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4063772054?profile=originalMillions of American Families losing health care must stand up for their Healthcare Freedom

How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” Samuel Adams, January 21, 1776

For many of the 3.5 million American families that according to the Associated Press, the loss of their family health insurance came at them like a wrecking ball. Their very economic health and stability for their family members has been shattered because of a president who comforted millions of citizens with the one phrase which shall live in historical infamy: “If you like your health care you can keep your health care guaranteed and period!” Barack Obama – 35 times!

That one statement which as it turns out was a carefully plotted assault upon the comfort and trusting nature of the middle of the road America was used to plant the Trojan horse into the health care system like a deadly killer virus causing mass destruction. Now, 3.5 million families, much like you or your neighbor or co-workers are faced with the onerous choice of Obama’s one size fits all brand of engineered socialism or face possible excessive fines, liens against your home and in the end a surgical neutering of your own self determination and freedom. You have been obamafied!

Recent responses from readers as well as on conservative radio and in print have examined the horror and dismay that many families are facing as they attempt to deal with providing health insurance for a family member undergoing an operation, or a child who is faced with an illness or a female member who is suffering from breast cancer. Tens of thousands of examples of the gloomy prospects are pouring in, and yet in each one there is a solution.

Instead of worrying about what and when the congress will remedy this debacle it is clear that the solution lies with the family that has suffered this individual injustice. This is truly the point in the American experience when your neighbor, your distant relative and even your babysitter or church member can create your own distinctly American Insurance Freedom From Obamacare Campaign.

Imagine how the nation’s founding fathers felt at the beginning of the American Revolution and even months and years before. Sure there were writers and patriots in the colonies that were demanding justice from the British, which were largely ignored. Did that deter the common patriot who decided that his neighbor’s home that had been invaded time and time again by the British was not his fight? What about the British loyalists who were working to destroy the rights and freedoms which were God given to each and every American colonist member? These rights were stripped away by colonial government loyalists that cared more for the cruel boot and heel on their necks than the true essence of what freedom from continued oppression represented. These modern day sympathizers are the Obama democrats that stand with the socialist-in-chief and continue to mine the harbors of freedom.

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It appears the ACA is unconstitutional

28 October 2013


The Honorable Congressman Smith

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz


Good morning Gentlemen!


On this bright Monday morning I have a question I would ask you ask yourselves...... once you have the answer, what comes next appears to be obvious and unavoidable... the only way to fix this is remove it.


The "version" of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, obamacare) that became Law originated in the Senate.


Chief Justice Roberts clearly stated the ACA was "constitutional" as a TAX (not healthcare).


The Constitution of the United States clearly tells us that the House holds the purse strings, controls funding - and is able to tax.... The SENATE is incapable of creating a TAX according to law.


The question to ask yourselves is this: Since the Senate version of the ACA is what became Law - Chief Justice Roberts said the ACA is a TAX - and only the House can create a tax....

Why does the ACA continue to exist - as it is an unconstitutional mandate from a government body unauthorized to do what was done. Yet signed by all......................



SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas



Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

The Honorable Congressman Stockman

The Honorable Congressman Issa

The Honorable Senator Paul

Social Media

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4063763816?profile=originalI came by this yesterday - thought everyone should see it.... share as you see fit.


This is an employee handout from United HealthCare - one of the obamacare insurance companies.... Ya know, one of them receiving a $10 billion taxpayer dollar kickback over a 10 year period.... (the last time I read this particular law - this is called insurance fraud and quite illegal.... but apparently no so much if obama does it.........)


Inside, on page #1 is a section titled "Affordable Care Act Transition Reinsurance Fee". This section describes a "fee" all employees will pay each paycheck (bimonthly).


Here is the full text from this section;

The Affordable Care Act transition reinsurance fee is payable to the Department of Health and Human Services. This new fee will apply to all employees and their dependents who will be enrolled in medical coverage. The fees are:

Employee-only coverage:                                     $2.30/paycheck

Employee+Spouse/domestic partner coverage:      $4.60/paycheck

Employee+child(ren) coverage:                            $6.24/paycheck

Employee+family coverage:                                 $9.43/paycheck


What this says is that as an employee - you are going to be charged a "fee" every paycheck, paid to HHS.... and there are NO limits on exactly how long this "fee" is going to be taken out of your check!! From all appearances (and what I can discern in the ACA) this "fee" will exist for as long as you are employed - and I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg - as eventually people are going to start looking at their paycheck stubs and questioning why there are so many additional taxes coming out of their check they have never seen before.....


Bottom line:

If there are 100 million single people employed in the US (I just pulled a number out of the air) that means that if we take the "Employee only" "fee" of $2.30/paycheck, multiply it by 100 million people - the federal government is raking in $460 million dollars a month! ON THIS "FEE" ALONE!!!!!

If you make that 100 million "Employee+family" coverage the federal government is raking in $1.886 TRILLION dollars a month!!!


Now do you understand why the democrats find obamacare non-negotiable?


Almost $2 TRILLION dollars a month additional revenue they have to spend!!!!!



Has anyone else bought sporting goods recently? Look on your receipt to see the obamacare taxes there!

If you have visited your Veterinarian and had surgery on your pet - look on your receipt to see the obamacare taxes there!


In almost every aspect of our lives.... this "obamacare" is taxing us..... It has caused every price on every consumable and healthcare product to increase - by the addition of TAXES!!!

Chief Justice Roberts CLEARLY told the world this was not healthcare - IT IS A TAX!!!

Wake up to the fact you are not receiving any sort of "affordable" anything.... this is another means this regime lied to Americans to hide their new method of funding a corrupt government!


With all of the hiked insurance premiums - in reality - the only ones who will find obamacare "affordable" are those who will not be paying for it......... (welfare recipients, illegal aliens, etc.....)

You really need to remember all of Mr. Obama's rhetoric about "redistribution of wealth"..... he meant it and he's being allowed to DO it.....


This is in-your-face tyranny.


United HealthCare is leading the pack (so to speak) advising employees of this new "fee" - as would be expected from one of the participating obamacare insurance companies.... but it is just a matter of time before all employers tell their employees the same....


Those of you in Congress, reading this, had best understand that as a Nation of free people - we hold you accountable for your actions.


If you are one of those denigrating Senator Cruz, understand this: Senator Cruz is doing what his constituents asked him to do - not what he wanted to do - because we the people wrote all of YOU, millions of letters telling YOU we didn't want this, we shut down your entire telephone systems on multiple occasions trying to tell you this.... Senator Cruz listened.


YOU didn't - and we WILL remember this come the next elections............... BOTH PARTY's!

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I would also suggest those NOT in favor of the Act AKA "Obamacare" go to every single you can think of and report the site as SCAM! I mean every single site that is for signing up, doing a cost analysis or talking about the WONDERFUL things this SCAM will do you in for! We need to bring the truth forward before too many get hurt really bad! I support Health reform but NOT as Socialized Medicine!

There are people from all sides of the cube that realize this is the WORST SCAM this country has seen in a VERY long long time!  We need to FLOOD these sites with protests....We have an opportunity to get our message out yet another way but we need to act FAST..  make a word doc of your verbiage then save to cut and copy so this be easy and fast for all...I suggest we blast this suggestion via your e-mail and facebook contacts too! 

We can participate in all the DC protests without leaving our homes!  ROCK AND ROLL!

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Educating the Uneducated

                                                        Educating the Uneducated

Obamacare is revealing just how unaffordable the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is and the Democrats are STILL not willing to negotiate. Obama knows the midterm election hangs on this one issue. The people are learning that this abomination is going to cost them much more than most can afford and he remains intransigent. The question is why?

It all goes back to the man’s personality profile. He is a pathological narcissist as declared by a minimum of four world class psychologists and psychiatrists of which I am aware. So just what is a pathological narcissist? The best definition I have found reads: Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population. First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and is severe egocentrism.
You see he actually believes, like Stalin and Hitler, that he cannot be wrong and there is no amount of evidence that can change that.

The undereducated voter is now learning what that means to their personal financial well being. One lady on the government’s face book page had this to say and I quote from a Tea Party news post: A single mother of two said she is in school and working full-time while living “75% below the poverty level.” She said she was shocked to learn she did not qualify for a healthcare subsidy. “Are you F’ing kidding me????” she wrote on the government’s Obamacare Facebook page. “Where the HELL am I supposed to get $3,000 more a year to pay for this ‘bronze’ health insurance plan!?!??? And I DO NOT EVEN WANT INSURANCE to begin with!! This is frightening,” she wrote. End quote.

My research, which is far from complete shows that there are now more than 3 million people in this country that have had their work hours reduced in direct response to the coming of this law. Several companies have closed their doors and I have read the comments of five business owners that were in the process of expanding their businesses who actually cut back and is today even smaller, not larger. Why? They found out the cost of the insurance they would be forced to buy would be prohibitive. One of these is a lady in SC that had dug herself out of poverty and off the welfare roles with a small business that had grown to the point of providing incomes for her own and fifty one other families. She was elated to learn that she had been approved for a loan to expand and located a new location so that she could double her employees and probably her own income. Then she found out the cost of The Affordable Care Act and its effect on her plans. She was forced to not only forgo her expansion, but actually to reduce her work force by two to get under the act’s trigger point and save her existing business. Gee, thanks all you democrats.
I took a look at the Facebook page mentioned above and the reviews are somewhat more mixed than that one, but the trend seems to be those who can afford their health care now will be getting a better deal while those that are at poverty level or below will be slammed very hard. If they don’t sign up they will be charged a tax they can’t afford to pay. If they don’t pay they can be subject to fines, interest, penalties and fees plus, after three years of this increasing debt they can’t afford, they could see a tax lien on their house, bank accounts, saving including, but not limited to their retirement accounts.

Last week a poll was released that stated the majority of Americans were opposed to “Obamacare”, but were in favor of “the Affordable Care Act!” Wait a minute … They are one and the same thing! But NOW they are learning. We need to keep up the tutoring.

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The Federal Government Shutdown - and a solution you may have missed          October 3, 2013


The Honorable Congressman Stockman

The Honorable Congressman Smith

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz

The Honorable Congressman Issa

The Honorable Congressman Goodlatte

The Honorable Senator Paul

The Honorable Justice Roberts




For some of you, I am a constituent, for others, an information source or worse case, a pain in the rear... please forgive me if you feel I fall into the latter category as I am not a politician and I am certainly not "politically correct".


I write today on the topic of our current Federal Government shutdown.


I re-read Supreme Justice Roberts decision on the Affordable Care Act this morning - and I re-read the Constitution of the United States. I determined there is something I believe you may have missed in the chaos and misdirection found today on the Hill.


In a nutshell;

1. Supreme Justice Roberts ruled that the Affordable care Act is in fact a tax. Congress has within its power to impose a tax in this Nation.


2. The Constitution of the United States, Article I, section 8, paragraph 1 states: "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;"


Therefore, The Supreme Court rules that the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional, but a tax. The Constitution states that any tax (excises) imposed by Congress MUST be "uniform throughout the United States;"


President Obama has, by Executive Legislative Fiat, excluded the entire Federal Government from the Affordable Care Act.

This appears to be unconstitutional as the Affordable care act no longer meets the requirements of Article I, section 8, paragraph 1 - the federal Government has now been exempted from this "tax".


Gentlemen, this entire Federal Government shutdown appears to be unconstitutional!


The argument from Senator Reid is that if the funding for the Affordable Care Act is not within the budget approved from the House - it will be rejected.


From the White House; President Obama has clearly stated he will veto any budget if it does not include funding the Affordable Care Act.


Dozens of polls have been run by credible organizations Nation-wide over the past few months, all asking the American Public if they wanted or did not want the Affordable Care Act...

The lowest poll results I found was 68% against the Affordable Care Act and the highest poll results I found was 92% against the Affordable care Act. This tells me - and should tell any elected listening to their constituents  - the American Public does not want the Affordable Care Act!


Gentlemen - it appears the American Public has voiced their opinions against this "law" and wants no part of it. The House did the right thing and voted to de-fund the Affordable Care Act then provided their budget to the Senate, who rejected it....

Yet, President Obama exempted all Federal Employees from the Affordable Care Act - and therein lies the Constitutional issue... the Affordable Care Act no longer meets the requirements of Article I, section 8, paragraph 1. Moreover - Senator Reid wants no part of the Affordable Care Act upon himself or his friends. He knows for a fact it is NOT "affordable".


I ask that all of you join together, ask your peers to join together - and hand carry if necessary this argument to the Supreme Court for a ruling. If Supreme Justice Roberts agrees to clear the decks and hear this - this may be a method to restore our government budget constitutionally and get our Government back in the game.

As a sidebar, it de-funds the Affordable Care Act and places those supporting funding it on notice the People of this Nation are tired of the unconstitutional actions of those we elected to office and will no longer tolerate these abuses.




SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas



Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Tea Party Command Center

Social Media 

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Boycott Las Vegas ?

Las Vegas, Nevada . . . America's playground and a city that promises "Whatever Happens There, Stays There."  With attractions such as these, it's no wonder why Vegas holds a special place in American's hearts, as well as their wallets . . .

Yet . . . as much as American's have earned a "well deserved getaway," they also understand that our country is undergoing a transformation to the likes and speed it has "never" experienced before . . . and sadly, not for the better.  No doubt, there's plenty of blame to go around in both the Republican and Democrat parties but there is no disputing that Harry Reid and a majority of Democrats "want total control over our country" rather than "humbling themselves" to the requests of their EMPLOYER'S . . . the American people !  This arrogant and authoritative attitude has been blatant and unyielding, revealing there is no plan to act on behalf of those they're there to serve because Harry Reid and minions know better than the American people.  Of course, the latest example of this is Mr. Reid's tirade in the Senate, unwilling to compromise on any of the issues, American's backed "post ponement" of Obamacare and last but not least, blaming The Tea Party for the gridlock and government shutdown.  All the while the Dems. have forced a government shutdown, not one scandal has been addressed, terrorist are increasing their attacks across the world but of utmost urgency, their attacks here at home !  As I write this post, the news announces that a Bosnian immigrant brought a bomb into the Jacksonville, Florida airport, to which it has been evacuated . . .

How many more attacks, shutdowns, sequestrations, scandals, etc... etc... etc...  can go unaddressed before America implodes ?  I believe we are witnessing that the "majority of Americans" don't want to wait around to find out but rather are desperately seeking immediate ways to change course - hence, boycotting the city that got Harry Reid elected ?  When voices of reason go unheard . . . THE POCKETBOOK SPEAKS VOLUMES !

Let me know your thoughts . . . for I am one who actually appreciates the input of my fellow Americans !


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The Unaffordable Care Act

Obamacare.  It has a ring to it.  To a conservative it is mocking and placing blame all at once.  Exactly what we want to do.   To a liberal it is a badge of pride and the crowning glory of their hero-in-chief.  For those two groups it fails to move the needle.  Then there are the masses in between.  And to those masses it plays like an ad campaign.  To the uninformed it states exactly the opposite of what it is... "Obama Cares".

I cringe every time I hear the Affordable Care Act referred to as Obamacare.  It is the type of advertising that money just cannot buy.  The sound clip audience simply hears "Obama Cares" over and over, and just like that it becomes an accepted fact.  So the other guy automatically becomes the opposite.  If Obama cares, the other guy doesn't care.  Opposition means that you don't care.  This is critical.  We are talking about soundbite voters who don't know a lick about current events or politics.  They just absorb a few words and let their minds fill in the blanks.  And every time they hear Obamacare it makes the man dearer to their hearts.  

These are voters, like it or not.  And if we want to win elections we need to speak the language that they listen to.  That does not mean changing our values or sucking up to this interest group or that.  It is as simple as using different language when we mock.  That is why I prefer the term Unaffordable Care Act.  It tells it exactly like it does; it makes health care unaffordable.  There are enough ways to mock the President without giving him inadvertent positive branding in a soundbite sized culture of low information voters. 

So, no Obamacare.  I like Unaffordable Care Act.  What other names for it do you like to use?

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