4063763816?profile=originalI came by this yesterday - thought everyone should see it.... share as you see fit.


This is an employee handout from United HealthCare - one of the obamacare insurance companies.... Ya know, one of them receiving a $10 billion taxpayer dollar kickback over a 10 year period.... (the last time I read this particular law - this is called insurance fraud and quite illegal.... but apparently no so much if obama does it.........)


Inside, on page #1 is a section titled "Affordable Care Act Transition Reinsurance Fee". This section describes a "fee" all employees will pay each paycheck (bimonthly).


Here is the full text from this section;

The Affordable Care Act transition reinsurance fee is payable to the Department of Health and Human Services. This new fee will apply to all employees and their dependents who will be enrolled in medical coverage. The fees are:

Employee-only coverage:                                     $2.30/paycheck

Employee+Spouse/domestic partner coverage:      $4.60/paycheck

Employee+child(ren) coverage:                            $6.24/paycheck

Employee+family coverage:                                 $9.43/paycheck


What this says is that as an employee - you are going to be charged a "fee" every paycheck, paid to HHS.... and there are NO limits on exactly how long this "fee" is going to be taken out of your check!! From all appearances (and what I can discern in the ACA) this "fee" will exist for as long as you are employed - and I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg - as eventually people are going to start looking at their paycheck stubs and questioning why there are so many additional taxes coming out of their check they have never seen before.....


Bottom line:

If there are 100 million single people employed in the US (I just pulled a number out of the air) that means that if we take the "Employee only" "fee" of $2.30/paycheck, multiply it by 100 million people - the federal government is raking in $460 million dollars a month! ON THIS "FEE" ALONE!!!!!

If you make that 100 million "Employee+family" coverage the federal government is raking in $1.886 TRILLION dollars a month!!!


Now do you understand why the democrats find obamacare non-negotiable?


Almost $2 TRILLION dollars a month additional revenue they have to spend!!!!!



Has anyone else bought sporting goods recently? Look on your receipt to see the obamacare taxes there!

If you have visited your Veterinarian and had surgery on your pet - look on your receipt to see the obamacare taxes there!


In almost every aspect of our lives.... this "obamacare" is taxing us..... It has caused every price on every consumable and healthcare product to increase - by the addition of TAXES!!!

Chief Justice Roberts CLEARLY told the world this was not healthcare - IT IS A TAX!!!

Wake up to the fact you are not receiving any sort of "affordable" anything.... this is another means this regime lied to Americans to hide their new method of funding a corrupt government!


With all of the hiked insurance premiums - in reality - the only ones who will find obamacare "affordable" are those who will not be paying for it......... (welfare recipients, illegal aliens, etc.....)

You really need to remember all of Mr. Obama's rhetoric about "redistribution of wealth"..... he meant it and he's being allowed to DO it.....


This is in-your-face tyranny.


United HealthCare is leading the pack (so to speak) advising employees of this new "fee" - as would be expected from one of the participating obamacare insurance companies.... but it is just a matter of time before all employers tell their employees the same....


Those of you in Congress, reading this, had best understand that as a Nation of free people - we hold you accountable for your actions.


If you are one of those denigrating Senator Cruz, understand this: Senator Cruz is doing what his constituents asked him to do - not what he wanted to do - because we the people wrote all of YOU, millions of letters telling YOU we didn't want this, we shut down your entire telephone systems on multiple occasions trying to tell you this.... Senator Cruz listened.


YOU didn't - and we WILL remember this come the next elections............... BOTH PARTY's!

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