time in prison. 

(Y)our right to ‘keep and bear Arms’ discussions were referenced by our Founding Fathers as a protection for individuals, their families, and citizens’ protection ‘from’ a lawless and mutinous government. 

As you talk to your family, friends, and neighbors, or see, hear, and read the political polls, many are starting to fear a mutinous government. 

Americans are witnessing a ‘lawless’ Executive Branch of government.  

“No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” -- Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776 

“A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well digested plan is requisite: And their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories, as tend to render them independent on others, for essential, particularly for military supplies.” -- George Washington's First Annual Message to Congress (January 8, 1790) 

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759 

Protect of our Second Amendment is essential to a free and open government.  It was then and still is today; primarily intended to protect Americans from a mutinous government. 

Tampering of the 2nd Amendment, in any way, is in violation of (y)our US Constitution. 

God Bless America!

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Four Facts

There are four facts freedom loving folks must face.

1. The main enemy is liberalism.  See

2. The battle front is for the hearts and minds of our children.  See

3. Republicans are not the answer.  See

4. No matter how many political battles are won it will be useless without being saved.  See

We must learn from the folks that fired the first shot in the Culture War.  See

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I have a buggy blog called “Things That Bug Me” ( where I use street smarts, country common sense, and a biblical basis to say what Hannity, Limbaugh et al. won’t say.  For example:

We can win everything and lose it all! If we do not win the hearts and minds of the next generation—it is all a waste!! We must rescue our children!!!

Please see

That makes some people mad, but it is not just liberals.  I have been banned from both the (sick) loony left Huffington Post and the (self-) righteous right Tea Party Nation and Teabook.

Since my posts were clean and reasonably respectful (but tough with loon-lefty liberals), it had to be because the points stung the HuffPost censors. 

The Tea Party Nation dictator banned me for proclaiming that today’s conservatives seriously need to see what happened in 1974 when this culture war was launched.  That single censor caused lots of conservatives to miss important information.  Liberal censors are loathsome, but conservative censors stink.

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Free parents to promote and allow their children an education; it’s their future.


By Oscar Y. Harward


Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, and Democrats continue to ‘force’ parents to continue to pay their taxes, and also send their children to ‘public schools’.  As an alternative to the ‘public schools’, the taxpayers are forced to pay additional costs for offering any alternative education for their children.


All legislators should and could release parents across America from a Socialistic ‘public education’ and allow parents to determine the ‘very best education’ for their children as may be attained.  It is merely a change of the states’ statues on ‘taxes and education’ within their respective domains.


Our “public schools”, led by our US Department of Education has, and continues to subsidize, champion, sponsor, lecture, and sustain more ‘Liberal’ social ideals; ideals contrary to our Constitutional ‘Christian’ values.


It is important for political leaders, our citizens, and the ‘main-stream’ Medias to recognize that our ‘public education’ ‘results’ continue downhill, as compared to other forms of education for our children, and other nations around the world.


It is in the best interest of the  children’s ‘parents’ and the ‘taxpayers’ for our children to be offered the ‘best education available’ for our communities, whether it be in ‘public schools’, private schools, charter schools, parochial schools, or home schools.  ‘All schools’ must meet ‘common test requirements’ in proving each child’s ‘instructional progress’ in their learning.


As Canadian-American journalist, author, and political philosopher, Isabel Paterson said, "A tax supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state."  Most states’ ‘public education’ has been a ‘compulsory educational system’ for years.  As any alternative to ‘public education’, the parents are forced to continue paying their taxes, then pay additional enormous costs for other ‘replacement’ education.


Competing to deliver the ‘very best education’ intended for (y)our children will require all ‘effective’ schools to get better and stronger.


Set our parents ‘free’ so as to promote and allow their children to ascertain a valuable, dynamic, healthy, and prosperous education; it is all about their future.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


Shame on you, Boy Scouts of America's National Council as ‘you’ disgrace yourselves with your action, and in doing so to ‘improperly’ teach ‘immorally’ to our young children.


America’s ‘morality’ was just down-graded by the Boy Scouts of America's National Council as they voted to allow and/or accept ‘homosexuality is OK’ in the Boy Scouts.  This vote by the Boy Scouts of America's National Council indicates these leaders’ own personal reservation ‘honor’ teachings are expected to be decency responsibilities to our children; teachings the children have learned in their Houses of Worship and in their own homes from our Holy Bible that homosexuality is not OK.


Yes, shame on you, Boy Scouts of America's National Council.  With your acceptance of supporting homosexuality in the Boy Scouts of America, you are a disgrace to our younger generation(s).

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By Oscar Y. Harward


What value is the Republican Party ‘Platform’ other than a ‘piece of paper’ when (y)our ‘GOP leadership’ is shaped and approved from the ‘grassroots’ of our Party, displayed as a roadmap for leaders to follow, but its’ precise and detailed values are ‘never applied’ or ‘required’?


Is it possible for the Republican Party ‘leadership’ to return our GOP and our nation back to include a ‘common-sense’ GOP Platform on ‘social issues’, or is the GOP going to continue downhill and into the sewer?


Will the GOP return to Christian values as our Founding Fathers established in our Constitution?  Many others are more than willing to follow the GOP as our Party will then expand.


When President Ronald Reagan said to ‘Build a big tent’, he explained the need to build the Republican Party with others who would support similar ‘social and fiscal’ issues some 80% of the time.  Support of the issues must be based on ‘differing’ issues; Liberal Democrat Party issues v. Conservative Republican Party issues.  President Reagan’s ‘win’ was to persuade others to accept his philosophy; and not for President Reagan, you and/or me to accept theirs.


The Republican Party Platform and its’ ‘leadership’ must subscribe to ‘Social, Fiscal, and National Security’ issues; in that order.  When the ‘Social’ issues become the forerunner, the other issue concerns follow in the ‘right’ path; not necessarily so in any other order.


If the GOP ‘leadership’ continues to degrade (y)our Republican Party based on ‘shameful’, ‘immoral’, and/or other ‘wasteful spending’ on fiscal issues, the Republican Party will die and ‘many others’ will move forward with another “Party” based on ‘moral, fiscal, and National Security’ issue values.


Our Republican Party does not need ‘Republicans In Name Only’ (RINO) or any other ‘Democrat look-alikes’ in our Party. 


‘Main-stream Medias’ and Liberal Democrats steer the ‘out-of-control’ spending while ‘RINO’ Republicans join the left-wing Democrats’ proposals in crossing the ‘political aisle’ to vote and accept more additional spending.  Secondly, these same legislators prepare and dominate lower social standards.  These ‘left-wing’ agendas are wrong.


It is this ‘left-wing’ representation that has and is leaving our ‘ever-growing’ National Debt approaching $17 Trillion.  At the same time, our Judiciary, our ‘public schools’, and our Liberal elected and appointed bureaucrats are ignoring and/or disobeying our Constitution, US Code, and our States’ General Statutes.  Active elected and appointed Democrats and ‘Democrat look-alikes’ masked as ‘RINO’ Republicans are guiding our declining communities with more unfeeling, senseless, and lawless activity.  Our nation is becoming a ‘nation of individuals’ as our freedoms slide away from a ‘system of laws’.


There is more to being a ‘sincere’ Republican Party candidate than putting an ‘R’ beside any individual’s name.  A ‘genuine’ Republican Party candidate will support at least 80% of our ‘social, fiscal, and National Security’ issues as defined in our Republican Party ‘Platform’.


The Republican National Committee (RNC) must save our Republican Party’s ‘donor dollars’ in providing support for responsible GOP candidates who will support the GOP Platform, and to save our USA.  (Y)our Republican Party ‘Platform’ is a roadmap; lead yourself, or follow others to greatness in America.  Help all ‘devoted’ true Republican Party candidates make it happen!

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I have to say, and I hope it's true, "That The Sleeping Giant Has A Waken."

I don't know about you all but I am so grateful to God that "We the People" have finally woken from their slumber. We have a long road a head of us, with my challenges before us, and extremely important decisions to make before the November elections, and what may manifest from the enemies camp. I use the term enemy not lightly, for we as Americans' are facing a party that has never before so boldly infiltrated into our nations political arena. Never before have we ever had such a pro-leftist (Marxist) regime running our nation, and I might add running it right into the ground, trying to disband our constitution, as they work diligently to bankrupt our treasury department, our economy (Jobs/Housing Market), our social integrity and morals with their political correctness movement which is nothing more that Marxist hogwash. 

I am proud to be an America, but the nation I do so love, with its freedoms and liberties are slowly being taken away as these Marxist bastards have infiltrated our schools and what has been being taught in them in just over the past twenty years with socialist professors teaching Marxism to our children, not mentioning the slow deterioration of the standards of what is taught in our schools in the first place from 1st Grade on up, better known as drumming down, which began just about 100 years ago and have been making more head way than ever with the ever present assistance of our media as a hole.

As Americans' we need to understand one thing, and that is, if we expect to change what is happening in Washington, we also need to be prepare to change what is happening not only with the news media, but in Hollywood, the story tellers. For it is from the story tellers (the movie Industry as a whole) which first initiates new ideas, that may seem strange and even unacceptable at first, over time becomes more and more tolerated, until it becomes acceptable as part of our society to the majority, even to those who dis-approve, but figure there is nothing we can do anyways.

In closing I just want to say, We as a people must never again accept the status qua, we must never again be silient, we must never again allow those politicians dictate to us what they are going to do, but We the People, need to stand continuously together and dictate to those politicians what they are going to do, or you'll be striped of authority to make decisions for or nation and its people. And that goes for Hollywood also.

Again I am proud to be an America, and I will not be silenced. We need to stop the murdering of our babies, and end this social revolution of sexual sin (homo-sexuality as a life style, for it is not a life style but a life in the style of sin against both God and nature.

God Bless America Again

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Let Government Brainwash Tots (LGBT)

Let Government Brainwash Tots (LGBT)

 By Karl Priest 7 December 2011

 In my book (see below) I disclose the sneaky tactics used by homosexuals to incorporate their agenda into the minds of public school students.  They are relentless and our taxes are being used to help them.

 At there are three main features:

Cyberbullying, Webisodes for Kids, and LGBT with a rainbow button over the caption:

“If you experience bullying or violence because you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) youth, or others think you are, there are resources available to help you.”

The “Resources and References” ( for the entire site—not under the LGBT button feature the LGBT category.  Of 24 sources, 7 (29%) are LGBT.  The LGBT page has a sidebar with more resources including a message from Resident B. Obama.

Even though diversions such as “cyber bullying” are thrown in only someone educated in the public school system cannot see that this government site is devoted to perverted sexual lifestyles.

From Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. pgs.329-330

 Near the end of my career, I attended a Faculty Senate session for training in prevention of student bullying. The session was promoted by the office of the West Virginia Attorney General. An Attorney General’s office staff member was present to assist in conducting the meeting. The school principal had recruited the two faculty sponsors of the FCA as the teacher liaisons for the anti-bullying policy. The two teachers were unaware of what was under way. Early in the meeting it became obvious that the goal was to promote homosexuality. I created somewhat of a stir by pointing out the absurdity of deviant sexual behavior being considered normal. Soon thereafter, the two sponsors resigned from leading the program and the West Virginia Family Foundation fought the slick attempts to place this agenda in schools statewide.  I cannot say for sure that there was a connection, but the West Virginia Attorney General cooperated with an evolutionist extremist in an attempt to have me arrested ( a few years later.

Incidents like that stealth Faculty Senate meeting are not going to be noticed by parents. It is impossible for parents to monitor what is happening in the public schools. In fact, the word “public” is not appropriate for describing the schools. They are “government” schools and they are doing a great job of instituting the government’s ungodly educational goals.

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School Shootings What You Should Know

An unrelated series of shootings at schools in recent weeks

has people wondering about the safety of their children and

how they can help prevent future attacks. We talked with

one of our behavioral analysts, Supervisory Special Agent

Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D., to get some

First, be vigilant, especially now, when the events are

still generating headlines, says O’Toole, who works in

the Behavior Analysis Unit of our

Critical Incident Response Group at the FBI Academy

in Quantico, Virginia. “We do believe a copycat effect

takes place after these events.”

That means more than just being watchful and wary

of who’s out of place in a neighborhood or school.

“Be aware of people’s moods.

Don’t depend just on how they answer the question,

‘How are you doing?’”

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[In my educated opinion,
Lets start off by classifying all forms of bullying
as a felony! Regardless of title or position.
(Title/position isn't ground for immunity)
Teachers bully too. And teachers that fail
to stop bullying are just as guilty as the bully.

If Congress passed a law that rendered all
types of bully behavior as a felony, not only
would this make kids safe in schools,
but also provide oversight for
teachers that lack little or no leadership skills.
(why are bullies allowed to terrorize?
is the question}

If there was a law that felonized bullying, there
wouldn't be shootings in schools.
Kids wouldn't be killing kids (nor would kids
be killing themselves) What is it going to take to
protect kids in school? What are politicians
waiting for? waiting for more kids to get killed?
We citizens have a duty to protect children.
I say, if politician isn't interested in protecting
children, then legislation needs be left to us]

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It is really so simple. Why does it have to be so difficult? We have truly lost our way, and I pray we get back to the school system so beautifully laid out by Dennis Prager. Never in my lifetime have I seen such division between the races, in an age when we have come so far beyond it.


We will have failed if any one of you graduates this school and does not consider him or herself inordinately lucky -- to be alive and to be an American.

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This is alarming, and the line between Obama and Mao is becoming very thin. We have already seen the Obama indoctrination of our small children in public schools, and this recruiting through our schools is over the line. Another critical reason why government does not belong in our school system. From Atlas Shrugs, "Obama is using high school children to goose step on the healthcare socialism program." He has three (3) years to brainwash our children and send them out to recruit for him, and even the 2010 elections.Atlas Exclusive: OBAMA ORGANIZING IN HIGH SCHOOLSOrganizing for America is recruiting in our high schools....
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