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By Jim Mullen


If one had to use one word to describe the entire Obama administration it would be anarchy; a word by which fascists live.

Much of traditional America recoils in horror at the utter chaos and devastation befalling this nation in the last seven years. We are fast becoming a country cowering in fear of an uncontrollable, oppressive government.

How did this happen? It makes no sense to people that leftists like Obama crave the exact opposite of a free, traditional, Constitutionalist America. We rationalize that these radicals are ignorant and mistakenly chose this dangerous path of governance.

However, once we comprehend that they are deliberately following their Socialist/Marxist scheme; their actions make perfect sense.

Nearly all wannabe dictators derive their treacherous, tyrannical philosophy from the Manifesto of the Communist Party, the 1848 pamphlet by German Philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

As you read Obama’s agenda below, remember his pledge to “…fundamentally transform the United States of America.”  This was his Marxist pledge and a calculated and deliberate takedown of America.

Barack Obama, a devout and leftist-trained, slick-talking revolutionary makes it clear that he despises this country and everything for which it stands.

Obama’s Muslim father hated the entire Western World, and Obama had more than a few Communistic influences in his youth. When watching and listening to this President, it’s good to bear in mind that Communists, Marxists, Muslims, and radical leftists, dominate his ideology and poison his judgment. American Nazis of the thirties preached incessantly that to rule this country; they must first destroy the Constitution. Our Commander-in-Chief follows that doctrine - he stretches, bends, and violates nearly every element of the Constitution and whimsically repudiates established laws as minor inconveniences.

Understanding the background, goals, and motives of Barack Obama, his minions, and his New Democrat Socialist Party is essential if we hope to glean an understanding of why they relentlessly lay siege to our American way of life.

Obama’s and the left’s Marxist agenda and blueprint:

  • Use the power of bureaucratic politician-created offices and departments to target, isolate, and then destroy any citizen or group of citizens resisting government bondage. Obama uses all the numerous bureaucracies to lay siege on Americans. The IRS, Education, Justice, Labor, Homeland Security, Interior, and Energy, are just a few of the departmental weapons he uses to attack and terrorize citizens.
  • Expand illegal Executive power to grow central authority and subject the masses to his whims and dictates.
  • Redistribute income and wealth. Obamacare was the epitome of a Marxist scheme not only reallocating peoples’ money, but in controlling who lives and who dies; the ultimate power.  
  • Maneuver the United States deeper into the United Nations and cede our national identity. We surrender our Constitution, security, culture, religion, and liberty to the New World Order.
  • Employ anti-business economic policies designed to restrict people from employment and snare them in a massive web of dependency. These schemes work well reducing the once-powerful middle class into a new malleable voting block of welfare class.
  • Relax rules and qualifications that allow more people to qualify for disability. Government reliance skyrocketed under this administration. Creates more dependency.
  • Eliminate Charter Schools, home schooling, and all private education programs for easier indoctrination and grooming of children into total acceptance of federal power.
  • The second fatality of this administration was the Welfare to Work legislation enacted during the Clinton presidency. Obama wanted no restrictions on welfare. He guaranteed the welfare class would remain on the Democrat Socialist Party’s federal government plantation.
  • Continue hammering the ‘Big Lie of Climate Change.’ This shameful scam is an effort by Obama-leftists to impose their dream of world-wide American income and wealth redistribution and global governance. The plot is a massive tax hike on the American people.
  • Bestow citizenship to every person in the country.
  • Maintain our open border policy and crowd our country with legal and illegal aliens, Islamic immigrants from countries rife with terrorists, and then emptying prisons of violent convicted felons. Subsequently, placing them surreptitiously and strategically around the country to counter balance and/or replace white Christian voting blocks. Expand sanctuary cities.
  • Enact voter ID laws that encourage fraudulent voting by granting voting rights to every person in the country - including felons and illegal aliens.
  • Accept the staggering debt of Puerto Rico and bring them into the fold of statehood, counting on the added votes of another blue state.
  • Destroy the Electoral College process for determining the President of the United States. Leftists know this Constitutional protection of states and national rights stand in the way of large Democrat-controlled states deciding nearly all presidential elections.
  • Further weaken our Military through monetary cuts and purging the leadership of commanders not toeing the line of leftwing loons. It includes social engineering to undermine and debilitate the American Armed Forces.  
  • Criminalizing and encumbering police officers from doing their job; especially in minority neighborhoods.  Leftist revolutionaries use the streets for riots and demonstrations - therefore, they must demonize police.
  • Eliminate tax deduction credits for charity. It’s more difficult getting people enslaved  to government if private charities help people.
  • Disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them unprotected or create substantial gun-free zones that leave us defenseless wherever lawful Americans may roam.
  • Pack our U.S.  Federal and Supreme Courts with left-wing radicals who redefine the Constitution as a living document subject to modern-day “modifications” or mores.
  • Create divisive strife between classes, genders, religions, races, national origins, and all others Obama rubs together to generate friction and discord.
  • Carry on Obama’s policies of laying waste to the middle class. Unemployment and falling wages effectively create additional plantations over which the slaveholder, centralized government, assumes absolute control. Also, it builds another enormous, guaranteed voting bloc of dependents.
  • Persist with the assault on our monetary, Capitalist, and free-enterprise systems with stifling regulations, fees, and demonization. Mucking up capitalism brings us nearer to the government offering centralized power as the only logical, conclusive alternative. Marxism mandates complete control of all commerce, business, finance, and the citizenry. That is why it always fails so miserably. Government can never compete with liberty; therefore, it must destroy liberty.
  • Continue releasing the world’s most dangerous terrorists and unilaterally making deals with terrorist states. Press on with “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky’s blueprint for fascist control. Likewise, employing politically correct speech to silence the voices of dissent and liberty.
  • Maintain the practice of using the U.S. Federal Treasury for bribing people, state and local bodies, businesses and schools into accepting money in return for relinquishing control to the feds. This federal policy led to the present-day catastrophe we now call education.
  • Increase Muslim rights. Shariah Law practiced by most Muslims is a complete violation of our Constitution. However, we continue to bring them here. Most are violently intolerant of American ideals, culture, and religion, and the clashing with our values will end in a Holy War and extreme violence. Europe is finally realizing its Muslim folly - far too late.

It is a simple concept; well-educated, employed, and self-sufficient people have little need for an all-powerful entity controlling their lives and robbing them of their income, liberty, and wealth.

Understanding the goals and tactics of Barack Obama and his despotic band of New Socialist Democrats reveals how their ideas relate to the seemingly implausible actions we witness daily. The revolution we see is not a revolution for liberty, but an insurrection for tyranny. Common sense became lost in the fog of fascism.

The deadly extremists inhabiting the White House and their leftist comrades stand as sworn enemies of the United States of America, its Constitution, culture, religion, and entire way of life. They are, by careful design, transforming this country into a Marxist dictatorship. These fascists, abetted by the Main-Stream Media and leftwing Congressmen, embedded themselves into the fabric of government.  Obama collectivists represent the greatest threat to the health, security, and freedom of this nation! They symbolize all that is diabolical in a world ablaze and an America facing imminent peril.

Jim Mullen

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Obama and supporters are melting down ,as their lies may have finally caught up with them. There have been many and people forget, but with millions of insurance policies canceled and millions more to come the big lie about , " If you like your insurance you can keep it, period" , may have finally caught up with the Liar in Chief. Now, maybe Congress will impeach Holder and some others. Fast N Furious, in which Obama signed an Executive order stating Holder did not have to turn over information about that operation, IRS scandal, NSA Scandal, Benghazi murders, Military Chaplain harassment and persecution( Christian Only), EPA abuse of power, EO presidential abuse of power, Going around Congress, War on coal, (Which will start hitting everyone in the pocket book), gutting the military, Attacks on the morale of the military, e.g., unisex hat for Marines, Insurance lies and Obama care, which is not affordable, etc.  

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A New Day Dawning - An Old One Fawning


Subject: Re: Shut Down Shot Down Sexy- The hottest song in America right now
From: micro
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 22:49:01 -0400


You're a  man of many talents. Your videos have a dreamlike, almost surrealistic quality. The song evokes feelings of a bygone, kinder era, which our nation seems to have lost.

George Miller




           Thank you so much George for your input and comment. Often times an artist of any kind wonders if he/she is conveying the message "wanted" to get across. Your comment confirmed for me success and so it is very appreciated.
There is a new kind of 'radicalism' I am feeling, maybe a spin on the 60's, accept the hippies promoting "love" that was ultimately dependence on the Government in power, now as seen in the likes of the Clinton- Bush's - Obama, that is phasing out.
They have propagated a 'collapsing house ' and it is falling right now as we speak, for a new independence tailored more in the revolutionary style of America's founders, yet reminiscing of the 60's.
I really feel this is what's coming. Its' interesting I am considered the first year of Generation X, 1965 moving away from the Baby Boomers. The X'ers and Y'ers have a difficult road to walk wanting to take care of our ageing parents, but not having the children in order to support the burden. I think this is why our Government ultimately is crying for 'citizens' in 'amnesty proposals' they are desperate to prop up this warp of time-ideals.
We have to figure out ways to do things smarter,faster, and more efficient to make up for the difference, both in general labor and cost. This is why I have proposed a less then 10% duty on our 'U.S. natural propelling resources', oil now seen as not a bio fuel but abiotic, to fund social security and medicare and these entitlements that do help those in ageing and dependent circumstances in an effort to get the government off our backs with taxes and still care for those retiring baby boomers because we need to pay for something ultimately crashing with the lack of support from shrinking generational populations.
With what we are seeing with the debt from Clinton's surplus to now, is an all out attempt to enslave America that to those promoters has to happen now or it will never happen. This is the Bear rising up once more and while there maybe an origin of oligarchy in this its still rooted in communism albeit a neo-communism, there is a big fight coming our way that is unavoidable, because if our Constitution prevails this plan fails. We all ready know it fails, but they don't know so that is the lesson we are headed for.
One thing I have thought quite a lot about is the 'image' of 'politicians' and how the lack of inspiring solutions that work are eroding their 'image' of political correctness. Those politicians like Romney and Obama and everyone in Congress right now who have forsaken the Constitution in the void of inspiration creating our crisis now are producing for themselves now an 'image' of lies and deceit that the general population is just about had enough of.
Like a snake shedding its skin I think America is about to shuck off this type of politician because of the regrettable failures of their solutions. Like the evolution of music happening now, a new dawn awaits us and in the new day our sovereignty will stay in tact with the use of every tool and talent available to us as a resource I hope to somehow channel in very positive directions.
In short I do believe the big picture is looking good and sometimes when the immediate picture is bleak we do need to step back and look at the big picture.. the REAL BIG ONE happening.
In that light, I have thought I do not want to 'presume' a false image, but a real one, or perhaps an honest one. I really believe in the power of truth and for America to be able to handle the problems when they are honestly laid on the table. Ultimately I believe America can 'handle the truth', and more than that, would appreciate it.
So that is what I have worked for laying the ground work; and a compliment like you shared, was just the tip of the iceberg for what I feel is a huge success, come what may. So, thank you so much.
In the spirit of this new revolution of course education and direction is needed and teachers are in short supply. I do hope for the Spring of The Tea Party to "get it" and supplant the leadership void that permeates the D's and R's right now if needs be by infiltration and then secession :) from the bastards who forgot their oaths!
 Have a great day.
Cody Robert Judy
P.S. As so often happens, a personal note ends up portraying thoughts relevant for more then one party, so I've created a blog piece of this letter and shared your comment.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy
Abiotic Oil is real

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Shut Down Shot Down Sexy- The hottest song in America right now

Maybe its a precursor to come, but all ready Cody Robert Judy knows what its like to be 'shut down and shot down' by the 11 Courts on the eligibility of Barack Obama. There is yet one last Court that will weigh in on what some have called the divining case in the history of America. The United States Supreme Court is really the Court that should weigh in on the eligibility issue and case of our time Judy v. Obama 12-5276, and not use the excuse that 'standing' wasn't achieved for the last four years in order to wave justice good bye.

If this case is given the 'kiss-off' by the highest Court in the land, then there is no telling what the government is going to do to you. If justice won't protect the individual freedom certainly has been lost. The justice of the Republic has always been seen in the strength of the individual to stop the mass from rolling over top of rights and protections well established. Protected by the Constitution, and if that is shucked off by the Court, well it will be only a short time when most of the mass finds out that they are individuals being run over.

Of course, once it's lost, it means the devil to get back. Most media outlets have thought 'why should a smaller campaign be able to constitutionally check a larger campaign?', what gives a smaller campaign that right?

You know one thing for sure, the United States Supreme Court is not going to have to worry about the media telling America about this case before it is adjudicated because there hasn't been a single story written about it by an outside reporter. Yeah, that's anonymity that can't be mistaken. Nope the Supreme Court will rule on this with their own conscience and we all will know it wasn't the demonstrations outside on the lawn that influenced their decision.

What gives any individual the right to stand up against the government if the government decides to "take" your microphone? Or take your house? Or take your Car? Or take your children?

You might have the chance to use your 'individual' right at this time, thinking that being part of the mass in rolling over Cody Robert Judy's Campaign is 'good riddance', but hold that thought while you ask yourself, "Do you really want the Constitution to perish, and your rights as an individual to perish along with Cody's?"

Well, we're not "all" serous here at the Campaign Headquarters and while we take time to comment on issues we also take time to sing and to celebrate the little bit of 'rebel' in everyone of us in America. We are you know? Rebels. 

That's right and never has a Nation of rebels come so far. Sometimes it is good to remember where you came from. It wasn't all 'prim and proper', so let's celebrate our rebel a little with this song because America has a reputation to protect, and we sure as hell have a Constitution to protect last I checked that every politician in Washington DC had sworn an oath to. 

Let's hope the United States Supreme Court remembers that oath, and remembers that the qualifications for the office of President didn't include producing birth certificates, draft registrations, and social security cards that represent forgery more then legitimacy and fraudulent actions more then honest ones, as well as hiding every college transcript that might confirm Obama's transplant status as a foreign student in a sovereign nation under God.


Now for a little fun-

Shut Down Shot Down Sexy is the hottest sexiest song in America right now. Its colorful and packed with wonderful lyrics about a guy who gets ‘shut down- shot down- by a sexy women’, now how many guys can relate to that? That’s what I’m talk’n about right there;licking your wounds. Another exciting original by The Cody Robert Judy Band that every DJ in America should be playing right now because everyone at home can say they’ve been “Shut Down Shot Down Sexy”.

Shut Down Shot Down Sexy

Preamble Dispatcher Voice:

“This is an all points bulletin- suspect considered to be armed and dangerous- female, American. I guess she’s packed and loaded – 34D-30-32 She loves freedom and liberty- says she’s wearing a bikini- likes dancing and rock n’ roll- I’ve seen dangerous but this is “WANTED”- Shut Down Shot Down- approach with extreme caution- God bless America.”

V.1 Maybe you remember

The call I gave you in September

You said you didn’t want to play

Said you were just too busy that day

Now its easy to recall

Because my heart you let it fall


Vs.2 I never let it go I tried again

Because with my women it aint no sin yeah yeah

Maybe she’s tired of hearing from me

But she’s so beautiful you see

You know I don’t like to fight

But for my Baby it seems right


Vs.3 You might say I’m out of form

But my Baby’s arms are nice and warm

To her heart I seek the key

For her love is like a tree

Now you wouldn’t understand yeah yeah

How much I wanna be her man



Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames, Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames

I don’t wanna be shut down by you, I don’t wanna be shot down by you I don’t wanna be shut down by you

Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames, Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames


If you missed the last Campaign Commercial, here it is:

Also a big shout out to Tracy in Maryland for doing a terrific job in her Ballot Challenge this last week. We are including the personal email sent to Tracy from Cody Robert Judy

Dear Tracy,
           Just thought I'd write a note to you and say you did a great job. I don't think any attorney could have done better.  The beginning was great where you included a little family history, that really brings it home and personalized it for Maryland like no bodies business. 
           Well, great job, it will be interesting to see the 'ruling' as the Judge sure had the book thrown at him.  Those Judges have a hard time reading crime when a citizen is reading it to them rather then an attorney general sadly, especially in this case.
            The only thing I didn't like if there was one thing that seemed like a burnt french fry in the batch of good ones, pg. 32 "Since President Obama..".  Gosh I can hardly stand for the honor of the office to be bestowed upon a Usurper.  Yuck.
            Other than that you can be certain that you have done something here Tracy that your whole family can be very proud of. You did something our whole Country in its patriotic duty should be very proud of you for. If elected President I intend to award every Citizen who filed a complaint in the Obama Ballot Challenges or Courts an Honorable Patriot Award for distinguished citizenship.
Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

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Obama – Matter of Life or Death

4063511428?profile=original4063511449?profile=originalObama's Mode of Operation




Obama’s mode of operation isn’t a mysterious dark secret and it’s time to remove him from office.  Murder isn’t a stranger to Obama for it’s followed him starting way back during his deep bedded association with the Reverend Wright when he was an active member of Wright’s “Gay Club,” (Down Low Club) which went underground and was pretty much hidden from public view.


The initials of the gay club DLC was identical to the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and therefore provided a guise for Obama and his gay friends.  How shrewd of the Reverend and Obama to name it the DLC club Down Low Club)…


The following events can be researched and proven­ ­- shortly after Obama declared his run for the Presidency in 2007 three of his close friends in the Gay Club (DLC) were assassinated execution style.  Donald Young, Larry Bland were murdered about a month after he announced his run for the Presidency.


Neither murder was solved by police and Obama went his merry way preparing for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Nate Spencer was yet another member and friend of Obama’s who conveniently died during this time. 


Obama definitely leaned towards the gay side; Rohm Emanuel and Obama frequented a “gay club” called Man’s Country. Obama had a fetish for gay white men - I don’t believe there’s a white man in this USA who would stand up and verify that information, but it appears that Rohm and Barack were frequent flyers at Man’s Country.


Enter stage left Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn)’s she’s, shall we say, madam who rented the lower part of her condo out to Obama and Rohm Emanuel for their promiscuous parties.  Something of interest, on Jan.10, 2011 in a Washington, DC former top aide for Rep. Rosa, Ashley Turton was found dead insider her car after it burst into flames.  Ashley was doomed due to her exposure to the lifestyle of Obama, Rohm Emanuel and the BP fiasco. 


Ashley was Rosa’s top aide for seven years and Dan Turton immediately after the death of his spouse was hired by Obama as House of Representative Liaison which pretty much covered up all chances for police to solve the death of Ashley Turton.


It’s pretty evident that anyone who interferes with Obama’s agenda or anyone who might actually expose his treason against the USA sooner or later gets snuffed! 


Andrew Breitbart, a staunch Conservative activist who worked diligently to expose Obama’s war against America mysteriously died at the age of 43 of what some called natural causes.  It’s quite evident that there is reason for suspicion because all of the Liberal News Media within minutes of Andrew’s death claimed he died of natural causes even before an autopsy could be performed.  This was and may well be the worst mistake Obama and gang made – they got the cart before the horse.


Michael Cormier one of the coroner’s doing the autopsy on Andrew Breitbart suddenly died of that was believed to be arsenic poisoning. So now we have two more people dead who could have exposed Obama’s shady murderous trail.


Eric Holder (AJ) probably has a good reason for resisting the interrogation by Darrell Issa and Chuck Grassley – he has been stonewalling the investigation into the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation for over a year.  Two of our finest agents murdered along with hundreds of innocent Mexican men, women and children due to the gun walking operation. 


Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano are the two people who could finger Obama as the man behind the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation.  It is a matter of life or death to them and right now they’re fighting for their life by refusing to cooperative with the gunrunner investigation.


Sheriff Joe has not only been receiving death threats, Obama and Holder are trying to stop his “Cold Posse” investigation because Sheriff Joe, like Andrew Breitbart is starting to unravel Obama’s sordid past. The Obama Administration functions under mafia rules and once a person becomes a member they’re either a member for life or??????


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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At first I got a little angry at the support guy but I calmed myselfand went to resolve the issue and the guy just hanged up the chat whenI asked him if doing what he told me would resolve the issue.

Yesright now my web host has sent me a threat email that my website isunder investigation for using their web host as storage when that isnot true although I do keep a lot of the generated backup files onthere but only because downloading the backup files keeps terminatingand when I complain to the technical support staff about it theyfurther cut down my download speeds to less then 200kb/s so now it willtake days just to get it and by then I may lose my entire website andall my server files deleted.

This is the threat email they sent to me:

Dear Brian Hill,

We have been monitoring your account's resource usage on the server forthe past several days and would like to notify you of the followingmetrics. Although no action has been taken at this time, your usage isof concern to the server's integrity and reliability.

Thecurrent type of usage of your account falls against our Terms ofService and Acceptable Usage Policy. You can not use the space providedto you under our hosting accounts for storage/backup purposes. We haveidentified that the directories listed below contain data that israrely accessed and fall within our storage/backup policy limitation.

At this moment, your site is comprised of 50376 megabytes with the following folders holding the data referred to above:

50376 - ./uswgo

Weneed your cooperation in finding a remedy. Depending on your specificcase, we generally recommend one or more of the following solutions:

* Remove files from directories mentioned above
* If you have many sites hosted on one account: Split the sites throughout more accounts
* Upgrade your account to our DedicatedClass

If you do need assistance in identifying the files or removing them, please don't hesitate to respond to this email.

Pleasenote that we employ some of the best servers in the shared web hostingindustry and this notification should be treated as identification thatyour site(s), as they are right now, are employing resources in a waythat cannot reside on a regular shared web hosting server. For yourconvenience, we strongly suggest that when looking away from Arvixe forweb hosting that you look for solutions that are a clear upgrade to aregular shared web hosting environment if you do not plan on takingcorrective measures.

Important: Please respond to this emailwith a course of action or a remedy within the next 24 hours or we maybe forced to suspend your account.

Thank you for your attention and understanding,

Arvixe Server Operations

but at the same time I went to their order page and they say Unlimited DiskSpace and Unlimited Disk Transfer and even offer you to have your ownyoutube clone on their web hosting for $4 a month they actually havethat here,

Pleasedon't judge that I got a little all caps angry at first (Only two angrylines then I apologized to the support guy and we both went to revolvethe issue which we did then he lowered my speeds and left the chat whenI asked if resolving the issue would revolve the investigation againstmy web site.) but after then I stopped it and apologized and workedwith the technical support asking him what I need to do and how toresolve the issue and then after I asked if removing the backup fileswas going to stop the investigation against me they hung up from thechat.

This is the 2nd time my web host has threatened me to shutdown my website. This is ridiculous and both times they claimed Iabbused their service. One time they claimed I sent massive spam emailsto a bunch of people (Violated their TOS Bulk email not allowed) but Inever did that so I assumed I was hacked and changed my password (andpaid them $2 extra a month for a Security certificate for my passwords)to resolve the issue and now they are threatening me again that theyare investigating me for violating their TOS Again and this time it ismy backup files which they really put speed caps on it then they lie tome telling me they have no speed caps for my website.

Zee S: Hello and thank you for contacting Arvixe. How can I assist you? Ifat any point of this conversation, you don't receive a response from mefor a prolonged period of time, it may be possible that you weredisconnected. Please simply restart the chat session through ourwebsite.
Brian Hill: I am now under investigation under theassumption that my website is used for storage but that is not true.Everything I have done was to put it on my website. All the videos Ihave transloaded are from my youtube page because they threatened totake down my videos and so I share them under my site as a embed youcan check that out
Brian Hill: you can go onto and see allof the videos are embeds and if a video is not it's only I haven't putit on yet
Brian Hill: Also the only reason I have many backup filesstored on my web hosting account is because your download server isreliable
Brian Hill: each time I try to download the backup file it failed
Brian Hill: my account username is uswgo
Zee S: so whats the issue with I can assist you today?
Brian Hill: again what I said above is my response to the investigation against me
Zee S: We do not allow backups to be stored in hosting space
Zee S: that is just abuse of the services offered
Brian Hill: Well it's ur hosts fault the files WON'T DOWNLOAD
Brian Hill: im upset right now
Brian Hill: im sorry
Brian Hill: can you help me get the files
Zee S: how youa re downloading?
Zee S: using FTP or direct link?
Brian Hill: I am using free download manager because the speeds are slow and it takes many hours just to get the file
Zee S: is it downloading using ftp or direct download link ?
Brian Hill: well each time I download the file it fails at a certain percent
Brian Hill: and the speeds are capped really so i'm not abusing anything it is the speeds fault
Zee S: you stated that you store backups because the download server is reliable. Now you are complaining about speed
Zee S: I am sorry but I am not getting the actual issue
BrianHill: what I am saying is I don't want downloading my backup files tobe capped and let me download at full speed then they won't be storedin my account anymore.
Zee S: we do not limit the download speed on the server
Zee S: there is no restriction on download speed
BrianHill: well then why is my backup files transfering slow and download isnot resume supported so I have to keep downloading over and over again
Brian Hill: So I can't get the backup files if it keeps stopping
Brian Hill: Until that issue is resolved it's not possible to get the backup files if they fail upon download
Zee S: how large backup files are?
Brian Hill: in the GBs
Brian Hill: I was wondering if web drive is a better method of downloading the backup files and if resume is supported
Zee S: web Disk is supported in cPanel
Zee S: thats the same thing
Zee S: you can try that
BrianHill: ok well I am going to try to download the backup files again andif it fails again multiple times I will contact again and tell customersupport so the problems can be fixed
Zee S: ok
Brian Hill: so was this whole investigation over backup files?
Zee S: it was regarding over usage
Brian Hill: what do you mean by usage?
Zee S: so if you will remove backup files then atleast you will not be storing backups and other stuff thats not part of site
Brian Hill: ok so once I remove the backup files this whole issue is over am I right or wrong?
BrianHill: and as long as everything I put on my site is on my site and notused as storage I am not breaking the rules am I right?

then after that question he left the chat intentionally and all I did wastry to resolve the issue and not cuss at them and not type all caps tothem and they cut me off and lowered my speed cap to almost dialup orlow cost dsl speeds.

Zee S has left the chat conversation
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